”O Broken Heart’ (Jesus and God)

‘O Broken Heart (Jesus and God)…You are taught all about God’s grace. You love that. But you are not taught about God’s ‘if’ clause.

'O Broken Heart (Jesus and God)

save your strength, 'o broken heart
time is near
to put pettiness away
and seek the deepness
of troubles
bring it to the surface
‒heal 'o broken heart

you are in times of testing
'o people, 'o great nations
the spoken has spoke
the speaker speaks
it is I†, 'o people
and it is I†, 'o great nations

don't be frightened
when the time comes
the removing of waste
don't linger in fear
for the times coming
were brought on by fear
and judgment and hate
their jobs are powerful
waste inside of waste

I†, Jesus†, know about this waste
it sucks beings in
it gives no warning
nor indication
it just is

those who see it
understand it
and they cry
because they know what
is happening

someone is failing

you have to be strong
in these times
as when they scorned Me†
those who knew the truth
could have caused an uprising
a war, a fight
but I† told them not to

what must be done
must be done
for the greater of things

the truth is put before you
measurements with weights
scales unbalanced

balance has to occur

when things are out of balance
a re-scaling takes place

'o peoples of nations
a re-scaling is taking place
the beginning of birth pains
as already told

it is already begun
no reluctance is at hand

stress on My† servant's neck
soon to become stress of the nations

Notes: The photographs David chose are from October 23, 2019: The Dragon and the All-Seeing Eye. In many of the photographs, David points out the bright green on the grown. It is very different and after a while it got easier to see. He calls it God’s energy. His footprints.

(March 1, 2022)―2 Chronicles 15-16:10 and 1 Kings 15:13- 16:9,10. That’s the Scripture I was brought to this morning. Israel and Judah are fighting. They are divided. King Asa gets word from the prophet Azariah to trust in God and he will have peace. So he does…but…always a but…he loses the trust in God on his own accord and enlists Syria’s help. He didn’t have the courage to believe that God would save him and his people. Asa is then rebuked and his people get put in turmoil.

God works through actions. We all have a choice.

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‘What Gill Do I† Have?’ (God)

‘What Gill Do I† Have? (God)…Steady goes My† hand, Placing death on shoulders, See My† hand’s wave, It’s coming upon you, ‘O sad nations, Jolly in your surrender….

What Gill Do I† Have? (God)

Are you impaired?
Has man corrupted you that much?
'O sweet, sweet seeds of Mine†!
How can you be so gullible?

I've† watched you grow from a child
I† nourished you through the vine
I† counseled you and disciplined you

'O cherished ship of Mine†
waivery and endurable

You can't tell between
I† and My† Son†
What's of the kingdom
What's of the Earth
How have you been so blind?

It is I† who moves things
I† will move you
like you've never been moved before
'O gullible of nations
strong in appearance
like a well-groomed maiden
but deeply troubled on the inside

I†, the Lord Almighty, never waivers
I† do not weaken
nor do I† stutter

Look around My† mountain
She's beauty entangled with ugly
She's calm, embracing terror
She's in between the birthing
notion of time

I've† waited long enough
I've† waited for your 'relent'
but worldly treasures have consumed
your senses
that you no longer see clear
nor hear clear

So pitiful is this
So much given
then squandered, pillaged
building stairs on sides 
of mountains
where no stairs should be
all because you can

I† allowed your 'can'
Useless all these senseless
acts of building
When in abundance
you could give, help, nourish

Instead of waste!

I† DID NOT turn My† back
on My† mountain

I† have been the gardener
of My† seeds
but I† give you room
to make choices

'O sadness awakens in Me†
to watch this godless prostitution
of My† mountain

Steady goes My† hand
Placing death on shoulders
See My† hand's wave
It's coming upon you
'O sad nations
Jolly in your surrender

Look! the galloping horses
passing by
feel the dust from their stride

Still My† people don't see Me†
Still money is put over Me†


Bow your head
Sing the mourner's song
You didn't heed for the first three
Build the tensions
As in My† servant's neck
Watch! 'O Watch!
'O Watchman of words!
See My† hand sweep
As they sit in surrender
without praising My† name!

I† will take them!

says the Lord Almighty God†

Notes: The photograph is from October 7, 2019: Faces. This day God reveals through the photographs He had me take, all the faces (eyes) He has every where. So, by this and what He explained to me about the kingdom, being the eyes of God could very well be your next journey.

(February 22, 2022)―The Scripture I was led to after the writing is unbelievably amazing. 1 Kings 2:13-18 through 1 Kings 2:39-46 is about King Solomon, but actually it is teaching us what a King will not tolerate and what a king has to do to seal his kingship. God is telling us: He IS the king!

The word gill in the title is written phonetically. It is how I heard it. The capital letters and punctuation in the piece, which I usually don’t put, was demanded this morning, as well as the long lines. It is all out of character for the writing, signifying its importance above all the rest.

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