‘Shocking of Stupid’s Genius’ (God in Commentary)

October 24, 2023: ‘Shocking of Stupid’s Genius’ (God in Commentary)…If you are abusing in any way, you are not in love and you are not with God or Yeshuah. If you are lying, cheating on your mate, doing the sins of Sodom, manipulating, stealing, controlling through strife, raping, killing, insulting others, God is not with you because you are still in death. Return to God through Yeshuah and begin your rise from your death into the light before it is too late. Sin is death and God is not the god of the dead. You must remember this. No, He is always present but He does not move you when you are in death. As He explains in these writings about the Spirits, the beings, they are in charge of you until your rise begins. This isn’t new. But the man-made churches, the false shepherds, are leaving this out of their teachings. If you knew this, you wouldn’t be falling into sin over and over.

Shocking of  Stupid's Genius (God in Commentary)

'o my soul's in anguish
as I beat upon my chest
watching the self-indulgence
of a people
coming upon disastrous

opening ancient graves‒
a seeker's possess
'I have it!' he shouts
'I found the quest!'
tombs aging back
says the profess
to His† time‒
the time of Jesus†
‒the screams 'yes, yes, yes
'I have found evidence'

presenting bones
in his attest
'the bones of joseph, mary
and mary magdalene
we now know
she's the wife of Jesus†'

'o the indulgence
why even bother in protest

after all‒
they have dna test
of joseph, mary and mary magdalene

'o I must address
the careful analysis
of the digging-up scientists
who have nothing better to do
but dig in dirt
thus proving their experience

I'm waiting to be addressed
dna test
'o how I insist
after all‒
you released in a public audience
looking for a popularity seamstress

the gullibleness
trying to secure
solid evidence
in what should be‒
whole-hearted faithfulness

looking for shrouds and tombs
an endless quest
forgetting about
what's truly blessed

words He's† sending to you
seems useless
visions He's† showing
‒commotion on them

but seek popularity
seek world fame
or support all thereof

seek digging the past
because they can't handle
the future
brings in
only pure turbulence

you aged the bones, yes
you calculated and measured?
so what did you learn
did you get to know Jesus†
did it make you a king?
a goddess?
maybe an empress?

tell the truth 'o master genius

as the Lord's† servant
I can demand
but it is useless

the discovery, the popularity contest
will grow
putting all in distress

mere bones, basically, useless
your emotions to caress

'yes, yes, yes
we found evidence of Jesus†!'

your science a circumstance
a test
most claim atheist
‒all change their minds
when confronted by Jesus†‒
want to throw a kink
create a contest
put you in stress
‒they are the tempest
going straight to the press
‒ pledging to the side
of the fence
that's best
to win the contest

(November 7, 2023)—The following titles were given between October 24 and November 5. I was told to hold them until they were complete. This week I was instructed to type them up, read them aloud and post them one after the other. So it will be done.

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‘Lessons Given’ (God Answers Me)

‘Lessons Given’…I can’t force this knowledge on you. I can only share what is given to me. And I do it willingly. I was reluctant to share these today. And both of Them gave me time to think about it. Just like in the Crucifixion Vision, Yeshuah made me take the time to think about my decision before answering Him. This is Yeshuah’s nature. He wants you to think about it, consider all the options….’

Lessons Given (God Answers Me)

why does Wisdom
hold Herself back
why―when veils go on
does She hide Herself

what good have I done
if those I touched‒
must travel this same road:
the testing for humility
by God†, Himself†

‒not before they watch me
go through mine‒
struggle and falter
without losing hope‒
hugging to my heart…my faith
like a ragdoll‒
shielding me from the tears
I cried

how will they understand
‒the faith given to them
was always true―real

what lessons did I teach
as my fall crumbled‒
all around me
‒my resurrection
proving fruitful
‒not in material possessions
fame and fortune
‒but in pure peace―humility

how―in this world of materialism
will they see through the wreckage
‒peer inside truth

