‘Twenty, Twenty’ (God in Commentary)

I’m not here to make you believe. I’m not here to change your ways. I’m not here to pick a fight. I’m here to plant a seed!

Twenty, Twenty
it was too much
part of the world starving
part of the world over-indulging
eating, drinking, sinning
abusing, abusing, abusing
their sins against each other
lying, manipulating, stealing
killing, killing, killing
their sins against children
under aged sex
raping, raping, raping
forcing, forcing, forcing
dark, hate-filled secrets
dark pleasures of satan
sodomy, sodomy, sodomy
rape the children
kill the children
sex slaves for satan's kids
destroying, destroying, destroying
their sins involving idols
praising material things
gotta have gold and diamonds
gotta have fancy clothes
houses, cars, and yards
trips, toys...anything
that money is buying
all keeping you busy
as well-dressed suits
rape and kill‒
pillaging their little bodies
you...blame...but let it go
how insane!
all across the world
worshiping false deities
instead of the one true
living God†
ignoring His† Son†
for a false prophet
‒killing in God's† name
treating the gift
like garbage...lying
to yourselves that the gift
is beneath you
when she's equal to you!
all across the world
praying while allowing
suffering, dying
not sounding the horns
not healing
instead abusing
yourself...your soul...losing
the biggest sin yet
mauling those speaking
without even trying
without stopping
without calming
without thinking
you are the one lying
you just accept‒
then start your complaining
then start your blaming
without yourself...seeing
without seeing the confusion
without understanding
the process of God†!
He† is the one controlling
He† is the one testing
He† is the one seeing‒
which way you will go
how you'll help each other
which way your heart will turn
if you'll turn to Him†
‒if you are worthy of His† house
if NOT
back around you go
two gates are opened
twenty, twenty...2-0-2-0
two gates
the cycle is coming to a close
which gate…your choice
how many souls will you save
how many is your soul worth
how far in love are you
willing to go
He's† calling‒
the one and only true God†
the king of all the heavens
and of earth
the Father of the one
and only high priest‒
the head of the vine
the Lord† placed over all
the one who grants salvation
the one who passes on grace
but He† is precious‒
you first have to acknowledge God†
with a sincere heart
then He† sends His† Son†
whom you must acknowledge
to enter the banquet hall
where you will be judged
to establish your place
or else
the pit awaits
it's all your choice
God† does not force
there are only two choices
two you cannot avoid
there's no in between
a cycle ending
a choice in choosing
God† is demanding
His† ways in learning
His† chosen prophet
is teaching
you must open to hearing
in your own heart
before the God† of the living
helps you
on your way to living
twenty, twenty...2-0-2-0
times of choosing

(March 19)―I was doing to include ‘His† Time’ with this, which are the words of God, which came day before yesterday and I had to post on my Facebook wall in the wee hours of the morning, but this writing proved to be too long. This writing came this morning. No Scripture. It was just ‘write‘! There’s a difference between God’s and Jesus’ direct words and this kind of writing. It’s like this type of write, as in the writing today, are from God byway of David. I can hear him, David, speaking them.

I will tell you the truth. There is no debate. God told me this months ago. That you cannot debate truth. And deception will grow. People will say that what they are saying is truth without nothing to back it up. I don’t have to defend myself. On my website, I have hundreds and hundreds of pictures and more to put up, God revealing Himself…telling you it is Him who is talking to me. I’m not here to make you believe. I’m not here to change your ways. I’m not here to pick a fight. I’m here to plant a seed!

Note: The photograph was taken December 25th. I was alone and David said to take a walk to the lake. So I did. Of course, I didn’t see anything but when I got back to the apartment and viewed the shots, I was amazed and grateful. The images in the water to the bottom right of frame. You can’t mistaken that they are there unless you are totally blind to God.

That is all I have to do: Plant that seed! God tells me what to say. He’s been telling me what to say for years. It’s all written and available. This past year…He made Himself known to me directly as well as David and Jesus. I now know for sure who it is I hear and who it is I work for. I am a servant of God. Directly. He wants you to know this. (And He keeps telling me to write it again!) This scares me because you are vicious but God’s wrath is worse. So, my choices…your wrath or His. He’s already shown me a tiny bit of His wrath. I choose to fear His wrath! You mean nothing. Your wrath and whatever else you have to say does not, in no way, compare to His.

Deception. Read your Bible. Be sure you understand who God is and who Jesus is. This is very important. If anyone claiming to be of God and has millions in the bank, has fame, they are on TV, radio, making money off of what they are trying to make you believe, they are of the world!

I have not posted every single word I have received. God does not tire and He burns my ears through David or Him directly or Jesus directly every minute I am awake. Not only am I writing words to deliver to you, but I have a very large job for Him involving something else, so He keeps me busy. The following I received March 12:

The Lord, the Almighty God, the one and only true living God said: ‘Those wearing thousand-dollar suits with fancy apartments in Manhattan, those with a big fancy home and vacation home, those with fancy church buildings with fancy seats and stages, repent, I say, repent before the collector comes. If you don’t, you will find yourself going through the other gate. This is the Lord Almighty, Repent! Feed the hungry, strip all your gold and house the poor, clothe the poor. If you don’t, you are not of my kingdom but of the world!’

