‘I Am Truth’s Voice’ (God/Jesus)

They are speaking. God’s wrath…on its way. How you fair…entirely up to you!

Note: The photograph was taken November 11, 2019 (11,11), when God sent the message of the Avenging Angel. You don’t have to believe me! He sent His Green Orb AND a freaking arrow to point it out! I can’t make this up! I wouldn’t underestimate the Lord! You are playing with fire, literally, if you do!

3 Direct Messages From God and Jesus

This post is very important in Biblical terms involving today’s world. You don’t have to believe any of it. But He…that would be God…speaks! It’s your choice to listen. I’m not writing this to gain money or fame. I cannot have either! These messages are for you from your heavenly Father and your heavenly Brother. They are real. The kingdom is real. All of it is real. You choosing to ignore the messages, that’s on you. It’s your choice.

(I’m including with the direct messages from heaven, my explanations that I included on my social media pages. Sorry for the duplication. It IS that important.)

Message 3 Received February 17, 2020:

I cannot explain how I can hear the Lord, but He has revealed to me that He is exactly who I am hearing. I fear Him. Not you. So I will do what He says. On Feb. 8, He said I dispel His words. He told me this in a direct message that He told me to post, so that you can hear what He has to say. I was very upset over this because I don’t know how else to deliver the messages He has sent. I thought I was being as strong as He wanted. Although, I haven’t posted every message, there’s a lot of them, there are some apparently that MUST be posted to get to whom ever He needs to see them. And apparently there are certain people whom He is allowing to see these messages, written and photographed!

He revealed to me last night what He meant by dispel. It was a writing done on Feb. 6. A message He gave to me through Scripture. I had other things to do, so I didn’t post. Not the correct answer for God. He wanted it posted. (It is included in this post. It is titled ‘I Am Truth’s Voice’. What He reveals to me is amazing. What He reveals to YOU is scary!)

(You have your opinions on why He is sending these messages through me and through this method. I have questioned the same. He tells me: ‘Trust.’ He knows all. He’s in charge of all. So, no matter your opinions, I shall trust the Big Man upstairs!)

God speaks to us through our mind, the Holy Spirit. I write as I hear. I have been writing this way for many years. I knew it was a man…that is David. Then when God chose to reveal Himself to me, He did. When God is speaking…there is no denying it is Him speaking. The same goes with Jesus. Jesus is more calm. God is demanding and serious. (AND…He IS turning my hair silver!)

(God will never tell you to get rich or get material things for yourself. God will never tell you you are going to get rich, or famous or anything like that…that is of the world. If you hear things like this, it isn’t God who’s talking. God will never tell you or promise you peace when you haven’t asked for His presence, when you haven’t invited Him back into your world. You need to read the words He sends through me. A lot of these pictures you post on social media are wrong. P.S. He told me to tell you this!)

In the below message, I added the capital letters and punctuation. I usually don’t put this. The breaks are what I hear…they are pauses. I’ve learned through the years that that means a new line. The exclamation points are clear…His voice rises.

I had no idea I’d write for Him directly today. I was led to Jeremiah (Scripture follows God and Jesus’ message below), and after reading the pages, I went to write the usual piece when all stopped. Silence! Then ‘Listen!…’ Then I knew today’s writing would be different. I write until it goes back to silence. And that is exactly what happens…there’s a sudden stop, and this energy I feel stops as well! Silence! And this sudden stop in vibration, which I can literally feel! Then I know He is done.

He used the word appease today. I had to look it up to be sure I understood its meaning: Appease is a verb that means to pacify or placate (someone) by acceding to their demands; relieve or satisfy (a demand or a feeling).

Special Note: He mentions Elizabeth. Jesus is the only one who calls me Karen Elizabeth. This is how I knew it was Him and it was real when I first heard His voice. My middle name legally is Elaine. Elizabeth is my Confirmation name (as in the Seven Sacraments). The name I chose for myself. It’s not about a religion. It’s about a name that came to me that is mine and I declared it. Only my mother would remember this. It is not written down anywhere. My mother died April 2018. I heard Jesus say this in August 2019! In the message on Feb. 8th, Jesus said that I was His prophet. What is of Jesus is also of God. I work for both and through me, their words are interchangeable.

