‘Divinity’ (God)

‘Divinity’ (God)…Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst. But for that very reason I was shown mercy so that in me, the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus might display His unlimited patience as an example for those who would believe in Him and receive eternal life….—1 Timothy 1:12-17

Divinity (God)

it is profound to hear words
from here, Heaven, the Kingdom
they are sent all the time
but only in special times
are they heard by a called servant
one of special interest to God† Himself†

it is profound
that a servant is called
whom no one believes
that no one understands
nor supports

why is it so strange
not to hear a servant's voice
when so much has been given
when so much has happened
and so much has been written
that it should be easy
to see the work of God†
in a personally called servant
in truth not just a servant
but a seer, a prophet

it is I†, Him† who called
the Almighty God†
the before and the after
the below and the above
the first and the last
it is I†, whom speaks
to the called servant

it is I† who shades her hair
who keeps her walking
who fixed her heart
who sent her to the Son†
who gave her to a helper

it is I†, who hand picked her
who sent her to carol, her mother
in a lowly place to be reared
it is I† who kept her separate
who taught her right from wrong
who taught her how to be a servant
of the people first
so she could put that aside
to be a servant for Me†
and a servant for My† Son†, Yeshuah†

I† have moved her
the lowly woman
one not of glory
but one of sin and sadness

I† have moved her
I†, the Father† of her
to shame the sinful
to shame the wicked
to shame the self-serving

I† have sent her to see
to be a witness
to the sinful
to break her heart
by all I† put before her

I† have set before her
all that I† have
to have everything she writes
not for discipline
but to show her
how lost this generation is

she read about My† ways
I† instructed her to
she read how I† demanded
My† prophets to go naked
for years
she begged Me† to not do this to her
but I† already have
I† stripped her pride
from her body
I† striped all selfishness
and made her lay her life
for all to see
I† did strip her bare
I† did make her walk in public
all her words every one of them
she put to the public
laid her life bare

and she was condemned
she was ridiculed
she was judged
by all those who pledged
their life to her
and by strangers
who didn't help her
during her trial

but there were strangers
who helped her
ones I† sent to her
for a little while

I† didn't condemn My† servant
I† stripped her of all things
man placed on her
and I† made her My† own

her words and Mine† are the same
every single letter
that ever came from her pen

you argue this
you debate this

I† am the only one
who can say this
there is no debate with Me†
I† am the Lord†, the Creator†
of every word
in every language
not all words are holy to Me†
hers are

man decides in his own mind
what is to Me†
and only I† can say
what is to Me†

a woman I† deemed divine
and this will become known
though you cannot touch her
My† divine protection
surrounds her

I†, the Lord Almighty†
demand this from her
to write these words
and to give them freely
including these words
she writes this night

I† have sent many words
and you ignore them
these are your warnings
these words I† deem holy
I† am the Lord†
I† deem

the tens are coming upon you
peace will hide
confusion is working
as I† deemed
prepare through your wickedness
search your heart
and heal what lies in it

I† do speak this way
I† can speak all ways
in every language
for I† created them all

rise up and hear the words of I†
My† servant writes as I† deem
inside her body
she trembles
because she knows it is I†

soon you will tremble
for you will know it is I†

[He led me to 1 Timothy 1:3-17
which I included at the end of
this post]

she is saved, redeemed
and considered holy
in My† eyes

give these words prophet
it is time they know
the true nature of you
in you walk with Me†

(July 1, 2023)―The day after I received this work, I went hiking then I went get some coconut shrimp as takeout. When I got home and ate, there were two fortune cookies in the bag. At two separate moments that day, it was put into my heart to eat one. The first one had this saying in it: ‘Only fools and dead men don’t change their minds. Fools won’t change their minds and dead men can’t.’ Fitting since I didn’t want to post this at all. I have received 32 personal messages from God and Yeshuah that I have not posted because they were directly to me. This one is the 33rd and He said to post it, to give it to the people. I have been having a hard time deciding to do this.

The second message was: ‘Real courage is moving forward when the outcome is uncertain.’ How can I make you, who ever reads this, understand that God is speaking to me and I have to write what He says and give it freely. I don’t consider myself holy in any sense of the word. I don’t rebuke God. How can I! He has proven over and over to me that He is speaking to me and that Yeshuah is the only witness I need. I’m to marry sometime in the future. I can’t, at all, see this happening. But I’m told it is so. He has shown me that most all of the holy men in ancient times were indeed married. All holy women were married at one point. This doesn’t sooth me. I know where I’ve been and we are not suppose to judge ourselves on our past once we are reborn into new life. That is really hard.

