‘Uprest: Non-Negotiable’ (Word of God)

Here’s the Message to YOU: Millions will Die because of this virus. He didn’t tell me that millions will die FROM this virus. He said BECAUSE OF!

Uprest: Non-Negotiable (Word of God)
not everywhere
do they have pennies
how can you claim
to know all of eternity
when you're just a brief
of an eternal kingdom
your ways have sunkened you
your leader was chosen
on his sleeve
he wears all of you
oh! arrogance‒
when you see yourself
insult...you can't help
all things are not
what they seem
there are many languages
there are many currency
there are many cultures
‒all see Me† differently
they call Me† different names
I'm† still the same
I† do not change
My† love endures
I† bring you round and around
I'm† here, there
you, people of nations
you have caused great strife
you've added burdens
you've made clouds
that don't belong
you've made roads
where none was needed
you've soiled earth
you build toxins
all in your homes
oh! arrogance
ego and pride
‒comfort has consumed you
laying your sins
on the innocent
running around streets
like mad crazy people
and don't even know why
I† will tell you why!
you have caused
the innocent to stumble
you refuse to listen
to My† Son†!
you refuse to share,
to feed the people
of the nations
you rape My† seed
you prostitute My† gift
to man
you lie, steal
do all sorts of sin
‒all against My† command:
love they neighbor
silence! all!
you defy Me†!
I† will send you back
into silence
into closed rooms
where you will mourn
until you see Me†!
I† am He†, the almighty God†
of abraham, of moses
of david
the almighty Father†
of the one and only
Son†, Jesus†
what I† say
I† say out of love
I† am relent
through My† holy One†
you are redeemed
He's† returned to you
to sort
prepare, oh arrogance!
soon, you will understand
if you return to Me†
you will have eternal
listen! be silent!
your screams and out burst
go unheard
all that you say
goes unheard
‒be wise and humble yourself
to be heard
you must be humble
I send My† word
by sternness
by vigorness
My† wrath is upon you
listen! before you
can't hear any longer

Note: The photograph on this piece was taken on October 15. There’s something going on with this set because I keep being directed towards it. The Phoenix…October 15, 2019 revealed a lot on rebirth. The screenshot that I included with this piece (included also below) was taken from the below photograph. I wouldn’t know these things are there if it weren’t for David revealing them to me. This bright green ‘stuff’ is God’s energy. It is usually in the form of a tight, solid orb. Not a large see-through orb…a tight, small one. And this orb is always around in different colors pointing things out to me. Always. Then He started playing with me. I have Him changing into cats and ninja turtles and smiley faces. Here: David said...there’s His footprint.


(June 22)—I placed this on my Facebook personal page yesterday. I am including exactly what I wrote beneath the writing. I received two chats after posting this, criticizing me for things I’ve been writing on my Facebook page. ‘Go with God’ is all I can say because I’m doing what the Lord ask of me.

JUDGMENT! When you judge others, God is watching, listening. I, in no way, am judging anyone. I’m taking what I hear, read, and see (which is put before me for a reason) and using it in general. If anyone takes it personally, it is them personally…meaning they are fearing something within themselves. It has nothing to do with me. This…God wants to see. So. I advise that if you read me and it affects you, to look deep within yourself.

It doesn’t matter if anyone reads me or not. Like I said long ago, God is getting this writing to whom needs it. Other than that, it’s for the future. Good day.

NOTE: The word uprest in the title: that is what I heard. It means: a revolt or rebellion; an ascent; upright; uprising.

(June 21)—(Facebook) It’s Father’s Day Weekend, and the Lord has spoken. I’m still in awe that I write the word of God and today it hit me a bit harder than usual. When I receive the word of either my Father or my Brother, it wears me out, and this time wasn’t any different. I laid down, but took my tablet and hugged it tight to my chest. Then I laid it beside me and prayed and talked with God, ‘I’m so unworthy.’ He comes back after a while, ‘Karen, are you dispelling my words?’ ‘No, my Lord,’ was all I could say and I gathered my senses and typed this up for you. Apparently, He wants you to have these words NOW.

