‘Loved By The Father’

November 5, 2023: ‘Loved By The Father’….’…Jesus replied, ‘The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified. I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds. The man who loves his life will lose it, while the man who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life. Whoever serves Me must follow Me; and where I am, My servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves Me.’―John 12:20-26

Loved By The Father 

'…Jesus replied, 'The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified. I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds. The man who loves his life will lose it, while the man who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life. Whoever serves Me must follow Me; and where I am, My servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves Me.'―John 12:20-26

trapped in this body
in a world
that does not swirl
of the heavenly Kingdom

how is it that I know
its heavenly magic
when I've tasted sin's twirl
its timeless curl

I wake up with Him† on my mind
I fall asleep with Him† on my tongue
as I see the world
living its 'same'
and only Him† called my name

can't you see world
the grace of the King†
words…on my tongue…I want to sing
praise and give glory
even through tragic's ring

where are you 'o peoples of the world
where is your giving swirl
why can't I see christmas' magic
why must I be part
of the twirl

raise my mind, my heart, my soul
'o gracious King†
so I don't fall again
to sin's endless thing

keep me in humble
keep me in prayer
keep me Yours†
this…this…the song I sing

for the world
in all its endless material burl
can't give to me
what He† did
it can't give to me the magic
all around me…twirls

in my mind and heart swirls
an endless beginning
that I can't get enough of
that not one material need

amen. amen. amen.

I hate this worldly world
but I must remain
until He† takes me home again

(November 5, 2023)—Shocking of Stupid’s Genius’,Devil’s Seeker’, ‘The Paradigm of Israel’ (God), ‘The Sin of Reuben’ (Yeshuah), ‘Lustful Content’ (Yeshuah), ‘Brave In Its Wings’ (God), ‘Abomination of Priesthood Among Men’ (Yeshuah/God), Sactionarism of Judah (Yeshuah), ‘Single-Minded Waywardness’ (Yeshuah), ‘A Patriarch of Mercy’ (God), The Look of Despair’  (God), ‘Be Ware of the Forsook’ (God), ‘Synchronism (Yeshuah),The Patriarch of Empathy’ (God), ‘Weapon’s ‘a Wrath’ (God), ‘The Rites of Benjamin’ (God), ‘Remnant To be Saved (God), and ‘Loved By The Father’.

The photograph David led me to is from October 2, 2019:  Wave Warning. The Photograph was taken at 5:55!

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‘Abasement of Time’ (Yeshuah)

‘Abasement of Time’ (Yeshuah)…’…The Lord thunders at the head of His army; His forces are beyond numbers, and mighty are those who obey His command. The day of the Lord is great; it is dreadful. Who can endure it?—Joel 2:1-11

Abasement of Time (Yeshuah)

the significance that lingers
is improperly put out
it is not for a showmen
to tell

I† am not here
for that
a showmen entertaining
I†, Yeshuah†, was never a showmen

I† singed the dirge
I† didn't play the flute
or the tambourine
I sang it quietly
that only a few heard
the mourning cry of the Son†

I† no longer sing the dirge
I† watch instead
with a legion of My† own
as sin prevails over the soul
of many

the prophet cries
inside her heart
'who will hear? who will testify?'
a cry from long ago

the answer is simple
the truthful will hear

the sadness that lingers
is witnessing
the numbers of truthful

they are not those
burying themselves
in a showmen's clothes
or surrounding themselves
with showmen activities
to impress others

no, showmen are full of tricks
full of desires
that amounts to just stuff
glittering and polished
filled with lust

this cup I† offer
has none of those things
this cup
has nothing
the world wants

it has no pride, no ego
no laughter to conceal
the hurt inside

are those  who drink from this cup
for the most part, yes
they fall to the lowest
struggling in pain

but most―rise
so few
want to fully drink
from this cup I† offer

it is painful
in the beginning
and thoughts roam
but does not take
what is truly Mine†

do not be afraid
to drink from this cup

it will open you up
to all that is true

hold on tight
to the salvation it gives
the world desires
to strip you of this salvation
to claim glory
all its own

but the salvation
does not come from the world
it does not hold riches
of wealth and power
it stripes you of these things
for the kingdom of God†
is far more luxurious than riches
of the world

there is no need to seek this
while in the world
for if you forfeit worldly riches
you gain so much more
than the world can give

this is the cup I† offer

go about your day
in praise of all that is divine
do not seek
what the world can give

seek all that the Father†
can give

(September 23, 2023)―This was given September 22nd. Directly after, He led me to Joel 1:13-20 through Joel 2:1-11.

