‘Eighteen’s Vessel’ (Jesus)

Eighteen’s Vessel (Jesus)…The king was arrogant and said that he was tired on waiting for the Lord (basically, he was tired of praying, tired of being patient, which the Lord has asked all of us to do during this virus).

Eighteen's Vessel (Jesus)

it is as it is
time moving fast
as it seems
but really…a slow, steady pace

beat two, beat three
skip, skip, skip
beat four, beat five
try…try to stay alive
but during the 'try'

it is only you
who can change
it is only you
who can enter change's range

beat, beat, beat

I†, the Lord Jesus†
I† am counting the beats

say what you need to say
heal from your past troubles
release it
blow out then inhale

it is dawn
then it is dusk

'o weary dark
why are you so sad
they are coming
don't be so lonely
soon many will join you

'o bright, blissful happy
you keep sneaking out
with an arrogant snort
they keep seeking you
forgetting the dark

but the Father† has summoned you
it's time to tuck in your wings
rest for a while

let jealousy and hate
take their spot
as arrogant builds in them
for dark is lonely

come, come out
'o darkened gloom
sadness and anguish
they are lurking in the shadows
evil spirits…they are called
‒their job is not a good one
but a necessary one

'o world of fools
wanting to rest from protection
'o weary souls
so useless in their collection

to lay down a sword
in the heat of battle
‒a surety in a death sentence

a warrior never lays
his sword down

it is only when the raise
of the flag in surrender
does a soldier lay
his sword down

'o lazy, selfish people
do you surrender
it looks like a surrender

all these arrogant
with smiling faces
laughing in jubilant

'we won, we won
finally we can be normal'

'o iridescent cannonball
sad willowed peas

I've† seen this so many times
the laying down
of the sword
‒careless surrendering
imagined pretence
of a pre-determined win

arrogance comes out fully
as happy enters
wanting to help the people

but dark looks on
waiting for the Father†
to set it loose
waiting for its turn again
in the massness of confusion

'o so easy it is
to force a surrender
so that God's† will
will be done

Note: The photographs are from September 13, 2019…Posted under My 555 Lake Visits. I was led to the frame 09.13.2019.17.56.13, but I posted the series for you to see. The object in the bubble, I’m told, is code. There were a lot of this in 2019. I was told that there are people who understand this, can decipher these codes. They are codes of instruction. After …56.13, it disappears, a second!


(February 18, 2022)—The last four writings, especially the last one, had me shaken up a bit. They, the public, the government, clearly think we are going to ‘live‘ with this virus. They clearly think we have beat this virus. Yesterday, Clark County (Las Vegas) recorded 33 deaths from Covid. Utah recorded 900 cases and 15 deaths Friday. Etc., Etc. Because you are uncomfortable, you put others a risk for selfish reasons! Jesus has His say today. God has His say.

You are right, if you say, ‘This couldn’t possibly happen.’ It’s hard for me to vision as well. But I didn’t write God’s words. He did. And then the Scripture below that He pointed out AFTER I finished hearing ‘Eighteen’s Vessel’! If you can’t understand this: One: God’s and Jesus’ prophesy always…ALWAYS comes true! Two: A prophet always knows when they are being lied to.

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