 'Listen! this is I.
You're not listening to the Seer.
You will heel. You will heel.
The locust swarms are routine.
It was time for them.
When I send, you will know before hand.
When I send, it will be from anger.
You will know.
A wise prophet will tell you.
A prophet I will send to you.
Elizabeth, I have sent.
She said Iran was a bully.
She asked Me to shake them.
So I did.
I shook others up after
for they house evil things.
My anger is soon to explode.
Your modern causes won't help you.
You judge in My place.
You say you know who God is.
You exclaim that you know Me.
You claim you do good deeds
all in My name.
Why are there people living on streets?
Haven't I given enough?
Haven't I supplied enough?
From the tiniest ants
to the largest of beast,
haven't I given all a place to rest?
You and your high places.
You and all your wealth.
The time has come.
Noah was a good man.
He listened and followed
instruction well.
None of you would have survived
because you fear your society.
No ark would have been built
and all of My creations
would have been lost.
You are a foolish society.
You make a great wealth
because of My name.
You make your own rules
and make claims that
I demanded it to be so.
You listen to your own imaginations.
I sent My Son.
Love...Do that and you
understand who I AM!
You claim you know love.
You don't know Me.
So how can you know love?
I am not wealth.
I am not your religions.
I am not a building.
I am not a statue.
I am not a government.
You have no power over me.
Your wealth can't save you
if you can't save the people.
I know all.
I see all.
You will be judged on what I see.
Not what humans see.
My kingdom is My home.
Are you worthy of a kingdom?
I know your every thought.
I know everything you hear.
I know everything you set your
eyes on.
I know everything you touch.
It is your choice to choose
My house.
Satan has plenty of room.
His arms are opened.
Your pleasures on earth
are not the same in his house.
He lies.
Lies are his gift.
He gladly passes it to you.
My servant will not force you
to choose.
She will tell you truth.
My truth for My hand is on her.
Those who hear will hear.
Those who can't are not Mine.
Appease yourself.
The time has come.
Oh! You peaceful, peaceful land,
you will soon know the truth.
Shake, shake, shake
all the creatures of the earth
they will know first.
They will feel my tiptoe as I
slowly make my way across
all the land.
Piece by piece will break
then the punisher will
start his dance.
The gates are opened.
You will soon learn
who I, the one and only
true living God, am.'

Jeremiah Questions GodThen I said, ‘Ah, Sovereign LORD, how completely You have deceived this people and Jerusalem by saying, ‘You will have peace,’ when the sword is at our throats.’—Jeremiah 4:10

God’s AnswerAt that time this people and Jerusalem will be told, ‘A scorching wind from the barren heights in the desert blows toward My people, but not to winnow or cleanse; a wind too strong for that comes from Me. Now I pronounce My judgments against them.’—Jeremiah 4:11,12

Adversary is ComingLook! He advances like the clouds, his chariots come like a whirlwind, his horses are swifter than eagles. Woe to us! We are ruined! O Jerusalem, wash the evil from your heart and be saved. How long will you harbor wicked thoughts? A voice is announcing from Dan, proclaiming disaster from the hills of Ephraim. ‘Tell this to the nations, proclaim it to Jerusalem: ‘A besieging army is coming from a distant land, raising a war cry against the cities of Judah. They surround her like men guarding a field, because she has rebelled against Me.,’ declares the LORD.—Jeremiah 4:13-17

Note:  God is telling us that He sends in the punisher, the adversary! He doesn’t change!

God’s AgonyYour own conduct and actions have brought this upon you. This is your punishment. How bitter it is! How it pierces to the heart! Oh, my anguish, my anguish! I writhe in pain. Oh, the agony of my heart! My heart pounds within me, I cannot keep silent. For I have heard the sound of the trumpet; I have heard the battle cry. Disaster follows disaster; the whole land lies in ruins. In an instant my tents are destroyed, my shelter in a moment. How long must I see the battle standard and hear the sound of the trumpet?’—Jeremiah 4:18-21

Note:  He is seeing a vision. He is seeing this in times of calm. I’ve already disclosed what God sent to me in the visions. You are just like those during Jeremiah’s time. Nothing much has changed. The punisher came as God warned through Jeremiah, and the punisher will come as He has revealed through me. He gives you a chance to redeem yourself, but you are foolish and stubborn. You’d rather the pit. Every time! I have mourned for you. I’ve written the prayers as God wanted me to, for you and you have not prayed as He wanted. You ignore as they all did. God already knows the choices you will make.

Judah’s Foolishness‘My people are fools; they do not know Me. They are senseless children; they have no understanding. They are skilled in doing evil; they know not how to do good.’—Jeremiah 4:22

Note:  Those of you who are following me and know what I’m writing about and who I’m writing for, should get a chill for this passage. As in the number 4:22=44, this is David’s spiritual support number to me. And…what God is saying in this passage is pretty much what He is saying in the message above. Like I said, you haven’t change. Neither has HE!

