‘Open Sanctuary’ (Jesus)

‘Open Sanctuary’ (Jesus)…’I† keep reminding you of this, that I† have much more to say, it is important that you, know this…words of Jesus the Christ

Open Sanctuary (Jesus)

time is marching
it's going forward
not backward
it's creeping
but still moving

I† have much more to say

['who is it?' I asked
'I' He† replies]

I† keep reminding you of this
that I† have much more to say
it is important that you
know this

I† am real
I† did come
My† body did die
but I'm† still alive

those who wanted control‒
'they' this is the 'they'
they betrayed Me† again and again
the Father† will revenge Me†
when it is time

slowly that time is time

the mark on the romans
will forever be

you don't know about those
in the middle countries
do you
those remnants of babylonia
peria, serbia, syria
all those arguing and fighting
they call it religious wars
it's more entitlement wars
‒a left-over mess
from the great empires

empires which were destroyed
by the Father†

the greeks, the alexandrians

all are left overs
in the middle countries

they were changed
as coming a change

the british
once a great empire
now hardly a country at all
in diplomacy
but in fact disguised
they have spread their remnant
throughout the world
destroying entire natural beings
insuring their ways never die
inserting false doctrine
fortifying positions
by being a part of each nation
living quietly, without notice

secrets are always brought to light

God† rules all
things are not as they seem
to control something so massive
you need cooperation
there is a great delusion
and it's going to be shaken up

this is He†, the Son† of God†

they didn't believe
when it was right before their eyes
or so it seems

if they didn't believe
they would not have gone
to massive lengths to change
the perception of the entire world

they 'knew'
they did believe

they feared losing control
mass religion 
became their way to control

mass testing began
the Father† refused to force
He† allowed the world to act
on its own
and He† turned His† back
on many

He† did not turn His† back
you know this
but false shepherds
are teaching different

correct them

time is changing

go in peace

words of Jesus†, Son† of God†

Notes: The photograph is from October 15, 2019: The Phoenix. The purple in the photograph David explained as the love of Jesus.

(February 10, 2022)―He led me to the description of the ‘re-inheritance’ as He calls it. Ezekiel 47: 15-48:29.

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