‘A Mighty Hand’s Reverence’ (Yeshuah)

‘A Mighty Hand’s Reverence’ (Yeshuah)…Traditions. We are always talking about breaking traditional curses, well this is one of them. It goes back to the beginning of time. The reason for this is of course, love. But the bigger picture is selfishness.

A Mighty Hand's Reverence (Yeshuah)

how will you endure
when the servant
doesn't attend
to see a body off
to the grave

will you be angry
cry selfish tears
curse her very existence

how will you understand
after all this time
seeds planted
for reasons His† own

I've† come to explain
'o gentle souls
so weak

the Lord Almighty God†
isn't the god
of the dead

He† is Lord†
over all the living
He† plows the earth
plants nourishment
gives life

in death He's† gone
waiting for a call
a hum, a song
a cry, a yell
then He's† quick
but slow
in the reprieve

but a body
it is different
a soul has left
‒left is an empty shell
where life once lived
but not any more

it is too late for prayers
for the praying has ended
the soul enters
My† banquet hall
for judgment

don't be so careless
with life
for it is 'during' life
that prayers are heard

My† servant speaks for life
thus must be surrounded
by life

hail the corpse in the ground
for it doesn't speak
any more

why do you charge so much effort
in the mourning of the corpse
‒bury and be done
all this money
going to the dead corpse
why, 'o why My† gentle sheep
are you so blind

I† shall keep My† servant
from the rotting corpse
to teach you life
to celebrate and care
for the living temple

to celebrate its birth
its breathing
even while sickly
prayers are strengthened

but nothing happens
once the being leaves
a life was lived
then it lives in the body
no more
it becomes its true being
once more

why do you mourn so deeply
when death comes late
when a soul has managed
its temple
‒lived in old age

don't you know
their journey was set
they listened without knowing

their journey should be celebrated
not wailed upon
‒sing in jubilee
time was given
enough time in complete

why do you mourn
when a body closes so young
don't you know
about redemption
don't  you know
a ransom was paid in full

love is a gentle being
when the young go
seek their place
celebrate in jubilee
for the souls had less time
for they were worthy

'o how death is misinterpreted
death in the body
should be healed and
mourned and wailed
and helped

death out the body
should be celebrated
for their time is done

it is I†, Yeshuah†
seek salvation
while in the body
so the kingdom
will be yours

she, the servant
shall stay away from death
outside the body

Note: The photograph David chose is a screen shot from October 7, 2019: Faces. God. Of course.


(March 31, 2022)―I was led to page 1484 again in my Bible, where at the top of the page is part of Acts 1:15-22, with a single line underlined in red:

‘May another take his place of leadership.’

Reverence: (noun) deep respect for someone or something. (verb) regard or treat with deep respect

The following was heavily explained to me: Each family line is considered like a tribe and in each line, there should be a leader. Someone who holds things together. When that person dies, there should be another to step up. One with respect. One wise. When there isn’t any, the tribe, family, tends to scatter—A broken vine. Dictatorship, selfishness, disrespect, sinful natures, malicious hearts are not traits of a good leader. Good traits: honor, strength, love, forgiveness, a sufferer of Christ, trust worthy.

God says we put more emphasis on burying a corpse than we do on the broken of the world. This shouldn’t be. He said we, the arrogant, put more money on a person’s funeral than on their life. He has pointed this out many times in these writings and in the visions of 2019. He said He hates memorials, yet they are continuously being built, yet you still seek millions of dollars for death and nothing for life.

Traditions. We are always talking about breaking traditional curses, well this is one of them. It goes back to the beginning of time. The reason for this is of course, love. But the bigger picture is selfishness.

We cry and mourn not for the person who has died, but for ourselves. God knows this. He knows the why of everything. And it is all a test. It is okay to mourn, but for a short while. The life of the person who has died is over and we are to learn from that life, and help the living.

Good day. I knew something was coming because I had been thinking about my sisters and my dad for a few days now. This morning was deeper than usual. He told me in 2019 that I had rules, that I would not be allowed to attend funerals. He said my mother’s was the last. It was that day, the day we held her service that I knew, as I sat in the front pew of that church, that something had changed. My age became very important. Before that day, my age didn’t matter and I was just living the journey. But that day, it was important that I recognize my age and the maturity I was moving into.

I didn’t expect this…to write about this subject. Of course, it isn’t me talking in the piece and I’m guided here in this commentary because He said I am and that the focus was on tradition.

A lot of money is poured into the burial of the dead. God says this is wrong. This is hard to write because I was raised on these traditions: the fancy coffins, the fancy services, the fancy burial stones. All of this makes a lot of money for the churches, funeral homes, coffin makers, etc., etc. The people pay extreme amounts of money to insurance companies in order to be buried! And no one is paying attention to who God is.

He is NOT the god of the dead.

Everything that needs to be said, Yeshuah says in this piece. We don’t focus on the living as we focus on the dead.

Respect: It is the focus on the living, as Yeshuah says, instead of the dead. It’s a tradition that is so hard to break, it’s like a drug. You fear disrespecting a dead body or the memory of a dead person. After that being leaves that body, they are not worried about you. They have other jobs to do for the kingdom, which ever place that is. They are no longer in pain, no longer in old’s body, no longer in worry, hate fear…whatever their tests were on Earth, they are done.

God says for you to be done as well, and appoint another leader, or take your focus and put it on another person…the living.

On a Personal Note: God teaches through doing. And He has been doing this through my life since this journey began. My mother died April 29, 2018. She had insurance policies and wishes concerning her burial. I don’t know all the wishes and instructions but I do know some were not met.

This is how it happened: She was put in a nice coffin, laid out in a church for a few hours, then taken to be cremated (her wish). Her ashes were put in a urn then placed in a small marble box with only her name and dates on it then cemented to her mother’s grave stone.

That was it.

I was in shock at this because of traditions. I was mad for a while until I saw her in vision. I saw her twice now in vision and she’s no longer the over weight, old sickly woman that she was when she died. She is thin and beautiful and happy…so vibrant with life.

Her burial was God showing us the simple of burying the dead. He said we don’t need all the circus surrounding dead corpses, but instead, point that circus to the living.

I was shown my mother in vision for me to tell you that there IS life after you leave this body. There is a kingdom. We don’t need the body in the kingdom. I’m told that when it calls for it, we use the body form in which we were the most happy in life. My mother’s most happiest time is when she was barely 18 years old.

I know this is hard to understand or even imagine, but it is what I’m shown and told. Yeshuah instructs this at this time because of where the world is headed…a new Earth. This cycle is ending.

As for my dad, I was told in 2019, then shown in 2021 in vision, then told directly again this year 2022, that I will not attend his funeral. This is hard for me to take, but it is what I’m instructed. I cannot attend any funerals and I cannot be around any dead bodies.

You can read all of the visions, dreams and words, as well as see all the images and see the time frame in which they were given by clicking on Message Index.

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