Note: The Coming Sequential is the prelude to six other writings, only one by me, that I was told to hold until today, the 23rd. The others are ‘Raised Windows’ (Yeshuah),‘Time’s Sequential Move’ (Yeshuah), Thoughts Encircled’ (Yeshuah),Tried’ (God),Abasement of Time’ (Yeshuah), andA Song of Dirge’ by me. All of the given pieces are concentrating on the seven churches under the sun, continuing what God said in ‘Heaven’s Sword’ and  ‘The First and the Last’.

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‘Heaven’s Sword’ (God)

‘Heaven’s Sword’ (God)…They will know that I am the Lord, when I inflict punishment on her and show myself holy within her. I will send a plague upon her and make blood flow in her streets. The slain will fall within her, with the sword against her on every side. Then they will know that I am the Lord.

Heaven's Sword (God)

do not take lightly
the warnings sent
they will appear

here is another
one most profound
and dubious in nature

the left sword
is out
the spindle of time
is beginning
‒an eruption of vastness

I† am He†, the Lord Almighty†
who can orchestrate
such a move
such an eruption
of unparallel events
to ever be recorded 
by man

here I† am, The†
the first and the last
the one above
and the one below

don't take lightly
what is being recorded
read every word
let them pound
in your chest

My† hand is on the sword
and true

I† have purpose
one that will be fulfilled
causing agitation
to the highest of orders

I† will shake the heavens
and rattle the earth
to such a degree
rebirth will emerge
but not before
all that is written
seeks safe shelter
from the approaching storm

it is approaching
it will be recorded
as all other storms
but this one will not match
any of them

peoples of the land
heed the warnings
don't be like your ancestors
who bathed in them
then forgot them

if you forget them
you will die

if you heed to them
you will live

the destruction is approaching
an unprecedented parallel
of notion
by My† hand

the nines will fall away
and the tens will emerge

the nines was full of peace
an egging towards prayer
redemption and salvation

the tens are far different
strife will cover the earth
peace will disappear
will not exist

governments will fall
and power will combine
to one

you will follow
or you will not

don't turn to Me†
because I† will be put away
and I† will leave
for a time

until all that was warned
takes place

then I† will re-emerge
and faith will be restored
righteousness will once again
be remembered
and I† will give redemption
once again

tell them servant
write every word
from My† mouth
exactly as you hear

tell them the truth
don't hide from them
they hold nothing
to the power of your pen

el lē nā sā

I† have spoken
the Lord Almighty God†
has spoken

(September 16, 2023)—I was given ‘Heaven’s Sword’ on September 13, but I held it because, in my personal life, I’ve been dealing with a family crises. My two-year-old grandson had been dealing with an injury to his left leg, limping like an old man for an entire month. Through misinformation, doctor error, my son finally brought him to a major hospital for children. Through a lot of prayers from a lot of people, they finally found out what it was. It wasn’t an injury after all, but a staff infection that spread through his entire left leg because of arrogance and laziness. They finally know how to treat him. He’s just two.

I’ve been holding on to my heart, calmness. I wanted to be angry. I wanted to scream at the doctors who so carelessly failed to do what was needed for a child. Even the doctors treating him said the same thing. People are getting lazy, especially, if they aren’t getting paid what they want. Insurance companies are nothing more than corporations, which God said…showed…in the first visions of 2019, that he hates.

You do the math. You do the figuring. All I can say is what He tells me. Left is a BIG word with God ever since He put His hand on me in 2019. He had me write over and over that the world will change, move to the left instead of the right. He uses us to tell us the warnings. As in my left leg going numb or hurting sometimes when He sits me down to write.

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‘Inside Scoop’ (Yeshuah)

‘Inside Scoop’ (Yeshuah)….For I am the Lord your God, who churns up the sea so that its waves roar—the Lord Almighty is His name. I have put My words in your mouth and covered you with the shadow of My hand—I who set the Heavens in place, who laid the foundations of the Earth, and who say to Zion, ‘You are My people.’—Isaiah 51:12-16

