‘á strá nábe’ (Yeshuah)

‘á strá nábe’ (Yeshuah)…’Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?’—Galileans 4:12-20

á strá nábe (Yeshuah)

what makes it all work
this temptation
‒to sort

all comes
from a beating heart
paved by the hand
of the Lord†

not I†, Yeshuah†
but by God†, the Father†
the creator of all

it's another trifling day
a gentle sway
of all things
‒the universe

no change
for the coming change
all is remaining
the same

sad to see
from My† eyes
above the sea

what is quicker
the hear or the see

you tend to need
the see
without adhering
to the hear

what a baffling way

the hear
should come first
it quenches thirst
without it
comes worse

it is I†
go in peace

this plague's domain
trifling in nature
forcing man's hand
in a rushed configuration
‒of time

what are you racing for?
so much pace
to beat a plague
you must stop
slow the pace
‒this need of 'want'

you shouldn't have
to beat people
force them to adhere
to safety

you shouldn't have to
monopolize time
for them to save themselves
or others

many marks
are being earned
marks that hide
beneath surfaces
the Lord† Almighty
is bringing them to light

makes of time
placed on hearts
to be sorted
by Me†, the judge
sickles are firmly
in hand
can you withstand
the discipline
being administered?

science in all its magnificent
crossed boundaries
their discipline
will be hard

you trust it
over God†

a created beast
adding destruction
a broken reed
between beings
and healing
which will lead
to turmoil
of massive proportions

all for greed
all for status

a vine's branch
crumbled to the ground

'o blanketed trust
where have you gone
'o soul searched
you know the wrong

bená fauci

a reckoning of day
a chilling fever by night
death comes at midday
cold wailing
by morning

it is I†, Yeshuah†
called by name
by so little

awaken 'o slumber
brisk standing knees
'o howling night

I† am here
in the sincerity of heart

it's a beautiful day
how many will you have?

go in peace
then peace I'll† give you

Note: The photograph David picked is from November 11, 2019: The Avenging Angel. Interesting.

(March 30, 2022)―The foreign language again. I write as I hear it. Again, I’m posting the list of all the foreign language lines/words that I heard. I’ve looked them up myself and I give you what I found. I’m not a language person, so you may know more than I do. These seem to be like the pictures…He’s wanting the vine to work.

An interesting note: Fauci means sickle maker. Yeshuah, the judge, His instrument is the sickle. The instrument of death is the sickle.

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‘Dripping Deeds’ (Jesus)

‘Dripping Deeds’ (Jesus)…But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love. The entire law is summed up in a single command: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ If you keep on biting and devouring each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other.—Galatians  5:13-15

Dripping Deeds (Jesus)

don't waste time while on earth
use every minute of every day
be gentle and kind
be stern and agile
stay away from corrupt
be diligent in making peace
be kind
even when it hurts

the Father† sees all
every single move you make

there are helpers
but you must be sincere
in your asking

when it's not your time
trouble finds you
a test to be taken
gifts are sent
through your helper

these helpers come through Me†
the Son†
I† send them
when you sincerely need them

if you don't know Me†
how can I† help you
if you don't ask for Me†
how can I† help you

I† am as He† is
so you are as I† am

don't be afraid
when someone opposes you
even strikes you
your sincerity to Me†
is all you need

the person who strikes you
will answer to their trespass
a test was put before them
they failed

all tests are for a moment
testing your strength in Me†
I† am there…the head
as you are part of the body
rest in Me†
I† will come when you call
be patient
the coming comes slow
for good reason

I† am the high priest
in heaven
I† am the king of you
on earth
He†, the Father†, is king
over all
including Me†

what comes comes
don't let it frighten you
all comes
all goes
it all must
for time to be time

He† is in control of time
what He† deems
will be

don't sulk, pout or mourn too long
you need your strength
awaken from your sleep
breathe in, breathe out
it's only for a time
everyone has their moment
once their moment is done
they return from where they came
only to go on another moment

you too, are on your chosen moment
let your heart guide you
seek Me† and I† will help you

trust in the Father†
He† knows what's best
His† disciplines never last
but they must come to pass
so breathe, relax, be calm

after each test passes you
thank the Father†
wait patiently for the next test
learn to see
the veils will fall from you
and your eyes will fully open

follow His† commands
even when it hurts

this is He†
whom God† named Jesus†
I† am the Christ†
I† am the Savior†
come to Me† for rest
and I† will go to you in peace


(December 1, 2021)—I’m not too clear with the last word. This has happened several times. I can only write what I hear in syllables if it isn’t the English language.

A-sa-la-wen-ta  …it ended with the long a sound in English, or the (ə) French e as in my last name Leger.

Then He said, ‘I will give you scripture. Do you want Scripture?’ And I said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘Open the book deep’, and page 1518 in my Bible: Galatians 5:13-156:11-16

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