‘Asunder’ (Jesus/Bleeding Land Vision)

‘Asunder’ (Jesus/Land Mass Bleeding Vision)…I saw this in parts last night. I first heard ’10 days’, then I heard this a number of times during the vision.

Asunder (Jesus/Bleeding Land Vision)

waves crash against rocks 
a moon's movement
to and fro'
without thinking at all

a chariot's bellowing sound
a horse's gallop

all for a show
that goes on

whatever generation
the basics are the same
stubbornness always arrives
on time
pridefulness takes its time
simmers to a slow roaring boil
eagerness to prove someone wrong
‒egotically achieving nothing

oh the ways of humanity
its strangeness is vast

it is I†, Emmanuel†
I† have so much to teach you
so much to clarify
they will all see
when the time is right
it isn't the time

for the new earth
is in its labor
creation takes time
time not counted by man
but by Him†, the Father†

you must not dwell
on the unveiled
just talk in mere quiet
about these things you know

oh the loudness of unbelievers
they make the most noise
trying to force the collection
into believing their unbelief

their role was already chosen
reappearing for redemption
be careful with them
their redemption depends
on the believers

go slow, be patient
present your case
be humble in your presentation

there are some who are deemed
to make noise
to give, something has to be given
drinking from the cup means
giving something in return
for drinking from the cup
means eternal life

everyone's cup is waiting
for the sips to start

go slow, be patient

call on Me†
I† will guide your journey
back to Him† who sent Me†

I† have spoken
these are My† words
many words are left unwritten
they will be written

go in peace
peace I† give you

Note: This is really interesting: As all the photographs chosen for the pieces, David chooses them by telling me to not look and click. Wow is all I can say. The photograph is from October 15, 2019: The Phoenix. As you know the Phoenix is a symbol for new birth! Jesus talks about the Earth’s labor pains in this writing!

(January 19, 2022)—I was told last night that I’d received a writing today to go with this vision. ‘Asunder’ is that writing. I had to look up asunder because I rarely ever hear it and Jesus named the piece, as He does every single piece I have to write for Him.

Asunder: (Adverb) apart; divided…example: “those whom God hath joined together let no man put asunder”; into pieces…example: “the desk burst asunder”

I had a hard time with this vision because of what I have already seen. I keep thinking, ‘Why show what I see, they don’t care?’ But I know God wants to warn you, so I was willing to receive. It was just hard for me to see with reluctance standing in the way. So here’s the vision. It belongs to God.

Bleeding Land Vision: I saw this in parts last night. I first heard ’10 days’, then I heard this a number of times during the vision. I saw a large body of land bleeding. It was a low land. I saw ocean all around it, and the ground of this land seemed to be spewing blood. Then I saw blue waves, pretty, then bodies floating on the waves, just laying on the waves face up wearing clothes. Then I saw the water following the bodies change color. I didn’t want to see it, I was reluctant, so He stopped the vision after I saw the land mass bleeding again, then I heard ‘Write what you see.’

I didn’t include the Scripture that I was led to. It was Ezekiel’s Great Temple Vision.

You can read all of the visions, dreams and words, as well as see all the images and see the time frame in which they were given by clicking on Message Index.

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