‘Day’s Break’ (God/Disassociation Dream)

‘Day’s Break’ (God/Disassociation Dream)…The public will care more about cleaning up then the bodies left behind, meaning their collection…their financial makeup is more important than those dying of this virus. The dead doesn’t matter to them, only being able to make money.

Day's Break (God/Disassociation Dream)

you have a moment
a short moment
to set things right

I† give you this moment
for I† set every moment

time is wasted
in your bickering
always the simple-headed
reveal their location
only to others
I† know their location
their family line
every where they go

I† made them simple-headed
a test of valor
for they returned
to gain rank
I† make it hard on purpose

they take My† words
spread them wrongly
for I† didn't open their minds
to My† words

says the Lord, the Almighty God†

life still goes on
beyond what is written
in books

many know Me†
many know My† ways
but they don't understand
My† wrath
nor My† discipline

they preach to the masses
all My† goodness

I† am righteous

they preach just that

woe! to their cause
I† am, there is no one above Me†

the marching will continue
you haven't learned
you haven't heard My† Son†

words are needed
for you've become word-driven
this is why I† the Almighty God†
chose a prophet of words

read! you small-minded peas!

I† am and you are under
My† subject
I† will do to you as I† please!

who are you to preach I†
do not bring pain
are you the ones concealing
the truth
are you the ones dawning
the mask
making all this darkness
look like the light


you, with your small-minds
fail to see
that I† am

you need these words

you take on the wild beasts
like you are Me†!
you build your structures
your idols
on all My† mountain

I† will break them!
I† will bring all your idols
to the ground
turn it all to dust
the dust that the hooves
of horses will plow through

all your invasion
all your mechanical nothing
I† will break

after My† hand sweeps
twice more
twice a relearning
twice in the year of twice
another small moment
shall be given

then crash, crash, crash
not My† hand will sweep
but My† feet
each corner will feel
My† stride

then you will know
it is I†
the one and only Lord, 
the Almighty God†
the beginning
AND the end

and no one is above Me†

Notes: The photograph used with this writing is from October 7, 2019: Faces. David revealing all the faces God has all around us. There’s nothing that goes unseen…nothing!

(February 12, 2022)―Today’s date equals eleven (11) or two (2): The number of Jesus! As usual, I heard the title first. After I finished hearing what God had me write, the title is fully understood. He’s giving us a break, a moment, as He put it, before the next wave. These are words of God. He does not lie. What you do is on your own head. The horn has been sounded!

The Scripture I was led to: Psalm 51, 2 Samuel 12:13b-23. If you don’t know this about King David, let me explain briefly. One day, while on his balcony, King David saw this beauty woman, Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah, a soldier. He sent for her and slept with her. He desired her but she was married, so he sent Uriah to the front lines and ensured that he would be where the strong battle was. Uriah was killed and King David took Bathsheba as another of his wives. He had several, which was common in those days. He loved Bathsheba more than the others and they conceived a child. King David was rebuked by Nathan, the prophet, and the child became sick and died. King David was warned before hand because of his sin. Bathsheba never had another child.

As Jesus said: To get something, something must be given.

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