‘Equal Parts’

God is waiting on you and you are taking too long to respond. He’s given you adequate proof that what is sent through me is from Him. Time is ticking. The button has been pushed. It’s up to you to decipher what He has sent thus far. He already knows that your faith is weak. He already knows how many people will die. Will you be one of them? You have a chance to change that number…more or less?

NOTE: Every word here is God’s message, not mine. I was to include how I feel and background information. Every link added here was by request from David to ensure that you KNOW that this is important. I’m also repeating myself again…this is very important. What I REPEAT, HE WANTS you to really know!

Equal Parts
you are not better than me
I am not better than you
we are sinners
set in small parts
equal before the Lord†
we are given chances‒
then judged by agendas
not circumstances
will we abandon others' needs
or give until we bleed
will we warn for safety‒
protecting others
‒even for precaution's sake
or will we forsake
know but not tell
for fear of society's yell
‒that would sink us to hell
our judgment comes on merits
not what we say
‒but what we do
how will we respond‒
will we see and hear
in love
or will we judge‒
through hatred, lies and fear
are we willing to risk
‒go against society's twist
show our faith in Jesus†
even as they attack us‒
condemn, crucify us
can we live as we speak
‒putting God† and Jesus†
on social media walls‒
can we truly live the call
‒not be afraid to fall
you are not better than me
I am not better than you
we are sinners
set in small parts
equal before the Lord†
living our lives in parts
makes it all‒
not hard
for we are part
of the Lord†‒
actions of the heart
‒instead of through
hate, lies and fear‒
we live in sincere
‒without anyone
to sheer
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‘Told but Not Heard’

God’s choice on how He reveals Himself is His call. He’s leaving how we see it up to us individually. Will you see it?

Note: The photograph attached to this commentary reveals who’s speaking. If you can’t see Him, you are blind. This isn’t in my imagination. All the photographs from September 27, reveal Him is the most extraordinary ways. Those whose faith is solid will see it. Those in disbelief are veiled and will not…that is His ultimate test for you.

 Told but Not Heard
the past is not history
‒its repeating
to God†
not a mystery
no matter the millennium
not matter the decade
the repeated rebellion
against the Father†
of all creation
who sent His† Son†
‒seeing how hard
to listen with the heart‒
He† dealt an easier card
but that too...too hard
His† wrath was shown
again and again
‒disasters of nature
turned to scientific adventure
to Him†...forgotten amends
left for a sunday's amen
instead of an every day win
lessons not learned
as fires in forests burned
as wars over and over turned
‒rewards taken
not earned
rape, murder, lies
pillage, corruption
on and on and on
then judge
when God steps
on the ledge
‒criticizing, condemning
those He† uses
to spread His† news
go on, go on, go on‒
He's† already prepared them
for your abuse
‒they...have a place
reserved...in heaven's muse
your criticism
doesn't have a chance
‒only puts you further
out of heaven's range
look to your selves
seek refuge inside
rather than outside
‒debate with your self
heal your own
spiritual health‒
then and only then
can you reach out
beyond your self
repeating of history
not at all a mystery
nothing is better
‒hence God's† coming wrath
coming...to re-gather
what's been shattered
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‘In Truth’s Décor’

To love Unconditionally is a Choice that allows us not to give up hope when all seems lost. Healing is a Choice as well. It takes courage and strength…that of a Warrior. Love yourself. You ARE that important. God Bless!

 In Truth's Décor
esther's story's secretly woven‒
giving all a simple token
‒divine truth goes unbroken–
surviving through symbols‒
weaved into carefully
chosen words
‒begging those in hear:
open ears
to what is served
‒awards given
to those in deserve
all's well in the token‒
driven to a back-there look
in divine truth's beginning
(the two and zero
of grace given)
twelve's woven...over and over‒
in weaving words in deem
taken from the awakening
of enlightened nineteen
leaving behind
that of zero and seven
and a solemn maiden's hand‒
as she earnestly plows through
a worded, forgotten lace
as a man devours the beauty
of a woman's face
hungrily devouring God's†
carefully-placed words
–capturing in her web
the warmth of their embrace
‒opening up all  her
tormented traps
as He lifted His welcoming hat‒
giving what
her world...lacked
spring forward...years buried‒
learning the Way
in this worded maze
over and over‒
appearing through haze
divine passages‒
screaming out their maze
'look, look, look‒
there's more than words
in this book!'