Disastrous ConsequencesI looked at the earth, and it was formless and empty; and at the heavens, and their light was gone. I looked at the mountains, and they were quaking; all the hills were swaying. I looked, and there were no people; every bird in the sky had flown away. I looked, and the fruitful land was a desert; all its towns lay in ruins before he LORD, before His fierce anger. This is what the LORD says: ‘The whole land will be ruined, though I will not destroy it completely. Therefore the earth will mourn and the heavens above grow dark, because I have spoken and will not relent, I have decided and will not turn back.‘ At the sound of horsemen and archers every town takes to flight. Some go into the thickets; some climb up among the rocks. All the towns are deserted; no one lives in them.—Jeremiah 4:23-29

Note: Jeremiah is having another vision, and I’m sure God said, ‘Write what you see!’ Because that is what He told me, then He spoke and I had to write what He said also! This is how God works. I’m just a little more open then most. I don’t care if you think I’m nuts! He speaks to me so that I can help YOU get to the kingdom! There’s no way I’m not going to tell you! I WANT you to go to the kingdom, too! My love for you has no bounds! He’s bigger than the worse enemy on earth! He is my Father! His word overrules everybody! Here’s the facts: He told me, ‘The button’s been pushed.’ I told you He said that. You were informed. Those who follow you in your darkness will be the ones to feel the wrath fully. I hope they are smarter than you and turn around quickly!

Message 2 Received February 8, 2020:

As I wrote on my Social Media Page―I can’t make this up. He said, ‘My servant dispels every word from My mouth.’ I’m ashamed. Dispel means: make (a doubt, feeling, or belief) disappear. He’s right. I’m letting society make me doubt what I’m hearing. I’m burying His words and Jesus’ words instead of proclaiming them, which they deserve. Social media and my website is all I have for this and this is how He told me to deliver these messages. And I’m burying their words! I will change this! Dispel…I want to cry! I’m being embarrassed about being His Prophet because of hypocrites, because the sweet man and my family label me a witch and mental. God does NOT lie. I gave the sweet man a direct message from God! You can read my testimony about what transpired. Here, both Jesus and God is calling the sweet man out by name! And God is calling me out for being embarrassed on who I am. How so sad it is to follow society and be shy about God because of hypocrites! Not anymore!

 'Hear this, O people of nations
you have caused many to fall
all you unhealed men
roaming...searching for prey
you will not last
for James has not come through.
I called him and he ignored my call
for he does not believe.
I snared his night.
I filled it with her name
whom I have called.
She will repent for you.
She will pray for you.
O James, My bitter servant,
you have stashed away My plan for you.
You have bedded the broken maiden
that I have entrusted to you.
You have failed Me in all ways.
You will bow down to her.
You will face your folly
as an example
for all My people to heal.
The time has come.
The button's been pushed.
Through James you will know.
He will cater to My chosen one,
as all My people will
cater to My Son!
The earth will tremble
after this witness―
out of fear of My hand!
No one will be left standing;
death will cover the land;
as James sits...day and night
begging for forgiveness,
as My humble servant
grows bigger and bigger
for the resurrection to be born
from the resurrection.
I, the Lord Almighty,
speak the truth
in the kingdom
where I am Judge.
My servant hears.
My servant writes.
My servant sees.
My servant writes.
My servant dispels
every word from My mouth.'
God's words end here.
And Jesus takes over:
'James, O unfaithful James,
you are now in My hands.
The world will know you
for I have called you.
As they know My Prophet
whom I called.
As the Son of God,
I live forever and ever
the High Priest
the Head of the body.
You are the body.
Forever and ever, Amen.'

Message 1 Received on February 6, 2020:

Note: The Scripture that follows the poem needs a bit of explanation and you may rebuke me. I can’t help your personal opinion. I have many more of these that I was shown like this, but I’m not allowed to reveal them at this time. This is real. I am allowed to reveal to you how the message came through…meaning what I was supposed to define in the Scripture. As I sat there and cried knowing this is God’s words and I have no authority, He revealed to me how I’m not subtracting or adding…I’m simply revealing what’s been there all along.

I’m also told that I’m not the only one who knows how to do this. Every Scripture is different and I’m instructed very specifically on what to define and how to read it. The others who know this have hidden this from you because of control and evil. This particular message was written way before any of these countries even existed on earth. They did exist in the Book of Truth.