I gave to my children‒
all that I have
guiding them, keeping them safe
teaching them the ways of God†
‒building in them
an honorable character

how is it
that it seems to have rotted
‒gone out of them
all that I taught them

what use have I been
in all that I gave my life

'let Me†, your Father†, answer you

it is to each person
in this modern world
‒that will become ancient‒
that humility is reached

it is the choice given
when they leave their parents
and become their own

trust in the process, servant
the process that you wrote about
they will find their way
just as your husband will

bless be the one
who reads My† words
for understanding

you are hope
for those to come'

(September 6, 2023)―The following works: Trapped Under’, The Riches of Lowliness’, Humble’s Renaissance’, The Ant’s Surface’, Lesson’s Given’,To Be Known’, The Showth of God† and ‘a Ways from Danger’ were written between August 27 and September 3, 2023 preceding Yeshuah’s Step Found’ which was given September 5, 2023.

The photograph David chose is a photograph was taken September 27, 2019: Love from Heaven.

‘The Riches of Lowliness’

‘The Riches of Lowliness’…I can’t force this knowledge on you. I can only share what is given to me. And I do it willingly. I was reluctant to share these today. And both of Them gave me time to think about it. Just like in the Crucifixion Vision, Yeshuah made me take the time to think about my decision before answering Him. This is Yeshuah’s nature. He wants you to think about it, consider all the options….’

The Riches of Lowliness 

I fear the Lord†
His† hand lies on my heart
He† shelters me, comforts me
‒through me
He† sorts

He† aimed at me―His† dart
pulled me apart
piece by piece‒
all that man
set in my heart

then, slowly, He† began
to rebuild me
‒a carefully laid out art

no longer, do I go backward
‒I've become the leopard
despised and dislodged
from the populist
‒a handsome reward
for truly loving the Lord†

He† doesn't have me on guard
‒like I was before‒
instead, He† made me the bard
He† plucked out‒
all the thorns

all through the rest…disregard

He† sees more of me
more than a woman
or even a capricorn
He† sees me in safeguard
a soul made low
‒so the human movement
I can record

out of wreckage
I am carved
a servant
made from the scars
that lingered
after my heart was torn

I am lowly, the meek
the humbled
a released, free-floating barge
left unattended
on the streams of life
‒not one surrounds me
not even the vanguard‒
He†, of my soul, took charge

through Him†, came a hailstorm
then a forewarn
then a mourn

then―opened up the foghorn
I emerged‒
in the Spirit of Truth†
with the Son† in charm
‒to many―a unicorn
to me‒
a sinner…transformed

the lowly am I
the trademark
of the hand of the Lord†
‒gracious is He†
I praise Him†
all the glory is His†
for He† saw me
without disregard
stripped me
then rebuilt my heart

now, earth disregards
but He† has my heart
‒nothing is greater
then the Almighty Lord†
the one who said 'you are Mine†'
and encircled me
with His† unconditional force:
the everlasting chorus

'I† love you'
because you loved Me† first'

words of His† Son†
the heart of the source
to reinforce
the endurance of being
the lowly one

(September 6, 2023)―The following works: Trapped Under’, The Riches of Lowliness’, Humble’s Renaissance’, The Ant’s Surface’, Lesson’s Given’,To Be Known’, The Showth of God† and ‘a Ways from Danger’ were written between August 27 and September 3, 2023 preceding Yeshuah’s Step Found’ which was given September 5, 2023.

The photograph David chose is from October 8, 2019:  Oil Spill. See the image of the child to the left of me!

