‘Words of Wisdom’ (Jesus)

‘Words of Wisdom’ (Jesus)…What God has seen: things mean more to you than human lives.

Words of Wisdom (Jesus)

you're looking in the wrong place
for grace
you seem a bit displaced
‒all the world
a bit common place

you overlook the rhythm of Me†
you don't seem
to have eyes that see

it's all just a little horse play
Him†, setting His† way
hardening hearts
the way lessons are taught

this is He†, Jesus†
go in peace
then peace I'll† give you

it's a strange notion
like the parables taught
when I† was forbidden
to go against My† Father†
it was the smart ones
who understood
they went on the move 
at God's† will
hence, it only took a few
to rally up the collection
like a game of dominoes
it all works to an end

you have chosen to live
with a plague
because you are too lazy
to stand up for others
your Band-Aid will not hold
what you plugged so long ago
hoping the people won't notice
‒a combining agent
a needed resolution
all of it coming undone

confusion, war, sickness
the wrath of the Father†
whom you do not know

Notes: The photograph David chose is from October 23, 2019: The Dragon and the All-Seeing Eye. It is from the picture below. Maybe you should be paying more attention to the messages in writing and in pictures. He’s given it all to you. He’s warning you since August 2019 when He told us, ‘The Button’s Been Pushed’ and ‘There’s No Turning Back.’ But you ignore because He chose a woman to tell you His prophesy? How vain to be so weak!

(February 26, 2022)―In the Scripture (Psalm 52, 1 Samuel 23:1-14, and Psalm 63) today, it reveals how David heard God and listened! Would you understand if God instructed you? When God told David that Saul was coming for him and even after saving Keilah, they would turn him over to Saul, it didn’t bother David. He listened to God anyway. Would you? You seem to turn a deaf ear when God says something you don’t want to hear, when Jesus says something you don’t want to hear. Society has conditioned you so much to live in this tiny box that God and Jesus are both speaking, and you can’t hear them! And that is the saddest thing to witness.

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