‘The Good Samaritan’s Heart’

‘They will hate you because of Me’ He said. He meant that. That evil whore is out to destroy all that is Love. Are you going to allow that?

(October 14, 2019)—There was this girl with a good heart. She’d forgotten all the times that she was forsaken because God gave her that kind of heart. When He called her, she answered. Her heart grew heavy as her life became nothing as she continued to do for God. She felt unworthy of His call. She cried and suffered alone…begging Him to leave her alone. But then He reminded her why she was worthy:

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‘Entrusted Servant’

It is through the power of the Lord that we listen and hear His voice and then do what He ask of us. For it is through faith, that we hear. For it is through love, that we do.

 Entrusted Servant
I do not know you
I do not know
if you answered the do'
I have
I know God's† providence
for me
I questioned
then He† made me see
I do not know
what  you are to do
I do what He's† told me to–
deliver His† message to you
‒now I know the voice–
who it belongs to
you may not know
what He† wants of you
but I know
what He† wants of me
I must give to you
what He's† given to me
I cannot turn back
I cannot undo
what He's† done for me
what He† has not given to you
you do not have to worry
what you cannot undo
‒you do not have to worry
doing...what He's† asked of you
for you do not know
I do know
‒I cannot undo
what He's†
asked me to do
so I'll do
what He† wants me to do
for He's† asked me to
it is so
what I now know
He's† given me seeds to sow
I don't have to guess
who will help them grow
for I already know
for He† told me so

‘Crucifying Jesus†’

Persecution. I was led to the following Scriptures today. Acts. The historical account of what happened to Peter and the rest of them who initially was appointed to tell the world about their experience, their testimony, about Jesus Christ. Nothing much has changed!

Note: The purple ray that you see in the picture that accompanies this writing is the purple love of Jesus. It is a blessing that He is placing on the 2 orbs inside of the red bubble. Those 2 orbs represent 2 people whom God has already married. There is a marriage under God and a marriage under man. You will know who these 2 people are, I’m told, in the near future. I already know. (I’m told to write this because of my self-doubt. It is dated now as everything else I’m told to write. It is for the sole purpose of revealing truth to me, personally, and to you. I can’t deny my self-doubt because I can’t see how this will happen, but in God and in Jesus, everything is possible. In Jesus’ name, Amen.)

(October 6, 2019)—Persecution. I was led to the following Scriptures today. Acts. The historical account of what happened to Peter and the rest of them who initially was appointed to tell the world about their experience, their testimony, about Jesus Christ. Nothing much has changed!

I say I’m told to write about how I feel. I hate writing how I feel. I used to not, but that was before the veils were lifted and I had this I-don’t-give-a-damn kind of heart. Things are different. God told me that now…there will be no more veils put on me. I must deal with my resentment of how others behave towards me and what they have done to me in the past. Currently, I’m told not to meditate, to wait…and write.

In ‘Crucifying Jesus†’, I wrote ‘I am in Christ†, Christ† is in me’. These words were put into my heart when I first heard Jesus’ voice. I was overwhelmed with Him. I couldn’t wait to tell the world that He was so real, and so humble, and so…everything! I never dreamed that by revealing this, I’d be worse off than I was before…crucified!

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Crimes against you…it’s nothing to do with you. It’s a test of will…those God holds dearest are tested the hardest. Don’t give up! Don’t lose faith.

put your heart
into it
fight the beast
of it
cry, yell, scream‒
beat the walls
of it
‒tear it down
to bits
you got this
all the evil‒
fight, fight, fight it
you can get
the best of it
strip it, yank it
‒it wasn't your bit
it wasn't your fault‒
in any of it
destroy that bitch
fight, fight, fight
punch the shit
out of it
be bigger than it
you've got this
tear it
to fucking bits
fight! fight!
fight it!

‘Share Grace—Repent’

To repent and forgive ourselves and others is really hard, but a must and it takes courage and a warrior heart. Do you have it?

(September 27, 2019)–Jackie Robinson: Dodger’s #42! I watched the movie 42 last night and was in awe. God sure does make His stand through us. Branch Rickey, the general manger of the Dodgers at the time, was one hell of a God instrument. In one part of the movie, Jackie asked Rickey why did he do it?, take a chance on a black man. And Rickey told him about Charlie, a black player during his college years. Charlie was harassed to the max and Rickey didn’t do anything about it, he didn’t know what to do. He was finally at a place in life where he could do something about it. What was the it? Defeat racism in sports of course. Rickey said that what he witnessed happening to Charlie made him dislike the game because baseball was supposed to be a game of fairness. He told Jackie that Jackie made him love the game again.