I present to you all that He gives me because He ask me to. It is a choice. The choice to make this one public has been really difficult. Needless to say, it is hard to have friends doing this type of work for the Lord. It is almost impossible for me to understand the lack of family support. I don’t think I ever will. Yeshuah and God are the only ones I adhere to lately. Maybe one day, I’ll totally understand these words God says to me. Maybe.

(June 29, 2023)―I asked for a sign the night of the 27th. After this writing, I opened my window and put this notebook on the ledge. I had it open to the beginning of ‘Divinity’. I said, ‘If You gave me this work, then put a cross on it.’ Then I went to bed.

A little after three I woke me up. I thought I heard a knock or something drop. Then I saw the drawings or what appeared to be a cartoon (in another box) inside a drawing. There were lines and shapes and characters (2 small ones) and it was like I intruded and the characters hid behind the shapes. The box was illuminated with light. This is the second time I received this exact same vision.

I woke up a second time and I saw drawings in another box. I turned in my bed to face the wall, and the drawings followed. Then I saw dinosaurs (live ones moving), and then drawings of them.

There was no cross on the page the next morning.

After the first vision, God said that He was the architect of life, of each human being. He reminded me of the box with the man and the drawings that unfolded before my eyes (Trouble Scrutiny). Each person is a careful design, no matter how messed up we may be.

I asked for the sign because this work is about me. I don’t like it when it’s about me. I fear it’s from my own mind, then I receive these visions. My eyes are wide open and these things I see. And it makes me wonder if I tested God by asking for the sign. He’s shown me enough to know it is Him, but He is ultimate to me and I don’t want to do anything that goes against anything about Him.

Yesterday, the next day after this event, I went hiking and the deer were beautiful and the day was beautiful and I received 444 twice! How can I even doubt Him? I know it is just my humanist that doubts. Everything else about me knows that these things are from Him, these writings are from Him.

What He says in ‘Divinity’ has me shaking inside because I don’t feel worthy of such words from my Creator. And I have to ask myself why. As a woman, we are conditioned to believe we are less than man, that we are indeed unworthy to receive such wonder from our Father. God Himself then reminds me of other women. He puts before me other women whom He Himself called, women who had such faith to know His power. And this puts me in awe.

He has me reading the Apocrypha. He told me there were more writings than what is in the Bible and this book was put before me. One of the stories is about Daniel and Susanna, who was the wife of a very wealthy man in Babylon. Susanna was very beautiful and two elders of the people took notice of her. She would go into this private garden to bathe or just walk and she would have the gates closed and locked. One day, she went to take a bath and sent her maid away so she could be alone, but these two elders had hid and when the maid left, they approached her and wanted to have sex with her. She refused. They told her that if she didn’t have sex with them, they would tell every one that she did and bring charges against her. She told them to do what they will because she wasn’t going to defy her body in front of God. They did. They accused her and she was brought before the judge and everyone was buying their story while she remained silent. It was Daniel who spoke up. He said to take the two elders and question them separately. This was done and their stories were two different stories and Susanna was found guiltless. This story never made it into the Bible. In my Bible, they say it is a work of fiction, others disagree.

Then there’s the story of Judith. I actually was questioned about this and I had said what I believed, at the time, that it was a story just told and not true. Was I right or wrong? One book says it’s a work of fiction, while another says it’s historical record.

God teaches me things when He knows I’m ready. Judith didn’t get put in the Bible either and there is no reason that it should have been excluded, except that it dealt with a strong woman.

Judith had lost her husband and she was in morning for a number of years when this event unfolds. Babylon was in power and Nebuchadnezzar was setting himself up to be a god. He wanted everyone around the world to worship just him. He sent a ruthless man by the name of Holofernes to capture all the settlements along the coast, with force, of course. Everyone who didn’t worship the Babylonian king were to be killed. Holofernes learned about the Jewish settlement at the top of the mountain and devised a plan to snuff them out after learning about their God and how He protects them. He decided to surround the mountain and block off their water supply. One man in the village where Holofernes was testified to who the Jews were then went to the Jews and told them what Holofernes planned.

