‘Drey á yá bēan, Come to Me†, My† Children’ (God)

‘Drey á yá bēan, Come to Me†, My† Children’ (God)…You are already doing it because we are entering the vastness of this new world of confusion…look around…if you haven’t seen it, you are late to the party!

Drey á yá bēan, Come to Me†, My† Children (God)

it's coming
this plague among men
a plague created by arrogance
a plague of too much
a plague of greed
a plague of selfishness

'they do not know
what they do'

is gone
a phrase that no longer

'come with Your† wrath
for they know
and they still do'

is a phrase that now applies

they have become wickedness
an uncaring lot

'is there anything I can do,' I asked

'no,' He† says

a continuation of deterioration
with self-centeredness
at the helm
they do not see what they do
because they choose to

america is babylon
in it's very nature
they bring in the refugee
but at a price for everyone
slaves are slaves
I† am putting the shackles on
they will go on even tighter
for a price must be paid
for My† name
they have exploited

they have ransomed My† name
for privilege
for prestige
they have bond the yokes
around the necks of the poor
without a gun fired

more yoke is coming
a lesson in mockery
return to full flavor
its vile taste will be bitter
more bitter than ever were
a taste

bring forth, you who prostitute
a lady worth bowing down to
bring forth, heathen upon heathen
who call themselves worthy
they are not
they pillage My† air
they pillage My† ocean's deep
they pillage My† mountain

all for golden calves!

shame will consume you
confusion will ravage you

drey òco nânâ

this is I†, the Lord Almighty God†

you'll soon see My† hand
on its forth wave
a wave you have not
seen before

ring, ring 'o sickles of Him†
the one you don't hear
the one you don't believe

He† is your judge
for I† gave Him† authority
for He† reigns
for I† gave Him† power

you will see all these things
the experience will be vast

Notes:  The photograph finally chosen is again from November 11, 2019: The Avenging Angel. I say finally because David kept choosing my face. I didn’t want my face again, so he chose this one!

(April 14, 2022)—You should study the Book of Ester. Again the foreign language lines I wrote phonically and He tells me to stop trying to figure them out, they aren’t for me to figure out, just like the codes in the photographs. So, I leave that to you.

A lesson through me to you. I wrote Dismissed Authority’ early this morning. Then later in the morning, ‘Drey á yá bēan, Come to Me†, My† Children’. Then my daughter called. I don’t much like writing about my family these days, but I’m instructed to write this. My daughter is doing me, when I was her age. I was all about politics. I don’t want to talk much about politics anymore. It is a waste of time. I don’t feel that bitching and gripping about other’s behavior solves anything. It’s a total waste of energy.

My daughter has not seen this yet. And what He was showing me through her today was what ‘Dismissed Authority’ is all about. It is already happening…His discipline on a grander scale. The button’s been pushed…we are in it.

The Book of Ester. Now I understand its value. All the things God did for the Jews, saved them countless times, and they still betrayed Him and killed His son and all that He stood for. In the story of Ester, is described how we are to present our petition before the Lord, as well as how to respect the Lord which is the king in the story. I have put the petition part to the test and it is accurate and precise and true. You can’t present something to the Lord with half a heart. Sorry. It doesn’t work this way. He does not do things for you with half a heart! Ever!

And He will not discipline with half a heart.

What He taught me today through me daughter, is what is coming…what He is talking about in this writing. The disrespect. The selfishness. The self-centeredness. The want of things not deserved or earned. The blame. The confusion. The greed. The complaining. The anger. The acceptance of all things God hates. All of this is leading us here in America to one thing: Slavery on massive proportions. The yoke that you feel now is nothing to what is coming. God works in mysterious ways. You are headed to one of those extremes. He has sent the warnings in the visions and dreams and writings, but you fail to hear.

I can’t tell you when. This is not for me to tell. In all the writings that He has sent to me for you since 2019…that’s when. In those writings, in those visions and dreams, He has told you when!

As He showed me with every prophet before me, He always warns, He always demands healing, and He always demands His writers to write no matter what. This is my journey. It is not for you to judge. He is warning. He is telling you what you are doing that is leading to where you are headed. You have brought calamity to yourself. You can’t blame anyone. You can’t even blame God. You misbehave and a father disciplines. He is the Father. You are being disciplined and will be more disciplined in what is coming.

What He hated at the beginning, He still hates: Corruption, lies, sexual immorality (if you don’t know what this is, you are in trouble already!), manipulation, murder, stealing, adultery, judging each other when we have no place for that judgment, etc., etc.

Why do you think you can do all these things and be forgiven and enter the kingdom?

Who told you these things are now acceptable?

God has not changed!

Yeshuah came and paved our way to the kingdom, to make an easier path. And you still don’t get it…He told you over and over that He will shut the door to the banquet hall if you are late. Do you NOT know what that means? No, of course not. Why is that? Because what He said is happening right before your eyes…what He said while He walked on Earth. The world that is coming…the darkness that God has warned through me…it is coming. And like all those He has warned in the past, man never learns, you will bitch and complain. You are already doing it because we are entering the vastness of this new world of confusion…look around…if you haven’t seen it, you are late to the party!

It is an individual journey now. The man-made churches of the world have failed. The virus is not over.

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