‘‘Gone’ Drawn’ (God)

‘‘Gone’ Drawn’ (God)…’…God’s answer to Ezekiel is that there comes a time when a nation’s sins so completely condemn it that not even a remnant of righteous citizens can stop the destruction inherent in evil….’

‘Gone’ Drawn (God) 

I† am here, still
I† wager the hope
resting in Me†
for you

I† come, waiting
not on your personal judgment
but in your redemption

I† don’t care about your judgment
I† care about your survival
in spirit

each seed planted
must be harvested
but first
fertilized and pruned
this takes time
and many trials

sometimes, they are harvested
before they ripen
this is because
their perfection
would never be met

I†, the Lord Almighty†, sees all

it is carefully chosen
which seeds grow
to ripen
and which do not

it is not for you to decide
although many take it
into their own hands
which is a choice
but one already decided

I† could be brutally firm
as the ancient times
and I† have
but you do not respond
as those in times of scripture

I† must handle you different
you are fragile, weak
you want to see Me†
but then you question
when I† show you Me†

you take what I† show you
and rename it
‘the supernatural’
‘the imagination’

ask the prophet
I’ve† shown her many things

you seek Me†
many on earth
and question when you find Me†

your extravagant needs
are boundless
the quintessential quest
to achieve the boundless
will be your downfall

it has happened many times
the babylonians in their war mockery
the alexanderians in their philosophical
need to know everything
and then to shape it
to fit their own understanding
the greeks, the romans
they did the same thing

now the english
their modern world of war,
understanding, and Me†
all combined
into a soup
which spoils each time
it is heated

do you not think I† live?

did I† step aside?
yes, I†, the Almighty Lord†
can do that
upon His† wish

I† released understanding
which I† have done so
before…over and over
then stood back
and watched

‘o the kingdoms that were built
the mesopotamians
were indeed rare

but I† chose a people
to fertilize with My† laws
to prune with My† disciplines
so that My† ways
would spread through all nations
because they were not doing
a good job on their own
it was time for order

the laws have filtered
as I† deemed
as I† knew

now, this new age
that has been quickly moving
to become the old age
has shown enough arrogance

it’s time for the final harvest
the sortment to begin
for a new season is approaching

I† have given many words
in each season
and have insured that parts
of those words remain
so the next season
will have some idea of Me†

this will be again

but for all things to be
I† must be taken out the way
by man himself
as part of the harvest
that will commence

the great illusion
is being prepared

it will be easy

you, as in man, all
hang onto traditions
even if they are half truths
or not true at all

you, as in man, all
hang onto ceremonies
and rites of life
that are useless
to Me†

you, as in man, all
refuse to totally cleanse
yourselves of sins
you refuse to obey

instead you listen to man

if you listened to My† laws
man’s laws would be easy
but the corruption filters down
until a law
which is made to keep out sin
is no longer there to see

I† am the Lord Almighty†
I† am speaking
you’re not listening
because you choose not to listen

I† have opened
each ear for the possibility
of truth
to be heard

but confusion has rattled
the waves
a great deal

there’s an abundance of ideas
an overflowing wave
of voices
straining through sin
to be heard

the messengers are working
so that My† plans
are fulfilled

I† said many words
I† will give
through the prophet’s pen
and many I have
there’s still words to give

a’dom a’mamee

so you’ll know
it is I†

I†, the Lord†, have given
not from an imagination
but from My† own mouth
My† intentions

how many are willing
to pray
to release their sinful nature
for forty years
how about seventy

it won’t take that long
for My† plans show itself
they have already begun
it is
as I† deemed
the Lord† has spoken

(August 22, 2023)―The commentators of my Bible write: God’s answer to Ezekiel is that there comes a time when a nation’s sins so completely condemn it that not even a remnant of righteous citizens can stop the destruction inherent in evil. This was the line I saw immediately when I opened the Bible after He said so. Yes, He directed me to this set of Scriptures directly after giving me this piece.

That is a strong line. So are all the lines God and Yeshuah have given through me. When are you going to start paying attention? This isn’t about me. I seek no glory from all of this. The glory goes to the Father in Heaven! So you not reading these words because of your judgment of me is the stupidest act thus far…and I thought your actions during the virus was stupid. I can’t wait to see what your actions will be for the next round of virus that is coming…the worse round that will move the whole of Earth into this illusion. God said it is coming. It is coming.

Here’s a note: I had no idea, or I did a long time ago from college, but didn’t remember that Mesopotamia is considered the birthplace of civilization. This wasn’t even close to being on my radar. Neither the term quintessential, which this is the second time He has used this term.

