‘Punishments of Me’

 Punishments of Me
 You† give, You† take away
 I've seen the dark of night
 I've seen the brightest of Your† light
 I've written it all―outright
 including this plea―wrong or right
 You've† taken me down
 turn me up-side-down
 round and round
 I plea with Job in sound
 how much more 'til I'm found
 ‒in the complete of bound
 I'm doing the work
 my body withering in hurt
 my heart, with death, does flirt
 my eyes filled with dirt
 how much longer will my legs‒
 You† give, You† take away
 ‒a constant revolving sway
 I pray every day
 sometimes, struggling with faith
 holding on, happiness‒
 one day, You'll† pay
 maybe, that day‒
 I finally finish these words in say
 how much longer, Lord†‒
 how many more days must I wait
 ‒too much time in weigh
 passed me by
 so much gone away
 so much anger said
 without anything given in brave
 hear my words, Lord†‒
 please return my grateful, humble way
 please return a home‒
 where peace remains in stay
 ‒I'm just asking today
 for You† to hear my say 

Notes: The photograph was taken September 7, 2019. It was part of a message to me regarding a promise made to me by God. It was, and is, a promise that I find hard to believe. It is one of those laughable, incomprehensible deals…like when Abraham told Sarah she would conceive a child in her old age after being barren for 80 years! She laughed. Well, this is one of those! I know God does not lie and that His will always comes to pass. So, when this promise comes to pass, I will disclose the entire set of photographs that go with this one photograph (there’s quite a few). The most amazing part of the revelation of these particular photographs, and the whole deal was amazing, was that David told me to look at the photographs backwards and then the promise was revealed! God sort of pulled a Moses on me…when He turned Moses’ staff into a snake. Well, these pictures, what He put in the sky, matched what David was telling me before, which I recorded every word! Maybe some wonder why I’m so bold in the Lord. This is why. He revealed Himself to me profoundly in all of the photographs He had me take and events that took place in person. The photographs are so revealing to me because David told me about them BEFORE I took them! One day, you will understand this and see GOD!

*God the ‘I Am’Moses said to God, ‘Suppose I go to the Israelites and say to them, ‘The God of your fathers has sent me to you,’ and they ask me, ‘What is His name? Then what shall I tell them?’ God said to Moses, ‘I AM who I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I AM has sent me to you.” God also said to Moses, ‘Say to the Israelites, ‘The Lord, the God of your fathers—the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob—has sent me to you.’ This is My name forever, the name by which I am to be remembered from generation to generation.’—Exodus 3:13-15

‘Punishments of Me’ was written July 10, 2017. I was struggling. I had a job to do for the Lord, I always knew it, and it had been years since the promise ‘Write and they will come.’ They didn’t come. They still haven’t come. But then I know the truth of my work now. This work isn’t for this generation. It is for the future. This generation, I’m told, has failed.

How have we failed? Well, I’m in the United States and this is where I see it. The good-time gospel. The false teachings. The incomplete teachings. The teachings for fame and riches. This is what happened in the United States. I’ve read that it is happening in other nations as well. But this isn’t all there is to this failure. The Lord has had me write about it for a long time now. Greed. Lust. Sexual Immorality. Pride. Ego. Gluttony. Envy. Jealousy. Hate. All of the things God hates.

I knew in 2017 as I know now, the job would take most of my life to complete. It has. The job has destroyed everything I had because God comes first in everything, even when it didn’t seem. He did. Truth. Even when I told small lies, the truth was always something I fought for, I demanded, but few listened, few cared.

Why am I telling you this? Because I’m to explain in all these words, over and over, in every way possible: the PROCESS of God. This has been my calling from the beginning. And God has used me and my family for this purpose. They can deny it all they want. It is the truth. Everything that God put in front of me, I had to write about. And the demand that I explain myself over and over in every way possible was ever so apparent. Why? So that ALL the basis were covered. Every single thought, emotion, feeling that one could possibly feel, that didn’t bring me to destruction, God put me through.

Every single emotion!

‘Punishments of Me’…I fought it. I yelled, screamed, cursed, hated, loved…I wanted it to stop. I begged for it to stop. But He wasn’t done. He had so much more to reveal to me, to teach me. And He does these things by DOING! And everything He had done through me confused everyone in my life to the point of betrayal and abandonment on their part! I didn’t even understand it when it was happening. I thought what everyone thought: I’m crazy. I sought mental therapy who assured me there was nothing wrong with me except depression which was the direct result of me dealing with constant physical pain due to fibro.

It wasn’t until after I completed the bulk of the writing of the 12 books and I edited them that I understood what God had done through me. He was indeed preparing me to help others heal by documenting those horrible emotions, every single one of them. He put me through all of them for you.

[I keep the books up for sale here on this website so that anyone can get them now. But they will change. He has me changing them. Not the content. That won’t ever change. It is written. What is changing is the way in which the content is presented, and there is added content…HIS content.]

We are all concerned about this virus and here in the United States, the loss of freedom. It is odd because we already loss a lot of freedoms. I’m 52 years old and things are a lot different from when I was a girl. Freedoms. The people have given up a lot of freedom for the sake of the rich, liberals who think they are doing for the better of the people. They aren’t. They are doing to get money, to get press, to get their five minutes of fame. They have removed God from the equation and put money at the forefront. God warned about this. Jesus warned about this. To no avail. Or is it?

God is in charge. He proved this through me. He had me write for years and years…since 2012…that He was in charge of my ship. He was and is. The same goes with the rest of the world. If you know anything about our creator then you know this: He always uses His prophets’ lives in symbolic ways to stress His purpose and plans. He has through me and it wasn’t pleasant. My personal suffering is symbolic of the suffering yet to come to my nation. And when God calls a nation out, He does not recant.

My punishments are yours here in the United States. But my nation isn’t the only nation He has called out. He has set prophesy against many. It is in the writings…follow the links below…there are many of them now. I’m writing to you, but all of these words are more for a future: to teach them our failure. In today’s world, God is calling for the heal! I Am! He called Himself. He IS.

He tells me...It is I! I’ve heard that several times. He feels me with love. He feels me with sorrow for people who just don’t care or are stuck on man-made churches and what they want people to hear. God’s wrath is upon us. He has called me to speak loud. Millions will die. The button’s been pushed. These aren’t fairytales as my family accused me of. It is happening. I warned my family last year when I received all the visions. They mocked me. They mocked the Lord. Now they ostracized me. All of them. Because I embarrassed them. If I embarrass them, then so does the Lord. Think. I’m assuring you that there is a world beyond this one which your spirit, your soul, the part of you that feels, sees, hears goes. The body is just a shell. This part doesn’t matter to God. It is the inside being that matters to Him. And He is demanding that you heal the scars on your heart. At all cost.

P.S. I didn’t ask for this job. I wrote for the Lord but to heal women from abusive men, not to save souls of the world. The Lord had a deeper calling and I answered it. I’m sorry if you don’t believe. Still…God is…Jesus is. These things can’t be changed. The mockery going around the world is just that: Mockery, foolery…what is of the world. The confusion is set. Be very careful: This virus is from God. It is real. It will get worse. God isn’t ready to lessen His wrath. There are still things to come before the big decisions will be made. As when Jupiter and Saturn came together, God said, ‘Change of Power’ and ‘Time of change’. There is another event with the planets coming…a stronger call: Change of Power. I guess we all will see what this means. Amen.

The following works are direct writings from God and Jesus, meaning I heard them speak and these words are not mine.

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