‘Faith Based’

Misrepresentation Happens a Lot These Days!

A sample from Book 3

(July 23, 2016)My mother called me yesterday to ask if I was watching T.V. ‘No, I don’t have T.V.’ I replied. Then she goes on to tell me about the shootings in Germany. I try to explain to her why I’m not worried or surprised. She doesn’t quite understand. Neither does most of this country.

Germany is 8 hours away from the U.S.A. EIGHT hours. Back in 2011, they had a 6% Moslem…that would be Islam population. Also, the break in the United Kingdom. Why are you surprised? Islam has penetrated Parliament. Hello! Are you paying attention? NOPE.

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‘Brilliant Idea’

If Only We Carried the Same Values as Our Founding Fathers!

A sample from Book 3

 Brilliant Idea
a startling convection
the democratic party
split opposition
halt this spreading conflagration
with poor decision
in the kansas situation
guaranteeing a lincoln election
a black republican
—southern tension
the north
a firm war promotion
for slavery abolition
a cause sensation
buchanan asked for legislation
amendments to our constitution
his only mission
postpone a war admission
for the republican administration
december 20, 1860
south carolina—
the first division
january 8, 1861
buchanan pleaded his position
...a common ground on which conciliation and harmony
can be produced is surely not attainable...
not with a one-sided dictation
...the proposition to compromise by letting the north
have exclusive control of the territory above a certain line
and give southern institutions protection below the line
ought to receive universal approbations....
a splendid nomination
the south not having
to commission
to northern reformation
...in itself, indeed, it may not be entirely satisfactory,
but when the alternative is between a reasonable concession
on both sides and a destruction of the union it is
an imputation upon the patriotism of congress to assert
that its members will hesitate for a moment....
on history's reflection
greed's illustration
wanting commotion
instead of retrospection
...at the beginning of these unhappy troubles I determined
that no act of mine should increase the excitement
of the country....
not looking for validation
or a celebration
...if the political conflict were to end in a civil war,
it was my determined purpose not to commence it nor even
to furnish an excuse for it by any act of this government....
not sounding like a politician
but a true american citizen
...my opinion remains unchanged that justice as well as
sound policy requires us still to seek a peaceful solution
of the questions at issue between the north and the south....
what stronger contribution
to a presidential administration
...in conclusion it may be permitted to me to remark that
I have often warned my countrymen of the dangers which
now surround us. this may be the last time I shall refer
to the subject officially…I feel that my duty has been
faithfully, though it may be imperfectly, performed and
whatever the result maybe, I shall carry to my grave the
consciousness that I at least meant well for my country....
a true constitutional inclination
january 9, 1861
mississippi joined the separation
january 10,1861
florida followed the fashion
january 11, 1861
alabama part of the collection
january 19, 1861
georgia made their decision
january 26, 1861
louisiana without hesitation
february 23, 1861
texas joined the southern nation
the line idea invitation
a peaceful resolution
a different cultivation
a saving salvation
—no lost family antebellum plantations
—a slower mixed population
—no racial manifestation
—no lives damnation
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‘An American Cosmo’

Strange Things Do Happen In This Big Ole Country Called U.S.A.!

A sample from Book 3

 An American Cosmo
once slavery was in the hands
of james monroe
in 1886
a colony built
for their tomorrow
where they'd be no more hoe
in libera
they'd be no more sorrow
an idealist's imagined rainbow
some thought their welcoming lido
others thought the freed
were a black hallow
still, 13,000 took on
this new american condo
in 1822 one hundred thou
was given by president monroe
monrovia was named
after this generous fellow
but protestors began to bellow
in the 1830s
abolitionists rather pick the tomato
and shoo away the cow
then steep
to this governmental low
others thought
it a good idea to behold
even lincoln said bravo
since, three virginians
had led this colonized row
joseph jenkins roberts
was someone to know
to colonization
he didn't say no
in 1828
immigrated his family
to this new americas cosmo
in 1814
becoming governor
without wearing cammo
in 1847
became president
without the help of rambo
was on the straight and narrow
many blaming america's
false innuendo
whatever, the historical say so
three americans were presidents
without a press to barrow
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‘Madison’s Introduction’

Do You Know What Went Down During the Ratification Process?

A sample from Book 3

 Madison's Introduction
distinguishing himself
from the boys
preparing the bill of rights
developing legislative departments
strengthen his voice
in 1794
a pretty widow with
much charm
dolly payne todd did take his arm
as secretary of state-
nothing to carve
a federalist as president
he left in a horse driven car
retiring to montpelier to farm
it wouldn't be long
federalists' threat on freedom
brought alarm
the virginia resolutions-
denouncing the alien and sedition acts
was strong
returning to state legislature
out of the barn
the light for civil liberties
was his storm
campaigning for jefferson
was his choice
secretary of state once again
he did hoist
inseparable for eight years
making their own noise
foreign policy was their norm
keeping america neutral in
europe's selfish war
the louisiana purchase was truly
an american form
madison was jefferson's star
succeed his presidency
wouldn't be hard
in 1808...an 122-47 vote
madison won by far
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‘The Writer’

Jefferson Was a Brilliant Writer. Did You Know That?

