‘The Riches of Lowliness’

‘The Riches of Lowliness’…I can’t force this knowledge on you. I can only share what is given to me. And I do it willingly. I was reluctant to share these today. And both of Them gave me time to think about it. Just like in the Crucifixion Vision, Yeshuah made me take the time to think about my decision before answering Him. This is Yeshuah’s nature. He wants you to think about it, consider all the options….’

The Riches of Lowliness 

I fear the Lord†
His† hand lies on my heart
He† shelters me, comforts me
‒through me
He† sorts

He† aimed at me―His† dart
pulled me apart
piece by piece‒
all that man
set in my heart

then, slowly, He† began
to rebuild me
‒a carefully laid out art

no longer, do I go backward
‒I've become the leopard
despised and dislodged
from the populist
‒a handsome reward
for truly loving the Lord†

He† doesn't have me on guard
‒like I was before‒
instead, He† made me the bard
He† plucked out‒
all the thorns

all through the rest…disregard

He† sees more of me
more than a woman
or even a capricorn
He† sees me in safeguard
a soul made low
‒so the human movement
I can record

out of wreckage
I am carved
a servant
made from the scars
that lingered
after my heart was torn

I am lowly, the meek
the humbled
a released, free-floating barge
left unattended
on the streams of life
‒not one surrounds me
not even the vanguard‒
He†, of my soul, took charge

through Him†, came a hailstorm
then a forewarn
then a mourn

then―opened up the foghorn
I emerged‒
in the Spirit of Truth†
with the Son† in charm
‒to many―a unicorn
to me‒
a sinner…transformed

the lowly am I
the trademark
of the hand of the Lord†
‒gracious is He†
I praise Him†
all the glory is His†
for He† saw me
without disregard
stripped me
then rebuilt my heart

now, earth disregards
but He† has my heart
‒nothing is greater
then the Almighty Lord†
the one who said 'you are Mine†'
and encircled me
with His† unconditional force:
the everlasting chorus

'I† love you'
because you loved Me† first'

words of His† Son†
the heart of the source
to reinforce
the endurance of being
the lowly one

(September 6, 2023)―The following works: Trapped Under’, The Riches of Lowliness’, Humble’s Renaissance’, The Ant’s Surface’, Lesson’s Given’,To Be Known’, The Showth of God† and ‘a Ways from Danger’ were written between August 27 and September 3, 2023 preceding Yeshuah’s Step Found’ which was given September 5, 2023.

The photograph David chose is from October 8, 2019:  Oil Spill. See the image of the child to the left of me!

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