‘So Many Times’

There’s no pleasing you. It isn’t your fault. Humans could never be pleased from that first day. The point in all of life is to teach, to take something that’s hard to please and teach it something, anything. Is it really teachable?

So Many Times
why do you detest
in peace
in unrest
why do you complain
and moan
while working
with no rest
when you complain
and moan
when given
plenty of rest
why do you wail and scream
when treated differently
then wail and scream
even more
when treated the same
you complain in stress
you complain in rest
what's left
but simply

Note: The photograph leading this writing, as in the one just below this note and the 2 that follow, were taken October 23, The Dragon and the All-Seeing Eye. I was led to take photographs at the park in Northern Las Vegas this particular day. It was the first and only time that I was led to take photographs through David at that particular location. That means these are an extension of the visions. I explain, in detail, all the sets of photographs on God’s Mercy on their separate pages. There are a lot of photographs. The timings on the photographs are very important. It’s okay if you don’t believe what you see or you do your damnest to make a scientific reason against them to disprove them or something. God gives you both. So, don’t be afraid to use them.

In the below photo, it didn’t register until this year the meaning behind the X. I kept seeing the X every where. Once, David said, ‘Look up’ and when I did, two jets made this huge X right over my head in the sky! To have the X and the double white orb on my lip…I believe my Lord Jesus the Christ when He says, ‘Trust me, Karen Elizabeth.’ David had me do research on the meaning behind the X as a symbol. It has come to stand for Jesus. He was telling me back in October that I would be speaking for Him as well. I’m a slow learner when it comes to all of this so bare with me. My teacher, I can hear but I cannot see.


The bird in flight holds a significant meaning in photographs. I read an article yesterday about the death toll of this virus is increasing in a certain country and the photograph that was with the article was that of an ambulance and they were putting a body enclosed in a death bag in the ambulance. And in the photograph was a bird in flight! I have photographs were the bird is at the top of the frame in one and a second later it’s at the bottom. These are sent to us for a reason. These birds in flight are not the ones taken on purpose. The birds appear in the frame but you don’t see them when taking the photograph. The same as these orbs. They mean something. These solid small orbs mean pay attention. The green ones are strictly God’s energy. Believe or not. I’ve taken thousands and the meanings are clear. In all of these frames, God has revealed His way by manipulating the green orbs. See for yourself. Don’t take my word for it.


My face means nothing in the photographs, at least to me. It’s what is in the photographs that’s important, as well as the time on the photographs.


(June 13)―There’s no pleasing you. It isn’t your fault. Humans could never be pleased from that first day. The point in all of life is to teach, to take something that’s hard to please and teach it something, anything. Is it really teachable?

The Lord led me to the end point of Jonah. You know the story. God calls on Jonah to go and prophesy against Nineveh and Jonah runs like hell because anybody who truly knows God knows what it means to be called by Him. People believe what they can see, so if you’re called by what people can’t see and do what is asked, these ‘people‘ think you’re freaking nuts! So, Jonah, a true child of God, ran! Of course, all children of God know that we can only run so far! Soon or later, and when God wants something…it is usually sooner, God catches up and forces the issue!

How does He force the issue? I’m chuckling. He strips us down until we beg for His forgiveness…His mercy! Jonah ends up throwing himself into the sea and begs God to forgive him. He does. Saves his butt by sending a whale. You may think this just a story to be told, but it is a truth that you cannot deny. Jonah whines up doing exactly what God wanted. To his surprise, the people of Nineveh follow the instructions and God doesn’t destroy them. Instead God saves them because He knew those people weren’t smart enough to save themselves.

Of course, this made Jonah angry because he knew God enough to know that God is one of mercy, and He won’t destroy a people if they show some sign of repentance. But the people are sheep, they follow the leader all the time. They have always been the peas. Jeroboam was sent to save them. They were NOT instructed to actually follow Jeroboam’s ways. They were to keep the commandments of God. They didn’t. They followed the leader. They held onto that small slice of temptation and then fell to it when things became just of what was in front of them. Meaning: they forgot about God.

In Israel—

Israel RestoredThe Lord provided a deliverer for Israel, and they escaped from the power of Aram. So the Israelites lived in their own homes as they had before. He [Jeroboam] was the one who restored the boundaries of Israel from Lebo Hamath to the Sea of the Arabah, in accordance with the word of the Lord, the God of Israel, spoken through His servant Jonah son of Amittai, the prophet from Gath Hepher. The Lord had seen how bitterly everyone in Israel, whether slave or free, was suffering; there was no one to help them. And since the Lord had not said He would blot out the name of Israel from under heaven, He saved them by the hand of Jeroboam son of Jehoash.—2 Kings 13:5; 14:25-27

Israel Continues SinBut they did not turn away from the sins of the house of Jeroboam, which he had caused Israel to commit; they continued in them. Also, the Asherah pole remained standing in Samaria.—2 Kings 13:6

Do you see it? The people have always been defiant. They never could be satisfied. Then when God sends His Son, they even take advantage of that. Tell me: You go to a church building and pray. You post on your social media pictures concerning Christ and God on Sundays. But do you understand what you are praying about? Do you understand who you are praying to? Do you know what is holy? Do you truly understand that God and Jesus aren’t in a building? Do you understand that they don’t want your money? Do you understand that God owns everything?

After Jesus took on sin, it became an individual thing joined together in a vine with the head being that of Jesus! He’s the anchor to which you survive or die. Do you fully understand this? So many questions and only you can answer them for yourself. You cannot answer them for other people. You are not them. And they can’t answer them for you. They are not you. But God can answer them. For He is Jesus. And Jesus can answer them. For He is God. And in Him, you are Jesus, making you a part of God. Do you understand that?

Look down at your skin…you are looking at God!

The following works are direct writings from God and Jesus, meaning I heard them speak and these words are not mine.

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