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‘Taken Accountability’

(September 20, 2019)―Oh, my sweet, sweet Job! This second writing I received today was revealed through the following passages from the Book of Job. In this set of passages, Job is making a case for himself on his righteousness. For you, God is telling you what to do. He’s giving you so many chances. Of course, byway of Jesus. He’s the one appealing for you. You should appreciate that because God’s already revealed through the visions He sent to me that the button’s been pushed.

In ‘Taken Accountability’, He is telling you it is too late, it has all begun. Of course, He has said that in verbal context to me and I’ve written it up in the visions that He directly said, It has begun. Of course, not many people are reading it because I don’t pay to run traffic to my website. But that’s okay because He has assured me over and over that they will pay attention when I show them the truth. So, I don’t doubt what He says.

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‘The Vine† to Nourish’

It keeps coming. Why to me? I have no idea. But I’m passing it to you. Hear or not. Your choice.

(August 30)—This was the 2nd work that came to me this morning. I didn’t expect this work to turn out the way it did either. That last stanza…I don’t even want to think about it.

This work fell on page 1213=7. Again September 18 (9,9…all 3s (explained in ‘Time in Ticking’). And Psalm 80 (all 2s…which symbolizes the union between Christ and the church…balance, a quiet power of judgment, beckons us to choose!)

I said I would put a post up about numbers and such in my Testimony, but I haven’t had a chance yet. But it is easy for you to look them up. That seems to say enough…the numbers…but the wording in this Psalm…I’m awestruck in a way. The words shepherd, bread, sea, see, vine…all have been put before me over and over again that they have seriously become part of my life!

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‘Time in Ticking’

Are you going to Hear? It’s Okay. You don’t have to. You can ignore and see what happens. I’m beginning to get worried about you.

(August 30)—From getting the visions to these writings, I’m a bit worried. No…scratch that! I’m a LOT worried.

I was led to the Psalms this morning. Psalm 79 was first. Now, you may not even think of numbers. Even I didn’t and I’ve been questioning them a lot lately, but the facts are the facts. This Psalm 79=7+9=16=1+6=7 (7 is the foundation of the Word of God!). This Psalm is found on page 1212 of my Bible (double 12 or double 3s or four 3s or 6 or three 3s (all 3s). 3 is the completeness but not as strong as 7. The 4 perfect numbers: 7, 10, 12.) My Bible is dated. The date on this page is September 18 (9th month…9 is a high number as well…representing the fruits of God’s Holy Spirit. Also three 3s. 18=9 as well or 3s!)

You may not believe in this, but okay. That’s you. Seven is also mentioned in this Psalm!

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‘Opening of Eyes’

The veils will blanket your vision. Love and honesty in Christ will open the see. Only you can do that! Choose.

(August 29)―You are not healed when you do not know or recognize the truth. Here’s truth: We are not born with illnesses, we do not get illnesses because we are sinners or cursed. I was told that my disabilities were because I was cursed. This is not so. Proof? John 9:1-12 through John 10:1-6. I’m including these Scriptures here today for this is where I was led to today. I’m going to go through these and give you what I see. I keep telling you, I’m not here to make you believe, or make you see what you cannot. You have to find your way…in the see.

What do I mean by that? In order for your veils to be removed, your heart has to acknowledge Christ with pure honesty. I can’t do that for you. Neither can any body on earth who talks about Christ. No amount of money can purchase a service to lift the veils. No amount of prayers if you don’t truly believe in what you are praying. No amount of hocu-pocus will lift the veils. There’s no kind of magical cures. There’s no kind of black magic or witchery. Sorry. You can give it your best shot, but, no, the veils will remain.

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‘Scolded Child’

No one is smarter or has more power than God. No one. He WILL discipline you. He Will.

(August 28)―The Book of Job. I had a few more arguments with God. Yes, out loud in the space of my living room for several days. The Bible says to question everything…I do! In my argument, Job came up. My meditation journey has taken me to places I didn’t expect. I’ve done some reading online, some of the experiences I’m having aren’t written about…well, not what I’m finding anyway. There’s a part, which I’ll explain later, that is bothering me a great deal. I fight it. Well, I was basically scolded for fighting it then…THEN…I opened my Bible and there it was…JOB! I haven’t been led to Job in quite a while, but I in my argument, I used Job and there it is today…GOD IS AMAZING!

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