‘A Coming End’ (Yeshuah)

‘A Coming End’ (Yeshuah)…be brave, be honest, pick a side, stay in truth…from ‘A Coming End’―Yeshuah

A Coming End (Yeshuah)

a change is in range
a sneaking up change
slow but precise
one of great magnitude
one of hope and encouragement

some things were meant to be
some things not
for the things meant to be
will be
no matter what you change
what was meant to be
will always be

enlighten yourself
be courageous
the light of life
is always here
the one sent
to lighten the load

be brave, be honest
pick a side
stay in truth

changes come
for the better of you
it is I†, Yeshuah†
go in peace
then peace I'll† give you

Notes: The screenshot David chose is from September 27, 2019: Love from Heaven. When I first started writing about David, a lady came on a friend of mine’s page and said ‘spirit guides’ are evil, that it says so in the Bible. It says no such thing. In fact, the term ‘spirit guide’ is no where in the Bible and a term I, myself, used to describe David’s being. It is the same with skin color. No where’s in the Bible does it say anything about the color of skin. In the course of watching the film ‘Loving’, they actually said that as an excuse to hurt anyone with dark colored skin. How does anyone justify themselves when using God in any way that is not true? The photograph that the screenshot is taken from is below. I describe what David said is happening on the page itself. The photograph was taken at 5:55:44…that should tell you a lot right there.


(May 31, 2022)―He led me to the Book of Ester. Interesting.  In the Book of Ester, God teaches us how to lay a petition down before Him. If you haven’t learned that yet, you need to read the book carefully so that you can learn.

So, why so many pieces in only a few days. As you know I’ve moved closer to my children and in the course of this move, I haven’t yet to receive all my things that I paid to have moved for me. And Thursday, after I completed my walk at a local park, I brushed too hard against the curb, which was jagged rock and popped a tire. He stilled me. I got the message loud and clear that the Lord wanted all these pieces put up. I glorify the Lord in everything that happens to me, so it is entirely up to Him if I get my things this week or not. Whatever happens to me, it doesn’t matter. I’m charged with His words and I have to give them to you, no matter what you do to me. Plenty have deleted me from social media. That’s the price to pay in a world that doesn’t believe God talks anymore, especially to a sinful woman. God be with you that you find your ears and your eyes before the judge finds you or rather comes for you to make that final decision about your soul.

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