‘Divinity’ (God)

‘Divinity’ (God)…Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst. But for that very reason I was shown mercy so that in me, the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus might display His unlimited patience as an example for those who would believe in Him and receive eternal life….—1 Timothy 1:12-17

Divinity (God)

it is profound to hear words
from here, Heaven, the Kingdom
they are sent all the time
but only in special times
are they heard by a called servant
one of special interest to God† Himself†

it is profound
that a servant is called
whom no one believes
that no one understands
nor supports

why is it so strange
not to hear a servant's voice
when so much has been given
when so much has happened
and so much has been written
that it should be easy
to see the work of God†
in a personally called servant
in truth not just a servant
but a seer, a prophet

it is I†, Him† who called
the Almighty God†
the before and the after
the below and the above
the first and the last
it is I†, whom speaks
to the called servant

it is I† who shades her hair
who keeps her walking
who fixed her heart
who sent her to the Son†
who gave her to a helper

it is I†, who hand picked her
who sent her to carol, her mother
in a lowly place to be reared
it is I† who kept her separate
who taught her right from wrong
who taught her how to be a servant
of the people first
so she could put that aside
to be a servant for Me†
and a servant for My† Son†, Yeshuah†

I† have moved her
the lowly woman
one not of glory
but one of sin and sadness

I† have moved her
I†, the Father† of her
to shame the sinful
to shame the wicked
to shame the self-serving

I† have sent her to see
to be a witness
to the sinful
to break her heart
by all I† put before her

I† have set before her
all that I† have
to have everything she writes
not for discipline
but to show her
how lost this generation is

she read about My† ways
I† instructed her to
she read how I† demanded
My† prophets to go naked
for years
she begged Me† to not do this to her
but I† already have
I† stripped her pride
from her body
I† striped all selfishness
and made her lay her life
for all to see
I† did strip her bare
I† did make her walk in public
all her words every one of them
she put to the public
laid her life bare

and she was condemned
she was ridiculed
she was judged
by all those who pledged
their life to her
and by strangers
who didn't help her
during her trial

but there were strangers
who helped her
ones I† sent to her
for a little while

I† didn't condemn My† servant
I† stripped her of all things
man placed on her
and I† made her My† own

her words and Mine† are the same
every single letter
that ever came from her pen

you argue this
you debate this

I† am the only one
who can say this
there is no debate with Me†
I† am the Lord†, the Creator†
of every word
in every language
not all words are holy to Me†
hers are

man decides in his own mind
what is to Me†
and only I† can say
what is to Me†

a woman I† deemed divine
and this will become known
though you cannot touch her
My† divine protection
surrounds her

I†, the Lord Almighty†
demand this from her
to write these words
and to give them freely
including these words
she writes this night

I† have sent many words
and you ignore them
these are your warnings
these words I† deem holy
I† am the Lord†
I† deem

the tens are coming upon you
peace will hide
confusion is working
as I† deemed
prepare through your wickedness
search your heart
and heal what lies in it

I† do speak this way
I† can speak all ways
in every language
for I† created them all

rise up and hear the words of I†
My† servant writes as I† deem
inside her body
she trembles
because she knows it is I†

soon you will tremble
for you will know it is I†

[He led me to 1 Timothy 1:3-17
which I included at the end of
this post]

she is saved, redeemed
and considered holy
in My† eyes

give these words prophet
it is time they know
the true nature of you
in you walk with Me†

(July 1, 2023)―The day after I received this work, I went hiking then I went get some coconut shrimp as takeout. When I got home and ate, there were two fortune cookies in the bag. At two separate moments that day, it was put into my heart to eat one. The first one had this saying in it: ‘Only fools and dead men don’t change their minds. Fools won’t change their minds and dead men can’t.’ Fitting since I didn’t want to post this at all. I have received 32 personal messages from God and Yeshuah that I have not posted because they were directly to me. This one is the 33rd and He said to post it, to give it to the people. I have been having a hard time deciding to do this.

The second message was: ‘Real courage is moving forward when the outcome is uncertain.’ How can I make you, who ever reads this, understand that God is speaking to me and I have to write what He says and give it freely. I don’t consider myself holy in any sense of the word. I don’t rebuke God. How can I! He has proven over and over to me that He is speaking to me and that Yeshuah is the only witness I need. I’m to marry sometime in the future. I can’t, at all, see this happening. But I’m told it is so. He has shown me that most all of the holy men in ancient times were indeed married. All holy women were married at one point. This doesn’t sooth me. I know where I’ve been and we are not suppose to judge ourselves on our past once we are reborn into new life. That is really hard.

