‘Actumonnadā’ (Yeshuah/Sign Given)

Actumonnada (Yeshuah/Sign Given)—do you understand/your thoughts?/can you/do away/with them/conceive them/then get rid of them?—from ‘Actumonnada’ by Yeshuah

Actumonnadā (Yeshuah/Sign Given)

do you see the logic
in your thoughts?

do you understand
your thoughts?
can you do away
with them
conceive them
then get rid of them?

or must you act on them?

I'm† convinced you don't know
in fact, I† know
just blending with you
for a second

I† am the Son†
I† can see it all
I† wonder why you choose
not to

did you read what I† said
about wealth?
did you not understand?

get rid of your wealth
before I† come!
not for the world
but for you, each person

that is straight forward

what do you do
with your wealth?
feed the poor
house the homeless
take care of the widow
and the fatherless
take care of the sick
and imprisoned
care for the abused
of the world

at this moment
if all the wealth
were used up
for this purpose
there would be no more of it

it's so simple, isn't it

but those who preach about Me†
and My† Father†
can't give up their wealth
so why should the rest?

I† am going to tear them down!

for their example
cannot be set
by even them

I† am going to destroy them!

all who serve as a shepherd
and have wealth
are lying to themselves
and putting burdens on shoulders
that cannot sustain
God†  the Father† is not in wealth
as in material possessions
and money

money is given to be given
not just some of it
all of it

you should keep just enough
to live on
then the rest is to be given

this is why God† and money
cannot live together
you love 'one'!
you cannot love both

do you not understand?

you have God† or money
not both

wealth has spread
satan has been enjoying
his time with you
all the wealth he has been
and many have fallen
to it

and you don't want to hear
what the prophet of words writes
you don't want the truth
of the kingdom

you want what satan gives
the desire for it is strong
the need of it is strong
mixed in confusion
it turns to lust
and this lust will grow
it will consume the world

the Father's† love is true
His† discipline is just

the world desires satan's house
satan is not in the world
but he is of the world
and he has taken many
and he will take many more

for money is his jewel
for lustful desire his instrument

you can't have lustful desire
and God† together
you must separate from
lustful desire

the need for it
will get stronger
throughout the world
all nations

you are being prepared
with the tools needed

the bible is not all you
will need
these words sent
these new words
are added weapons
and if you don't use them
confusion will tear you

it is set
the Father† has set it

can you withstand the lies
being put upon you?
are you mature enough
to know the difference
between God's† house and satan's?

how do you know?

are you looking towards
your wealthy churches
for answers?
or are you looking directly
at Me†, the Son†?

has your wealthy church,
your wealthy pastor or priest
sold all the wealth
have they emptied their accounts?

that's where you start
if they cannot empty their
personal treasures, 
they are deceiving you

I† am the Son†, Yeshuah†
the bell has rang
the call has been sounded
wealth is the cornerstone of the fallen
its house is built strong
its fire runs deep
and it never fails
it always wins

(June 23, 2023)—This piece was given June 20, 2023. He pronounced the title very slowly: Act-u-mon-na-dā. The sounds that I wrote are accurate and precise to what I heard because He said them several times.

Directly after the writing, He led me to Ezekiel 47 through Ezekiel 48. The division of the land!

Sign Given: God asks me all the time to ask for signs, so He can give them and glorify Himself. I write about them, but you are not listening. I wrote about the hummingbird sign, which was simple and magnificent. I started hiking last year, and about a month ago I asked for a sign. It may seem like a strange sign, but to me it isn’t. Again, the sign would tell me that everything He has shown me and told me up until the point of the sign given would be. I had asked for a sign back in Las Vegas for the same reason. Back then, I asked for an unexpected package from someone who loves me. It’s been this way for years now, no one sends me anything. No, I don’t get birthday gifts, or Christmas gifts, not even Mother’s Day gifts. Nothing. So, it was an honorable request. And God delivered! In His way, the unexpected package was my youngest granddaughter, from someone who loves me, my son. It was the same with the birthday gift from God: the snow. I wrote about all of these things. They go unnoticed. The sign I asked for: Put a deer in my path, so I can take a picture and glorify You. I have waited and waited. He’s put them all over the place and I point to my path, as I did for the hummingbird. For the hummingbird, they always appeared where I usually walked. I wanted it in my face and I put my hand right in front of my face to make sure my meaning was clear. And He put it in FRONT of my face! Two days later, under a stairwell, at my front door! That’s how God answers with a sign asked for. This time it was no different. I travel 45 minutes to the hiking trail. I received all good numbers, everything was great. I’m walking this trail that was supposed to be ten miles long. And there they are! Not one, but three and one was directly on my path facing me. I was so caught up in the moment that I took out my camera a bit slow and I had to put in the security code. Two of them quickly walked away. The one in this picture, with her back to me was facing me. When she turned to walk away, she turned her head to look back at me, as if to say, ‘Did you get your picture?’ By the way, the hike ended up being 12 miles!

I can’t deny what I saw. God has trained me so many times to see Him that when I do, I’m amazed because His ways are scary, but glorious at the same time.

This sign for me is that way. It is glorious because God’s hand was shown and He answered me. It is scary because it means that everything Him and Yeshuah has had me write will be. The world is just playing around while God is shuffling the cards. The world holds the losing hand.

You can read all of the visions, dreams and words, as well as see all the images and see the time frame in which they were given by clicking on Message Index.

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