‘Judgment’s Song’ (Jesus)

‘Judgment’s Son’ (Jesus)…Do not let anyone who delights in false humility and the worship of angels disqualify you for the prize….—Colossians 2:16-19

Judgment's Song (Jesus)

it is nothing to judge
when shame is seeped
so far deep
that truth you cannot see

it is easy to condemn
when songs of a hymn
‒often held deep within
for not fear of becoming
part of the collection
but fear of becoming
the object of the collection
the subject of the collection

I† was object of the collection
I† was never subject of the collection
I† am He†
the one crucified
for not being subject to the collection

silence...stay calm
you are not after
an award on earth
your prize is much grandeur
than anything offered from man

through Me†, Son† of God†
I† offer a way
His† kingdom is far more superior
it won't be too easy
but what's not easy
will be worth the journey

I† am the way

in all that is written about Me†

I† am the way

the judge over all

I† didn't give authority
for judgment
only the Father† can do that
He† places authority where needed
and it is high not low
He† also removes authority
when needed
and taking what's high
makes it low

judgment is sound
coming from Me†
I† judge at the final
not during

during your race
you have choices to make
the Father† gave you free will
to make these choices

each person, each journey

yes, self judgment
is part of this journey
passing it on to others
is not

the punisher has a job
God† moves them
not I†

the punisher is already condemned
they are ruthless and full of evil
they pass to destroy
but don't fear
fear enlightens you to them

fear only the Lord†
for no one is above Him†
and He† changes paths
at His† will

I† am Jesus†
speaking through the prophet of words
hear the words I've† spoken
the old and the new

what is happening in the world
should not surprise
My† sheep
pray, be diligent
the testings' begun
many will fail
know Me†
if you know Me†
you will pass your test
the way which I† taught
is the only way to His† kingdom

killing is not the way
purging is not the way

only God† has authority over death
only I† have authority over judgment

the punisher does not know what they do
or why
only God† knows this

be humble in your faith
seek prayer in your every day life

you will reap what you sow
be careful words you say
don't betray, manipulation, lie
don't seek revenge
avoid all maliciousness
the Father† hates these things

His† wrath is moving
He† is not done
still much more to come
prepare your hearts for judgment
you do not know
which hour I† will come

this is He†, the first Son†
of the Lord Almighty God†
from which all things were created
go in peace
peace I† give you
if you seek it

Notes: The photograph was taken October 23, 2019: The Dragon and the All-Seeing Eye. It is a screen shot of an enlarged area of photograph 10.23.2019.09.13.59. It is a set of a few days that did not include the lake, although this day did include water. What is in the photograph is discussed on the page. Follow the link above.

(September 6, 2021)—A lot has been happening in my life this year. God gave me three grandbabies only months apart, a granddaughter then twins, a grandson and a granddaughter. They are in the state of Louisiana where the virus is very bad and a hurricane passed through, barely missing my son’s home. I’m grateful in ways that’s almost unspeakable. But I’m not done here in Vegas because I can’t travel yet to visit my grandchildren or my children, which God also restored my relationship with them all. Grateful.

But that’s just surface stuff. What I’m most grateful for is being able to hear Jesus and God. And they have been talking a lot. Today’s work, Judgment’s Song was given first, and to clear any doubt I may suffer because this is just too grand for me to comprehend, He sent me to the Bible AFTER He gave the writing to show me that it is Him whom I’m hearing. Read Colossians 2:6-8-4:5,6. He talks about the same thing in ‘Judgment’s Song’, only He gave more.

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‘Variables of Concern’ (Jesus/A Foreign Military Prison Camp Dream)

‘Variables of Concern’ (Jesus) ‘I didn’t understand the title…I never understand the titles until after the writing is done…then to get to that part about the variables…there was no doubt whom I was talking to.’

Variables of Concern
(Jesus/A Foreign Military Prison Camp Dream)

it matters what you do
nothing is random
even though it seems
‒in every situation
there are two choices
one directed for you
the other left to you

that one decision has variables
variables which you must weigh‒
to make the right choice
those variables involve
all that you've learned
at [up until] that point
in your life
the good and the bad

sometimes in a brief second‒
that decision is made
like pulling a trigger of a gun
life or death
or helping a homeless person
or making that turn in your car
or saying hello to a stranger

every single decision
adds or subtracts
scars from your heart
you have your entire life
to erase marks [scars]
the least amount of marks
the better

this is He†
they called Me† teacher
some called Me† prophet
I† am He†
the Father† called Me† Jesus†
the head of all
it is My† duty
to choose
it is My† duty
to make the choice easy
good or bad
I† rather good
it breaks My† heart
when it's bad
but you make that choice
that choice that leads to
My† choice

choose wisely
in all that you do
it affects other people
your choice leads
to their choice

go in peace
He's† still upon you
you are in His† grasp

Notes: The pictures included with this were taken on March 1, 2020: ‘You’ve Come’ Jesus Speaks and Reveals. David told me to take myself out to eat, but walk. He directed my walk. I didn’t see what you see in the photographs. I saw this beautiful rainbow in the clouds. It was so beautiful that it made me keep taking pictures of it. I kept wondering why no one was stopping their cars to look. Yes, I saw a rainbow in the clouds. The angel and then Jesus!

03.01.2020.15.30.30. She came first.

The below picture is the most amazing. David said: Jesus! Notice the time stamp of all these.


I had to hurry and screenshot my phone. I don’t know what made me to this, but when I looked at my phone, the time just blew me away. The power of 3! The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!

(August 9-12, 2021)—I had the dream on the 8th. I had a hard time with it. On the 9th, Jesus said to write it down and later He would give a writing to me to go with it. ‘Variables of Concern’ is that writing. He named it, then as I’m writing what I’m hearing, to hear Him say ‘variables‘ in the writing was quite amazing to me. I didn’t understand the title…I never  understand the titles until after the writing is done…then to get to that part about the variables…there was no doubt whom I was talking to.

The Scriptures that follow the dream were shown to me after the writing.

A Foreign Military Prison Camp Dream: There were two sides: the side I was on and the foreign military side. I don’t know where I was. I just know that my side was being controlled by the foreign military side. Me and my oldest son were being escorted through the foreign military camp for some reason. I was in a leadership position. We passed these huge stock piles of weapons. There were these huge wagons filled with huge boulders. I knew that they were used on catapults to control us. A general was escorting us and he gave me a small terracotta container. It had carvings on it but I can’t remember what they were.

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