April 30, 2023: ‘Shaded Lines’ (God/Elephant, Leaf, Shaded box vision)

It’s aq term I do not ever use. I had to look them both up.

You can laugh at me. You can ignore me. Whatever you do. These words are from God. I would prepare if I were you.

I have been sent to these particular Scriptures before (Ezekiel 14:1-11 through Ezekiel 15:1-8) to back up what was given to me. Today, it is no exception. If you don’t see what I see plainly, pray that God removes the veils from you and opens you up to the wisdom at hand, because He matches what He said in the writing perfectly with the Scripture to reinforce what He is telling us all.

For me, Hi s servant, personally, I am distraught over the passages given because He has revealed to me that I cannot save my own children, nor keep them from falling to the confusion set upon us. It will get worse. Money and wantings is best left behind. I know this is hard. I want and am giving gifts to my children not because they need but because it is tradition and expected. He has proven this to be true by not giving any gifts to His servant byway of humans, which is difficult to take. Yes, I cried and I want to be mad, but He doesn’t allow me to feel to these things for long. For me, He gives the ultimate gifts, snow…that may seem simple but it was a prayer of four years that He gave on my birthday…making sure I was at the exact time and place for it to be given. He gives me strength and good health to do His work and if it is not in His plan for me, He strikes me down by bringing down my health. I can’t tell you how many times He’s done this.

You have to start paying attention to what is happening around you. If you are, at all, in the mince of strife, it is because you’ve lost focus of the Lord. I hear people who turned away from Him. I’ve been completely turned away from people for simple saying, ‘The Lord is trying to get your attention’ It is unbelievable and scary at the same time.

As a person, I’ve never changed except that sin has been taken from me. I’ve always been in love with my Lord. I’ve never been ashamed of Him or concealed how I feel about Him. Lately, because of the way the world is going, from the very people I love the most, I find myself concealing Him…and this is the scariest of all. No way, no how should we ever be made to feel this. But, as God has said in the writings, this will get worse until He is taken out of the way and those who speak about Him or Yeshuah will be taken out of the way as well. I’ve explained this in the writings as it was explained to me.

I want to share something with you. I’ve read about Isaiah and what happened to him. I read why they sawed him in half and I read how he had no reaction…no yelling, screaming, crying…nothing, why they were sawing him in half with an old saw. He was in vision. I understand this fully.

February 24, 2022 ‘Solomon’s Wake: Industrial Famish (Jesus/A Walk with Jesus Vision)

Go read this. I was so uncomfortable and Yeshuah came and said, ‘Walk with Me.’ and I was in vision the entire time and felt nothing. I know that what is said about Isaiah is true. I experienced this type of vision. You have no idea about the world that is outside this world because you are afraid, stuck in traditions of man and you believe man and all his lies.

I am His. And He has made a promise to me, one that He reminds me every day will be fulfilled, no matter how much of the impossible He has shown me that plagues me with doubt. He said it is still so, that He will make the possible out of the impossible. Then you will know that He is Lord. But the kicker, He said I will be condemned and criticized when this promise comes true. After all that He has put me through so far, I still have that to look forward to. And you know what, and I’m writing this down to seal it, His Will will be no matter what I believe or fear. I know this, with all my heart and soul, to be true.

This photograph  David chose is from November 9, 2019:  Certainty of Visions! Another indication or match to the writing God gave today! It is what is in the lead picture that is meant to be shown. The screenshot below…there’s a woman sitting with a baby, she’s holding the baby on her right side, like she’s burping the baby. And there’s a man standing behind her next to the pole. This day, November 9, 2019, was the day God showed off His art in our form, drawing…and the title of this work today is ‘‘Gone’ Drawn’…isn’t that something! I didn’t reveal all of the drawings…I was overwhelming and killing myself looking at them all and screenshotting them so you could see. He told me to stop…I was getting too obsessed. So, I stopped. But this screenshot is of the art on the water behind me coming from the ray from the sun. Go ahead and look for yourself. If you can’t see it, pray the veils are lifted soon.

Prophecy Not for IdolatersSome of the elders of Israel came to me and sat down in front of me. Then the word of the Lord came to me: ‘Son of man, these men have set up idols in their hearts and put wicked stumbling blocks before their faces. Should I let them inquire of Me at all?