A sample from Book 3

 The Writer
in 1769...age twenty six
reputation gained
inpressive writing skills
ten years
jefferson wrote
his patriotic views
a new country on cue
in 1773
a virginia legislative appointee
to cause a roar
in 1774
...a summary view of the rights of british america,
set forth in some resolutions intended for the inspection
of the present delegation of the people of virginia,
now in convention....
until revealed
headlining seal
the continental congress
in phildalephia
setting freedom's agenda
with a roaring gun's report
1775's battles
to bow
to one almighty God†
a declaration of independence
written from common sense
this five-man committee
thomas jefferson
roger sherman
robert livingston
benjamin franklin
john adams
for simple liberty
chosen adamantly
his southern will
no outside research
for this bill
originality to reveal
extensive editing...irritating
jefferson's grill
famous words...not concealed
life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
was how
they all
did feel
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‘Leader to Freedom’

John Adams and the Flag

A sample from Book 3

 Leader to Freedom
in july 1776
final colonial debate
independence or the strap
john adams couldn't hold back
to argue for freedom
should be a laugh
history books
teach none of that
an immediate act
far from that
grips like a trap
congress frozen
they sat
john adams
took care of that
with a power of thought and expression
that moved us from our seats
thomas jefferson
described adams'
little congressional chat
a vote finally passed
only new york chose the strap
imagine that
to abigial
adams did draft
...ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade,
with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires,
and illuminations, from one end of its continent to the other,
from this forward, forevermore....
for freedom
adams' new how to react
to seal freedom's combat
in congress...1777
john adams presented
the united states' flag
thirteen red...white stripes
thirteen white stars sat
on a blue field
a new constellation tap
all ready
for freedom's path
john adams' ingenuous craft
brought to life
an independent raft
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‘Land’s Law’

Setting It Straight By Laying Out the Law of the Land!

A sample from Book 3

 Land's Law
a people's misconception
a lie
passed legislation
bearing lawful regulation
only carries validation
with the u.s. constitution
agreement by the american population
no people consideration
a lawful violation
in 1803

...all laws which are repugnant to the constitution
are null and void....

marbury verses madison (sus 137, 174, 176)
for the people
to commission

...where rights secured by the constitution are involved,
there can be no rule making or legislation
which would abrogate them....

miranda verses arizona (384 us436)
a jury's decision
...an unconstitutional act is not law;
it confers no rights; it imposes no duties;
affords no protection; it creates no office;
it is in legal contemplation,
as inoperative as though it had never been passed....
norton verses shelby country (118 us425)
all a people's contribution
a statue unconstitutional
a liking fashion
form...law manifestation
is in realization
a equivocation
from its very conception
...no one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law...
no courts are bound to enforce it....

(16 am jur 2d, sec 177 late 2d, sec 256)
all written composition
a people's ammunition
against governmental deception
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‘First Executive Hour’

And Then There Was the First American President!

A sample from Book 3

 First Executive Hour
(George Washington)
on april 30, 1789
new york city
america's first capital
left behind
federal hall
its steps
raying in sunshine
new york's chancellor robert livingston
standing behind
the general's right hand
on the bible
a resting outline
he spoke
the first
presidential oath's line
an ending so help me God†
kissing of the bible
an act of the Divine†
the cheering crowds lined
a wave received
from their new
presidential headline
then inside
his inaugural address
the first official
american presidential speech
—a twenty-minute prime
the senate
the house of representatives
a new assembly refined
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‘Before George’

What Went Down Before George!

A sample from Book 3

 Before George
(George Washington)
ratifying some articles
in 1781
began to hold a country
together without ransom
by unanimous vote, in comes
john hanson
america’s first acting
presidential son
under the congress assembled
his powers weren’t by the ton
but taking precedence over all
was so much fun
with a house and servants
to just name some
for one year he enjoyed
the presidential run
...I congratulate your excellency on your appointment
to fill the most important seat in the united states....
george wrote
—that’s no pun
others shared the first
presidential hon’
not to make the truth
too cumbersome
or entangled in some leap
of quantum
but leaving them out would
be rather loathsome
our first continental congress
had their first bun
his legacy held deep
in our bosom
his name...its own anthem
john hancock—
a national emblem
when the articles of confederation
became our sanctum
samuel huntington was no bum
presiding over congress without a gun
a title...he held none
his health a bit well done
he couldn't finish
what he had begun
eight years before our declaration
became our custom
before the constitution became
our moon, star, and sun
when the british thought
we were dumb
the articles of confederation
began the law of the common
it wasn’t something done
in random
taking on the absolute
of a british canon
these men risked all
for God's† given freedom
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‘Presidential Ingredients’

I Think We Forgot What It Takes To Be An American President!

A sample from Book 3

 Presidential Ingredients
from 1781 to 1789
the articles of confederation
—freedom's first open door
without one czar
it's leader of congress
—historical scar
chaos added thorn
a beginning quickly torn
these states rattled the horn
in 1787—
entered philadelphia's arm
united way to form
forever historical barn
general george washington
now leading guard
rectifying this sinking yard
an awkward torch
this confederation would disbar
without a leader
holding the card
laws of congress—
lost in the dark
without a leader
to weave the yarn
private conversations
set the course
delegates struggled
the washington resource
freedom's sounding heart
proven worth at war
his qualities
his abilities
all set the bar
the united states constitution
every word's written art
general george washington
their modeled herb
for this troubled herd
the united states president
drawn...descriptive verse
a non-surrendering sir
who conquered
every british force
without remorse
who learned
a leader's dart
on the ground
every part
without book-worm smarts
a full-blooded soldier's heart
forever modeled—
united states presidential mark
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