[Side Note: The reason why there are so many different versions of the Bible is because there are so many different versions of people. The Bible meant for you, you will be directed to. Your Scripture will read differently than mine. That is for a reason. God speaks to each of us differently because each of our test are different. When He needs to speak to all of us, He sends a prophet. I am not the only prophet that He has called My prophet who lives among you. You, society, like to label us. We did not choose to be called His prophet. He is very demanding and forceful when He has called a human to be His prophet.

I am not afraid of you. I fear God. He has revealed enough terror and love to me for me to know that He is not playing around. The others who are called have to decide on their own accord to reveal themselves. All governments and such have their role, and God has determined their role. He is completely, fully in charge. You will do what He wants. You don’t have a choice. He gave plenty of chances for you to make good choices and you failed. Now His wrath is coming.

Point: It was already written.]

 I Am Truth's Voice
this, no rebound lover
as you hear
from those...around you–
lost in hover
as those around you–
lie and smother
–protecting your fake cover
all your make-believe clovers
can't replace hidden horror
all your pretended humor
can't add any glamour
–nor replace true candor
you can't hide stained color
with more color
sooner or later–
arrives an unmistakable odor
that becomes the curator
to every attracted customer
the truth–
you call the destructor
will you allow–
lies to be your dictator
it's in history–
the duplicator
over and over
the constant demoter
keeping you the gangster
–your self-induced prankster
there's no one to bother
but your inside tormentor
your self-built cloister
–where lives your controller
where truth sees–
your real character
where you hide it–
with false hopes and clatter
God's† open for the confession
it's your decision
on ego and pride–
turn all your destruction
get ready for your redemption
this...your validation
the Lord's† hands are opened–
for your sought-after salvation
it's up to you–
to accept the invitation!

(February 6, 2020)—Out of confusion and being mixed up comes the greatest of revelations: Truth. We can not get there until we are brought down to the bottom and forced to faced ourselves, our confusion and what has us all mixed up. This is what God was telling me in ‘I Am Truth’s Voice’. It was what He showed to me in the following Scriptures. I had to go through a bit of confusion in order to see it clearly. I hope you bare with me as I try to convey what God has revealed.

Babylon to be Disgraced‘Because you rejoice and are glad you who pillage my inheritance, because you frolic like a heifer threshing grain and neigh like stallions, your mother will be greatly ashamed; she who gave you birth will be disgraced. She will be the least of the nations—a wilderness, a dry land, a desert. Because of the LORD’s anger she will not be inhabited but will be completely desolate. All who pass Babylon will be horrified and scoff because of her wounds.—Jeremiah 50:11-13

Notes: …she who gave you birth will be disgraced…Who gave birth to what resulted in the Eagle?

Decipher: Because you rejoice and are glad you who violated the people. Because you celebrate what you have done, what you did will be known, your name will be disgraced. Because of the Lord’s anger, your name will be disgraced. All who pass the confusion of what you did will be shocked and you’ll be mocked because of what you have done.

Babylon’s Enemies Encouraged‘Take up your positions around Babylon, all you who draw the bow. Shoot at her! Spare no arrows, for she has sinned against the LORD. Shout against her on every side! She surrenders, her towers fall, her walls are torn down. Since this is the vengeance of the LORD, take vengeance on her; do to her as she has done to others. Cut off from Babylon the sower, and the reaper with His sickle at harvest. Because of the sword of the oppressor let everyone return to his own people, let everyone flee to his own land.—Jeremiah 50:14-16

Notes: The mother of the Eagle will fall, all of her walls and castles will crumble.

Decipher: Take up your positions around confusion, you who fight against confusion. Shoot at confusion! Spare no truth, for confusion makes us sin against the Lord. Shout against confusion on every side! Confusion surrenders, confusion’s towers fall, confusion’s walls are torn down [the confusion is straightened out]; do to confusion as confusion has done to others [confuse confusion until the victim is forced to see truth]. Cut off from confusion the ones causing the confusion, and don’t let God destroy the person lost in confusion. Because you didn’t give up, the victim is healed, the victim can be normal again, soul is saved, can go to the kingdom.