I present to you all that He gives me because He ask me to. It is a choice. The choice to make this one public has been really difficult. Needless to say, it is hard to have friends doing this type of work for the Lord. It is almost impossible for me to understand the lack of family support. I don’t think I ever will. Yeshuah and God are the only ones I adhere to lately. Maybe one day, I’ll totally understand these words God says to me. Maybe.

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 ‘Seaidary Requirements’ (God)

‘Seaidary Requirements’ (God)…He has shown me great mercy, when I am weak, He wraps His arms around me and comforts Me. When I cry, I hear a voice whisper. When I ask, ‘Who is this?’ He readily says, ‘It is I.’ He has sent His Son to guide me and His servant David to stay day and night. He has opened me up to tell the words from His mouth to all people, for the world is headed to a great darkness that they refuse to see. I warn them, they do not hear. I give them all the words entrusted to me and their veils remain. But I will give them anyway until I hear them no more for the Lord Almighty God said my name and I heard His voice.

Seaidary Requirements (God)

time pushes forward
all seems normal
a forced hand
by man

all is not normal

time will never
stand still
it keeps moving forward

to pray
is being still
patience and endurable

why can't you be quiet
still and patient

I† require this
I†, the Almighty Lord†
require stillness
from man

do you think
I've† lifted My† hand

I† have not

I've† released My† grip
giving a moment
in time
a chance to make things

beneath your feet
change is being made

couple the grip
hold on tight
rolling and moving
and collecting
as I† demanded
that which doesn't argue
that which does as I† command

do you feel it
'o wonders of the land
do you feel it
'o vastly approaching storm
are you prepared
as I† deemed

awaken 'o solemnness
stop your shaking
and embrace the change

you asked for this
over and over
I† give you
what you asked for

are you prepared

come now, awaken yourself

are you bringing the rain
or am I† bringing the rain

answer Me†!
'o great arrogance
are you so precise
that you  can predict
My† hand?

you haven't heard
the words from My† mouth
yet I've† spoken them
as you kneel in your pews
bowing your heads
dressed in your fine clothing

have you put oils
on your head
have you lite candles
in My† name

did you go outside
whisper gossip and profanity
did you judge your neighbor

come now and answer Me†!

did you read
every word from My† mouth?
did you put into practice
all that My† Son† told you?

are you still in denial?

brace yourself
the hand of the Lord†
is not done
the discipline not complete

breathe 'o arrogance
kneel before Me†
and beg for mercy

do you not believe
I† have mercy to give

'o solemn empty heart
how the ways of the world
have forsaken you

I'm† waiting for My† servant
to see what he has done
awaken 'o blissful servant
come out of your shell
read all of the words
written by the hand
of the prophet of words
seek forgiveness
your work is not done

awaken 'o nations
of righteousness
hear the call
being called

testify to this call
'o holy words
from the deepest of mouths


gather your strength
you will need it
for what I'm† about
to put before you

doubt My† sword
'o arrogant nations

I† move slow but precise
preparing My† people
giving My† people
strength and courage
to withstand
the arrogance of arrogance
which I† hate

don't doubt 'o wistful servant
serve as witness
write every word
from My† mouth
without doubt
have sincerity in heart

it is I†, the Lord Almighty God†

My† demands stand
as the words you write
tell them every word
leave nothing out

[my left leg went numb again]

for the generations to come
will know who has spoken

I†, the Lord Almighty†
until I† speak no more

Notes: The photograph David chose is from October 23, 2019: The Dragon and the All-Seeing Eye.

(August 15, 2022)—Directly after giving me ‘Seaidary Requirements’, He led me to Isaiah 50:4-9 through Isaiah 51:12-16. He completely deadened my left leg until I finished reading this given Scripture then He awakened my leg. He will bring His discipline then He will give His mercy.

