‘Words of Wisdom’ (Jesus)

‘Words of Wisdom’ (Jesus)…What God has seen: things mean more to you than human lives.

Words of Wisdom (Jesus)

you're looking in the wrong place
for grace
you seem a bit displaced
‒all the world
a bit common place

you overlook the rhythm of Me†
you don't seem
to have eyes that see

it's all just a little horse play
Him†, setting His† way
hardening hearts
the way lessons are taught

this is He†, Jesus†
go in peace
then peace I'll† give you

it's a strange notion
like the parables taught
when I† was forbidden
to go against My† Father†
it was the smart ones
who understood
they went on the move 
at God's† will
hence, it only took a few
to rally up the collection
like a game of dominoes
it all works to an end

you have chosen to live
with a plague
because you are too lazy
to stand up for others
your Band-Aid will not hold
what you plugged so long ago
hoping the people won't notice
‒a combining agent
a needed resolution
all of it coming undone

confusion, war, sickness
the wrath of the Father†
whom you do not know

Notes: The photograph David chose is from October 23, 2019: The Dragon and the All-Seeing Eye. It is from the picture below. Maybe you should be paying more attention to the messages in writing and in pictures. He’s given it all to you. He’s warning you since August 2019 when He told us, ‘The Button’s Been Pushed’ and ‘There’s No Turning Back.’ But you ignore because He chose a woman to tell you His prophesy? How vain to be so weak!

(February 26, 2022)―In the Scripture (Psalm 52, 1 Samuel 23:1-14, and Psalm 63) today, it reveals how David heard God and listened! Would you understand if God instructed you? When God told David that Saul was coming for him and even after saving Keilah, they would turn him over to Saul, it didn’t bother David. He listened to God anyway. Would you? You seem to turn a deaf ear when God says something you don’t want to hear, when Jesus says something you don’t want to hear. Society has conditioned you so much to live in this tiny box that God and Jesus are both speaking, and you can’t hear them! And that is the saddest thing to witness.

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‘Blissful Intelligence’ (God)

‘Blissful Intelligence’ (God)…’He who is the Glory of Israel does not lie or change His mind; for He is not a man, that He should change His mind.’—1 Samuel 15:24-29

Blissful Intelligence (God)

there comes a time
when you have to wonder
from what…really
comes the thunder

how does it land
on each's shoulder

if you can remove
the clutter
maybe you can hear
the whisper

confusion is driving
its force
from which
comes the thunder

a genius puts it all
as He† looks on
in a gentle hover

He† moves each hand
each foot, each eye
He† touches lips
and whispers in ears

He† sits roamers about
wavering audacious shouts
without a word spoken
out loud

have you ever heard
His† voice
in the gentle wind
or His† anger
in the howling whip
of trees

have you ever felt
His† walk
during the embrace
of an earthquake

or His† kick
in the spewing vomit
of a beautiful volcano

science has a way
of settling souls
keeping the peace
amongst earth's birthing ciaos

He† does that

how do you know
the ways of a tornado
this place, that place
how can you not see
the pattern
of His† foot print

an energy so vast
that to touch it
could rip you apart

but instead of fearing Him†
you fear the rain
and the wind
you fear the dirt
and the waves

is it because your magnificent
stood the test of time
for so long
that 'forever material'
has become your idol of worship

it is I†
the one and only Almighty God†
I†, He†, Am†
have My† ways
they have never changed
since that first night
since that first day

from gentle hymns
to roaring waves
splashing on the vastness
of rocks
they all sing to Me†
and I† love their sound

sing, 'o people, sing

I† am restless in My† discipline
but discipline must be done
to save those who seek Me†

stop! and look for Me†
instead of rushing
instead of endless building
on My† mountain
instead of searching the skies
for which you will never find

'o peoples of nations
why don't you repent
instead of your lustful
it's carelessly riveting
to watch
the appeasement of Me†

'o sad, sad nations
the surrender is sweet
but My† hands never tire
and My† wrath will subside
but not today

says the Lord Almighty God†
the alpha
and the omega

Notes: The photograph chosen by David for this work is from November 11, 2019: The Avenging Angel.

