”a Ways from Danger’

”a Ways from Danger’…I can’t force this knowledge on you. I can only share what is given to me. And I do it willingly. I was reluctant to share these today. And both of Them gave me time to think about it. Just like in the Crucifixion Vision, Yeshuah made me take the time to think about my decision before answering Him. This is Yeshuah’s nature. He wants you to think about it, consider all the options….’

'a Ways from Danger

judge not those in ignorant
be grateful you know Wisdom
to not judge
for you will be judged

seek kindness around
every door
‒even when you….
they ignore
‒don't make time for

seek comfort in truth
those who perceive it
‒those who ignore it
the difference will be sorted out
in their time of doubt

what man perceives
could never match‒
what God†, the Father†
His† time does not belong to man
nor man's time belong to the Father†

give rest to God†
in time, He† will justify you
who do good and follow
His† commands

do not force love
love cannot be forced
do not force forgiveness
this is part of love

do not force the Father†, nor the Son†
nor the Spirit†
neither will be forced
they must be accepted

as the servant
who cannot be forced
for the unwelcoming is felt
she will not force
‒no one can force her

so it is with the world

love is felt―endured
for love is desired

learn, my dear children, love
for love overpowers
everything else
‒it is fathomable and acquirable
but never forced

in love‒
danger cannot break love
for knowing the Father† and the Son†
through love‒
you will know the Kingdom of God†

is suffering part of love‒
‒for love endures
beyond life

suffering is life
love is holy‒
in all ways

it is not desire or passion
but peace
love is what you strive for‒
Yeshuah† is love
be one with Him† first
then you can love another

(September 6, 2023)―The following works: Trapped Under’, The Riches of Lowliness’, Humble’s Renaissance’, The Ant’s Surface’, Lesson’s Given’,To Be Known’, The Showth of God† and ‘a Ways from Danger’ were written between August 27 and September 3, 2023 preceding Yeshuah’s Step Found’ which was given September 5, 2023.

The photograph David chose is a photograph was taken September 27, 2019: Love from Heaven. This particular photograph was taken at 5:55!

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