Inside Scoop (Yeshuah)

time's not standing still
it waivers here and there
but it moves
at a continuous pace

the 'waiver here and there'
comes from
individual moments of 'stop'
when life stops
things seem surreal

there lies a moment
of hesitation
when you're not sure
if it all matters
if there's a need
for you to be present

let Me†, Yeshuah†, explain
some things to you

you matter in the essence
of the Father†
if not anyone else
on earth
you matter to Him†

each soul on earth
is derived a plan
do not think
there is none for you

there is

the realms of heaven
are plenty
there's just not one place
you go

once in through Me†
there are other places
that await you

the gardens are vast
ask the prophet
she has seen some
I've† taken her there

there are many rooms
many positions

the fallen
must be replaced

these mysteries
many don't want you
to hear
satan's house is always

but remember
the Father† holds
the ultimate control

the choice is left
to you
do you want a kingdom
above or below?
that choice is left to you

and this kingdom above
is nothing
you have ever seen

it rises always higher
its demands are light
for there isn't the calamity
like on earth

on earth
it is always evolving
like the change
set on it now

you can't see it
but you can feel it
if you open yourself up
to it

there are beings
all around you
they move you

if you pay attention
you can abide by
the right movements

but satan's beings
are there too
it is allowed
a challenge to your soul

but you are given tools
many of them
and they are not material

words…new and old
the power in them
is unmatchable

you have to use them
to fight the beings
of satan

God† wants to see your strength
but not the strength
deemed by machines and muscles
rather the strength in Spirit
the ability to endure
without greed or pride
to be able to stand strong
in words given

I† can help you
I†, the Son†
am here

but you must be willing

My† kingdom is all around
it is a complete void of sin
once you are in My† kingdom
I† will fight
to not ever lose you

you will still be challenged
but with the strength
I† give you
you will win
every time

death is a part
of this challenge

a kingdom outside earth

death of the body
death of the Spirit
both are given
for all to endure

many lose
from death of the body

of those around them
they cannot overcome

grief is a tricky being
he bonds you
to your thoughts
it's his job

with Me†
I† can help you win

sorrow, sadness, anger
are not all the same
sorrow and sadness
are beings of the kingdom above
anger is a being
of the kingdom below

look at them close
see the difference

it is the anger
that kills a person
and I† can help fight
you just have to let Me†

I† know what you want
to hear
you want Me† to describe
the heavenly kingdom

I† have shown parts
to the prophet
she has written about them

I† will show more
at a later time

but to know the Father's† house
you first have to feel it

until you feel it
it remains a mystery

I† am speaking
He†, the one you need
but don't waste time
in your needing

there are many souls lost
satan's kingdom
has them wrapped up
sealed and taken
by the material world

this is not the way
to the kingdom of God†

it is grand in scale
and no money lives there
no sex or need
only love
and its ever enduring presence

[He led me to Acts 2:42-42]

this type of fellowship
the world does not want

if this kingdom grew
then the world of industrialization
the world of machines
would cease
there would be no need
for them
then all the wealth
would dry up

the world
satan's ultimate rule
will not allow this
to happen

do you not know why
the prophets, the apostles
some disciples
and Myself†
were killed

status and wealth
laziness and pride
control all that it can

and the sad part
to watch
man is allowing the ultimate
to happen again
but worse than the other times

and all the other times
the Father† swiped His† hand
with one huge harvest
then replanted

the individual now
is responsible for their
own soul

these words from the kingdom
are needed
salvation is needed
new is needed

but before the new
before the replant

the harvest

(July 23, 2023)―It was Acts 2:24-47 in the middle of the writing and then directly after Isaiah 50:4-9 through Isaiah  51:12-16. They are below.

I have to add this: What are the odds of randomly opening up my Bible to Scripture that has specific meaning to the words I’ve been given AND include specific words mentioned in the writing, like today ‘garden‘ and ‘salvation‘ in the same Scripture!? Just wondering.

He puts me in awe every time. You want to know how can I keep doing this, this is how! They show me. They help me. God and Yeshuah are always guiding me and reassuring me of Them, that man does not hold a candle to Them. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed of doing what They ask of me. I’m sorrowful for all those who are ashamed or embarrassed or hold pure hatred in their hearts because of what I was and am called to do.

I thank God every day for giving me a kind heart. And also a fierce heart when I need one.

The photograph David chose is from October 8, 2019: Oil Spill Warning.