(February 23, 2022)—I didn’t post this yesterday because I was under the weather with the ailments of womanhood. I post two today. This one and one from Jesus, ‘Industrial Famish’. After I heard ‘Blissful Intelligence’, He led me to 1 Samuel 15:22-29:

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‘Called’ (Jesus/New Added to Old Dream)

‘Called’ (Jesus)…And the Persian empire was devoted to the spiritualist, hence, they pretty much don’t exist anymore!

Called (Jesus/New Added to Old Dream)

are you so vile
you'd make such claims
have I† spoken to you
have you heard Me†
say your name

are you wavering through
have you confessed
your sins
have you cried all night
have you tried
Me†...to fight

has My† blood been poured
on you
has the Father's† hand
touched you

you and your self-proclamations
nothing changes
satan stays the same
loving his star gazers

(below He scolds me for my thoughts)

don't cringe
don't scuff your nose

they, too, are part of the plan
they, too, are judged
as you are

each part of the world
has their star gazers

to see into the future
is a prediction

to wage war on the future
is a prophesy

I† have sent you both
so has My† Father†
they will not look at you
like that
you are protected

I† could hand you a bone
if I† wanted
I† could make you known
if I† wanted
‒it is not your job to want this

I† am your brother
your job is to listen to Me†
the Lord Jesus Christ†

they don't think I† speak
I† do
through you
through many

He† doesn't speak through many
but He† speaks
when He† speaks
He† means it

predictions are hit or miss
prophecy stands

We're† not done
He† is not done

what have they done
to ease His† wrath
what have you done


those in prayer are heard
tell them they are heard
continue to pray

what will happen
is already going to happen
the words are already given
they refuse to listen
the blame is only on themselves

they will know
when they stand before Me†
that you have spoken to Me†
they will rally around you
though you cannot see
you will know

it is I†, the first
don't cry for them
they are arrogant and vain

what does it take
for hearts to change
to save their own souls
‒this 'what' they do not possess
if they did possess it
they would have knelt on their knees
and begged Him† for mercy

I† am He†
the one you love
the one you cry to

a second is coming


My† Father† will hear you

Notes: The photographs were chosen by David. And they are interesting when it comes to the piece from Jesus and the Scripture chosen for this piece. I do not believe in accidents. The photographs are from October 8, 2019: Oil Spill Warning. This is the third time that God puts a baby in the sky as a message to me about this promise. The baby is to the left of the sun. Below the baby is an incomplete ring. I wrote in 2019 how a golden ring was found in my apartment, but it was split, incomplete. It just showed up. I still have this ring.

If you click on the link and view all the photographs, you’ll see the baby turn into a man. When God came to counsel me in 2019, He put the image of an older, gray-haired bearded man in my mind so I would feel comfortable. This is the image that the baby transforms into to. You can argue this until you are blue in the face that it isn’t so…it still will be so. The second image of the day that was freaking amazing was my mother’s image that was put on the water behind me. David had to point her out. This is the second time that a baby and my mother’s image were given to me together!

10.08.2019.16.21.51…my mother
10.08.2019.16.21.46…step back to see this image clearer.

(January 5, 2022)―There was a number of things that happened since New Year dealing with the promise. I’m not allowed to write or speak of these things until after, but I’m to tell you that it is moving forward, hence part of the reason I was shown 1 Samuel 1-2:1-11 this morning. I have included this Scripture after the commentary.

Before Jesus dictated ‘Call’, I was shown a spiritualist byway of my newsfeed. Then after I received the piece, I was shown another. Both told lies. The first had me thinking and Jesus addressed this thinking in ‘Call’. I can’t, in no way top, what Jesus had to say to me.

After I typed this in, I made a soup and talked out this weird dream that I had last night, as I’m talking this dream out, the explanation of it was put before me.

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