Nebuchadnezzar to be Punished‘Israel is a scattered flock that lions have chased away. The first to devour him was the king of Assyria; the last to crush his bones was Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon.’ Therefore this is the LORD almighty, the God of Israel says: ‘I will punish the king of Babylon and his land as I punished the king of Assyria.’—Jeremiah 50:17,18

Decipher: He who struggles with God is a scattered people that bad shepherds have chased away. The first to devour him was the house of Islam; the last to crush his bones was the frontiers [Europe and America], king of confusion. Therefore this is the Lord Almighty, the God of he who struggles with God says: ‘I will punish the king of confusion and his land as I punished the king of Islam [God is going to turn Europe and America into desert, waste land as He did Iraq and the most of the Middle East].’

Israel and Judah Forgiven‘But I will bring Israel back to his own pasture and he will graze on Carmel and Bashan; his appetite will be satisfied on the hills of Ephraim and Gilead. In those days, at that time,’ declares the LORD, ‘search will be made for Israel’s guilt, but there will be none, and for the sins of Judah, but none will be found, for I will forgive the remnant I spare.’—Jeremiah 50:19,20

Decipher: But I will bring he who struggles with God, back to his own pasture [where he belongs] and he will graze on the garden and orchard and [wearing] ivory (a creamy-white color), [where he will be] fruitful and productive, and he will give testimony and be a witness. In those days, at that time,’ declares the Lord, ‘search will be made for his, the one who struggles with God, guilt, but there will be none, and for the sins against the praised one [Jesus], but none will be found, for I will forgive the remaining I spare.

Enemies Called to War‘Attack the land of Merathaim and those who live in Pekod. Pursue, kill and completely destroy them,’ declares the LORD. ‘Do everything I have commanded you. The noise of battle is in the land, the noise of great destruction! How broken and shattered is the hammer of the whole earth! How desolate is Babylon among the nations! I set a trap for you, O Babylon, and you were caught before you knew it; you were found and captured because you opposed the LORD. The LORD has opened His arsenal and brought out the weapons of His wrath, for the Sovereign LORD Almighty has work to do in the land of the Babylonians. Come against her from afar. Break open her granaries; pile her up like heaps of grains. Completely destroy her and leave her no remnant. Kill all her young bulls; let them go down to the slaughter! Woe to them! For their day has come, the time for them to be punished. Listen to the fugitives and refugees from Babylon declaring in Zion how the LORD our God has taken vengeance, vengeance for His temple. Summon archers against Babylon, all those who draw the bow. Encamp all around her; let no one escape. Repay her for her deeds; do to her as she has done. For she has defied the LORD, the Holy One of Israel. Therefore, her young men will fall in the streets; all her soldiers will be silenced in that day,’ declares the LORD.—Jeremiah 50:21-30

Decipher: Attack the land of double rebellion and those who live in nobility (rulers). Pursue, kill and completely destroy them,’ declares the Lord. ‘Do everything I have commanded you. The noise of battle is in the land, the noise of great destruction! How broken and shattered is the criticism of the whole earth! How depressingly empty is confusion among the nations! I set a trap for you, O confusion, and you were caught before you knew it; you were found and captured because you opposed the Lord. The Lord has opened His arsenal (resources) and brought out the weapons (the vine) of His wrath, for the sovereign Lord Almighty has work to do in the land of the confusion. Come against confusion from afar. Break open confusion’s storehouses; pile confusion up like heaps of grains. Completely destroy confusion and leave no remaining confusion. Kill all confusion’s small thoughts; let confusion go down to the slaughter! Woe to confusion! For confusion’s day has come, the time for confusion to be punished. Listen to the fugitives and refugees [those that were killed by confusion] from confusion declaring in the kingdom of heaven how the Lord our God has taken vengeance, vengeance for His temple (the human body). Summon healers and fighters against confusion, all those who draw the bow (fight, stand up against). Settle in all around confusion and don’t give up; let no confusion escape. Repay confusion for confusion’s deeds; do to confusion as confusion has done (confuse confusion). For confusion has defied the Lord, the Holy One of he who struggles with God. Therefore, confusion’s young men will fall in the streets; all confusion’s soldiers will be silenced in that day,’ declares the Lord.

Arrogance Causes Defeat‘See, I am against you, O arrogant one,’ declares the Lord, the LORD Almighty, for your day has come, the time for you to be punished. The arrogant one will stumble and fall and no one will help her up; I will kindle a fire in her towns that will consume all who are around her.’—Jeremiah 50:31,32

Decipher: See, I am against you, O arrogant [confusion], declares the Lord, the Lord Almighty, for confusion’s day has come, the time for confusion to be punished. The arrogant confusion will stumble and fall and no one will help confusion up; I will kindle a fire in confusion’s towns that will consume all who are around confusion.

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