The Magnificence of the Lord† (A Petition of Continued Redemption)

‘The Magnificence of the Lord†’ (A Petition of Continued Redemption)…Tremble before Him, all the Earth! The world is firmly established; it cannot be moved. Let the Heavens rejoice, let the Earth be glad; let them say among the nations, ‘The Lord reigns!’ Let the sea resound, and all that is in it; let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them! Then the trees of the forest will sing, they will sing for joy before the Lord, for He comes to judge the Earth….

The Magnificence of the Lord† (A Petition of Continued Redemption)

how can I not tell
the wonders that I see
the power of the Almighty God†
He† gives me what I need
to keep hold of my belief
in this promise
He† gave to me

one of great value
that is hard for me to hold
'how can this be'
over and over
from way down deep
I pledge the words of me

then, again and again
He† shows me
He† tells me
then shows me again

He† waivers off all hope
because hope comes alive
and in the mighty of His† hand
I see the visions float
right before my eyes
I see in plain view
then He† makes me understand

the magnificence of Him†
all around me
the beautiful words
that come to be
as tears fill my eyes
for when I look around
the question fills my heart
as I see them all
continue down the road
of fall

then He† dries my eyes
and fills me up again
with wonder
for His† magnificence pours through
what is seen by so few

if only they knew
cries fill my heart
the judgment coming due
the final sort
before the new age
comes in start

hear me, 'O Lord†
as I lift up my hands to You†
please give them
one more shake
yet another chance
to make good
what lies deep in their heart

so much pain
hidden is their shame

please give them a rattle
bigger than the  one before
shake them, 'O Lord†
send them back in their rooms
where they'll close the doors
get down on the floor
and pray
instead of tattle

I beg You† Lord†
one more enduring chance
for them to take their stance
see Your† true magnificence
Your† glory in range
to the coming change

the reason behind
healing from their pain
and releasing all shame

through all that You've†
shown me
through all that is said
through me
I beg through this pen
send them back in
for them
to bring to an end
their senseless sin
heal all that's broken
before this age ends

please in all Your† wonder
in all Your† graciousness
don't end too soon
the discipline needed
for them to heal
what inside…bleeds

You† are King† of all the universe
You† are King† of all the heavens
You† are King† of all the earth
if I have found favor from You†
and if it pleases You†
I lay this petition
at Your† Son†, Yeshauh's Feet
at Jesus' feet

in Jesus' name

(May 4, 2023)—God led me to the below Scripture (1 Chronicles 16:7-36, Psalm 105, Psalm 96) a few days ago. It is titled in my Bible as ‘Songs of Praise’ committed to Asaph by King David. I did not read through it until today. I don’t know why. I just put my pen between the pages to read another day, then He sent the two works prior to this writing and the visions.

Early this morning, I woke up and got out of bed, but then went back to bed. I stared at the dark ceiling wide awake, and then there it was. Whatever it is, wherever it comes from, it’s an opening, an opening into another place. I can see it opening. The darkness opening up to an illumination. Like a door opening with my eyes fully opened. Then images. A man’s face, the side view. Then another with shields, like war shields on his face. Both very large. As I’m seeing this, my eyes got very tired, so tired that I couldn’t hold them open, then the door closed as my eyes were still seeing, watching it close.

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‘Vast Acquaintance’ (God)

‘Vast Acquaintance’ (God)…They had been invited as guests and went quite innocently, knowing nothing about the matter….—2 Samuel 15:7-12

Vast Acquaintance (God)

employable knowledge
is important
wisdom is important
it is inequential to the vastness
of folly

it is I†, the Lord Almighty God†

arrogance has overridden
its uselessness
being followers
it should be
instead of the ones followed
for they laid burdens
where burdens should not be laid

'o come now and see
the voidance of knowledge
true knowledge
knowledge I† give
has been deemed useless
by man, according to man

all your wealth
will in turn be deemed useless
as I† will change hands
reemploy another
to use wealth
in a different accord

instead of 'things'
useless things
wealth will be used to feed
and to house
and to care
for those in need

you have brought this
upon yourselves
'o arrogance

able Me† to move My† hand!
you have no power
to 'able' Me†!

bring the rain 'o arrogance
employ your minds
'o arrogance, you deemed yourself
a genius
well, do what you said you can do
make the rain

control the waters
as you deemed you can!
watering what cannot feed
watering what cannot house
watering what cannot shelter
stripping the needs
from My† creations!

how will it be
when the tables are turned?

how will your sinfulness
be then?

My† beauty is not your beauty
I† move as I† see fit
and you moved as you see fit
to fit needs that are not real

brave you are, 'o arrogant!

let Me† be braver
in stance

deny Me†, I† shall deny you!

'o sun filled arrogance
putting beauty before hunger
putting beauty before shelter
your beauty will be your demise

a sucking in
so My† beast can roam
beast of the desert
prowlers in vastness

you who think you can control
My† creations
I† will turn the tables
it is their land first
you have used up their resources
for beauty
and all your sinful ways

I† have come for the correction
you want sun
I† give you sun

how much sun do you want?

bring the rain 'o arrogance
control My† hand
you say you can
you say you have the power!

