‘Humble’s Renaissance’

‘Humble’s Renaissance’…I can’t force this knowledge on you. I can only share what is given to me. And I do it willingly. I was reluctant to share these today. And both of Them gave me time to think about it. Just like in the Crucifixion Vision, Yeshuah made me take the time to think about my decision before answering Him. This is Yeshuah’s nature. He wants you to think about it, consider all the options….’

Humble's Renaissance

to awaken to pride
is the beginning of humble
it is the awful brunt
of every bunk
‒it is the chunk
that needs debunk

pride is an awful crutch
so ever hard to crunch
cast out and flush

but it is a must

you must take its every bump
tell it to forever―hush

God† will surely
give its punt
testing your ways
‒bleeding you out
with every punch

hold on to every Jesus† crumb
for His† help is not junk
but a brush
for every error to expunge
‒engulf you with grace
after pride is strickened
from your every gulp

take heart‒
your life is at stake
not of disease or disabilities
but of the light's plush
of your being's love

to survive life's bug
‒waddle through all the mud
to make it to everlasting
‒the humbling cuff
must be the supreme product
of all that you plug

so let God† unplug
each piece of pride
let Him† make you tough
let Him† make you enough
‒the honor to wear
of His† kingdom's hut
the one—not below
but above
(all that glory stuff)
the makings
of what constitutes
pure, enduring

(September 6, 2023)―The following works: Trapped Under’, The Riches of Lowliness’, Humble’s Renaissance’, The Ant’s Surface’, Lesson’s Given’,To Be Known’, The Showth of God† and ‘a Ways from Danger’ were written between August 27 and September 3, 2023 preceding Yeshuah’s Step Found’ which was given September 5, 2023.

The screenshot David chose is from a photograph taken October 23, 2019: The Dragon and the All-Seeing Eye.

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