I went lay down after this and He kept talking and would say ‘write’ in between what He was saying, so I got up and wrote the following: He has shown me great mercy, when I am weak, He wraps His arms around me and comforts Me. When I cry, I hear a voice whisper. When I ask, ‘Who is this?’ He readily says, ‘It is I.’ He has sent His Son to guide me and His servant David to stay day and night. He has opened me up to tell the words from His mouth to all people, for the world is headed to a great darkness that they refuse to see. I warn them, they do not hear. I give them all the words entrusted to me and their veils remain. But I will give them anyway until I hear them no more for the Lord Almighty God said my name and I heard His voice.

Note: I looked up seaidary, as I was told the spelling. In the Hindi language, it means beauty.

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‘Joint Ambition’ (Yeshuah)

‘Joint Ambition’ (Yeshuah)…Woe to the shepherds who are destroying and scattering the sheep of My pasture!’ declares the Lord.—Jeremiah 23:1-4

Joint Ambition (Yeshuah)

it is careless to say
you can't do something
when you can easily
go the way
each and every day

let Me† say
what I† need to say
keeping wolves at bay
if you have time
in your day

it helps to listen
what Yeshuah†
has to say

time is of the essence
time is slipping
but time is also awakening

you don't have to penalize
for what others
have to say

truth mocks no one
see brighter days
in the looks
on a poor man's face
who walks at a slow pace
one he cannot win
keeping up with greed's pace

the poor man accepts
what's gentle and easy
but hard and simple
his hands at work
singing a slow tune
beneath his breath
as he guides mules 
across a field
or sands along the edge
of a long board
or carefully places thread
in the eye of a needle
or slowly and carefully
cooks a meal
seasoning it just so
as the taste is divine

a poor man or woman
doesn't wrestle with time
each day is each day
resting and working
singing and enjoying
all God's† great creations

unlike the rich man
who runs carelessly
after material possessions
thinking about
what others are thinking
worrying, considering
how much money is needed
how much more
can be made

this unsettling way
leads to all sorts of sin
causing darkness
to fall
as light tries to come in

it is simple to live
but living has to be governed
trusting in a king
far, far away
justifies nothing
to the human race

it's not in their face
but it's ever so present
to slow down
a greedy man's pace
then speed it up again
for pure pleasure
of control

it's always been
God†, the Father†, calls for faith
in an unseen king
to have faith in self
to discipline self
to guide self

but man has a hard time
with self
facing self is hard, tiring
shameful, embarrassing
…all to self

so man focuses on
what he can get
instead of what he can give

a tiring world
always collapses over time
of man's need to 'get'

man works extremely hard
satisfying the ego
instead of the self

pride begins to consume him
until he can't admit
his faults, his injury

it's the way of man

only in his destruction
does he return to faith
and this time
only lasts a little while

history doesn't mend
blame doesn't weaken
but gets strong
because man needs proof
proof of his very existence
he cannot accept self
as the self lives now
not then, not will be
but now

since he cannot leave ego out
he's constantly searching
for this proof

in the ancient world
in the present world
in the world that is not yet

from outside the body
to inside the body

he stumbles on his own self
passing it by
as he rushes to find this proof
when 'existence' is standing
right in his shoes

in careful observation
while looking inside the body
man cannot accept
...he must look deeper
constantly searching

technology is making man
a fool
placing his strength
and his weakness
in a machine of wires

man will fail
for he's reaching 
too far in

Notes: The photograph chosen is from November 9, 2019: Certainty of Visions.

(August 12, 2022)—He led me after to Jeremiah and the Discourses: Jeremiah 23:1-4 through Jeremiah 23:7,8; Jeremiah 33:14-16 through Jeremiah 33:23-26; Jeremiah 31:27,28 through Jeremiah 31:38-40.

An example of the years in between the Prophet’s lives and that of Jesus: Abraham: approximately 2042 years (42 generations); Samuel: over 2,000 years; Elijah, Elisha, Debra, Amos, Hosea: over 1,000 years; King David: approximately 1,000 years (41 generations); Isaiah: 700 years; Jeremiah: 500 years. Just to tell you of a few….

