‘On the Ledge’

The Lion’s Den. What is it? It is a symbol as everything that God does in the Bible, before, during and after Jesus’ life. The Lion’s Den…God will bring us to strife to test us but if we trust in Him, He will bring us out.

On the Ledge
Lord†, I'm standing here
Your† voice to hear
I'm doing this‒
so please control this fear
not of people or anything
of this world
but being alone, losing time
missing those of my own
for doing this work‒
I have nothing to give them
‒not even a home
my heavenly Father†
I know what You† said
You're† with me
and for me to not be afraid
I'm trusting
each and every day
and You† know what I'll say
going way deep inside here
looking at my deepest fears:
it's argument, strife
having to stand up...fight
it's pushing through
giving hard love
and trying to not be the fool
but knowing You†
and what You† need
us to do
it's having to break a heart
but keeping from
tearing it apart
so each piece can sort
‒healing can pullout
the deepest darts
it's being yelled at, cussed at
cursed out by someone I love
but not giving up
taking strength from above
‒using that as my glove
instead of pushes and shoves
it's saying truth
going against all traditions
pulling out secret formations
using every known Jesus† tool
to help heal and sooth
even if the one needing healing
is horrible and cruel
lost in the addiction
of traditions
that were never true
Lord†, these are my fears
these cause all my tears
and even through
these I fear
I'll get pass the tears
and even if I'm made
to feel queer
I'll do them anyway
‒help pave the way
their souls
not to be sheered
but instead cheered
as they enter
Your† heavenly gates
‒that is worth all the tape
all the anger and hate
all the moments in fake
that walk
that gate
changing a fate
living Jesus'† way
so they‒
the unhealed
are not late
for that perfect date

Note: The photographs were taken November 9, 2019: Certainty of Visions. The the odd green next to the rocks is God’s energy. I can’t help if you can’t understand. I’m telling you what David points out to me. All of these photographs came after the visions in order for the Lord to drive in His point. I would listen if I were you. Don’t shoot me. I’m the messenger. And the message was delivered.


(August 19)―I was led to Daniel in the Lion’s Den after I wrote this. Amazing! If we go through hard and trust in the Lord, He will rescue us unharmed. I covered the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den in Disbursement of Truth and The Lion’s Den.

The Lion’s Den. What is it? It is a symbol as everything that God does in the Bible, before, during and after Jesus’ life. The Lion’s Den…God will bring us to strife to test us but if we trust in Him, He will bring us out. There’s so many ways that God will do this and we just have to be prepared for them because they are going to come if we want them or not. This isn’t our show, this belongs to God and He will test you to see what you are made of.

Symbols. All the times Jesus healed, each was a symbol from healing a crippled person, symbolizing those who can’t get out of their hurt by themselves, to healing the blind, symbolizing someone who can’t see the truth, to bringing someone back from the dead, symbolizing not only that Jesus IS the Son of God, but that we are part of His vine and as this vine, it is our responsibility to help those who are lost in their darkness.

God is NOT the god of the dead. He is the God of the living. It is OUR responsibility to get people who are lost back into the light, because during their deepest of suffering, they can’t. Don’t you get it? If we are put in front of someone with pain: any type of addiction or anger or hate, it is OUR responsibility to show them the way out of that. It is not easy. They will fight us. They will betray us, steal from us, hurt us. We are giving this opportunity to redeem any wrong we might have done in our past, by getting put in front of this pain. If we don’t give up and do what God wants from us, He’ll repay you in full. He will.

Blessings. All these churches have twisted what blessings actually mean. It does NOT mean money! AT ALL! Blessings mean spiritual. If you are given money and you feel blessed, good, but that is not the true blessing. You are given money to help others. Once you understand what to do with the money given to you, and you do it without resentment, then you will receive more…blessings of the spiritual kind. What does that mean? You received the money and did what you were told to do with it, so Jesus is going to want you to do more and it’s not easy, nor is it full of pleasure. No, chances are, it will carry pain with it, but you will be saving a soul, you will be helping someone move forward.