You may not believe these are the words from GOD. It doesn’t matter. I can’t change what IS. To explain His ‘dispel’ question, in one of His direct writings He scolded me by telling you I dispel His words. I think the piece is ‘He† Breathes‘Dispel’ is a word I wouldn’t normally use and I had to look it up. He doesn’t want me to keep these words to myself, which I sometimes feel because who’s going to believe that I hear God’s voice? He doesn’t care about that silliness by the way.

He had me write in this piece His most precious name. This is really scary for me. He has shown me a lot of names that He is called. And this name, written above, is extremely special to Him. He revealed it to me several times and after seeing it over and over, I realized He wanted me to compile a list of names He is called. Then He had me practice how to say this particular name over and over. He told me once how it is pronounced, then I had to keep repeating it every day! until I didn’t have to look at the word to know how to pronounce it. He fills me with joy each time I say it. Apparently, today, He wants you to know as well.

(Again, He has trained me for years to hear the way in which I write, like a poem. I have over 4,000 writings so I know the breaks and the stresses. The exclamation points: I literally hear Him echo! All the crosses, I add. I have added the cross to any mention of God or Jesus in my writings since the beginning, including any reference as in pronouns. I want you to know that this is them I’m talking about or they are speaking.)

You may not believe these are the words from GOD. It doesn’t matter. I can’t change what IS. All I can do is pray you someday hear.

(June 22)—These are the Scripture I was led to before writing ‘Uprest: Non-Negotiable’. My notes are below.

Notes: In the first Scripture below it is curious how the name of the prophet was not named here and that the ‘man of God’, ‘his bones’ and ‘his bones and those of the prophet who had come from Samaria’ seemed to speak of two men of God incidentally without mentioning their names! In so many places it reveals that names and places and numbers are placed in certain areas because it calls for them…for ‘other’ reasons.

God is telling us here that He has called folks to tell you what He needs from you. He loves us so much that He warns us that His wrath is coming in order to prepare yourself. Those who don’t listen, they mock God and this makes His wrath worse. I would imagine this is partly why the riots have happened…and I don’t think He’s going to calm down soon, even though it seems He has. He’s brewing war not only inside our bodies, but outside as well. He said a rapture was coming. He had me tell you this over and over. You will listen when it’s time. I assure you. You will hear when HE is ready for you to hear!

Here’s the Message to YOU: Millions will Die because of this virus. He didn’t tell me that millions will die FROM this virus. He said BECAUSE OF! Death will come from the following: virus, self-inflicted, murder. It’s happening. Almost 1/2 million from the virus thus far. Here in America…the riots! The hospitals are filling up. In one city over the weekend over 100 people died of gunshot wounds! China and India are bullying each other.

Don’t every underestimate the Lord!

In the next Scripture, which is a description of the Passover celebration King Josiah held, the king gave a speech and this is the first line: ‘Put the sacred ark in the temple that Solomon son of David king of Israel built. It is not to be carried about on your shoulders. All through the Bible, especially the Old Testament, God shows us how to live in symbolic gestures like the building and rebuilding of the wall in Jerusalem. Before this moment in history, the people of Israel carried around on their shoulders this very heavy ark. It’s like carrying around this very large bolder on long poles, only this ark was fancy and was considered where God lived. God didn’t really live in this one thing. He made them believe He did and had them carrying it around for many generations. Why? To symbolize the burdens that man carry around on their shoulders.

King Josiah pretty much said, ‘Enough of this! King David’s son built this really fancy temple, so put it in there!’ Basically, this is a symbolic gesture from God telling us to take our burdens and give it to Him. It’s the same symbolic gesture when folks say ‘lay it at the foot of the cross’.