Knowing the above numbers, below is a list of the Prophets and you can see how God sends His messages.

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‘Troubled Stone’ (God)

‘Troubled Stone’ (God)…’Son of man, if a country sins against Me by being unfaithful and I stretch out My hand against it to cut off its food supply and send famine upon it and kill its men and their animals, even if these three men—Noah, Daniel and Job—were in it, they could save only themselves by their righteousness declares the Sovereign Lord.—Ezekiel 14:12-23

Troubled Stone (God) 

What happens when everything said combines?
Do you think life continues no matter the generation just as you are now?
Do you think, 'O Arrogance, that you already escaped God's† wrath because you put yourself higher than Him† or you think you have special favor because you go untouched?

Well, this is God† telling you your turn has come to be put into the category with the rest of the unfaithful women of the world.

I† called to you but you did not listen.
I† gave you every sign needed.
I† gave you every word needed.
But you walked on deaf ears because you are full of arrogance.

Hear this you filthy peas!

You are failing and your failing has brought havoc to your own self as well as nations looking up to you like a big sister.

Charge! You are with healing but you refuse to heal.

Charge! You are with the bounty of My† love but you pillage My† name through blaspheme.

Killing is killing, Mr. President. 
You can't decide on your own what to kill and what not to kill.

My† Son† didn't replace 'Thou Shall Not Kill'.
My† Son† added love.
When you are in love, you do not want to kill.

You can't pick and choose on man's whim.
Who are you to decide how My† seed lives!

You make the choice.
I† will make the choice as well.

Through all your arrogance, I† sit back and watch you fumble.

A great nation built on My† favor, living in hypocrisy at the highest seat.

What kind of teacher are you to My† seed?

As people around the world pillage My† Son's† name, I† sit and watch, 'O humbled you need to be.

How do you take nations and humble them?

If you haven't learned from the many ways I've† given to record, Arrogancy, then you are still children and need a Father's† discipline!

Run around, little children, run around with no rest!
Why do you not honor a day of rest, but then use it as an excuse on your legal contracts, in your courts of law?

Do you know another of My† laws?
'Thou Shall Not Lie'
Yet you have many lies written down and noted as contracts bound by your law!

You are so arrogant, you place your parents in homes out of eye sight, so you don't have to look at them wither with age, so you don't have to care for them as they cared for you!

'O Arrogance, don't you remember My† law: 'Thou Shall Honor Thy Mother and Father'?

Why have you shortened Me†?

You give money to honor people, to celebrate and envy and promote what makes jealousy, placing people and things on invisible Asherah poles!

Don't you remember My† law: 'Thou Shall Not Have Any Other God Before Me'?

Why are there so many homeless in your streets?
Why have you not helped the sick, the poor, the fatherless?

Why have you taken those who can't do for themselves and thrown them into the sewer, while you raise up and give all your money to be entertained by greedy, selfish people?

You say you have done nothing wrong?

I† will confront each person, every single one of them.
I† will question each.
I† will place judgment on each.

says the Lord Almighty God†

I† will decide if your life had meaning.
No use figuring it out yourself!

My† prophet saw.
She honored My† words when I† said, 'Write what you see.'
Then she gave My† words and what I† have shown her to you!

She honored Me†!
You, world of nations, have ignored as your fathers have.

A combine is moving across the land, for I† deemed its movement.
Until you, all nations, are completely stilled.

As I† have shown the prophet, so it will be done.

says the Lord Almighty God†

Before peace comes discipline.

Notes: The photograph David chose is from September 27, 2019: Love from Heaven.


(July 12, 2022)―He led me to Ezekiel 14:12-23 AFTER He gave ‘Troubled Stone’. Again, HE led me to this page. I did not choose this Scripture. God did. He also demanded that I write this piece differently, but it isn’t the first time He had me write like this.

February 17, 2020: God Speaks Again! He didn’t label it. He just started speaking. It is put together with two other messages because, at the time, I didn’t know that the words would keep coming as they have.