in all these wording roots
listening, hearing‒
the spirit-driven cue
‒she knew exactly
what to do:
carefully orchestrate
explanation's verbate
through a divine magistrate‒
without breaking
golden rules
set by those
who hold the glue
don't be lost
in that of fool‒
there's an awakening
in two
–so listen
for the one tiny clue‒
for together
not two but three
‒do away with deception
for the better of the few
understand the coming mates‒
tally up this circle of eight
‒a player of aces and eights
where future holds dates
…and it's never in late
the cards...held by Thee†
‒oh the power of three!‒
built up the one and only Son†
who personally chose the one
a simple man's son
‒revealing truth
on fingers counting five
trying to live, stay alive
bringing troubles
I feel like I'm fifteen!
believing what seemed lost–
can never be redeemed
–not seeing the growing
of the unseen vine
‒driven solely
by the one who's Divine†
when all brought together‒
revealing the mercy
in signs
‒grace given
in the sum of nine
listen, listen, listen
there's so much more‒
in esther's given token
a weave already woven
spoken in words written
for destiny not forsaken
seven maids entered her den
seven years...the first begin
a year for the reviving‒
think of the twelve
apostles setting out to build
that back-there twelve
a beginning in mend
when in comes‒
the simple in friend
as came the twelve plus the one
‒Jesus...the one and three
of thirteen‒
the father of love in stream
awakens a rose in need
–fulfilling truth's chosen destiny
from His† reason in be‒
life formed
from a lover's spirit
as the whiff
of an october's harvest
‒the breathe of the tenth
opened gates
in a lustful ingest
‒a beginning
in awakefulness
from esther's gentle cave
her company of seven maids‒
thinkings of seven years
of  trails and testings‒
a tally in fourteen
‒a maiden forgetting
what was seen
like that of the king–
a thrown away dame
placing cards
on a lover's flame
truth's awakening‒
always comes in blind
as hormonal lights
screams again...fifteen!
a woven-in beam
by God's† driven stream‒
the maiden awakens
in believe‒
like loving in a dream
the age of sweet sixteen
revelation...esther brings‒
as strife
came to her king
like waves of a hurricane
mixed with sways of cane
days to months‒
built in time
adding up
across the line‒
in whispers
of a spiritual nine
‒a constant set in design
to be the soul keeper
in remind
then time came‒
to shift the scene
like the brave age
of seventeen
building up
to that of nineteen‒
that ending of teen
‒steps in the makings
of a great king
a maiden looking back‒
the makings of a queen
twelve months‒
in a beauty's regime
‒six in the oils of myrrh
‒six in cosmetics and perfumes
living in the palace of a king
‒within months
counting twenty-four‒
she lived in the dream
of a true queen‒
fighting behind screens
for the better
of her king
in the spirit of nine‒
the mince of a hurricane
combining twenty-four
lights replacing rain
all adds up
to God's willing beam:
the spirit of three
along side the strength of three
moving carefully‒
a well-driven destiny
oh, gentle morning dove‒
look, look, look
the tone of esther in see‒
in that first month
in that twelfth year
‒the awakenings
of one and three
as two lived, two died
‒the takings of four
in the give
‒the getting and giving‒
for hearts to survive
as in the building
of an awakening‒
that of one and three
as a written record
of beautifying the heal‒
that of one and three
‒the beautiful sway
of thirteen
as came the twelve plus the one
‒Jesus...the one and three
of thirteen†
the father of love in stream
awakens a rose in need
–fulfilling truth's chosen destiny
all in the makings
of a king
ten thousand talents
‒given then resented
then worked for
in a manifested dream
‒without thought
of the connected ream
as...seven years
in begin
as in the twelve
plus the One
‒Jesus...the one and three
of thirteen
oh, the pages
of esther's revelation!
a broken-down‒
spiritual enlightenment
leaving a mystery‒
in driven
an ending and a beginning
‒a moving to a second
in time
where there's no drawn lines
for God's right on time
as brought...again and again‒
one plus two plus seven plus eight
one and eight
‒the grace of nine
the breathing
of God's pure light
as one plus two plus seven plus nine
one and nine...the single
of one
God's number in sign
‒the highest in Divine!
bringing together
all this rhyme‒
esther's beauty‒
by a king...seen
but not just her beauty‒
captured his gleam
‒the beauty
of her hearing
really made her
his queen
in all awakenings–
there's forgiving
for all comes to an end
bringing in a new begin
–a carefully woven token
revealing God's†
enlightened scene
the sum...that of nineteen
where alls...not what it seems
–for in the sum
comes the means–
where the one and the nine
builds in ten
simplifying to the One†
who...above all else‒
is the infinity
of the sum!
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‘Taken Accountability’

