‘An American Cosmo’

Strange Things Do Happen In This Big Ole Country Called U.S.A.!

A sample from Book 3

 An American Cosmo
once slavery was in the hands
of james monroe
in 1886
a colony built
for their tomorrow
where they'd be no more hoe
in libera
they'd be no more sorrow
an idealist's imagined rainbow
some thought their welcoming lido
others thought the freed
were a black hallow
still, 13,000 took on
this new american condo
in 1822 one hundred thou
was given by president monroe
monrovia was named
after this generous fellow
but protestors began to bellow
in the 1830s
abolitionists rather pick the tomato
and shoo away the cow
then steep
to this governmental low
others thought
it a good idea to behold
even lincoln said bravo
since, three virginians
had led this colonized row
joseph jenkins roberts
was someone to know
to colonization
he didn't say no
in 1828
immigrated his family
to this new americas cosmo
in 1814
becoming governor
without wearing cammo
in 1847
became president
without the help of rambo
was on the straight and narrow
many blaming america's
false innuendo
whatever, the historical say so
three americans were presidents
without a press to barrow
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