‘Why Have You Forsaken Me?’

Then He showed the art on the water and how fast He can change it. Really fast! So time is very important to Him. He wants YOU to know that time…He is giving you time to fix yourself because His wrath is in full motion and it is currently not. The visions reveal the full range of His wrath.

 Why Have You Forsaken Me†?
 a second united nation's resolution
 a second diplomacy-summit intervention
 a year of intelligence observation
 no one hears My† intervention
 tony Blair
 José Maria Aznar
 José Barroso
 george w. bush
 all heard My† intention
 all needed verification
 I† listened to every conversation
 I† saw evil's delusion
 I† felt the meager's sol de maison
 I† hear the cries for salvation
 greed's wavering gratification
 My† every move's stagnation
 lust's powerful manifestation
 aided to aggravation
 the Germans
 the Russians
 to their history's verification
 once in evil's embedded relation
 always part of its violation
 My† disappointment's documentation
 once a great nation
 loyal to freedom's validation
 to see now
 its fallen to a false god's
 the virgin of all mankind's invocation
 once knew a people's sanctification
 now she weeps
 for mexico's imprisonation
 for their loyal devotion
 she gave its population
 her gracious personification
 they've fallen to false god's
 the chileans' randomization
 adds sorrow to My†
 heart's filtration
 they've fallen to greed's vocation
 england nearly lost
 My† admiration
 for it earned its righteous position
 suffered for its procrastination
 to rid itself of evil's possession
 a joyous revolution
 I† see evil's penetration
 but is fighting
 for a people's salvation
 I've† awarded accommodation
 at least
 it held its moral obligation
 the one most awarded honoration
 the one most
 deserving of My† hand's litigation
 the united states of america
 a struggling realization
 led by a loyal administration
 held to My† every intention
 made all the right decisions
 for in the absent
 My† fierce persecution
 My† most anguish competition
 evil's intended destruction
 its weapons
 built for annihilation
 I† called on every nation
 ‒a test of devotion
 for evil's prosecution
 for its favorable mutilation
 how My† eyes' vision
 clouds with precipitation
 over man's failed inclination
 material possessions
 more than life preservation
 how sorrowful
 My† heart's pounding verification
 man has fallen...entrapped
 by evil's powerful damnation
 one man‒
 My† given inspiration
 to fight evil's intrusion
 his leading heart
 fills Me† with joy
 his place
 well earned in My†
 kingdom's population
 all others
 who fought his loyal
 all others
 who criticized
 his devoted spiritualization
 have failed My Divine† mystification
 have forsaken
 every notion
 of my humble direction
 evil above all else
 must be fought with
 I† gave all
 the needed supplementations
 for My† eyes see
 man's weakened mind and heart
 can fail every good filtration
 for freedom to stay
 those who have forsaken
 –no use
 for an explanation
 My† wrath's power
 will soon come alive
 all who have forsaken Me†
 will feel My† sorrowful power 

Note: The photograph chosen for this writing is from October 15, 2019: The Phoenix. I’m not surprised because the latest writing I did for God and the latest vision all goes with everything He has shown me: The Earth is moving towards a rebirth. The photograph shows a symbol inside a pinkish-reddish bubble. This isn’t a camera trick. To prove it isn’t a camera trick, He sends an angel. I’ve used it many times. He said that these symbols, as well as the reflection of the sun on the water carry significant meaning and it is for those He has chosen to figure them out. It was very important that I got all the photographs up on this site as quickly as possible. Done. These symbols are important to where we, as a world, as many nations, are headed, and it is in the message within these symbols that God is putting in the hands of a number of people to help His people. ‘They will know,’ He had told me. And so be it.

(May 9, 2021)—‘Why Have You Forsaken Me†?’ was written in 2011 from data collected in 2002. I didn’t hear God directly. I did hear David, although I didn’t have a name. He didn’t formally introduce himself until 2019. Before that, I always heard a male’s voice, very faint, but I heard him all the same. When I wrote poetry, it was as if I were writing from dictation.

I’m currently working on some spiritual work that will probably take the rest of my life. It is very time consuming and the Lord has revealed to me that this work is coming straight from Him, so no matter what people, humans, think of me, I cannot contend with what my job is.

I’m always writing about myself it seems in these writings. He wants me to. He wants me to explain my position with Him. It is not really for you per say. It is for the future. I know this sounds…odd. But I’ve been shown many visions of this future, what they will have to deal with. They will need all the spiritual guidance they can get because this future will be led to a difficult place where they will be willing to burn every single Bible there is on Earth. I know this is hard to imagine, but as God has revealed to me, every prophesy written in the Bible and through me must take place. The destruction of the Bible is in the Prophesy of Ammos. It hasn’t happened yet because so many do not comprehend the power of God’s words. Trust me…they are very powerful for the one who reads them with an honest heart and soul.