Accountability is everything. It’s the first step to saving your own soul.

Taken Accountability
oh, precious, precious maiden!
see that the Lord†, you forsaken
so simple His† ways
‒the laws He† gave
a Son†...sent to ease the craves
but...in...you caved
pretending you're saved
‒feeling protected
with those natural resources
in your caves
feeling protected by those hands
you shake
oh, broke, pillaged virgin!
your beauty masked in sin
sunk to greedy corporations
stolen by man-made
religious congregations
you haven't looked in mirrors
you haven't diagnosised
your fevers
your lack of accountability
has awakened every surety
God's† unconditional love
‒forcing you into maturity
He's† waiting patiently
for truth's sincerity
for love's vulnerability
in correcting‒
through accountability
but...on blind eyes, deaf ears
you failed to see
you failed to hear
welcoming all nations
by your vulgar invitation
you've sold yourself
‒lust and corruption
lies and manipulation
drowning God's† vision
‒He's† pass frustration
no longer‒
your beautiful skirts
can they be mended
no longer‒
your long wavy hair
He† can spare
‒your jewels have
lost their shine
let this be your warning
and your sign
the world has fallen
at your feet
now...God† is out
of His† seat
standing firm
on HIS† feet
‒He's† coming for full
no longer‒
think of the body
‒too late...in retreat
it's your soul‒
in spirituality
that salvation‒
you must seek
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‘Distinction Made’

A warning to America. A call for change.

 Distinction Made
america listen to the warnings
europe pay attention‒
to the sayings

words coming...pouring

offsprings of edom–
a world in pillage and death
–stripping God's† people
of rest
He's† tired of the mess
He's had enough in digest
–from governmental conquest
 to man-made churches
–all of it combining
with its deceptive separation
in guess
the ways of babylonia
the same sin-engaged agenda
corrupting systematically
God's† been listening
chances have been given
over 2,000 years
as His† people–
quaked in fear
His† prophecies sent
in slavery...they spent
–by your hand–
don’t you understand
like the jews' torah test
–in deception...you dressed–
His† laws
in your manipulative best
disguising made-up truths
–turning everyone
into fools
oh, pray! oh, pray!
the new land of milk and honey
stolen by
the edom of loony
captured by
a sneaking-in crony
–this place...the new home
to His† tribes–
He† threw the bone
His† passed-down prophecy
–coming through for them
saving them...one by one–
He† brought them over
–a handed-down, four-leaf cover
oh, edom! oh, edom!
raping and enslaving
this beautiful maiden–
now the mother of her
‒turning His† flower into a zoo
stealing her
‒she didn't have a clue
you tried to conquer the world
almost winning the swirl
–God† finally sent you
in a twirl
over two hundred years
–you broke His maiden's walls
oh! didn't you, dear‒
solidly placing
God's† people in fear
now...comes up the rear
islam...joining hands to shear
oh, beautiful maiden, God's† dear!–
casted-out little deer
making friends with enemies–
quite queer
poor, poor beautiful maiden!
courted and manipulated‒
by the seductive new babylonia
‒God's† given so much to you
oh! this vengeful-enemy agenda‒
has more pillage...on you...to do
it's already turned
your beautiful innocence‒
into a sinful crop
prostituting you out
forcing in its clout
you were about
oh, forever lost virgin!
–so young, yet so dumb
not protecting God's†
great big crumb
‒a beautiful land
with the whole
of the sum
you have given into fallen
to the evil spreads
–edom's favorite jest

