‘Jaded Ciaos’ (God)

‘Jaded Ciaos’ (God)…Sorry to not give you what you want to hear. Truth doesn’t cater to the whims of man.

Jaded Ciaos (God)

rally the troops
set the clicks on go
coming is ciaos
a relented chaos
like you've never known

appease Me†
for I† am the Lord Almighty†
the one you forbid
the one you don't consider

I† am the alpha
and the omega
all the in between

you sit there
in your high places
not hearing the bugle's sound
it has sounded
amongst the pillage
a rise will come
from the unexpected
a crown among thorns

saddle up
ride into the night
the night falls everywhere
no light to be known

it's an occasional blunder
set apart
from all rage's thunder

heed up, all you mens of wealth
I'm† moving
across a wasted land

your buildings
fancy shopping marts
paved highways
raised bridges
domes for miles
sails glistening
in the sun

it will all fall

'o glittering nights
makeup and fancy gowns
dawned suits
and top hats

I† see worn and dirty faces
starving bellies
and smoldering grounds

I† see holes in the earth
where once stood
magnificent monuments

you had warnings
you had buildings crash
to the ground
planes smash into
the earth
money seeped into cracks
'o so much money

it is all an illusion
a well-played out plan

I† see all
the Almighty Lord†
a sovereign hand
placed on all the land

you're running out of oil
gas spews from the earth
hear the wrecking ball
only man has no control
a piled up munition
a piled up wreckage
a hand swept
a foot's pound

'o blissful tide
hear My† roar
as solemn soars
the eagle the whore

wrap your wings
around this beat
'from sea to shining sea'
a carefully laid out plan
an abasement
of cunning

you see beauty today
tomorrow destruction
for  this generation
has succumbed
a new generation
is rising
one of hate and deceit
without bashfulness
without sound
killing their parents
eating their children
for what suits, suits

it is
for you made it so
a lesson unlearned
words unheard
twisted and turned

before the meek
before the sound
before a new earth abounds
vast destruction

time is of the essence
boom goes the merry-go-round
over and over
'til you can't hear a sound

appeasement of Me†
in massive proportions
all that is good
all those who heal
pushing them to the ground
over and over
throughout the nations
for your illicit need
for money and power

I† am power!
for the Lord Almighty†
never stumbles
on His† promises
nor His† covenants

I† gave you a new covenant
an easier one
an easier path
and you prostituted
every word
to build your lavish
to build your lavish sects
on false ground

your stones will crumble
like babylon
like the greeks
egypt and syria
the samaritains
where are they
the mighty fearless romans
do you see them

'o mighty 'ians
'o so mighty you see yourselves
off the plains
off the high seas
off the islands
off My† mountain
you shall go

My† name is nothing
to be reckoned with
this generation
foul are you!

after the beast's hand
the meek
who will rediscover
My† name
they will praise My† name
they will know My† hand
they will not make
Me† jealous
or angry
they will please Me†
with gentleness
and love

look! you peas
to the east
and to the west
a smashing clasp
of your happy fest
for it is not real
too much
too many things
taking the place
of Me†

this incompleteness
will be  completed
a four in discover
a fifth in nonrecover
a begging
a pleading
not for man
but for the Lord Almighty†
a rescue
a saving
in mass proportions

do you not think I† can
do what I† said
says the Lord Almighty†

go back to your studies
reread this prophesy
I† have done
and will continue to do
for it is that time
the time promised
the time prophesied
the time written

instruction is ongoing
until it stops
for I'll† deem it
to stop
but I† will not release her
the servant of words
I'll† only release you
for you are too willing
to depart My† commands

Note: Of course, the photograph David would choose would be from November 11, 2019: The Avenging Angel. Of course!

(April 29, 2022)—Why are you appeasing HIM? This isn’t the time!

After ‘Jaded Ciaos’, which came very early this morning, the following Scriptures. Yes, these are all on the two pages I was directed to. I don’t have one of those Bibles that is designed to confuse. I have one that is logical and explanatory. Everything is put in the order in which it happened in history. Verses that are repeated are combined in order to make the Word of God logical for the common mind. My Bible was criticized in the past. Okay. I can’t help those who do such things. Nothing is left out of the Bible I use. There are man-made religions leaving stuff out, and even selecting what they ‘want‘ to tell you instead of the whole thing.

For me, the one writing all this, because I hear it and I have saw all the visions that I have disclosed to you, being led to these particular Scriptures NOW is eye-opening. He is warning us. Are you listening yet? From the beginning, 2019 visions, He hasn’t been wrong. He has ALWAYS been a step ahead of science. Notice Fauci has changed his tune again! God is never wrong. This is NOT me. This is not some guess. Everything that I have written is NOT a guess. I hear it. The saddest thing to witness, as I’ve said over and over, is all those who say they know God and Yeshuah and they don’t recognize when they are speaking, warning.

This is one of two works I received today. I pray for you who can’t comprehend that these warnings are from the Spirit of Truth…God and Yeshuah…directly. May God’s peace be with you somehow.

Sorry to not give you what you want to hear. Truth doesn’t cater to the whims of man.

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‘á strá nábe’ (Yeshuah)

‘á strá nábe’ (Yeshuah)…’Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?’—Galileans 4:12-20

á strá nábe (Yeshuah)

what makes it all work
this temptation
‒to sort

all comes
from a beating heart
paved by the hand
of the Lord†

not I†, Yeshuah†
but by God†, the Father†
the creator of all

it's another trifling day
a gentle sway
of all things
‒the universe

no change
for the coming change
all is remaining
the same

sad to see
from My† eyes
above the sea

what is quicker
the hear or the see

you tend to need
the see
without adhering
to the hear

what a baffling way

the hear
should come first
it quenches thirst
without it
comes worse

it is I†
go in peace

this plague's domain
trifling in nature
forcing man's hand
in a rushed configuration
‒of time

what are you racing for?
so much pace
to beat a plague
you must stop
slow the pace
‒this need of 'want'

you shouldn't have
to beat people
force them to adhere
to safety

you shouldn't have to
monopolize time
for them to save themselves
or others

many marks
are being earned
marks that hide
beneath surfaces
the Lord† Almighty
is bringing them to light

makes of time
placed on hearts
to be sorted
by Me†, the judge
sickles are firmly
in hand
can you withstand
the discipline
being administered?

science in all its magnificent
crossed boundaries
their discipline
will be hard

you trust it
over God†

a created beast
adding destruction
a broken reed
between beings
and healing
which will lead
to turmoil
of massive proportions

all for greed
all for status

a vine's branch
crumbled to the ground

'o blanketed trust
where have you gone
'o soul searched
you know the wrong

bená fauci

a reckoning of day
a chilling fever by night
death comes at midday
cold wailing
by morning

it is I†, Yeshuah†
called by name
by so little

awaken 'o slumber
brisk standing knees
'o howling night

I† am here
in the sincerity of heart

it's a beautiful day
how many will you have?

go in peace
then peace I'll† give you

Note: The photograph David picked is from November 11, 2019: The Avenging Angel. Interesting.

(March 30, 2022)―The foreign language again. I write as I hear it. Again, I’m posting the list of all the foreign language lines/words that I heard. I’ve looked them up myself and I give you what I found. I’m not a language person, so you may know more than I do. These seem to be like the pictures…He’s wanting the vine to work.

An interesting note: Fauci means sickle maker. Yeshuah, the judge, His instrument is the sickle. The instrument of death is the sickle.

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