‘Broken Wings’ Folly’

‘Broken Wings’ Folly’…’…Can you image a world where there is no weapons, no disease, no hate, no angry, no jealousy, no envy, no obsessions, no wantings, no needings, no bad anything? This is the utopia of God’s Kingdom. I am going to experience that because I know it exist. I know it is….’

Broken Wings' Folly

how is it
to feel like a fool
when silence leaves
God† puts words
on your tongue
‒that offends everyone

how is it
to sit all alone
stuck in silence all around
recording what's heard
without being told or forced
‒just loved by the Son†

how is it
the fullness felt
from knees knelt
was actually emptiness
truth…constantly blurred
ears constantly buzzing
‒taking on everything
wishing for a bullet and a gun

how is it
after asking for the 'whys'
begging and pleading
anger and self-pity
mixed in a romance's flirt
with words pouring from the pen
‒the replacement of death
bleeding my pain out
with walks in the sun

how is it
dancing through life
like a light-feathered bird
on what's coming out of my head
as others laugh and joke
my children…fed
‒lies between malicious buns

how is it
the 'whys' were answered
as God† directed words heard
the process of blame
repeating…over and over…its rhythm

how is it
things have changed
Wisdom is the true surge
to obtain
as her 'whys' are answered
enters in—the 'hows'
as faith is built
‒hanging on to
what becomes…belief
to see how God† works
from His† kingdom
in Heaven

for 'learned' has done
what its intentions
were charged to do
‒it was never an individual issue

it was always heart
the decreasing and increasing
of scars

the vine failed or succeeded
the mixture―well put
not one…an expert
all…with dirt…will flirt
‒while breathing air
all....life's network

the how of it
a learned lesson from life
to wipe off my face…the smirk
not be so much…the jerk
Yeshuah† came to rejuvenate
give us a perk
replacing many a proverb
became the honor, the ransom
the mortar of much needed

the 'how' has become
the mixture of old and new

dear children, no need to worry
He† chose the how
before your birth
‒for every soul on earth

to end this personal byword, dear children
you were never broken
‒just traveling down the path
it's all basic homework
you can fail or pass
the next path will emerge

go up or down
entirely your decision
‒Wisdom will always decide
good fruit or bad fruit
a mockingbird or a shepherd
you hear the word
or it goes unheard

all left to you
in your journey's pathing works
the hows
Wisdom's greatest churns
for you to learn

(September 7, 2023)―It is said that if we are given Wisdom, it is a sin to not share. We are worse off then someone who is a thief. I’m charged with sharing the lessons given to me because they are not for me, they are for the future that hasn’t arrived yet, and you are part of that future. Although He said you would not understand, or refuse to understand, that you would not hear, I believe in you. The future of the righteous depends on you hearing today.

With that said, He didn’t lead me to Scripture today. He led me to Wisdom Herself. The proverbs of Solomon and all those written after him, that is what He was teaching me today…that they were before Yeshuah. Yeshuah came to change things. He did. But there are still a lot of folks teaching what was before…BEFORE…this change.

Money is not grace. Women are not evil. In fact, the woman has been elevated way before the writings He has given to me. Man chose to put her low. This is a major sin against man himself.

Poor and humbled and meek are elevated. You who are these things do not know how good you have it. You are Yeshuah’s children. Do not ever think that you are less because of your financial situation.

The tongue. This has always been my worry. And, believe me, I had people criticize me heavily to my face about my tongue and how I use it. What is in the dark will be brought to light. This is how it is brought to the light…the tongue. Did you think otherwise?

The tongue is a reason for much anger in the world. The tongue is the reason for many to bring violence and hate. It is an unusual and shocking thing to witness. How words cause such hate and anger from people who go to church and proclaim they are children of Yeshuah. No, you are not. If words hurt you, just words from someone’s mouth, you are weak in God and you don’t know Yeshuah.

This was another hard lesson for me. Divorce was the first hard one. There’s so many thinsg Yeshuah changed and it was all changed with love. The royal law that so many missed. It is the law put in place to allow everyone a chance for redemption and salvation…not any particular people…everyone!

Can you image a world where there is no weapons, no disease, no hate, no angry, no jealousy, no envy, no obsessions, no wantings, no needings, no bad anything? This is the utopia of God’s Kingdom. I am going to experience that because I know it exist. I know it is.

All of this BS here on Earth is just that BS. It means nothing! All of this stuff on Earth means nothing! Your pride and ego mean NOTHING!

The whys that I asked over and over, go on and read my books, you’ll see how many whys I asked, were answered. We are tested over and over to see what is truly in our hearts, and then to humble us so we are worthy of a kingdom.

No matter what God did to me, I never felt worthy. He sent me over 36 personal writings, and, still, I don’t feel worthy. Then Divinity. What God said in that writing still makes me shiver. Looking back, He did make me walk around bare…through my writings. And through that, He brought out judgment and maliciousness from other people.

This is what He is teaching us. And He is doing it over and over in all sorts of ways. We judge and cause friction and strife because of selfishness, because we claim we know God and we really do not. We are lied to and conditioned to fit into traditions that are not true. And you continue and you still say, ‘Because it’s always been done this way.’ How arrogant you are to not see the truth.

He said the words from my pen will flood the world. I’m human. I do not see what God sees. But now…now…I see it is possible.

You are not truly broken. I’ve learned this to be true. When we aren’t sure of the Lord, when we don’t know Him, we fall over and over because of other people. We fall because something bigger than us happened and we do not know how to deal with it. And all these people are making millions off of our sorrow…because they can.

Do you know when they can’t?

When you began to truly know God. Yes, when you began to truly understand Wisdom. You won’t need any of those people again. Ever! And they, the world of millions and billions of dollars, do NOT want that. And they will fight, tooth and nail, to keep the truth about God and Yeshuah away from you.

You don’t have to believe me. It’s already done. And it will get worse.

The photograph David chose is from September 27, 2019: Love from Heaven. Open your eyes and see! He’s striving to get your attention, not to harm you, but to save  you.

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