God's† wrath is awoken
His finger...pushed the button

‒He's† left you alone–
hoping you'd find your way
on your own
giving you vastness–
intelligence, technology
beauty in mercy
protection...a massive army
but you failed Him†
you open-handedly gave over
His† precious four-leaf clover
–forgetting He's† the creator
forgetting His† Son†...your Savior†
too late, too late
it's all begun
His† cycle...to begin again
you abolished hearing
you abolished seeing
He's† pleaded and pleaded‒
but you concealed
that of listening
preaching myths and tales
putting up His† existence–
for sale!
oh, watchmen! oh, watchmen!
 those in listen
–go against this captured fest
speak, speak, speak
God's† wrath is on the move–
there's no turning back
for Him†...they didn't seek!
wasted, wasted, wasted
oh, beautiful land of gems!
oh, mountains and lakes!
oh, crops and fields!
oh, forest and streams!
–a land so free
but not easy to keep
the doors have opened–
God's† turning
on your precious land
the enemy isn't sneaking
–its already in
God's† wrath awoken!
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‘The Way―Still in Dispute!’

Choices to follow is exactly that…a CHOICE! We don’t have to. That’s unconditional love. [Thou shall not kill? The Torah anyone? Hello! They killed Jesus, too! THOU SHALL NOT KILL! And NO ONE questioned/questions this!].

 The Way―Still in Dispute!
two thousand nineteen years‒
why...still questions
why...still debates
why...still doubt, disbelief
when God† brings home‒
unwavering tears
that His† Son†‒
still...not held dear!
charges slammed against paul
intended to maul
by a people
denying the great hall
for using them...veils in null
to unleash a great stall
against God†‒
their voiced sword
was their draw
oh! all these many years
oh! so many useless tears
‒doesn't it feel a bit queer
how evil continues its sheer
after the sacrificing Lamb†‒
God† gifted the Spirit†
talking to us
as individual y'alls
giving each...a different call
instead of a slew of laws
sending us to the wine
–giving up to the ways of crime
teaching us byway of paul
there's one...love
the final law
still...a crawl instead of a walk
ways known better‒
according to the dark
all because...their attitude
in pissed off
‒God† using them
byway of the cross
freewill...unconditional love
they decided to withdraw
spreading their anger
like a slithering little claw
not seeing
their self-inflected flaw
years and years
spreading across the world‒
their instilled fear
as they tried to silence paul
40 years, 40 years, 40 years
‒plus more years
we don't live that long anymore dear
‒and questions rise?
‒isn't that a bit queer!
as Jesus† rose above the law
these people stripped love to raw
spreading hate, egging hostility
‒'til rape, greed, murder
sincere's fall
got up from crawl
ran with come on y'all!
the way to God†...in halt
arrogance, ignore...their insult
instead...the way to God†
the law
they opened...wider
evil's vault
for it
making everyone do summersaults
happy in their material pursuits
laughing at God†‒
as they bang the wall
mocking God†, cursing His† Son†‒
at the drop of a jaw
studying His† words‒
pondering, pondering
questioning, questioning
instead of actions...good deeds‒
allowing suffering to spread
‒becoming common law!
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‘Show Them, Lord†’

‘Del Soriptoren’…’God’s Scribe’. I write what is sent. You can persecute me. It doesn’t matter. His word is written. To all those doing the same…keep writing!