He’s had me write against all those preachers before. He is not in a building and He is not asking for your money to build some mega building. So all those with can gather in a church building, He wants you to give money to the poor and help the poor instead.  In other words:  He would rather you go feed the poor, then go to a church in a building. He would rather you help those who are mentally ill, who are sick in the hospital, who are in prison, who are in third world countries dying, who are in your own rich country dying, being abused, raped, who are starving. Do these things instead of sitting in some fancy church on Sundays. He says you who do so are hypocrites! I didn’t say that. The Lord say that!

He wants you to be sure you understand this: All the work on my website is not for profit! The books are for sale, but that is just until I can afford to give them. They are priced at the very least and any profits go to abuse. And anyone can ask for my bank records if they need proof. The Lord is in charge of me. I cannot have the want of worldly things, except to dress in clean clothes, fix my hair, wear makeup, do my nails (when I don’t tend to myself, He comes and questions). He’s provided me with a nice, small apartment. He made me get rid of most of my things. This is how God works. You do for Him with a sincere heart no matter what you have to lose or how much you have to hurt as long as you are doing what He ask, He provides. He takes care of me because I followed His instruction. It is that simple.

All of these people using God and Jesus for money are of the world. They are not to be trusted and you should not be giving your money to them. All those servants in charge of small flocks who only make enough money to live a decent living that does not surpass your flock, teach them the truth about God and Jesus. Hold nothing back. Tell them how to get to the kingdom. Teach them every word in the Bible, not just certain sections. Teach them what heaven is. Teach them that God indeed has a wrath and right now He is showing it. Pray. Ask for God’s guidance. Learn to hear Him. Rest in Him…meditate. Quietly with no humming or chanting…that is of the world. Quietly. Be gentle in life.

Call out ALL abusers. DO NOT keep their names a secret! God wants them to heal. By calling them out, sounding the horn, you force the seed in. They will not be happy. Nothing leading to righteousness is easy. That’s the first step to healing. The path to the kingdom is NOT a walk in the park! If your life is peachy and swell, trust me, you aren’t on the correct road. Something is a mess…there is a secret in hiding. If your life is rocky, take a good hard look at all avenues of your life, God is trying to get your attention. He does this by throwing us curveballs. We just have to learn to see them.

Nothing I have written strays from the Word of the Lord. Everything I write about is in the Bible. He has me writing about Scripture for a reason. He’s explaining it to me in a way that I understand it, so in turn, I can pass it to you. I’m not a preacher. I will never be a preacher! I’m  a sinner just like you. I was married for 20 years. I had a child out of wed lock. I had 2 children in the marriage. I’m divorced. I played around during my darkness. I lived unmarried with a black man whom I loved. He didn’t. I followed the path God put me on. You can read about some of it in ‘Testing Will’. Jesus came to save Sinners. I questioned them both about choosing me. God cleaned my heart. Wiped it clean because I did for Him.

He wants your soul cleaned as well. He wants you to make it to His house. Things will be changing in a very big way. You will see this. Your grandkids, if you are my age, will see worse. It is up to you to teach them how to fight what is coming. And what is coming is pure evil. God has me writing it all down, so they will know how to fight. Teach them who Jesus is! This is very important. All those who do not believe in Jesus, they are WRONG!

God is NOT a religion. Jesus is NOT a religion. What is holy in God’s eyes is not the same thing man thinks is holy. LOVE is holy! It is that simple. No building, no robes, no candles, no man, nothing is holy in God’s eyes except LOVE! So all this crap all these organizations are trying to feed you, they are lying. All these self-proclaimed churches of the world are lying! They are of the world. There IS no killing in God’s name! Zero.

Heaven: We live on as beings. The soul. There is no color. David, my guide was black and lived in Mississippi. He was a soldier in WWII. He was murdered by a white boy when he returned from the war. He chose me before I was conceived. He knows my entire life, which is written in the Book of Truth. He has shown me several things that will happen to me. I will be unable to walk in my later years. I have always known this and prepared myself for this, but he confirmed it. God said it’s not time. He has given me a job to do once this happens. I will teach you about what God wants for the rest of my life. I will marry. Interesting isn’t it.

There is no color. There is no need to eat, drink…no hunger…no thirst. There is no use of money. There is no sex…no sexual desire or lust. There is no hate or killing or evil! God’s house is a kingdom with many, many rooms. There is a ranking system. David is in the middle. God has shown in the pictures on my website…the eyes He has every where. So you could be stuck in a tree, or in poo-poo as eyes. It is totally up to you. But the strange thing, no matter where you end up, you will be happy because you are in God’s kingdom and not the pit.

The pit is horrible. Here’s one idea: Imagine your worse depressive day, then multiply that by 100! That’s every single day! For eternality!

It’s your choice. There is a lot more I have to tell you about heaven, but it is not time yet. Just know that there IS an after life. It is all written in the Bible. Just the churches choose not to teach it. I write about what they don’t teach. And I am given incite to what they don’t teach us. I love you. I have given up my life for you. All I ask is that you give God a chance by reading what He has sent, look at the pictures He has sent, talk about it with your friends, understand what He is saying to you. I am just the middle person between you and God and Jesus. I will not lead you to the pit. My job is to lead you to God with a seed. You take the seed and play around with it until your heart sets on God…once that happens, He’s awakened to you and things will start happening in your life and it is amazing once you are totally opened to the spiritual world!

I love you and in no way am I here for fame. I will refuse any interviews. I’m not here to be recognized. Only God’s word is. My character, my person is not on the table. You can criticize, call me names…I will not debate you and I ask everyone else not to stand up for me. This is what God is demanding.

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