‘Consideration Faulted’ (Yeshuah)

Consideration Faulted (Yeshuah)…Fear. The right kind of fear is good. The wrong kind of fear is bad. Fearing God: GOOD. Fearing man: Bad.

Consideration Faulted (Yeshuah)

a slimming of time
the vastness of hollowness
is near

it was given a chance
to come together
in the uncomfortableness
of time

sing songs and dance
around tables
this you do well
get lost in joy and jubilee
to forget your troubles
to forget pains and sorrows

any other time
this would be accepted
but this is not that time

it's a time of prayer
of seeking retribution
giving and taking

it is a time of protection
helping each other
save each other

it is not a time
to be a coward
to be selfish and 
in inconsideration

this is not the time
to self-decide
only the strong survive

for it is in these times
when the strong fail
for they did not protect
the weak

I† am He†, Yeshuah†

seek shelter
seek family
without the need
of material things

seek a togetherness
that you have lost

your man-driven churches
cannot help you
it's a deep thread
deep inside
it's come loose

it must be mended

Notes: The picture David chose is from November 11, 2019: The Avenging Angel. It is an odd frame to chose and I didn’t want to use it because it’s my face, but David was pointing something out that I’m still not certain I see. Maybe you can. I know in my hair there is the figure 8 which is the infinity sign: All things are possible with God. But it is on the cement to the left of me. Is Yeshuah spelled out on the cement with the shadows?

(March 21, 2022)―After given ‘Consideration Faulted’, I was led to a single line of Scripture, which I have been led to many times in the last couple of years.

”May another take his place of leadership.”

If you truly know the Bible, then you know from where this line comes from.

It’s put into my heart to post two pieces today. The piece I wrote yesterday on my own, Written Chimes’ and this piece. They do blend with ‘Consurgent’ posted yesterday and written afterWritten Chimes’.

In this piece, Yeshuah talks about family and coming together. This is something I’m not allowed to do for He is using me as an example. I’ve done nothing wrong. It is my sisters who have done wrong and it is on them to make things right. This was put into my heart this morning when I awoke thinking of my baby sister. I lived my life. I struggled with a disease no one knew how to handle…especially doctors. Those I thought were in my corner, those who were supposed to love me no matter what, didn’t. The betrayal took me down a path that I didn’t plan, nor expected and it hurt. A lot.

Of course, I learned the reason for this path. One cannot truly write about sin if they haven’t really experienced it. One cannot write about the process of God without first-hand knowledge. He, God, insured that I received that knowledge.

That pain can never be measured. And I did what God asked me to do, hence, the more gifts I was given. I have forgiven all. I live with a disappointment that all those in my life knew Yeshuah, knew God, yet forgo that to fit in cliques, to fit in the crowd.

I couldn’t DO anything about it. At the beginning, I did my screaming, but not to my sisters. It took me a long time to realize what they had done…and for no reason, but to hide sin, to hide maliciousness, to conceal in the dark their shame. I kept telling myself that surely I’m worth more than that! Surely I’m their sister, we grew up together. My little sister and I did everything together. Daddy called her my shadow because we were together so much. Surely this wasn’t so.


But it was so. Yeshuah took me to the cross and then the why behind all of it was shown to me.

The pain was so hard to bare. First my ex husband betrayed me, then my dad, then my children, then my sisters. But it was my sisters from the beginning. I often pray and ask the Lord why. I try to understand that it’s the birth pains of the making of who they designed me to become: a Prophet. And I often asked, ‘How can this be?’ and ‘Why me?’ No one will listen to me. And I always get the same reply, ‘Be patient.’

Family is not always blood. Togetherness is not always with human beings. But the vine is. The vine is fellowship, but not in some man-made church. It is togetherness through faithfulness. My sisters were not faithful to me. Neither was my dad.

The question is: Who are you faithful to?

I know for myself. No matter what people do or say to me or about me, I’m faithful to God first. He comes first. If He ask me to do something no one understands, I’m still going to do it. I’ve been crucified by everyone. I do cry, but He assures me, and I regain the strength to continue.

As in ‘Written Chimes’, there is a time coming that the idea of God will be wiped off the planet. You can deny this. Go ahead. It is still coming. And the prophesy of Amos will be fulfilled in its completeness. It lays on your head because you listen to those of the world so much that you claim that you know God and Yeshuah, yet you deny them over and over by blending in with society so that you will be accepted. Don’t hate on me. Look at your life and see truth. Look around your fancy home, your fancy clothes and nice vehicles and phones and stuff! LOOK! You are looking at hypocrisy!

Denial of truth will get worse. I was watching every day how this is so. Then He told me in ‘Consurgent to stop. So I’m on media black-out again. He did this to me several times since 2019.

The bigger question: What will you do when your back is up against the wall?

Well, seeing the answer to that is so sad. People are dying. People are getting sick. Yet, you have to party on because, here’s the kicker…“God says not to fear.” The biggest lie told to mankind. He says don’t fear man. He says to FEAR HIM!

I fear Him. I fear Him so much that I cry often, afraid I’m going against Him by the work I’m doing, by the words I’m hearing because I am human and doubt lives in me. He says I’m good. If you truly feared Him, you’d be so afraid that it would bring tears to your eyes to sin in any manner. To fear Him, is to do right even when no one is looking, even when you are blind to truth…truth is buried deep in you and you abide by it.

Fear. The right kind of fear is good. The wrong kind of fear is bad. Fearing God: GOOD. Fearing man: Bad. When you fear God and know what He is capable of, you are further led to walk a path of righteousness, not holy-roly kind of bull, righteousness as in a clean conscious, a clean heart. When you walk in righteousness, you don’t have to be so exhausted with the lies that are told because you won’t tell lies, you won’t have a need to.

And if you fall. That fear of God will help you rise, it will resurrect you. Amen.

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