‘Pledging the Way’

Ignoring reality of the truth is setting yourself up for the final judgment. Are you willing to wait eternity in the pit for that final judgment? Damn, you must be dumb!

Pledging the Way
God's† utopia in affect
not hard to connect
dots in dissect
creating bodies in alphabet
in growth–
comes the pickpocket
taking each knowing nugget
–what sticks to mind
what drives us in let
it's all stored up
in chambers of secrets
to be used against us
like a useless puppet
in ways of interpret
how this picker
uses each snippet
sending out lives
to the toilet
if not taught the process
of the bullet
if taught in correct
we'd know it's all useless
for yesterday is gone
sins brought to offset
like untying a corset
letting our hearts breath
rethink in etiquette
asking for mercy–
so in comes the flower
in violet
then what happened
becomes our asset
changing the blanket in forget
to a lesson to teach
in rocket
the how in putting our lives
on a budget
living the way
with zero regrets
–that's God's† ultimate utopia
the love in magnet
without fighting useless
but...there is a useless
a warring jacket
with material sockets
bleeding blood from facets
as beautiful sunsets
learning the difference
warding off the pickpocket
'go ahead....
take but you can't stay'

–it's all a sublet
learning sin's object
then letting go–
moving into the way
the total in accept
without losing God's† gifts
that which
He's† the architect

(November 16, 2019)—Every single thing around you. Every single breath. Every single word. Every single idea. Everything…EVERYTHING is GOD! When you start realizing the truth in that, then you are on your way to knowing who God is.

Pledging the Way’…it is not hard to live according to how God wants us to live. Do you know that every single moment you have is a gift from God? Example: Let’s take the rapper. Any rapper. He has a song in him. He peddles his music until he gets the attention of someone. He makes a record. It banks. He’s now blinging it out. Riding high. Then women are added. Then drugs are added. Then greed is added. Then judgment is added.

Let’s examine that: God gave him that song. That rapper, most of them have lived a hard life. Do you know why? Because through the hard comes the song. God is music. Through every song we hear, He sent it for a reason. So, that rapper goes through some shit to get to that song. God moves things for him. Why? To get that song to those who need it. The gift is the writing of that song, the delivery of that song.

In comes the rest: If everyone lived God’s way, that rapper’s music would still touch those who need it. He would be paid fairly for his work. He could go on to live an honest life, have a wife and children and a home and still deliver his music in the same way. Yeah, right! That evil whore the prince of the earth does not want what God wants. In comes the greed…corporations steal God’s gifts to bank on it. They send the illusion that they are for the rapper. They send in the women…women used by man and the prince of the earth. They send in the drugs…keeping them fixed on what they want. They keep the control no matter how the artist sees it.

I’ve seen this so many times. It’s sad. There are plenty of biographies on these lives. These are for a reason as well. To teach you the history of the same ole story.

The exit: what happens when the artist, the rapper, has a dry spell, dies, wants to voice their opinion, wants to change their style of music because a different kind of song was put into their heart? They are dumped and a new artist is put into their place. Am I lying? As long as the artist plays the game, they stay. The fame is the key. I watched this concert online and there was talent of course. It was my observation of the audience that caught my attention, especially the end when the artist left. People were crying and begging to touch the artist. Cops were surrounding the artist like that person was made of gold. That’s not the way.

You want that. You like that. Yeah, we all have that put into us at one point or another. It feels good to have all these people looking at us, praising us, etc. As soon as you do something they don’t approve of, watch how fast they don’t praise you anymore. Or they will encourage you to do bad. That’s not helping. Artists are tested the hardest because they are used to test others. God’s the ultimate creator so those put into that position, that evil whore will come. God lets it to test. Are you mad? Do you just totally disregard God because you are higher, you are better? Oh, that evil whore knows how to pamper you. All that money and fame tastes really sweet! That’s the whole idea.

Am I saying you can’t have all that nice stuff? Nope. God wants us to enjoy the nice things in life. But honestly. When greed and all that other BS comes into play, that’s when it’s not the way. All those beautiful women, they are being used to the max (man is abusing the gift even if they don’t realize it because the prince of the earth has them in captivity), and the temptation is put before you to see how weak you are. It’s so easy to see.

Go ahead give in. I’m not telling you not to. I can’t. You have to choose. Your choice to follow the greed or not. Then you are brought down to all that to learn. Can you rise from it? Because no matter how glorious your life is, if all the above is in the mix, you are brought down to death, sin. You have to decide to rise, resurrect. Only you.

Living according to God’s laws is not hard. You can still have your nice life. It’s HOW you are having your nice life that He is watching. It’s a personal thought kind of deal. Think…that’s all that is required. Truly understanding what Jesus meant. I watched this famous person talk about being saved and in the same interview talk about politics and money. That’s not the way. Sorry. You either love God or money. Not both. I’m I telling you to get rid of everything you have. No. Why can’t you take your fame and use it to better mankind? Why can’t you take your money and help? Making money off of Jesus…not the way! Sorry.

Here’s another example I’ll leave you with: Here in the United States alone, you see all those mansions belonging to all those members of Congress, government workers. Now go to a country like India, you see all those huts those people live in. You can take all the material from all those U.S. government workers’ homes and build every single family a 2-bedroom home with indoor plumbing and working kitchens. And all those government workers in Congress, they get paid by the American people. Some of those people are living like those in India without a wood floor, in government buildings with no hot water or milk to feed their babies! Isn’t that something?! Now take this one example and add every government to the list. That’s how this world is today. And that’s just government! Look at all those mansions with only 2 people residing in them. Why?

Everything is given to us by GOD! Everything. And you look at everything that you have been given as being given to you by your hard work. True. But God gave you the ability to do work hard. He gave you the formulas, the ideas. And He gave you the paycheck. Then He presents to you the poor, the hungry, the hurt, the broken, the sick…‘Will you help them? or Will you buy shoes that cost $600? Or a car that cost $1 million? Or a house for $10 million?’ That’s your test. And that’s not mentioning the medications and medical supplies and the food. Go into any store and see the prices. Sad. No wonder He’s angry.

These are just 2 examples of a world that has fallen into the hands of the prince of the earth. Man has taught you what is holy. Man has taught you what is of God. And they lied to you. Placing judgment on you because you dress a certain way or say a word instead of looking at their own lives. Here’s another example: God does not like black Friday. God does not like the use of His Son to gain money at Christmas. Shame. And those same people rushing to buy material things will judge you because your pants are hanging low, or you cuss, or you have tats, or you had a hard life and live on the streets. They’ll drive by you and turn up their nose because they blame and judge. They are of the world. They are not healed. Their actions say it all. Let them. Be you. Take in everything around you. Learn from your mistakes. Know that those in judgment of you, they hold in deeper and darker sins. Heal. Learn what’s good. God’s way is Jesus’ way and it’s not hard to do. Not hard at all. Amen.

Author: k. e. leger

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