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‘What Happened To Enoch?’ (God)

‘What Happened To Enoch’? (God)….Hear this, you priests! Pay attention, you Israelites! Listen, O royal house! This judgment is against you:…Then I will go back to My place until they admit their guilt. And they will seek My face; in their misery they will earnestly seek Me.’—Hosea 5:1-15

What Happened To Enoch? (God)

do  you have a clue
how bold of you
to even think you do

are you wondering the truth?
do you think
I† am going to tell you?

watch closely
and you may see the truth
for if I† tell you
you'll be lost
in heavenly glue

I†, the Lord Almighty†
have all the clues
I†  give them once
sometimes twice, too

I† have a way
that's beyond
the thought of you
it's to train you
on what to do
when I† am upon you

a vast realm
lives beyond you
you're just a tip
of the glue
but here comes a clue

the Riddle Maker† is at hand
enoch took a visit
and I† sent him back
for a time
to teach
unlike elijah
who never returned
but like My† Son†
who did

enoch returned in body
My† Son† returned
in body 'and' Spirit†

enoch had to show
and then he was done

do you need a body
to examine?
are you tired of searching?

I† am here
giving you answers
I† am here

the messengers I† sent
were all born to mothers
who reared them
they all had teachers
they all had to go through
trials of a young life
before it was time
for Me† to call them
for the details
they were born for

why is this so hard for you?
says the Lord Almighty†

pockets of freedoms
exist throughout earth
but these freedoms
comes at a price
for those not free

do you understand
the nature of this?

you choose to know Me† or not
you choose to believe, to accept
in truth

it is your choice
to go about the ways
of the world
and bypass
what is holy to Me†!

I† offered a way
to live in righteousness
without hurting others
you, the peoples, made the choice
to make your own rules
from My† rules!

My† laws you have used
which is good
but to use them to pillage
for greed and lust
not so good for you

I† have given Wisdom
I† have let Her roam freely
I† have given knowledge
of My† kingdom
and then I† watched the choices

you chose to help others
at first
then you saw a way
to escalate your wealth
your control, your place in society

so you took the knowledge
I† gave
and plundered it
so that those who truly need
do not have

and those who do not need
have an abundance

do you see My† hand in this?
do you see what you have done?

the world has separated you
from Me†
in ways of babylon
but worse

I† have named the wealthy
of this world

they take and take
and do not give back
what has been given to them

oh, there are some who return
they put a societal strap on it
to build their status

if so much is given in return
then why are people suffering?
why do they turn to sin
over and over?

I† know why!
you have placed a burden on them
that they cannot carry

do you not think I† am modern?
do you think I† am ancient?

I† have designed
each one of you
I† know each
I† know what 
each will do

a choice is made
from whom I† send to you
will the whom win
or you?

there's the choice

enoch made the right choice
it was easy for him
he lived in a time
when the unseen
was a clear wonder
and no righteous law
existed for man

he lived at a time
not unlike your time
when sin prevailed
and righteousness was odd

do you know what happened
to them?
I had to unplant them
a great harvest took place

and enoch was exceptional
he was not afraid
he was a wonder
a pure joy
I† did not leave him
to suffer
his belief was uncanny
matched by elijah
and then My† Son†

can you have this
type of belief?


it is only required
at certain times
which I† deem
to give what I† need to give
unmatched to any other time
on earth

are you willing to do that?

I† am trying to get My† servant
to do that
she is reluctant
she is like all the prophets
I† have called

enoch and elijah
were not reluctant

[He led me to Hosea 5:1-15 
through Hosea 6:4-11]

do you think I† have changed?
do I† need to be specific?
do you not know
why I† sent a Son†?
do you not understand
His† position?
Or do you still think
Him† and I† are the same?

He† is in Me†
as I† in you
as He† is in you
as I† am in you

do you not comprehend this yet?

man needed a path
of redemption
a path for salvation
without being overly consumed
I† gave one!

and it didn't take long
for man to take what I† gave
and turn it to fit their own needs
just like the laws
I† handed down to moses

this discipline I† gave
was relentless
but so was My† love

a path was set
for those chosen
and I† had to keep them
on the path

that path has completed itself
with the resurrection
of My† Son†

do you still not see?

He† set a path
that every soul can take
they choose not to take it

but for many
the ignorance is forgiven
for false shepherds
have blocked the way

there is a way around them
still…it is a choice

words are still given
not enough exist
that are holy enough
there will be

you peoples of the earth
have forsaken My† Word!
you utter them
but do not 'DO' them!

you shame those who do

'those who are last will be first'

do you not understand yet!

I† am the Lord Almighty†
I† speak

(July 21, 2023)—You should read the Scripture given in the piece first. Then a very special commentary follows.