 Show Them, Lord†
You† showed me Your† ways
some days, when I lay
I forget words to say
in all these words
‒oh! so many words
in all the confusion
set on
by Your† veils
‒truth...I must tell
even in scream and yell
buried deep in man's hell
these words are no match
to the schemes they hatch
their darkened deeds
they believe

You†...they did scratch
Your† power
no more they see
‒not putting You†
above all else
in idols
they sink themselves
as I have myself
I have prayed
asked for delay
lived by the Way
tried to brighten my days
but their lives are more fake
they cheat, lie, steal
nothing in them seems real
through the world
of a cyber net
they've forgotten...truly‒
You†...they don't get
abuse, neglect
their lack of empathy
–gone seems
the meaning of mercy
the meaning of Your† grace
setting each other
race against race
not truly understanding‒
why Jesus†
was put in their face
I'm up against these tides
the truth of healing
they'd rather run and hide
believing...Jesus† was sent
so they can sin without end
over and over
the entire reason
Your† Spirit
You† put within
Lord†, I hear
pass it along
only to be crucified
‒a thousand times I've died
all these tears I cry
it's for them...not I
they're so lost
in the lie
You've† shown me‒
I lost myself in confusion
wanting...so bad...believe
in society's delusion
back and forth, back and forth
wanting to believe‒
it's me, not them
needing the healing

over and over
You've† shown me different
them mixing up the covenants
not seeing truth
all these years
the breath of fool
show them, Lord†
I battled enough
with this heart
needs to be hard
to understand the basis
of the turned cards
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‘Esau’s Children’

You can’t take back what you’ve done. It’s already written on your heart. But He’s given you a chance to redeem. I’d make a choice before He takes it off the table!

 Esau's Children
you pillaged us
you raped us
you sold Jesus'† blood
for a soft bed
–a crown of jewels
for your head
edom, edom, edom–
you did as God† instructed
your chances to redeem
you never seen
you turned further away
as each of His† tribes
you added to slave
He† has returned us
to lands given to us
He's† watched us...all along
each move was His† own
All those who willingly
followed your false thrown
will wear evil's mark–
never sound the bong
will sink in deception, manipulation–
your minds will turn
into cesspools
–an endless vaporization
of truth–
without a variation
He's† bringing us home
to lands of our own
confusion is already
in the known
–not knowing us from
your own
for hundreds of years
your careless
has put us in His†
safety zone
our bodies may sleep
but our souls are
going home
to where He† sits on the
one and only throne
You…dear edom
lost His† kingdom
your choice–
He's† giving to you alone
then happily
He† will be gone!

‘Nation Under Siege’

He’s telling you. You are not listening. I can’t even pray for you. It’s up to you to choose!

 Nation Under Siege
God's† hand will come first
bringing in
a mourner's thirst
it'll seem like a curse
but what could be worse
when thinking
the heart'll burst
hearse after hearse
an incoming wedge
come to flirt
kicking everything over–
turning beauty to dirt
they've done it
in their own land–
for what they desire
–kill instead of work
a...in the land
peddling like jerks
under-valuing people's worth
stealing anyone's purse
in the dark
in a greed's hungry lurk
will they see
in this enemy
its deceiving perk
wear its mark–
a judgmental burp?
they will convert
against God's† people–
become the pervert
in loyalty...serve
God† knows
this coming stir
go ahead
endow yourselves in myrrh
it will not swerve
the coming curve
so, go on...gather together
before the coming
He† who comes first
shows you
what could be worse
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‘Brought to Light’

You can’t hide from God. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. And your chances…it’s getting to the ‘too late’ point.

 Brought to Light
I sit
bow my head
after much pleading‒
to a page He† led
to me
what was said
leading to dead
I bow my head
a bit tattered
in face of my argument‒
God† still sees
I matter
He† gently shows the way
revealing the fake
showing what's at stake
‒it's never too late
rewriting the page
yes, I sit
bow my head
always His† child‒
all the words
to me
He† fed

I plowing on‒
without water to tread
for I'm alive
in the light
not in the dark...dead
nor empty
or misled
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