‘A Sinner’s Tale’

‘A Sinner’s Tale’…’…Be careful, however, that the exercise of your freedom does not become a stumbling block to the weak…’―1 Corinthians 8:9-13

A Sinner's Tale

I was he
and I was she
loving the Almighty†
but not taking heed

I heard the robust name calling
‒the disgracing deed
I saw the meek
bust into tears‒
as they were condemned
by He†

discipline on top of discipline
mind boggling‒
treasures to seek
and multiplying
‒voids in fulfilling
without truly relying on Thy†

I was raised
‒this to seek

I saw it all increase
as my soul decreased

I lived as a constant‒
at every turn‒
feeling guilty

what wrong have I done‒
I could not see

so I took it on
‒for free
just feeling guilty
made it all easy

so I lessoned myself
to debris
‒no matter the degree
I was automatically
the disappointee

it didn't matter
what I achieved‒
the army
a college degree
a christian's decree
‒living righteous with honesty

I was still the refugee

it didn't matter my status
beauty and money
a divorcee and meek
a sinner
a catastrophe
‒the treatment was the same

no one stuck by me

even my writings‒
all became wasted graffiti
me….still the guilty

as I wandered in my grief‒
I witnessed a switch
in belief

those who caused the catastrophe
in a high steep
I….buried deep
as they soared in relief

‒their burden put on me
singled out of the sheep
me slaughtered‒
nice and neat

as I lay crying
a hand touched my cheek

'rise and write for Me†'

I felt so unworthy
for all of what life taught me‒
I was the reason
for the grief
‒the guilt of me
resided inside of me

'NO!' came from He†
'you are worthy
I† heard your plea'

as all who made me feel
‒they're still doing the same
as they did before
none of them
‒still lost in the deceit

as I stand witness‒
to all the doings
of He†

(September 11, 2023)—He led me to the First Letter to the Corinthians…Paul. Maybe, it’s time that you studied this letter with open eyes instead of closed ones.

I’ve been condemned for the writing of my life. Criticized heavily. I was told I wrote lies. I didn’t. I wrote about my truth, what was put before me. Those who passed through my life had a chance to debate, they did not. Truth cannot be debated. This was the hand of God in my life.

It was always meant to be. As in the number chart that I placed in the testimony about the numbers of the books. It was always going to be written. No one truly understands the magnificence of that. I have a hard time myself believing it, but it is. It still happened.

You life is meant to teach you and then to help others. God has shown this through many lives, especially mine. But He told me that my life was for the future. It is meant to show them how to live, how to survive the Process of God, the humbling of them. I debated this for a time, but then God showed me through all that He has shown me that the future, those who have not come yet, will not have what I have. They will not have a Bible, nor anyone to teach them the ways of God.

This is hard to imagine, but He has shown me too much to debate this. It is. This future will exist. You look around at all the things that are transpiring, and if you know God and all His wonders, then you understand how this will be. It is coming. A world without God in it. A dark and sad world, which the world today is setting up.

Money will not be an issue for this future. War will devastate them. Pillage will devastate them. Captivity will devastate them. The aftermath of all of this will be the few whom God will choose and they will put Him back in place, they will worship Him as Yeshuah instructed and they will care for each other as those in Heaven care for us, those who know God today.

I often question about this, too. And God assures me, His servant, that it was always going to be. A new Earth and a new Heaven. I wrote in ‘Battlement of Discourse’ about the book I’m reading and all that is being pointed out to me. Heavens. That word is in the Bible many times. Not Heaven, but Heavens. Enoch and Isaiah got the privilege of understanding that. They saw the gates and the levels of Heaven. God took Enoch before man could, but they killed Isaiah…after he told them about what he saw. I’m telling you what I am seeing. He told me to write what I see and He gives me the choice to share it with you. This I don’t have to do, but I feel it is important because of what He shows me. I know you will not understand. He told me you wouldn’t.

But I also know that a remnant will inherit the new Earth. So, some of you…your offspring will be part of that remnant. When I started posting these after He warned me of the persecution, the ignore, it almost became like a ‘must‘. This is because of all that He has told me, all that Yeshuah has told me. Those whose offspring will inherit the new Earth are finding me and reading and taking to heart what is being told. I know you are, for He told me that I would never be known except to those who know the truth. You…those who know the truth…are who these writings are for. Use them wisely and pass them down because your offspring and theirs will see these words become reality.

I pray for your peace. I pray for your open mind and your safety because what is coming will try and destroy you. They will destroy many who know the truth. The name Jesus will become a curse and a new name for Him will emerge in order to protect what little is left of Him. Trust me, they won’t disappear entirely. This I do know to be true. Trust in the Father and in the Son. Trust in the Spirit that guides you for truth is Wisdom Herself.

The photograph David chose is from October 15, 2019: The Phoenix. I discuss the symbols and codes on these pictures on the pages. The symbol is on my left eye.

You can read all of the visions, dreams and words, as well as see all the images and see the time frame in which they were given by clicking on Message Index.

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