‘Troubled Spot’ (Yeshuah)

‘Troubled Spot’ (Yeshuah)…With all the information, the children do have choices as they become adults, but this won’t last.

Troubled Spot (Yeshuah)

despite opposition
things are going His† way
though you cannot see

moving iron
through a barbed-wire fence
is rather simple
‒a little stressing
but simple

it is a game of chess
in a way
setting plans
to move people
takes centuries of planning
unlike man's simple planning
like building a building
which they've gotten really
good at
they follow written plans

upon the universe
there are written plans
and each plan
must be followed

you call it
the laws of the universe
We† call it
the laws of God†

for man to move
takes drastic measures

fear plagues the earth

not fear of war
but fear of losing luxury
it is fear of losing comfort

peoples of the world
will choose comfort
over freedoms

they are

it is an odd turn of events

have I† seen this before
yes, many times

it takes hundreds of years
after a 'trying' event
to get this 'pampered'

in 1946, there was a 'trying'
if has not been hundreds
of years

man has taken what evil
left behind
and propelled it extremely

using medicine for wealth
is grave evil
disguised as love
but We† see all

it is of this community
that the world suffers

it is a two-part community
one that ensures healing
only to mask
what the other part does
keeping the unhealed

all for greed

using medicine
to change the laws of God†
is a grave sin
one He† does not turn
His† back on

one that's engraved
deep in the heart
one that cannot be removed

your acceptance level
of things the Father† hates
has come full circle

but the propellment
of medicine
has over-stepped its boundary

of course God† allowed it

to test

'what will you do?'

it was a choice

it was the wrong choice

leading brothers and sisters
to fall
taken an innocent seed
and making a decision
that wasn't yours to make
changing the course of nature
suspending the laws of God†

He† does NOT commend this act!

it is I†, Yeshuah†
the sin was placed on Me†
it is the gravest of sins
turn back
reassign yourself
to the portion given
before you stand before the Judge†
it is I†
go in peace
for those lost sheep
find your peace

Notes:  The photograph chosen is from October 8, 2019:  Oil Spill Warning. The photograph, itself, incorporates the daisy that I asked David to send me as a sign that I was indeed talking with the Lord and God Himself, the orb, and the baby put into the sky. It is above my head in this photograph. This baby is part of the promise made to me personally, which I will disclose when the events of this promise happen. My face is darkened because the emphasis was placed on the daisy and the baby. What was explained to me about this warning is nothing small in its meaning. It is NOT implying a simple oil spill. He said that what is coming, the warnings from the beginning visions of 2019, He will move the Earth in the opposite direction of its usual course at its four corners at one time, between the hours of sunrise and sunset. In the course of doing this, all the pipes in the oceans and along the shores will break. The virus is the adjunct, the addition to force us to pray and clean our hearts before this event. The virus is not over. Omega will come.

(March 24, 2022)―I was led to Job 19: 1-6 after receiving ‘Troubled Spot’. The page this Scripture is found on in my Bible is 1177!

*Even Righteous SufferThen Job replied: ‘How long will you torment me and crush me with words? Ten times now you have reproached me; shamelessly you attack me. If it is true that I have gone astray, my error remains my concern alone. If indeed you would exalt yourselves above me and use my humiliation against me, then know that God has wronged me and drawn His net around me.’—Job 19:1-6 (Job is Speaking.)

God puts us all through test. He’s saying here exactly that. We all, sooner or later, have to get to this one Scripture in our life! In order to humble ourselves, for our salvation, for our redemption.

This part of Job was written, the process of God, to show you what each one of us goes through.

It is harder, the process, when mothers and fathers decide in their own minds that God doesn’t exist, neither does Yeshuah. Then they pass that to their children. It isn’t the children’s fault. The fault stands on the parents’ head because of their choice.

With all the information, the children do have choices as they become adults, but this won’t last.

As hard as it may seem, the information available today will not always be. Generation upon generation, how important or how not so important God and the kingdom becomes lies upon the living. The less important they become, the heavier the burden on the generations that tore the vine apart.

‘It is,’ God said after I wrote the above.

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