‘Faith Based’

Misrepresentation Happens a Lot These Days!

A sample from Book 3

(July 23, 2016)My mother called me yesterday to ask if I was watching T.V. ‘No, I don’t have T.V.’ I replied. Then she goes on to tell me about the shootings in Germany. I try to explain to her why I’m not worried or surprised. She doesn’t quite understand. Neither does most of this country.

Germany is 8 hours away from the U.S.A. EIGHT hours. Back in 2011, they had a 6% Moslem…that would be Islam population. Also, the break in the United Kingdom. Why are you surprised? Islam has penetrated Parliament. Hello! Are you paying attention? NOPE.

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‘Brilliant Idea’

If Only We Carried the Same Values as Our Founding Fathers!

A sample from Book 3

“Brilliant Idea” was written in 2010. A year of discovery for me.

James is a big name with U.S. Presidents! Our 15th President, James Buchanan was bullied. He was. He didn’t want bloodshed. He knew that if we let the South make their own decisions that everything would iron itself out. I totally believe he was right.

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‘An American Cosmo’

Strange Things Do Happen In This Big Ole Country Called U.S.A.!

A sample from Book 3

[‘An American Cosmo’ was written in 2009.] The strange things we do. America’s fourth president, James Monroe, led the pack. And you think we make crazy decisions today! But…freedom and any cost is worth the effort!

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‘Madison’s Introduction’

Do You Know What Went Down During the Ratification Process?

A sample from Book 3

Smart! That was James Madison, America’s fourth President. From the Madison Papers to the Bill of Rights…Madison never stopped. Of course, Alexander had to put his nose in all his business. But that never deterred him. [‘Madison’s Introduction’ was written in 2009.]

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‘The Writer’

Jefferson Was a Brilliant Writer. Did You Know That?

A sample from Book 3

The third president of the United States was quite interesting to say the least. Thomas Jefferson even tried to rewrite the Bible! Imagine that! But he was a goldmine of knowledge that we still enjoy the fruits of. [‘The Writer’ was written in 2009.]

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‘Leader to Freedom’

John Adams and the Flag

A sample from Book 3

John Adams…our first vice president and our second president. The beginning of a country is a very interesting study. Character meant everything. Oh, there were a few scum-bags. John Adams wasn’t one of them! [‘Leader to Freedom’ was written in 2010.]

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‘Land’s Law’

Setting It Straight By Laying Out the Law of the Land!

A sample from Book 3

History is very interesting. To understand policy today…and all it’s flaws, you have to go back and understand what the founding fathers of America were reaching for. They already knew what it was like to be rule by a king. They didn’t want that. They didn’t want greed to control the people. [‘Land’s Law’ was written in 2010.]

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‘First Executive Hour’

And Then There Was the First American President!

A sample from Book 3

George Washington is my favorite of all American Presidents. He was a gentlemen. It’s hard to find them these days. Here’s a look at that first swearing in! He set the pace for all those who followed him. [‘First Executive Hour’ was written in 2010.]

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‘Before George’

What Went Down Before George!

A sample from Book 3

The makings of a government is an interesting thing. Maybe, if we took the time to understand what went down back then, we wouldn’t allow such tom-foolery to take place in Washington today. [‘Before George’ was written in 2009.]

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‘Presidential Ingredients’

I Think We Forgot What It Takes To Be An American President!

A sample from Book 3

To understand American history, you have to go back to the beginning. That’s what I did. And then I wrote about it in verse. A lot happened before they decided to elect a president. Yeah…I cover it all!

‘Presidential Ingredients’…We strayed from the original concept of what it takes to be an American President. A lot! [‘Presidential Ingredients’ was written in 2010.]

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