‘His† Time’ (God)

The Lord Almighty, my God of heaven and earth, my Father has spoken.

This is what the Lord Almighty says
(He named this Himself):

His† Time

I have put you into a corner.
I've made your decisions
to close all your shenanigans.
This is I, the one and only God,
Yahweh, the Lord Almighty.

You run with fear.
You run scared.
All of you.
You fear a tiny bug,
you fear a government,
but it is I whom you should fear.

Look! to your right.
Look! to your left. There I am.
Look! up towards the sky.
Look! down to the ground.
There I am.

You look for Me in books
and in technology.
You find Me
but you do not see Me.

My Son waits on you
day and night.
My Son begs His Father
to release Him,
so He can help you.
I tell Him, 'NO!
You are not sincere.
You pray, some small portion,
but the vine is broken.'

Listen! You peas,
this is the one and only,
the Alpha and the Omega.
You fail to hear as all
of your fathers did.

I am here waiting.
Step up to the mound.
This is your time
to wipe your sins away.
This is your time
to invite your Lord
in your empty heart.

Listen! I am all around.
In the sea.
On the mountains.
In the air.
You have wax in your ears,
with all your noise.
Your eyes are full of scales.

I am your King.
There is no king before Me.
Your time is coming.
The ground will shake.
Listen! Return to Me.
Take your malice—throw it
to the ground;
put it under your feet.

This is your time. Use it wisely.
I AM listening.
Tell Me what you need to say.
Open your tender heart.
I am your God.
There is no other before Me!'
The Lord Almighty,
my God of heaven and earth,
my Father has spoken.

(March 19)―(March 18, posted on Facebook)—My Heavenly Father came to me. He questioned me about my thoughts. I questioned about my work. It really makes me nervous. He started to speak, then put it in my heart to get my pen and paper. This eighteenth day of the third month of the year 2020 at a time when a world-wide pandemic has shut everyone in their homes.

Note: The picture with this work was taken Feb. 7. The night before, during prayer, I was given symbols that I had to guess. There were two: dancing water and water splashing against two walls. The next day David said go for a walk. When I started out the gate of my complex, I was leery to why because it was extremely cold and very windy. David has always been about my safety, I was concerned to why he would ask me to go out in such conditions. He said just to where I take pictures and back. So, I continued. It wasn’t before I got to the bench I usually stand at when he asks me to go take pictures that I realized what I was doing there. This is the first time I had ever been to the lake in these conditions. Notice the water…dancing water…and the windy was pushing the water so much that it was spraying on the cement as I walked by! God was showing me that it is Him again that I’m talking to.

My heart is pounding as it always is after I hear from God. I’m nervous about getting the words wrong. I’m nervous about offending Him in some way. I’m nervous even me being nervous will offend Him, although He says it doesn’t. He says I’m human. I went look at all the prophet stuff online. He wanted me to. I could only look at a few. Here’s facts: A prophet of God does not make money off of God. I prophet of God does not have fame or do interviews or have wealth. Sorry, all of these people are liars. I had to give up my dream of being a best-selling writer. All the books I published…now I know why I…ME…had to publish them. They were never meant to bring me riches or attention. They are strictly meant to heal. I had to take my bibliography down from my website, which took me months to do and I hoped it would bring in some extra money. Nope. I’m not allowed. I had to bring my book prices to the lowest and I can’t keep the money. When they do sell, if they do, I have to help abuse victims. God wants me to give these books away when it’s time. It is not my time yet. And when it is, He will provide the resources needed.

I’m instructed to tell you this because I was lead to a man on video claiming to be a prophet of God, claiming to see visions from God. He is lying. God has had me write many times since last July about deception and what is going to be coming. Confusion. A lot of it. I cannot lie to you. If I mistakenly write something false, you will point it out and I will correct it. God has instructed me to pass these messages to you via the internet. I was actually condemned for prophesying via Facebook. I can’t help that. He said to do it. I also have a website. He does not want me in crowds. This has been for months and months now. I didn’t ask for God to put His hand on me. He asked me to do something and I did it…several things. When Jesus said ‘when we have, we will have more,’ He meant on the spiritual level. I didn’t understand this until He showed this to me.

I will not tell you fluff. A prophet, any person God chooses, will not lie to you. The Spirit of Truth is on me. I had to go through a process. I have written about it on my website because God instructed me to! All the pictures of me with His hand on me, the third eye, reveals what it looks like to have His hand on a person! These photographs are not made up! He wants you to understand HIM!

You will not like the truth I have to tell you. I am not here to tell you beautiful, flowery, supporting things. That’s for your preachers to tell you that. I’m here to write and prophesy for God as all the other prophets that came before me had to…if they liked it or not! (There’s one BIG difference…Jesus!) Here’s some prophesy that you will find on my website: Things are not looking good. He sent those visions. He sent all these writings. So did Jesus. For a reason. To warn you. He has already prepared me. I write. You ignore. It’s okay. God’s Will is happening if you like it or not. Those visions aren’t hundreds of years from now…the cycle is ending. Read. He’s had me write about it over and over. Heal. That is His main command since I began writing for Him! Heal. He’s in control. Man thinks he controls…sorry…he only thinks. God IS calling the shots. He is the one you should be fearing. God bless and in Jesus’ name I do hope you give God some attention.

[No need to worry about me. God called me His prophet and made…MADE…me share that with you. My world life is no more. You are rather lucky you did not come under His radar. I get to be called witch and crazy. Facts are facts…He still prepared me. I had all my emergency supplies months ago…like in October and the soups in my freezer. I’ve been posting them. He made sure my immune system is strong because He said I was going to get really sick. So, my normal daily life as a writer for God, which is very busy because He does not tire, is that I don’t go around anyone except for the gym, store, and tan and hair, and walk around the lake or at the park. Now, I’m home like everyone else, maybe I’ll go walk around the lake but that will be it. So, if I get sick…maybe this thing will go airborne. All I know is things are going to get worse in the near future…and it isn’t just a virus that’s going to change the world.]

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