As I was going through Book 3, this poem was written as I was writing about George W. Bush’s administration here in the United States. In those beginning books, God revealed a lot to me through writings and dreams. I wrote them all down. For instance, my divorce, He revealed this to me years, over five, that it was coming. Of course, I wasn’t properly schooled in what I was, so I didn’t properly know how to interpret it. Today, I’m more wise to pay more attention to what He sends to me.

…material possessions, worth, more than life preservation…

I remind you that this was written in 2011. Life preservation is VERY important to the Lord. Abortions, murder in every sense of the word, is part of this calamity man has created. The seeds of a soul are given from God. Each individual has a purpose. You don’t have a right to take it. Only God has that right. This virus was yet another test…you failed, so He will make it worse. It is that simple.

…My† wrath’s power, will soon come alive, all who have forsaken Me†, will feel My† sorrowful power…

This line came at the end of the piece. He said since this piece was written, England and America went the opposite direction and it’s not pleasing to Him. Was I writing for Him then? Yes. I’ve always been writing for Him, but through David. Now, it is a different story.

It is Mother’s Day today. My mother died April 29, 2018. I wasn’t given the opportunity to hold anyone, nor did anyone hold me, or rather seem to want to very long. Were people around? Sure. But the damage to me as a person done by the ex-husband, the sisters, the ex-boyfriend: ‘She’s crazy’ was in play and still is. It doesn’t matter that I’m smarter than all of them combine when it comes to education and experience. It doesn’t matter that I am a survivor, or a veteran who signed the dotted line to protect them. No. None of that matters. In fact, my entire past was wiped out because I went up against the tradition system of abuse and lies and betrayal. Then…if that wasn’t enough for me to do…God laid His hand on me in the biggest way. Now, I get to hear Him and see images and visions of warnings to give to you. To the world of unbelief, I AM crazy!

So to my immediate family, because I continue to write directly about my journey, which is part of my vow and they are part of my life so they get to be part of my writing, I am ostracized. And then the direct messages to my oldest son and his wife and to my sisters and a family friend and the ex-boyfriend: All direct messages from God: I am further sent down loony-bend’s road.

Fact: What the Lord shows to me and has me telling you, will happen. God does not lie. It doesn’t happen on our time. It happens on God’s time. And the thousands of pictures on this site are proof of that. God had me include the date, time to the very second on each and every picture. Why? To reveal to you how fast He is. Then He showed the art on the water and how fast He can change it. Really fast! So time is very important to Him. He wants YOU to know that time…He is giving you time to fix yourself because His wrath’s full motion…it is currently not. The visions reveal the full range of His wrath.

I’m here to plant seeds. I’ve always known this. I’ve always known I knew things about people and didn’t realize I wasn’t suppose to know. No, I wasn’t a straight A student in school, any school. I learned to be the dumb girl most of the time because I learned how people treat the smart girl. It is easier to be the dumb girl. I didn’t have many friends. I would blurt things out that I shouldn’t have. I didn’t know I shouldn’t have. It is not easy having a gift and being shown bits and pieces without anyone to teach you how to use it. And I’m not alone with this. A true spiritual gift is serious. There are many people out there with fake gifts or they take what was given to them and make a mockery of it. I can’t do this.

Jesus teaches me in a very slow pace. I have many people reading the page here titled Third Eye. You are curious. So am I because the third eye and the mind’s eye are two totally different things. I have seen this third eye that Jesus gave to me. He opened it up once. It’s a small square window above my right eye. The mind’s eye is where I receive the visions, where I hear the voice of God and the voice of Jesus and David It is in the mind through the Holy Spirit that this is possible. I’m told there are still people who don’t believe Jesus or the Holy Spirit exist. I feel really sorry for you. They are you only path to the Kingdom.

I’m telling you this again and again because He wants you to know Him. He wants you to know that He isn’t doing all of this out of hate. He is disciplining as any good father would. His discipline is far advanced than our minds can comprehend. God is the head of all nations. Jesus was put head of all humans. God is moving these nations to do what they are doing for a reason. He is revealing greed, manipulation, basically the collective malicious heart!

This isn’t a joke. He says that what He has revealed to me, that which hasn’t happened yet, will. He said do not get this virus. Over 153 million did. He said about the vaccine last year: That when He is ready to send it, you will not debate it. You will stand in line willingly and take it. He said every nation, every individual person will get it without hesitation and at zero cost. No one will make money from what He will send! He said a time is coming where it will be so dark that you will do what is necessary to kill this virus. He said you will know that this is Him when it is over! You…every single person on earth…will know Him!

I trust Him. I do not trust man.

The following works are direct writings from God and Jesus, meaning I heard them speak and these words are not mine. (They are in order of year then put in alphabetical order per year.)

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