‘Gentle Encounter’ (Jesus)

‘Gentle Encounter’ (Jesus)…If you haven’t figured out what He is doing yet, after almost two whole years of this, let me tell you: He is explaining the Scriptures in the words He is sending.

Gentle Encounter (Jesus)

'I sway to hear You†
but I know You† are there
I base my life
on words from You†
I say these things
holding on to the Heir†'

I† hear your gentle pray
not sure who is there
but saying it any way
‒with much time to spare

there are so many in the nations
who don't know Me†
their governments refuse
to acknowledge Me†
this leaves wisdom absent
of progress
they know things
they can compute
they can build
they can farm
but with limitations

nations who know Me†
can't understand

if they don't see Me†
then they can't get
what I† offer

if they do see Me†
and take advantage of what I† offer
the price is heavy

it's the yen and yang of balance

nations who don't know Me†
don't fair well
it is left to the nations who know Me†
to teach them

there are some whom God†
has turned His† back on
‒these no one can help
they must see for themselves
and change within

to know Me†
is to give of yourself to Me†

pridefulness blocks this giving
it must be taken down
to truly know Me†
pride has no place in the kingdom

it is I†…Jesus†
the one and only Son†
of the Almighty God†

Notes: The photograph is from October 2, 2019: Wave Warning. Again, if you haven’t examined these photographs or even looked at them, you are missing a large part of the message from God and Jesus.

(February 1, 2022)―I was led to Nehemiah 1:11b-3:1-32 after I finished recording ‘Gentle Encounter’. I have explained Nehemiah before so there’s no need to rewrite it here, but do understand that Jesus’ words came first, and then AFTER He sends me to the Scriptures. If you haven’t figured out what He is doing yet, after almost two whole years of this, let me tell you: He is explaining the Scriptures in the words He is sending. He made me cry hard this afternoon because the realization of this is so profound for me.

I’ll help you out a little here: Nehemiah 2:11-16…that is Jesus speaking through Nehemiah years and years before He came to Earth in the human form. He is talking about the three days between His death and His resurrection.

He says…The officials did not know where I had gone or what I was doing, because as yet I had said nothing to the Jews or the priests or nobles or officials or any others who would be doing the workmeaning He didn’t tell those who will preach the gospel just how difficult it would be, and what evils lie ahead. He knew but He didn’t want to frighten them too much. He had already warned them a little before He was crucified, but no one knew the extent of the persecution we would suffer all because of Him and what He stands for…TRUTH!

I didn’t include all of the Scripture pertaining the rebuilding of the wall, but if you go and read the entire Scripture, you’ll see where pride fits into this.

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‘Motivationally Speaking’

Forgiveness. To forgive others is very important. It does not give them the right to come at you and sin against you again. Just walk away. Your forgiveness does NOT relieve them of their sins. It relieves YOU of the burden of their sins!

 Motivationally Speaking
the craze of the say
let's all yell hurray
what else–
we gonna make up today
to ease your weight
how about:
go make merry‒
live in fake
we'll help you celebrate
your fakeness in play
all your mocked-up pictures
in sway
we'll help fabricate
‒just keep the lights low
then they won't have to compare
after your persuade‒
in your sexual play
they'll then celebrate
every move you make
for another night with you
in the hay
just keep those lights
down low...bae-bae
maybe it's not what we say
to make you change your ways
maybe we'll just say
what you outright did today
how about:
that do-what-you-want play
anything someone else has‒
you're free to take
anything you give someone‒
you can rip up...break
‒we're just gonna
give you the truth today
Jesus† said it in sway
‒not in delay
either seven or seventy-seven
forgiveness must be given
not for your benefit
but for the victims
of your bullraé
your crime‒
already noted in betray
not a risqué
but part of your resumé
you will have to answer‒
one day
good luck with that‒
you had a choice
you chose sin's freeway
your heart‒
how heavy those marks make
for the forgiveness given to you
doesn't benefit you
sorry, you miss-read
words Jesus† had to say
so sorry boo-boo
I'd re-study...without delay
how about:
all your desiring decay
house, clothes, jewels
status, glamour, glitz
‒a misuse of the clay
your darkness' entreé
a denying mess of hurray
taking the other two‒
all that pride and ego
all those lies
all that manipulate
burying it in your false exposé
an obtrusive denying overlay
as you move in pace
without caring who you betray
‒doing judas...your forté
it's all your choice
your on-going heyday
‒go on...celebrate
live in your world of blasé
it ends‒
in a coup d'état
an afterlife's communiqué
so enjoy the frappés
sit...toast to all those
you betrayed
take your new prey
go ahead...lay
‒it's only for today
maybe a few todays
but then....
judgment by Yahweh†
your heart gets weighed
ooh! ouch!
you should have listened‒
words Jesus† had to say
ooh! shae bae-bae
laisse le bon temps rouler
settle down, now
touché, touché
‒your choice is made

Note: The photograph was taken on October 23rd, The Dragon and the All Seeing Eye. God has sent many pictures since this day, and there is no doubt they are from Him. On March 1, He sent another amazing angel. I’ll get to putting this set up soon. The most amazing aspect of life is discovering the truth about God and Heaven.

(March 10)―I started this piece several days ago and really didn’t want to finish it. I’ve written about this subject so many times and I wonder how many more ways I can say it. I reckon…many! It’s an important issue. I constantly read about women and men going through the horrible aftermath of someone not caring about their own soul and pillaging others like they were trash. It’s such a sad reality. There are so many unhealed people walking around thinking they are bullet-proof. In the eyes of God…not so!

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