‘Suffering Cadence’ (God/Jesus)

Why relay these beautiful messages, these warnings when no one gives a damn. I mean God warned us last year that something was coming. Jesus started warning in January that God’s wrath was upon us. He said violence was coming!

Suffering Cadence (God/Jesus)
(This first stanza is for me. This is Jesus.)
how many times will you cry
you know why
I† tell you why
please keep 'die' away
it's not time
you have to stay
(In the following stanza He is talking
about the hurricane. During prayer the night
before, He kept going to the right with the
motions He makes with my head. This is what
He is talking about. This is God speaking.)
I† didn't go right
I† stayed straight
I† could have changed
but I† set a path
I† continued the path
(Then Jesus returns.)
maybe the people need to stop
changing course
the confusion is set
look deep with heart
see your path
stick to your path
others always come in
put their opinions on you
you know the way
it's never about the material
those who know Me†
know the way
those who do not
they know a version of Me†
the decorated version
I'm† all happy and gay
‒a picture painted
by people of the world
who want to control
your thoughts, your minds
it isn't so
I† am other versions
I'm† part of your tests
I† give you thoughts
to fight
I† help set the confusion
you must understand
the One† and only Almighty God†
He† wants to humble you
you fight Him†
you fight Me†
read the writer
she always fought
she was hard to humble
it isn't easy
believ[ing] in what's not there
but is
it's hard for you
for you were lied to
for you were filled with
hate and hurt and sorrow
turn to Me†
I† can help you
the Lord's† wrath isn't done
too many sheep
are without a shepherd
too many follow the ways
of the world
too many have forgotten
it was your responsibility
to teach them truth
but the ways of the world
have convinced you
of lies
My† church is not overflowing
with material wealth
or fancy buildings
those are of the world
My† church is through men
their work
My† church is through women
their hearts
there's too much condemnation
there's too many condemning
those in truth
but it's always been this way
it will continue
as He† test each person
all the people
a time is coming
each heart will be weighed
I† hold to that which
the One† and only
has put me as head
you must decide
you must carefully choose
this is the Son†
I† opened the door for you
it's up to you
to walk through it
My† peace I† give you
My† brothers and sisters
honor Me†
eat with Me†
do not pillage Me†
I† do not want your money
I† want your time
I† want you to drink
I† want you to drink

Note: September 27, 2019. It is an extraordinary day of photographs. Here, there are 4 figures in my hair. You don’t have to believe. It still is. They are not advanced enough to travel by themselves so they have to be in a cage. This is the first time a cage was pointed out in my hair. It is for the purpose of revealing much to you. They aren’t space aliens, and they seem really tiny. To us, they are. But they come from very far away. These four are on my spiritual team and they came to assure me they are real!

09.27.2019.17.54.44 (the time is 5:54:44…two 5s and three 4s! Incredible numbers!

(August 28)―I’ve been crying a lot lately, hence, the first stanza. On July 29, Jesus sent me words directly to me. I wrote them up, He titled it ‘Words to a Prophet’, but I didn’t make it public. He had me read it aloud before I sat to type this up today. It’s a reminder to me that His words are important to you. Then He had me remember a vision He sent to me to comfort me. I will share it here with you. It happened a few days ago during prayer. I feel like I have this very heavy burden resting on me. A person can only handle so much. Some people can handle a lot. I don’t know where I fall, somewhere in between. The visions last August were a lot to bare. I cried a lot. I saw all these dead bodies. I saw all these rapes. I saw little babies being raped. It was too much. These visuals are still very alive to me. I will tell you that all these sex offender cases aren’t an accident! What is in the dark will be brought to light. God is doing this!

Then it was all the pictures. I was criticized heavily by my own family, my own children. I never would have dreamed my children would turn on me so horribly. It is what it is. I won’t deny God or Jesus, so I posted all the photographs. I wrote all that David showed me. Then the writings. Then I not only heard God but Jesus and not many believe me, and all of this is so wonderful and so horrible at the same time, and God wants everyone to read these words. He wants everyone to know because they have forgotten who He really is. So, I write all of this.