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‘Time’s Difference’ (God)

‘Time’s Difference’ (God)….’Sir,’ they said, ‘we remember that while He was still alive that deceiver said, ‘After three days I will rise again.’ So give the order for the tomb to be made secure until the third day. Otherwise, His disciples may come and steal the body and tell the people that He has been raised from the dead. This last deception will be worse than the first.’ ‘….—Matthew 27:62-66

Time's Difference (God)

you say you understand
what is it
that you understand

is it in the movement
of earth
that you understand

what is it
in the movement of earth
that you understand

I† say many things
I†, the Lord Almighty†
I† speak
though you do not understand
words I† say

how is it that you don't understand

the pillage of life
do you understand this
so many people
yet you are caught up
in the shackles of slavery
and you still don't understand

come now, you peoples of earth
all nations
seek truth to understand

trying to save yourselves
from financial ruin
yet you can't save yourselves
from a simple virus

how dull this life has become
yet you see places
yet you experience wealth
but don't understand
true wealth

all across your great big lands
I'm† everywhere
yet you say you know Me†
but you continue to waste
what I† have given
yet you continue to pillage life
yet you continue to dirty
My† great mountain
trash and garbage
waste everywhere

'o come great big wreckage
seek redemption
learn who I† am
the Almighty God†
the one living all around you

you speak of Me†
you pray to Me†
'o I† hear all words
then you lay waste
then you allow pillage

the choke will get tighter
I† deemed it so

cry 'o careless mountain
see what the Lord† has done
awaken 'o wonder
seek refuge in My† name

go out and see the great lands
see what I've† done
then see your careless waste

it isn't complete
what must be complete
mask your face
protection is a must

I†, the Lord Almighty God†
deems it

you have faltered
in your surrender

a simple command
you fail to adhere to
so vast will the outcome be

so much waste
when stuff turns to lives
will it matter then?
will you search yourself
understand all these words sent
in order to redeem your soul

will you care then
that I† speak through the prophet
will you count
your richly 'blessings' then
will you see truth
My† truth
the only truth that matters

says the Lord Almighty God†
the Father† 
the Creator†

when will you see?

Notes: The photograph chosen is from January 5, 2020. The explanation of the events of this day are written in detail on the page.

(June 17, 2022)—He led me to the burial of Yeshuah.

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‘Audacity’ (God)

‘Audacity’ (God)…God is light; in Him there is no darkness at all. If we claim to have fellowship with Him yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live by the truth. —1 John 1:8-10

Audacity (God)

the plague of lies
what is truth
what is not
that's the charge
I've† placed on you

where does your faith lie

how can you tell
apart from everything else

the iron maiden
isn't losing
it is just getting started

a set of pieces
in place
a path laid

as the sun shines bright
what can't you get right

I† have come to settle
a score
the Almighty Lord†
is in charge

a word counts for a million
one single word
and I† have plenty

the ability to encircle
without being detected
by thousands of eyes
millions, billions
all of it happening
in plain sight
with plain words
plain sentences
and no one took
into account
the deception being told

how awkward it must feel
to see something
but not comprehend
what is seen
but yet
demand that you comprehend
what can't be seen

audacity's take
a pondering notion
using money
to blanket lies
to conceal lies
on a multitude
so vast in scale
and no one sees

they just scream
and blame
on the wrong things

'o awaken 'o wonder
see what the Lord† has done
a movement so precise
so carefully laid out
that it went unnoticed
by the multitude


the house of cards to fall
a time in surety
a biological waste
spilling over the land

question Me†
and I† will answer
but be sure
the answers that you get
are handled
or else all will be lost