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‘Raging Thoughts’ (Yeshuah)

Raging Thoughts (Yeshuah)…Understanding this, what happened to make Paul write such a letter is important. When we become followers of Yeshuah, we adhere to Him. Paul called this being a slave for Christ. I know what this feeling is. The love of it compels you to do for Yeshuah no matter what, no matter if death is at your door, no matter if people ignore you or ostracize you, or call you names, or outright hate you. It doesn’t matter. What Yeshuah shows those He calls is amazing. The same goes with those who are called by God. In those chosen, there is no doubt what is. The only thing we have to stay away from in order to do the work required is those who the adversary uses to try and discourage us. He doesn’t you know. We may fall into a slight depression or severe loneliness from time to time, but we are never persuaded to change our course.

Raging Thoughts (Yeshuah)

it's in the sound of thunder
that you hear
an automatic sound
as in radios and tvs
that are on
or sounds of sirens
and bells ringing

do you hear the sound
of the thunder
its rolling voice
and do you ever wonder
its true meaning
its true origin?

or do you leave it to science
to keep you aware?

let Me†, Yeshuah†, talk to you
for a while

this time you are in
is it the 'normal' you desired?
or is it between your 'normal'
and the change that is upon you?

how can you tell?
did someone tell you
or did you figure it
for yourself?

isn't it an odd thing
that you must be told things
instead of figuring them out

I† am in heaven
the kingdom
that many deny
but yet many have seen
since I† walked the earth
including the prophet of words

and they tell you
their stories
and yet you still deny

it's simple really
you can't touch love
but you can see it
you can recognize it

the same goes with hate

all the things I† give
to the prophet of words
and she gives in return
are truth
yet you don't want to accept them
these words written

love and hate
they are beings of God†
each on a different spectrum
but can live together
in one human being

each can be removed
in the same way
as they entered

but you don't want to see
that love and hate
resolve from the same place
God†, the Almighty Lord†

your will to accept each
is understandable
but to not accept
where they come from
is not

has science blinded you
that much?

has the ways of the world
clouded your view
that much
that you can't see God†
in all things?

it is written over and over
that He† is the creator
of all things

what part of that
is unclear?

you are charged
with a simple task
learn who the Father† is
then share it with others

once you truly know the Father†
then you can begin to know
Me†, the Son†

mercy is given freely
so give mercy freely
as it has been given to you

there are so many
who don't know the Father†
they recite prayers and hymns
sing glorious songs
but they refuse to truly
acknowledge Him†

the veils are hard to see through
and they often appear
but you do not see them
they are masked with confusion
with hate and anger
but not just them
they mask life itself
so that the truth of heart

you are blinded on purpose
to see what is written
on your heart
giving you chance after chance
to rise out of your death
and seek Me†

the Father† loves each being
so much
that He† employs this to be
not to harm you
not to disgrace you
but to save you
from destruction

like a good father on earth
disciplines his child
so does the Father† of all

all of these words given
at this time
in this end of the age
are the message of salvation
for you to prepare
all that is inside of you
including all of your offspring
to find Me†, the Son†
so that you will be redeemed
from your struggles
from your death

come onto Me†
by learning the Father†
all of Him†
not just some
as all the false shepherds
are teaching
it is charged onto you
to learn
so that your being
will be saved
and live forever

(June 16, 2023)―I didn’t understand the Scripture (Philemon 1-25) right away. It’s about love. The commentators of my Bible write: As Paul indicated, the letter to the Colossians was to be delivered by Thychicus and Onesimus. Another letter, of special significance to Onesimus, is also being sent. Before coming to Rome and being converted by Paul, Onesimus had been a slave of a Christian named Philemon. Onesimus (whose name means ‘useful’) had run away from Philemon and had evidently taken some money or property belonging to his master. Paul now writes to Philemon on behalf of Onesimus and asks that Philemon accept Onesimus back as a brother in Christ. The letter is an insightful study in personal relationships among Christians and contrasts the freedoms that come when one is under bondage to Christ.

Understanding this, what happened to make Paul write such a letter is important. When we become followers of Yeshuah, we adhere to Him. Paul called this being a slave for Christ. I know what this feeling is. The love of it compels you to do for Yeshuah no matter what, no matter if death is at your door, no matter if people ignore you or ostracize you, or call you names, or outright hate you. It doesn’t matter. What Yeshuah shows those He calls is amazing. The same goes with those who are called by God. In those chosen, there is no doubt what is. The only thing we have to stay away from in order to do the work required is those who the adversary uses to try and discourage us. He doesn’t you know. We may fall into a slight depression or severe loneliness from time to time, but we are never persuaded to change our course.