I† am the Lord Almighty God†
My† jealousy rages
at your arrogant thought!

be brave 'o My† people
I† have come to revenge you
I† have come to discipline
the arrogant

combine in wallowness
a forfamable combine
a change only I† can do!
to right wrongs
the wrongful choices made
a pillage that isn't halted

move 'o brave one
see 'o watchman
My† hand moves
a wave you cannot stop
without Me†!

'o arrogant of slumber
a combined warrior
I† set upon you
raging through
it stops when I† stop it

seek comfort 'o gentle soul
I† will show you
in time
and you will tell them
what I† show you

rest now 'o gentle soul
stand and face north
what's left of you
is deemed change
a change greater than babylon
a withering of notion

halt 'o restless ones
the one to the right
of My† prophet's hand
those abandoning the left
where the sun rises
I† shall pound
splitting the land
one to the right
and one to the left

seize it 'o powerful notion
a test of great magnitude
is coming upon you

dream 'o sleepy one
the left is deemed
a reclaiming of what it was
it will be again

I† am the Lord Almighty God†

and so it is deemed

Notes: The screenshot David chose is from November 9, 2019: Certainty of Visions. The screenshot is from the art God put on the water behind me. It is a painting of a man facing to the left with two children facing each other just above his shoulders to the right.


(July 22, 2022)—‘Vast Acquaintance’ was given July 20, 2022. After, He led me to 2 Samuel 14:25-28 through 2 Samuel 15:23-29 again. As I’ve said many times, when things are repeated by God or Yeshuah over and over, it is of great importance.

inequential…this is what I heard. I am not mistaken. He pronounced it very precise.

 forfamable is phonically how I heard the word.

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‘Day’s Break’ (God/Disassociation Dream)

‘Day’s Break’ (God/Disassociation Dream)…The public will care more about cleaning up then the bodies left behind, meaning their collection…their financial makeup is more important than those dying of this virus. The dead doesn’t matter to them, only being able to make money.

Day's Break (God/Disassociation Dream)

you have a moment
a short moment
to set things right

I† give you this moment
for I† set every moment

time is wasted
in your bickering
always the simple-headed
reveal their location
only to others
I† know their location
their family line
every where they go

I† made them simple-headed
a test of valor
for they returned
to gain rank
I† make it hard on purpose

they take My† words
spread them wrongly
for I† didn't open their minds
to My† words

says the Lord, the Almighty God†

life still goes on
beyond what is written
in books

many know Me†
many know My† ways
but they don't understand
My† wrath
nor My† discipline

they preach to the masses
all My† goodness

I† am righteous

they preach just that

woe! to their cause
I† am, there is no one above Me†

the marching will continue
you haven't learned
you haven't heard My† Son†

words are needed
for you've become word-driven
this is why I† the Almighty God†
chose a prophet of words

read! you small-minded peas!

I† am and you are under
My† subject
I† will do to you as I† please!

who are you to preach I†
do not bring pain
are you the ones concealing
the truth
are you the ones dawning
the mask
making all this darkness
look like the light


you, with your small-minds
fail to see
that I† am

you need these words

you take on the wild beasts
like you are Me†!
you build your structures
your idols
on all My† mountain

I† will break them!
I† will bring all your idols
to the ground
turn it all to dust
the dust that the hooves
of horses will plow through

all your invasion
all your mechanical nothing
I† will break

after My† hand sweeps
twice more
twice a relearning
twice in the year of twice
another small moment
shall be given

then crash, crash, crash
not My† hand will sweep
but My† feet
each corner will feel
My† stride

then you will know
it is I†
the one and only Lord, 
the Almighty God†
the beginning
AND the end

and no one is above Me†

Notes: The photograph used with this writing is from October 7, 2019: Faces. David revealing all the faces God has all around us. There’s nothing that goes unseen…nothing!

(February 12, 2022)―Today’s date equals eleven (11) or two (2): The number of Jesus! As usual, I heard the title first. After I finished hearing what God had me write, the title is fully understood. He’s giving us a break, a moment, as He put it, before the next wave. These are words of God. He does not lie. What you do is on your own head. The horn has been sounded!

The Scripture I was led to: Psalm 51, 2 Samuel 12:13b-23. If you don’t know this about King David, let me explain briefly. One day, while on his balcony, King David saw this beauty woman, Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah, a soldier. He sent for her and slept with her. He desired her but she was married, so he sent Uriah to the front lines and ensured that he would be where the strong battle was. Uriah was killed and King David took Bathsheba as another of his wives. He had several, which was common in those days. He loved Bathsheba more than the others and they conceived a child. King David was rebuked by Nathan, the prophet, and the child became sick and died. King David was warned before hand because of his sin. Bathsheba never had another child.

As Jesus said: To get something, something must be given.

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