‘Therefore, speak to them and tell them, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: When any Israelite sets up idols in his heart and puts a wicked stumbling block before his face and then goes to a prophet, I the Lord will answer him Myself in keeping with his great idolatry. I will do this to recapture the hearts of the people of Israel, who have all deserted Me for their idols. Therefore, say to the house of Israel, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: Repent! Turn from your idols and renounce all your detestable practices!

‘When any Israelite or any alien living in Israel separates himself from Me and sets up idols in his heart and puts a wicked stumbling block before his face and then goes to a prophet to inquire of Me, I the Lord will answer him Myself. I will set My face against that man and make him an example and a byword. I will cut him off from My people. Then you will know that I am the Lord.

‘And if the prophet is enticed to utter a prophecy, I the Lord have enticed that prophet, and I will stretch out My hand against him and destroy him from among My people Israel. They will bear their guilt―the prophet will be as guilty as the one who consults him. Then the people of Israel will no longer stray from Me, nor will they defile themselves anymore with all their sins. They will be My people, and I will be their God, declares the Sovereign Lord.”—Ezekiel 14:1-11

The commentators write: How many righteous people does it take to save a nation? It has been 1500 years since Abraham asked that same question concerning Sodom and Gomorrah. Surely, at this time, there are righteous believers among both the captives and their Jerusalem kinsmen who are asking this same question themselves. God’s answer to Ezekiel is that there comes a time when a nation’s sins so completely condemn it that not even a remnant of righteous citizens can stop the destruction inherent in evil. God uses as His illustration of a righteous remnant a trio of faithful believers: Noah, who saw all of mankind (except his own family) destroyed by the great flood; Job, the patient patriarch; and Daniel (possibly the Daniel who is one of the chosen captives serving Nebuchadnezzar’s palace, who will distinguish himself among God’s exiles even more than he already has).

Judgment InescapableThe word of the Lord came to me: ‘Son of man, if a country sins against Me by being unfaithful and I stretch out My hand against it to cut off its food supply and send famine upon it and kill its men and their animals, even if these three men—Noah, Daniel and Job—were in it, they could save only themselves by their righteousness declares the Sovereign Lord.

‘Or if I send wild beasts through that country and they leave it childless and it becomes desolate so that no one can pass through it because of the beasts, as surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, even if these three men were in it, they could not save their own sons or daughters. They alone would be saved, but the land would be desolate.

‘Or if I bring a sword against that country and say, ‘Let the sword pass throughout the land,’ and I kill its men and their animal, as surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, even if these three men were in it, they would not save their own sons or daughters. They alone would be saved.

‘Or if I sent a plague into that land and pour out My wrath upon it through bloodshed, killing its men and their animals, as surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, even if Noah, Daniel and Job were in it, they could save neither son nor daughter. They would save only themselves by their righteousness.

‘For this is what the Sovereign Lord says: How much worse will it be when I send against Jerusalem My four dreadful judgments―sword and famine and wild beasts and plague―to kill its men and their animals! Yet, there will be some survivors―sons and daughters who will be brought out of it. They will come to you, and when you see their conduct and their actions, you will be consoled regarding the disaster I have brought upon Jerusalem―every disaster I have brought upon it. You will be consoled when you see their conduct and their actions, for you will know that I have done nothing in it without cause, declares the Sovereign Lord.’—Ezekiel 14:12-23

The commentators write: Using three allegories, God foretells Judah’s imminent destruction. The first allegory shows Judah as a useless vine to be burned (15:1-8). The second is a vitriolic attack against Judah’s unfaithfulness, portraying Judah as an adulterous wife (16:1-63). The third allegory, using two eagles and a vine, calls specific attention to the personal ruin of King Zedekiah (17:1-24).

The Useless VineThe word of the Lord came to me: ‘Son of man, how is the wood of the vine better than that of a branch on any of the trees in the forest? Is wood ever taken from it to make anything useful? Do they make pegs from it to hang things on?

‘And after it is thrown on the fire as fuel and the fire burns both ends and chars the middle, is it then useful for anything? If it was not useful for anything when it was whole, how much less can it be made into something useful when the fire has burned it and it is charred?

‘Therefore, this is what the Sovereign Lord says: As I have given the wood of the vine among the trees of the forest as fuel for the fire, so will I treat the people living in Jerusalem. I will set My face against them. Although they have come out of the fire, the fire will yet consume them. And when I set My face against them, you will know that I am the Lord. I will make the land desolate because they have been unfaithful, declares the Sovereign Lord.’—Ezekiel 15:1-8

You can read all of the visions, dreams and words, as well as see all the images and see the time frame in which they were given by clicking on Message Index.

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