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‘Time’s Innuendo at Hand’ (Yeshuah)

Time’s Innuendo at Hand (Yeshuah)…’Are there not twelve hours of daylight? A man who walks by day will not stumble, for he sees by this world’s light. It is when he walks by night that he stumbles, for he has no light.’ ….—John 11:5-16

Time's Innuendo at Hand (Yeshuah)

a different time is at hand
one you cannot see
but if you feel
then you can sense the change
at hand

I† am giving you a chance
to feel
wage up and feel

it's in the air
this feeling
one of great remorse
one of great indifference
to the times at hand

the times you refuse to face
for parties and games
for mere entertainment
ignoring the Spirit†
upon you

it is I†, Yeshuah†
instructing you about the times
you are in
all peoples
over all the earth

it's a shortness of breath
a tingling of fingers and toes

an innuendo of change
an emotional rampage
by any other time
on earth

it's a time to pray
beyond the religions
of the world

it's a time to learn the Father†
the truth
unlike any other time

He† has let you see
His† work
in so many ways

He† has given opportunity
to change your ways

you choose to look
the other way
you choose to walk
the opposite path

your celebrations are in vain
without the Father† on your heart
without Me†, the Son†, in your soul

wake up to the feelings
upon you
encircling you
feelings to bring you
great disaster
if not tended to
feelings unmatched
by time itself

hold on to the Words
of My† Father†
learn them
teach them
not in pieces
but in whole
all of them
the old and the new

heed to the warnings at hand
changes are being made
slowly and precisely
at the Father's† will

not learning the Words
leaves emptiness of heart
a vagueness unfulfilled

rise up 'o Words
speak to them
all the peoples of the world
give them solitude
in their absence of life
breathe life into them
take hold of their hearts
and teach them love
teach them forgiveness
what the Father† desires
more than anything

teach My† children
how to avoid strife
all the evils of this world
give the strength
to overcome adversaries
and calamity

for what is coming into the world
is great
and cannot be avoided

be well, My† children who hear
you have good ears
your soul is right with the Lord†
pray through your despair
come into Me†
and I† will go into you
and place the Spirit of Truth†
on your heart

'o My† children
'o My† sisters and brothers
'o My† Father's† chosen
rise up on this most troubled
of times
one masked as peace
but under its craving joy
is villainess of heart
a grave delusion
setting the pace
for what's to come

peace will evade you
in the coming years
it will render itself

but in Me†
you will find calm
you will find solitude
Salvation is My† name

avoid the things told to you
stay clear of these desires
and it will go well with you

sing alleluia
sing loud to the Lord†

bow down in your solitude
give thanks to the Lord Almighty†
for He† is good and just
and must bring calamity
to right wrongs done
to His† people
those who hear
those who walk in the Word
those who knew new Words
are given
not to replace
but to remind, to add
clarity to the old

wake up 'o sleepy ones
the change is upon you
great remorse is coming

prepare and be enlightened
to the change the Father†
is sending to you

embrace His† Words
drink up their cause
for their cause is good

hear the choirs in heaven rejoice
for the Father's discipline
is righteous

'mellow out, 'o Father†' you sing
but the Father's† hand is just
His† wrath is just

be well 'o hearer of Words
sing praises to them
while you still have them
the treasure of the world
will soon hide its face
and those wandering the earth
will search
but will not find
they will thirst
but their thirst will not be quenched
they will hunger
but will not feed their hunger

they will walk in darkness
search for a light
but will not find
until the time is given
for the treasure
to reveal itself again

'awaken, awaken 'o Words of old'
they will cry
but the Father† will hide them
from the eyes of the wicked
and the righteous
for generations before
forgot to teach them

don't forget 'o generations
of now
teach My† children all the Words
the old and the new
for neither will ever fall away
but they will be lost for a while
but not completely
to those who have them
stamped on their hearts

be well to hear
this time is coming
after this time passes

all the churches of the world
will crumble
because I† will crumble them
for they have forsaken Me†, the Son†

a new church will arise
one of great multitude
after the old has fallen away
they will not combine
one will fall away
and the other will rise
and be built on the rock intended
not for money or power
nor for influence or prestige
but for love and devotion

then all the choirs of heaven
will sing
alleluia to the Lord Almighty†
for He† is good and righteous
and His† laws are just

(June 14, 2023)―He led me to John 11:5-54 directly after giving me this.

I was given ‘Times Innuendo’ from God in 2022.