The elders went to Judith who apparently had her ear open to God…meaning she had spiritual gifts. She told them to leave her and she would pray and see what God wanted. She prayed to have deception put on her so she could protect her people. It was put into her heart to dawn a beautiful gown and put on all her jewels, then leave the safety net of the Jews settlement and go into Holofernes’ camp. Her beauty captured them all and she told them a lie that she was surrendering to them. They set her and her maids up in a tent with all the things she brought so she would not defile her body with their food. She stayed with them three days and every night, with permission of Holofernes, she went into the woods to pray. The third night they had a big party and Holofernes requested her presence. She went. Her beauty seized his senses and he ended up drinking too much. She was left alone with him in his tent because everyone believed that she would sleep with him that night. He passed out. She took his sword and chopped his head off. She had her maid put the head in a bag and they left and went back to the Jewish settlement where they put his head on the entrance gate post.

The next morning everyone in Holofernes’ camp woke up with hangovers. It was a while before they realized that Holofernes did not appear. They thought he was in bed with the lovely Judith. When his men finally went in his tent to check, they found a body without a head! Word spread that the Jewish God had revenged His people and they all got scared and ran.

Word spread how Judith warded off this entire Babylonian army all by herself and she was praised and loved. She lived until she was over one hundred years old and even though she had this awesome beauty, she never was with another man. Another strong woman listening and obeying God.

Even though God has shown me Esther, which was included in the Bible, who was strong, she was lady-like and gentle; Debra was a judge and she was strong and bold, but again lady-like and they didn’t include a lot in the Bible about her.

These stories of strong women lay hidden. Sure, plenty have read the Apocrypha, but not the masses because the churches want control of the women, they want the men to have the upper hand, even though women are the mothers of men!

God has told me since 2020 that a change is coming. He said to me that a change of power is coming. Then in more recent writings from Yeshuah and God, they say that the ones pillaged and abused will eventually be the ones dishing out the punishments. I believe this because something has to change! The human trafficking that is going on and the world is basically ignoring this…this is unbelievable to my eyes!

These words in ‘Divinity’ are God’s words. And no matter how humans perceive them, I must give them freely. My personal feelings that I feel when either one of them mention anything about me in a direct writing aren’t suppose to matter, and that is hard. I don’t want to bring shame on anyone…that’s how I sometimes feel, but then I’m made to see the arrogance of that shame because Christianity is about truly believing in everything Yeshuah stood for. So if they can’t see that God and Yeshuah don’t speak or call servants anymore, then something is seriously wrong. And if it is because they see me as sinful and not holy then they don’t understand how Yeshuah works.

All of the apostles were sinful. I’m not an apostle. I’m a messenger. And that’s all I can say. You, as in the public, not wanting to receive the messages is not for me to be concerned about. Apparently, God wants you to know that I’m His messenger and that the words sent to me are truth. He’s always did things like this with His messengers. I would imagine this time, in this age, with all the computers, it’s hard for anyone to imagine that biblical writings are given when everyone can’t comprehend that every age, every generational period is considered biblical. Do you understand that?

The Bible isn’t just a book. It is the first ever recordings of human life…the beginning of life. It is a historical record! That’s what makes it so special. And during the ‘beginning of life’, God made Himself known after sin pillaged the Earth. This part, you are losing! He is still here. He’s never left. What’s different, well not so different if you read Yeshuah’s words, is that you listen more to the world with all the noise and money flying then to the Spirit who lives inside you. You listen to all the false teachers out there with all their money telling you no matter what you do, you are going to Heaven, which is a lie.

The picture David chose is from September 27, 2019: Love from Heaven. Of Course!

As I urged you when I went into Macedonia, stay there in Ephesus so that you may command certain men not to teach false doctrines any longer nor to devote themselves to myths and endless genealogies. These promote controversies rather than God’s work—which is by faith. The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith. Some have wandered away from these and turned to meaningless talk. They want to be teachers of the law, but they do not know what they are talking about or what they so confidently affirm.—1 Timothy 1:3-7
We know that the law is good if one uses it properly. We also know that law is made not for the righteous but for lawbreakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful, the unholy and irreligious; for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers, for adulterers and perverts, for slave traders and liars and perjurers—and for whatever else is contrary to the sound doctrine that conforms to the glorious gospel of the blessed God, which He entrusted to me.—1 Timothy 1:8-11
I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that He considered me faithful, appointing me to His service. Even though I was once a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent man, I was shown mercy because I acted in ignorance and unbelief. The grace of our Lord was poured out on me abundantly, along with the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus. Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst. But for that very reason I was shown mercy so that in me, the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus might display His unlimited patience as an example for those who would believe in Him and receive eternal life. Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory for ever and ever. Amen.—1 Timothy 1:12-17

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