Then the virus. And more visions, but this time I don’t need to go into meditation. They come during prayer. I get stopped in the middle of my living room and asked questions…It is, again, so amazing and beautiful and there’s no one to tell except for a few who I think truly understand that this is really happening. Everyone else I get booted out. There’s nothing like your own children ignoring you totally, cussing you out for just telling the truth. My health has taken a beating. And I don’t want to be here anymore. Truly. Why relay these beautiful messages, these warnings when no one gives a damn? I mean God warned us last year that something was coming. Jesus started warning in January that God’s wrath was upon us. He said violence was coming!

So all of this is getting too much. So, He slowed down the visions of warnings after the toxic dream, the body bag vision and the presidential funeral. Instead, He’s revealed what is coming in my own life and this has upset me a little more because none of it seems possible. I know I’m talking about myself way too much but He wants me to. He wants you to know Him and He’s doing this by having me experience these things and then He tells me to write about them. Only, it’s getting harder and harder. You should see my hair. In less than a year, I have so much silver and other colors in it, it is scary. My body has changed so much and He warned me…I wrote it all down last year…that I was going to experience noticeable changes. I had no idea what they would be. He is forcing me to get comfortable with my body instead of worrying what other people will think of me. It is very hard to go through this alone.

I will call this the Butterfly Vision: A few nights ago during prayer, I saw Jesus again with the sickles. He was standing right in front of me, then suddenly the sickles were gone and He placed His hands on my shoulders by my neck and then slowly pressed His hands on my shoulders and moved them to the outside of my body, and He said, ‘The burden is now off your shoulders.’ Then I saw Him back up from me then suddenly I was in this beautiful field of flowers and He was standing in the far right hand corner of it. And He picked this dandelion flower, the kind that looks really fuzzy. It was big and round. Then He puckered His lips and softly blew on the flower as He was facing me, and all these fuzzy flowers drifted towards me then suddenly they turned into butterflies. It was so beautiful that I felt my face smile. He said I needed to smile and stay calm.

His vision took some weight off my shoulders but He still has me thinking about many things. I still saw all these things and God keeps telling me, or rather reassuring me, that all that He has shown me, all that He has told me will come true. And to strengthen His case, He directs me to Scripture that says that what He says is truth, and it will always come to pass.

I know what He has shown to me. And this frightens me because so many people will think other things. Jesus already warned about this. It is part of the confusion that God is putting all of us in.

Here’s the most serious part of this: God is both. He is in charge of ALL! So He uses us for whatever need He has. You could be for Team Light or Team Dark! I cried so many nights, weeks, months begging the Lord to give me a sign to prove I’m not on Team Dark! I had family members and people I thought were my friend call me witch and say mean things to me.  I wrote a piece about this. It was actually Jesus speaking but I didn’t accredit Him because He took me by surprise. That’s the first time I heard His anger in my ear!

One of the biggest lessons that Jesus, as my teacher, has taught me is to know the difference between good and bad. I have this inner compass that for years has been playing havoc with me, until I learned how to control it. Now, He uses the internet to show me as well as visions and dreams the difference between good and bad. He has taught me that you are not healed until you learn the difference between Team Light and Team Dark. He doesn’t call them that. I do. It’s simple that way. You have to understand the roles of both and learn to see tests for what they are. And you have to do this without getting upset. Oh, this is soooo hard to do for me because God made me a firecracker during the writing of the books, the survival through His process, so to tame me in this way is hard.

The one thing I’ve noticed about myself since He opened me up to Him in this very personal way, is that I can’t deal with lies. I feel them. Did you hear that…FEEL them!? It’s like this radar goes off. And I can’t tolerate them. They upset me. Jesus constantly tells me, ‘Calm.’ Oh, I so know those one-word commands. Let’s just say, I’m getting to this place where I can easily tell who is healed and who is not. I know I’m on Team Light without a shadow of a doubt. But it still makes me nervous to write up something that Jesus says is Him! God could strike me down at any moment. And let Him deal with me however severe if I’m lying to you. He says that I have the Spirit of Truth on me and that I am not lying to you.

I pray that you see through the confusion. I pray that you learn good from bad. I pray that you pick up the cup, give God your trust, and drink. I pray that you have the courage to stand on the ledge alone. I pray that you help as many people find the way as possible before their time comes. I wouldn’t be afraid of crossing over if I were you. I would be more afraid of ending up walking through the wrong gate because of selfishness, carelessness, and fear of healing. The kingdom is the goal! You should actually be looking forward to it. Dying is the body stopping. Living is getting to the kingdom, whatever rank you end up…just get there!

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