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‘Reworked Clay’

‘Reworked Clay’…For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.—Ephesians 2:8-10

Reworked Clay

I am woman
hear me roar

I am tender
and sore
beaten and bruised

I am soft and assure
hard and wrecked

I am beautiful
callused and torn

I am a curve
of watchful noise
the inside pleasures
and the outside gestures

I am at the hands
of many
but the work of One†

I am woman
the tool of the soul
through me
magic is laced

I can tear or build
depending on
the tear down
or the build up
of me

I am woman
never mistakened
for a man
I am pure inside
shaped to wither hearts
reshaped to comfort
pulling hurt to my breast

I am woman 
there is no part of me
too hard
that tears won't come down
in sorrow and pity

I have been broken
savaged and wiped

men want to be me
but they can never
be me
no matter the force
in nature

for the Potter† is excellent
and I am perfect
the creator of life
made by the Creator† of life

you can't have
what I have

for I am woman
all emotions of one
the mother
the anchor
the shoulder
the bearer of weight
that can't be shouldered
by any type of man

for I am woman
born woman
creator created
by the one true Creator†

a job predetermined
by Him† who created me

§For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.—Ephesians 2:8-10

(May 9, 2023)—I have been stumbling over this one. I know what I heard and I don’t doubt God one bit, I fear Him immensely. As His called servant, I trust that He guides my words and this one, as well as ”She’ Put Back in Place’, He wanted me to write with the help of David to express all that He’s been telling me…what makes Him so angry.

First, I will repeat what I wrote in the commentary for ”She’ Put Back in Place’ because it is the basis of this writing.

‘…wanting something so bad that you would risk your life to have it is Idolatry. Worshiping something so strong that it overpowers God in every sense of the word is Idolatry. If you can’t comprehend this, no one can help you. You are lost so far in the darkness that it will take an act of God Himself to pull you out.

To go to the extreme of what so many are doing: To be woman in order to get what they have, to be woman in order to have it easier, to winner better, to give into the seduction of lustfulness…all of this is Idolatry! Your sins are noted.’

He then led me to the Scripture dealing with Idolatry for that writing.

For years now, God has been making me look at myself and my vanity. I grew into my vanity because of how I witnessed my dad treat my mother, then see other women, who were not thin, be treated differently. I fought to ever be obese because of all of this and it was a struggle my whole life, until God made this drastic promise to me. When I think of promises like this from God, I think ‘biblical times‘. He tells me that every time is biblical.

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 ‘A Welcomed Silence’ (Yeshuah)

‘A Welcomed Silence’ (Yeshuah)…Elijah picked up the child and carried him down from the room into the house. He gave him to his mother and said, ‘Look, your son is alive!’ Then the woman said to Elijah, ‘Now I know that you are a man of God and that the word of the Lord from your mouth is the truth.’—1 Kings 17:17-24

A Welcomed Silence (Yeshuah)

the noise gets to Me†
the burst of prayers
that gets to Me†

round and round
some of them go
asking, praying

some 'do' for this praying
most don't
their energy poured
into things that can't help

it is I†, Yeshuah†
let Me† take you
on a walk

there's this village
there are people in this village
small and old
healthy and sick

every year  they come together
decorate the town
share in a festive journey

for a month
they enjoy each other
they laugh, eat, pray
and are merry

for a few days
they are solemn
repentable, savationable

some cry over sorrow
remourning a lost
regretting the lost
missing the lost

they even feed some
of the hungry
they give toys to some
of the needy

for this one month
the beauty lives
love is seen
with opened eyes

then it happens
it disappears
like it never happened

of course, it never really

surface beauty never lasts
it ages over time
it's no wonder to Me†
that it doesn't stay
because the inside part
the festering blisters

you could put up a million lights
decorate the halls
in the finest of linens
gold and silver
you could do all the good
in that one month

it doesn't help
the other eleven months

why is it so hard
to be like that one month
all the time?

what keeps you
from being that person
all year?

it is I†, Yeshuah†

no, you celebrate Me†
on the surface
because every year
you put Me† back on the cross

you celebrate My† birth
and recreate My† death
over and over
yet, you do not know Me†

it is time
in this age of nines
to figure self out
and to learn who I† am
and why I† was born

it wasn't to bring you riches
it wasn't for you to be stuck
in the sinful nature

I† did what I† said I† did
I† divided
now I† stand to judge

but as you make your journey
I† stand to correct
and instruct
but you must do your part
you must seek Me†
you must know Me†

I† am not presents
I† am not your material world

I† went to the cross
I† am not on the cross

the inside vessel
of each
when asked for
so I† enter
or so I† return

it is a choice
I'm† charged with
bringing you to the Father†

you cannot see the Father†
without Me†

I† am the vessel
that stands

there is no kingdom 
without Me†

Notes: The photograph David chose is from September 27, 2019: Love from Heaven.