Does that sound hard? Drinking from Jesus’ cup is hard. Why? Because it’s the test of your heart. A kingdom. Think about that. What is a kingdom? Do you have an idea in mind? Now, times that times a million or even more. Are you worthy to live in such a place? Don’t you think the King of that kingdom will test your heart to the max before He allows you to live in His house? I would test you. I wouldn’t just let you live in my house. Would you allow just anyone to live with you?

Mercy. God wants us to have mercy. I know people hurt us over and over, but what reward would come to you if you granted mercy to a friend, or someone who isn’t so hurt. Granting mercy to someone who has been so hurt that they have built their entire world around this hurt in denial and anger and hate, that is what God is looking for. If someone like this was put before you: What will you do?

Mercy. Offering a place of refuge every time they search you out. Not denying a safe place. Hoping to plant a few seeds then release them again so Jesus can do His thing. Or it’s holding a person who hurt you, letting them cry and not making them feel shame. Or forgiving when everyone else you know wouldn’t. Or not judging, just making that person aware of their pain even if they hate you for it. It’s holding in resentment when all you want to do is charge other person with guilt.

It isn’t easy. The hardest part of drinking from Jesus’ cup is doing what He ask without hesitation, well, maybe a little, but still seeing it through, even if you will be called names and criticized and condemned and ostracized because the sin of the lie is far better than the truth you tell that person. No, it isn’t easy. But think of it this way, all the yelling and the trying to force the issue leads the person you are trying to get through to leave and hate you, but the words you pounded are in there and they will come to the surface sooner or later.

Many people tell me I’m too straight up, too honest, even too good. Many have told me that I’m too forceful, too bold, even arrogant. Okay. I agree. But I don’t have time for their games. I don’t have time to sit around and wait for them to finally admit the truth. For someone like me…the hardest thing for anyone to say, ‘You were right,’ because they grow to actually believe I’m arrogant instead of actually seeing the truth. I’ve seen it over and over that people are so willing to believe the lie because it sounds so good, then believe the truth because the truth hurts. I refuse to bow down to the lie…the tradition of hiding things, forgetting things. No, as Jesus has taught me, that is NOT how people heal. In fact, that brings on more scars on the heart.

The whole point in all that I do is to bring people to that healing point. A person cannot heal with all this sugarcoating BS thrown at them. A person cannot heal with this holding hands, forget-about-it attitude. These churches and therapists are not doing anyone any favors when their methods but stealing unnecessary years and years from a person because they can’t tell the truth, or better yet, they aren’t willing to go the distance and drink from Jesus’ cup!

I’m willing. You were raped. You were abused. It wasn’t your fault. IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT! And by you stepping up and admitting what happened to you out loud instead of covering it up because of shame and embarrassment, you are not HEALING! That’s the first step. The second step is to stop lying! You are lying to people. Just stop. From this moment on, no matter how much it hurts, tell the truth. The hell with what others think: Tell the truth.

Work on those two. Get a Bible. Read the thing. Take notes. Trust the Lord to direct you to your kind of Bible, your very own BOOK! Begin a book of your own. Write your pain. Share your story. Release the secrets. Just let them out. If someone came into your life and made you face your deepest pain, that person truly loved you. That person truly cared about your wellbeing. If you hurt them, go back and make up for it. They were you angel, and I can bet somewhere along the way, they told you they were sent to you. They were.

That person, that I just talked about, is the reason you are reading this, because God directed you to read this. Your healing was so important that God sent you an angel. That’s pretty damn special! Trust yourself. It wasn’t your fault. What happened to you…it wasn’t your fault! Use it to help others heal. Take control of it. Make it yours. You can do it.

The Lion’s Den…we are put in it but by trusting in the Lord, we will be brought out of it. Any harm we are left with, it is because we didn’t trust fully in Him. He will send someone to help. Let them. That someone is ‘On the Ledge’ doing Jesus’ footwork. They are drinking from His cup and if you pay attention, they will teach you how to drink from that cup as well.

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