I† don't give instruction
to waste words
no word from My† mouth
is a waste


a pillage of souls
being waivered
for dollars and cents
a pillage of harmony
for power
that's soon to change

you have time
but then you don't

how will you choose
to spend this time
this moment
a given moment
will you waste it
or will you seek

three years
I've† beckoned for your charge
answer Me†
show Me† you have heard
'o silliness
'o wayward peas

a stumble
was it just a stumble
and you got right back up
returned, directly
to your aching ways

not one moment spent
in repentance
not one moment adhered
to My† words

awaken 'o needful things
lost amongst the world
of idols
of desires of the world

a white robe glistening
in the sun
as bells ring
saddened people
hovering over each other
over one not worthy
of My† toe

but millions perished
for the careless act
of selfishness

how pitiful are you!

as in the desert
I† wash it all away
stripping it all dry
for their greed
has no ending

watch! watch little bird!
watch what the Lord Almighty†
can do!

don't frown
when the awaken happens
don't sit around
in your gossiping need
with wonders
on your tongue

for I've† told you
in advance
what is coming
so you will know
the Lord Almighty God†
has spoken

Notes: The photograph chosen by David for this piece is from October 2, 2019: Wave Warning. The code is on my face in this frame.

(May 16, 2022)―He led me to the First Letter by John. I included the entire letter below because it is that important. You are to fear what God is capable of but you are also to know that He is love. He does nothing without love. If you know His love, then the fear is natural and you understand it. He is your Father and you shouldn’t want to undermine Him or not listen because you know the discipline will come. All these people going around saying, ‘Don’t fear the Lord,’ watch what they do. I can guarantee you they are doing things in the dark and they don’t think God can see. He can. As am empathe and servant of the Lord, I know every time when someone is lying to me, doing what they should not do. I don’t say anything most of the time these days. I did for years and guess what: I’m ignored, ostracized.

You have to understand who God is before you can understand Yeshuah. You have time.

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‘A Life Earned’

‘A Life Earned’…We have to lose our life in order to find our life, our purpose. If we don’t lose our life, we never find the truth of our being.

A Life Earned

I sit, stand, lay
over all these words
‒who am I
to earn such trust

sitting for hours and hours
doing His† work
for a future
I do not know
‒making my little fuss

thinking about
my own children
how much I'm missing
then...not guessing
for whom
lies my lust

all these days
have turned to years
from normal every-day living
to hurting and crying
laughing and just being
putting the kids
on a bus
to feeling like rust

all this time
then writing
hearing His† soft voice
‒so many words
building a crust
with gustive thrust

'here I am'

I easily said
fighting anguish
in my head
as so many
labeled me‒
crazy, insane, obsessed
‒when all along
a teacher was saying

'don't hush
take this brush
put these words
in rush'

I had to forgo
every-day living
to sit in a silent room
to words being pushed

all the while‒
hoping for a hug
a gentle kiss
even the slightest touch
‒a bit of support
to this worded rush

over ten years now
I lost my life
in all its plush
because of the brush
the Lord† handed to me
in a lover's crush

'sing My† song to them
earn your place
you're running a good race'

words in reassuring gust
so that
I may continue
in faith's undying trust

Notes: The photograph is the second one that was chosen. I say the second because the first was of my face. I’m sick of my face. So, He chose His! It is from October 8, 2019: Oil Spill Warning.

(April 16, 2022)—No, He isn’t the author of this piece, He’s the author of the next. This piece is one directed from my heart. He was setting me up, to answer me. You will understand when you read the next piece titled, ‘The Void of Absence’ and the prayer of Nehemiah.

We have to lose our life in order to find our life, our purpose. If we don’t lose our life, we never find the truth of our being. As in ‘Dismissed Authority’ which was written on the fourteenth. It was a guided writing as well and it speaks truth. You can only dismiss truth for so long. It will catch up to you.

I’ve been made a promise. One…I don’t need to explain. I don’t know the how or the when. I do know the why. It is a BIG why. It is a sad why, but one I must accept. It is sad to watch truth unfold. The world has conquered itself into controlling the flow of Yeshuah. Only…they can’t. They just believe they have. Yeshuah is powerful. He is love. That pure kinda thing. That kind of love you can’t touch.

People are just stupid. Yes, I said that.

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