‘Four Points of A Round Box’ (Jesus)

All the riots and protesting here: This is the hand of God at work. All these mutations with the virus: This is the hand of God at work.

 Four Points of A Round Box (Jesus)
 sing praises
 for something worthy
 you're not
 loosening up
 tightly woven knots
 disengaging well-placed clots
 ‒all by the hand of God†
 shalom, shalom
 your disbelief
 sends you to rot
 holding on
 to falsing-winning slots
 moving at fast trots
 ‒blending money with God†
 burying yourself
 in a judas plot
 ‒blending sexy and hot
 as you breathe words of God†
 just assume be slop
 ‒blending your sexual immorality
 into acceptable, breeding shots
 medically changing nature's intended top
 so you feel part of the lot
 your radical, liberal movements
 going against laws of God†
 think not
 as you're part of earth's clog
 after...better off
 sits a fallen log
 you are wrong
 in comes the throne
 the only one
 bleeding the judgmental tong
 through this poet's fingers
 I† send the words
 you're denying you've heard
 this is the Son†
 I† speak
 I† have always spoken
 I† am the Judge†

Note: The photograph was taken today January 14, 2021. I took the picture for reassurance that I’m not alone when I’m hearing all of these words. That blur, double eye on top of my eyes is real. It is not fake (I have many photographs of myself like this). This photograph is not altered in any way. The hand of God…the Holy Spirit allowing us all to see the real of all that is happening through me. Above IS Jesus the Christ speaking. He has been speaking to me this way since January of last year. He has been sending warnings and reasonings and ways to live better lives. What I write below is guided and is truth. Too much deception is going on. I had one lady say to me, ‘What I’m to disregard my belief for yours?’ And the answer is NO. God isn’t a belief. He IS. This you need to understand. Don’t challenge me. I will not respond to you. I’m not here to argue. I write what I’m told. What is happening is not the end of times, the end of earth. No. It’s the coming end to a cycle which won’t happen for another 156 years. That number came to me twice…straight up. God is always on time and His time is NOT ours. God is. The Kingdom is. Jesus is. God is over ALL! God is ALL energy. All the photographs on this site are given to us by Him. I took them because He directed it. They are not fake or a joke. He wants you to know HIM. His wrath is upon us for a reason.

(January 14, 2021)—Then after assuring me I was talking to Jesus, ‘Open the Book’: Romans 16:17-20.

*Warning about TroublemakersI urge you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to the teaching you have learned. Keep away from them. For such people are not serving our Lord Christ, but their own appetites. By smooth talk and flattery they deceive the minds of naïve people. Everyone has heard about your obedience, so I am full of joy over you; but I want you to be wise about what is good, and innocent about what is evil. The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.—Romans 16:17-20

A lot has been crossing my eyes lately. I’ve been very diligent with posting on my Facebook wall all that David has been putting before me. I question sometimes but I still do it. It is expected of me. All this political mess in the United States. It frightens me because God had me write prophesy against them. I live here. This is my nation! They have failed the Lord in so many ways.

All the riots and protesting here: This is the hand of God at work. All these mutations with the virus: This is the hand of God at work.

I was sent a message today from a friend who said one religion is teaching that God does NOT have a wrath, that He does not send evil things. That religion is teaching that God and Satan are equal! Nothing…NOTHING…is above God! I was told by another friend that she went to a church that taught there is not such thing as the Holy Spirit! And that there’s a ‘divine‘ thing concerning black and white skin! There is no such thing. Your skin is just skin as God pointed out in one of the writings I had to write for Him! You are so blind to the truth. It is expected.

God does not blanket us from truth just to do it. There is a reason for it. He does everything to Glorify Himself. He is God!

I read in a group for co-dependency how these people are trying to heal without believing in God! Who cares what you believe in. God isn’t a belief. He IS! He is responsible for your creation. So to say you have no use for Him is saying you love the idea of a hell and you know you are going there. I pity you because hell…God has revealed just a small portion of this to me and you DO NOT want to go there!

ALL things are from God. It is NOT God’s fault that your humans do NOT teach you correctly.

The Catholic church is NOT the only way to Jesus or to God. They are NOT the only entity on earth who can deem something Divine. I watched a show that actually said this! The pope is NOT the way. That man is just a man put in charge of millions of dollars that goes to building fancy buildings with stained glass. There are poor in the world. I saw part of a video degrading Mother Teresa because she worked for the Catholic Church. Fact: All those poor, sick kids she held in her arms, she shouldn’t have had to hold because her bosses could afford to pay for all their food, clothes and medicine but they didn’t.

Jesus says it here. You are failing the head. You are the body. If you think mother nature is your creator or not. No matter what you claim you believe, you will hit a knee when strife hits your door. Deny all you want. 52 years on this earth, I have seen it over and over. God put you through tests and you failed so you blame Him, deny Him as the Jews denied Jesus Christ. It isn’t God’s fault. Get your damn butt up and try again! This is the unconditional love part.

Truth: The ‘IF” factor means that God will do everything to help you. God’s love is unconditional but not while you sin. Idiots! God is NOT the God of the dead. While you are sinning, you are dead. Sin means death! It is only when you had enough of your sinfulness that you turn your heart over to Him, like a child! This is when He returns to you and as long as you live by His commands, He stays with you. If you return to sin, He leaves you. This part is the BIG part that man has carelessly left out of their teaching. God does NOT change. Love Him like He loves you….follow His commands and He gives you love unconditionally! But it is YOUR free will to do so.

God is NOT with you in sin. Sorry, all this going around. Jesus gave the ultimate law: Love. If…IF you love totally than you are His. To love means you do NOT hate, you are NOT greedy, you do NOT lie, you do NOT steal, you do NOT hurt people, you do NOT steal, etc, etc. If you loved as Jesus said to love, then you would NOT want to do any of these things! Fools all! You DO NOT KNOW GOD! and because you do not know God YOU DO NOT KNOW JESUS!

Tell me you do, then tell me you don’t cheat, lie, steal, hate, racist, bigotry, hypocrisy…all these things you don’t do. Tell me that you sold all your riches and fed the poor. Tell me that you give free medical to everyone who needs it. Tell me that you cloth the naked and house the homeless. Tell me you do these things. Or else shut your mouth! Amen!

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