‘Alo Con dá He Who Perceives’ (Yeshuah)

‘Alo Con dá He Who Perceives’ (Yeshuah)…’…These people honor Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me. They worship Me in vain; their teachings are but rules taught by men…’―Isaiah 29:13

Alo Con dá
He Who Perceives (Yeshuah)

you're missing the point
a point has been made

suffice is the action
one grave mistake

listen, listen close
the point being made

all around the globe
a circle here
a circle there
you're failing to see
His† move

a move so precise
to see it
is to miss it

hush now
don't be so vain
it is in the taking
that moves
are suddenly made

listen close
I† will teach you
what you can't see
so clearly

it is I†, Yeshuah†
the instructor
the master of you
whom He† put Me† over
the hearer of words
the seer of action

His† vastness
is beyond you
the confusion 
is set

look through the words
decipher each
then you will see truth
what is heard

'o wayward soul
stop hiding truth
open up to your faults
the vaults are going to crack
as He† proceeds
His† plans

awaken 'o wonder
see what you have missed
right before your eyes
a phantom in disguise

'o beautiful nature
'o cold, cold world
the beautiful lights
and skyscrapers
you have scraped
too far high

making space
a tiny circus
to wander
in imagined advance
what's done to the body
is also done to the soul

'o who will you blame
this moment of insane
your movements
are in vane
look out, look out
your 'space station' pane

you're not seeing
what you think
you are seeing

you are seeing
what is deemed
for you to see

'o naïve, blundered eyes
trusting in man
is unwise

a pillaging soul
has been released
as satan falls to His† feet
'let me out, let me out'
he screams
wondering about
in evil's little schemes

a message from the Father†
the Lord Almighty†
passed forth
by the Son†
the one sent to save

in the saving
bought on ciaos
and chaos
one thinks he knows
then another says, 'no, no, no'
all in an uproar
picking words
picking noses
standing up straight
refusing to sit down
for the Lord† is speaking
words to you
go on and reap
you've already sown
the careless words seeped

a body soon to lie straight
white robes draped
a symbol
of His† take
wondering around
man's biggest mistake

He† warned the walls
to fall
not on knees
but in a crawl
He'll† put you in stall

years or days
how will you know
to pray or to wail
which way to go

as the words come
do you pick them all
or just some

who do you hear
the Father† or the Son†
or both

I† am in you
you are in Me†

for those not in Me†
a mass in confusion
like dead weight
sinking in the sea

their words will speak
against all good
deeds they'll seek
'not knowing right
from wrong'
they know
they won't care
as long as it self-serves
their every false victory

listen close, listen close
the words will flow
as long as you know
love is on the go

lies are in vast
as war will continue to last
but a spread in sass
as arrogance
looks through glass
using money
to wage its defense
look what's falling
across the fence

cough, cough
I† hear it in the distance
look, there's the Son†
coming in defense
but only for those
who call His† name
this is not a game
this is what was written
after it was spoken

they kneel, they stand
without Me†
they'll remain
in no understanding
they are just motions
in time's notion
what you see
is not all there is to see

strike four and five
until the numbers die

a riddle is easier
than a fiddle
a puzzle better than
a gun muzzle

look 'o gentle sky
bow your head and cry

the Lord†, the Almighty God†
is speaking through
His† Son†
as His† hand waves
mixing up a cocktail
one manifested
in the minds of men

sing loud to Him†
the owner of the creation
confusion is massive
the trap is set
for your surrender is met

awaken 'o vastness
go wander the ground
see what you can find
I† know
you won't be so kind

keep bowing My† people
bow to Him†
for what is bound
for man brought it around
by carelessness
by greediness
by too much
that is not sound

He's† going to awaken
the chariots in sleeping
and burn it all down

Notes: The photograph David chose is from October 7, 2019: Faces. Here the Orb appears to be under the water and the black objects shows up in a number of photographs on different days in different places, appears to be floating above the water.

(April 30, 2022)―After I received ‘Alo Con dá He Who Perceives’, He led me to John 6:41-51 – 6:67-71 and Matthew 15:1-20, Mark 7:1-23, which are on the same two pages in my Bible. I started reading it then the following explanation was given:

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‘Dawned Existence’ (God)

‘Dawned Existence’ (God)’…Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried…’—Ruth 1:5-18

Dawned Existence (God)

don't worry about tomorrow
it is today that matters

don't worry about
what you 'might' do
concentrate on what you do
right now
at this moment

don't frown on who likes you
or not
appeal to those who do

bring forth harmony
love truth
and all it stands for

don't worry about comfort
or things
appeal to senses of happiness

don't concern yourself
over wealth
appeal to love
and all that goes
with love

the day is short
the day is long

does it matter
what tomorrow brings
if today goes good

it is I†
today and tomorrow
the energy of all
the awakening of few
a mighty hand
that sweeps
across the land
bringing many
to shameful conclusions
for they did not see
the hand upon them

it is all
thus for all
that I† reign
and continue to reign
though many
in the multitude
do not wish
for My† existence

I†, the Almighty Lord†

I† reign over
this globe
this circle
these nations
they are Mine†
and Mine† alone

I† put Him† over you
to guide the hand
the hand that watches
everything you do

Yeshuah†, Jesus†, Emmanuel†
the one you call upon
in deep distress
the one
many ignore
for fear of the existence

I† am
therefore you are

it is in the power
of the mind
that I† exist

outside the mind
My† existence is feeble
for you fear
what is there
but cannot see

awaken 'o wonderful you
My† discipline
what you see
as punishment
as wrath
as temptation
as sin
as biologic
as nature
is a hand
you cannot fathom
in the mind

it is just‒
this hand
of Mine†


it is under My† jurisdiction

you cannot control


it is also
under My† jurisdiction

hardening of hearts
once I† harden a heart
there is no turning back
the heart is hardened
until I† say otherwise

many things happen
when I† harden a heart
many things
you do not wish
to hear or see

sometimes beyond the comprehension
of the mind

it is for just cause

a twisting of paths
for human judgment
for ways of change

when the path is not seen
all stays the same
and 'just' repeats

humbleness is hard to define
it is gold
in My† eyes

the path of least resistance
the path of true happiness

a path least taken
although it is given
it is the least chosen

happiness does not come
in material form
nor in success
of the world

it comes
when total peace
listening to smooth drops of rain
or the swaying of the wind
or flowers dancing
their fragrance spilling
or hearing birds sing
and all My† animals
at rest
or fish swimming
leaves singing

peace is the joyfulness
of happy
in the mince of pain
being at one
with everything
around you

I† am peace

where there is no peace
there is no Me†
the truth of Me†

bring forth peace
you bring forth Me†
rest in Me†
then you will find
the truth of happiness

each minute
each hour
each day
you decide My† existence

there is a wrath
there is My† hand
and all its discipline

there is My† love
because of My† love
there is discipline
there is wrath

I† am
therefore you are

if I† cease to exist
so will you

the writer shrieks
wondering if My† words
are true

they are

for I† am calm
for I† am merciful
for I† am all things
for I† am truth

I† am
therefore it is

Note:  The photograph chosen is from October 23, 2019: The Dragon and the All-Seeing Eye. You can deny everything about these photographs. They still happened. They are still what God said they are. Here the daisy and the cross, telling me it is Him!

(April 22, 2022)—…Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Where you die I will die, and there I will be buriedPeople don’t honor this anymore. They are only in it for themselves and those of us who are older know how devastating this is.

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