‘Breached Contract’ (God)

‘Breached Contract’ (God)…’How can there be peace,’ Jehu replied, ‘as long as all the idolatry and witchcraft of your mother Jezebel abound?’…—2 Kings 9:14a,15b-26

Breached Contract (God)

to live true
you must learn
what to do

to lie in deception
brings on
malicious intent

to deceive is malicious intent
to not be true
turns others to blue

relationships are the bases of life
if you can't be true there
how can anyone expect different
in other places in your life

relationships are a contract
each learn about the other
when enough favor is given
you move forward

you betray the one
you're in a relationship with
you put a stumbling block
on their shoulder
you cause them to stumble
it is your fault
everything they do
after your betrayal

does that sound harsh
it should
the truth is always working

Yes, I†, the Lord†
am giving a lesson
on relationships
as My† servant deciphers through
her own emotions
you must decipher through

relationships determine everything
it's unconditional love
by saying what hurt you
understanding why you hurt another

it's forgiving
as My† Son† forgave
it's accepting fault
it's accepting what I† call
people to do
if it's not honorable
I† didn't call it

the warnings I've† sent
are liable
if you chose to appease My† warnings
your choice is made
that choice determines your
relationship with Me†

relationships are the heartbeat
of life
and it's left on man's shoulders
to establish this
in this is where man was put ahead
to maintain in good standing
first with Me†
then with woman
then with children
then when it was time
with My† chosen one
which now comes before
woman and children

everything else comes after
thus creating the vine of life

if you fail at the vine of life
you fail Me†

Notes:  The photograph chosen is from December 10, 2019: The Dragon, Angel, Mom and Baby. In this picture, I didn’t see this before, David points out: to the far right of the picture, the upper corner, there is a boy facing a dragon. If you expand the picture, you can see this plainly. Below the boy, in the thickest part of the cloud formation is a cross and below the large cloud formation is an anchor.


(July 27, 2022)—After ‘Breached Contract’, He led me to the final demise of Ahab’s house: 2 Kings 9:14a,15b-26 (including  2 Chronicles 22:7) through 2 Kings 10:1-11. Ahab and Jezebel are known as one of the most ruthless couples to ever walk the Earth. Jehoshaphat was favored by God and so his son was called for redemption of God’s people.

Everything starts with self. When you look in the mirror, you are looking at God. When you look at nature, you are looking at God. To dishonor either, you are dishonoring God Himself.

I was led to an article this morning before this piece was given. It was about the United States. It read that a movement is taking place where they are moving to combine ‘religion‘ and politics. Interesting. Religion is NOT God nor Jesus. Religion is man-made, reshaping the words of God and Jesus into man’s on accord…every man-made religion did this. You can’t call yourself a follower of Yeshuah and do the things you do in politics at the same time. But that’s not the message I was shown this morning. I was shown, and He does this a lot to me to help me, that what He has warned, is taking shape. You fail to see because you are blinded, because He has blinded you.

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