*Reforms Extend to SamariaEven the altar at Bethel, the high place made by Jeroboam son of Nebat, who had caused Israel to sin—even that altar and high place he demolished. He burned the high place and ground it to powder, and burned the Asherah pole also. Then Josiah looked around, and when he saw the tombs that were there on the hillside, he had the bones removed from them and burned on the altar to defile it, in accordance with the word of the Lord proclaimed by the man of God who foretold these things. The king asked, ‘What is the tombstone I see?’ The men of the city said, ‘It marks the tomb of the man of God who came from Judah and pronounced against the altar of Bethel the very things you have done to it.’ ‘Leave it alone,’ he said. ‘Don’t let anyone disturb his bones.’ So they spared his bones and those of the prophet who had come from Samaria. Just as he had done at Bethel, Josiah removed and defiled all the shrines at the high places that the kings of Israel had built in the towns of Samaria that had provoked the Lord to anger. Josiah slaughtered all the priests of those high places on the altars and burned human bones on them. Then he went back to Jerusalem.—2 Kings 23:15-20 (Bethel)

Great Passover CelebrationJosiah celebrated the Passover to the Lord in Jerusalem, and the Passover lamb was slaughtered on the fourteenth day of the first month. He appointed the priests to their duties and encouraged them in the serve of the Lord’s temple. He said to the Levites, who instructed all Israel and who had been consecrated to the Lord: ‘Put the sacred ark in the temple that Solomon son of David king of Israel built. It is not to be carried about on your shoulders. Now serve the Lord your God and His people Israel. Prepare yourselves by families in your divisions, according to the directions written by David king of Israel and by his son Solomon. Stand in the holy place with a group of Levites for each subdivision of the families of your fellow countrymen, the lay people. Slaughter the Passover lambs, consecrate yourselves and prepare the lambs for your fellow countrymen, doing what the Lord commanded through Moses.’

Josiah provided for all the lay people who were there a total of thirty thousand sheep and goats for the Passover offerings, and also three thousand cattle—all from the king’s own possessions. His officials also contributed voluntarily to the people and the priests and Levites. Hilkiah, Zechariah and Jehiel, the administrators of God’s temple, gave the priests twenty-six hundred Passover offerings and three hundred cattle. Also Conaniah also with Shemaiah and Nethanel, his brothers, and Hashabiah, Jeiel and Jozabad, the leaders of the Levites, provided five thousand Passover offerings and five hundred head of cattle for the Levites.

The service was arranged and the priests stood in their places with the Levites in their divisions as the king had ordered. The Passover lambs were slaughtered, and the priests sprinkled the blood handed to them, while the Levites skinned the animals. They set aside the burnt offerings to give them to the subdivisions of the families of the people to offer to the Lord, as is written in the Book of Moses. They did the same with the cattle. They roasted the Passover animals over the fire as prescribed, and boiled the holy offerings in pots, caldrons and pans and served them quickly to all the people. After this, they made preparations for themselves and for the priests, because the priests, the descendants of Aaron, were sacrificing the burnt offerings and the fat portions until nightfall. So the Levites made preparations for themselves and for the Aaronic priests.

The musicians, the descendants of Asaph, were in the places prescribed by David, Asaph, Heman and Jeduthun the king’s seer. The gatekeepers at each gate did not need to leave their posts, because their fellow Levites made the preparations for them. So at the time the entire service of the Lord was carried out for the celebration of the Passover and the offering of burnt offerings on the altar of the Lord, as King Josiah had ordered. The Israelites who were present celebrated the Passover at that time and observed the Feast of Unleavened Bread for seven days. The Passover had not been observed like this in Israel since the days of the prophet Samuel; and none of the kings of Israel had ever celebrated such a Passover as did Josiah, with the priests, the Levites and all Judah and Israel who were there with the people of Jerusalem. This Passover was celebrated in the eighteenth year of Josiah’s reign.—2 Kings 23:21-23; 2 Chronicles 35:1-19 (621 B.C. Jerusalem)

Records of Josiah’s ReignThe other events of Josiah’s reign and his acts of devotion, according to what is written in the Law of the Lord—all the events, from beginning to end, are written in the book of the kings of Israel and Judah.—2 Kings 23:28; 2 Chronicles 35:26,27

The following works are direct writings from God and Jesus, meaning I heard them speak and these words are not mine.

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