(December 7, 2022)―‘A Welcomed Silence’ was given on December 1, 2022. After He led me to the prophet Elijah.

‘…Elijah picked up the child and carried him down from the room into the house. He gave him to his mother and said, ‘Look, your son is alive!’ Then the woman said to Elijah, ‘Now I know that you are a man of God and that the word of the Lord from your mouth is the truth.’—1 Kings 17:17-24….We as a society have…HAVE to see. We can’t seem to hold on to faith even while God is all around us. We praise Him when joy and love is present, when we see the gifts given, but we scorn Him when things are going badly for us. We fail to see His work is at hand.

The truth. I write what He gives to me. You don’t want to acknowledge the truth of this because your faith is weak.

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‘Sweetness’ (Yeshuah’s In My Face Vision).

‘Sweetness’ (Yeshuah’s In My Face Vision)…’I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.’ [Luke] ‘If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him. If he sins against you seven times in a day, and seven times comes back to you and says, ‘I repent,’ forgive him.’—Matthew 18:21,22; Luke 17:3b,4

Sweetness (Yeshuah's In My Face Vision)

I sit in wonder
minus the thunder
of someone else's angered interior

I've become more than a writer
I've become a meditator
a pray-er
less than a number
‒a silent neighbor
maybe a quiet onlooker
soaking up the moves
of a joker

I sit and ponder
words in plaster
having so much to offer
vibes of the Father†
‒being tarnished
as the irregular

I'm a solid stranger
‒a mistakened soldier
for the greed giver
mistakened for a baffler
with no words to say
in consider

stuck in a canister
of someone else's ignorant
treading through water
bumping through waves
of the creator

yes, I sit and wonder
all the careless disorder
masked as order

then…He† comes
the Son† of the master
filling the room
in sweet perfume
sitting before me
giving me the answer
as He† cuffs His† hand
around my face
smiles gently
taking the pain in my chest
caused by an agitator
lifting it
away from me

there before me
in the blink of an eye
is the anchor
standing as the annunciator

'it's okay'

giving me more
than any human can
to consider

for there before me
my face in His† hands
is the Savior†
turning me into
the forgiver

Notes: The photograph is the third one I was led to this afternoon. The other two were of my face! Then God, ‘How about My face.’ Which He is all Spirit and the sun is the most powerful energy Spirit. So, I said, ‘Of course.’ This photograph was taken on October 7, 2019:  Faces. This is all so surreal! What He has me explaining down below and leading me to the Faces photo session is extraordinary in itself! The faces in this set of photographs that is pointed out to me by David reveals placements in the kingdom as He has me explain below. If I were you, I would do everything possible to ensure that I’m at least one of these faces, the eyes of God. The alternative is not so pleasant, which He has given me a glimpse of as well. I will note here the object that I screenshot, which is in many of the photographs in nearly the same area of the photograph on many different days. This object is not on the water. It is floating above the water and I couldn’t see it with my naked eye. You see above it is another object than the green orb.

10.07.2019.17.54.32 (5:54 p.m.)

(July 30, 2022)—I couldn’t sleep last night. It took me a long time to settle down. Things…lessons…have been taking place in my life and for me, it’s lessons of forgiveness and calm. It’s not about the other people, or other person, it’s about me being calm and accepting the experience as just that: the experience to either pass or fail.

This sort of test makes the heart heavy especially when others did you wrong, steal from you, manipulate, lie, betray…and you did nothing but good things for them. The lesson for you is to pass, as it was for me. I’ve learned through the years to watch or listen for the vengeance of God because He avenges us when we are not around. My tears have become, my inside anger has become not for what people do or say about me but what they do to themselves because they failed their part of the test.

Today, I was led to write from my heart. To write truth of self. And amazing as it is…simply amazing…the Scripture I was led to was AFTER I wrote ‘Sweetness‘…He is with me there is no doubt. My Bible is breathing and living with every beat of my heart.

I started my prayer sessions again and last night was brief but extraordinary at the same time. I added what I saw in the vision in the work today, but I’ll tell you it straight as well.

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