‘In Truth’s Décor’

To love Unconditionally is a Choice that allows us not to give up hope when all seems lost. Healing is a Choice as well. It takes courage and strength…that of a Warrior. Love yourself. You ARE that important. God Bless!

 In Truth's Décor
esther's story's secretly woven‒
giving all a simple token
‒divine truth goes unbroken–
surviving through symbols‒
weaved into carefully
chosen words
‒begging those in hear:
open ears
to what is served
‒awards given
to those in deserve
all's well in the token‒
driven to a back-there look
in divine truth's beginning
(the two and zero
of grace given)
twelve's woven...over and over‒
in weaving words in deem
taken from the awakening
of enlightened nineteen
leaving behind
that of zero and seven
and a solemn maiden's hand‒
as she earnestly plows through
a worded, forgotten lace
as a man devours the beauty
of a woman's face
hungrily devouring God's†
carefully-placed words
–capturing in her web
the warmth of their embrace
‒opening up all  her
tormented traps
as He lifted His welcoming hat‒
giving what
her world...lacked
spring forward...years buried‒
learning the Way
in this worded maze
over and over‒
appearing through haze
divine passages‒
screaming out their maze
'look, look, look‒
there's more than words
in this book!'

in all these wording roots
listening, hearing‒
the spirit-driven cue
‒she knew exactly
what to do:
carefully orchestrate
explanation's verbate
through a divine magistrate‒
without breaking
golden rules
set by those
who hold the glue
don't be lost
in that of fool‒
there's an awakening
in two
–so listen
for the one tiny clue‒
for together
not two but three
‒do away with deception
for the better of the few
understand the coming mates‒
tally up this circle of eight
‒a player of aces and eights
where future holds dates
…and it's never in late
the cards...held by Thee†
‒oh the power of three!‒
built up the one and only Son†
who personally chose the one
a simple man's son
‒revealing truth
on fingers counting five
trying to live, stay alive
bringing troubles
I feel like I'm fifteen!
believing what seemed lost–
can never be redeemed
–not seeing the growing
of the unseen vine
‒driven solely
by the one who's Divine†
when all brought together‒
revealing the mercy
in signs
‒grace given
in the sum of nine
listen, listen, listen
there's so much more‒
in esther's given token
a weave already woven
spoken in words written
for destiny not forsaken
seven maids entered her den
seven years...the first begin
a year for the reviving‒
think of the twelve
apostles setting out to build
that back-there twelve
a beginning in mend
when in comes‒
the simple in friend
as came the twelve plus the one
‒Jesus...the one and three
of thirteen‒
the father of love in stream
awakens a rose in need
–fulfilling truth's chosen destiny
from His† reason in be‒
life formed
from a lover's spirit
as the whiff
of an october's harvest
‒the breathe of the tenth
opened gates
in a lustful ingest
‒a beginning
in awakefulness
from esther's gentle cave
her company of seven maids‒
thinkings of seven years
of  trails and testings‒
a tally in fourteen
‒a maiden forgetting
what was seen
like that of the king–
a thrown away dame
placing cards
on a lover's flame
truth's awakening‒
always comes in blind
as hormonal lights
screams again...fifteen!
a woven-in beam
by God's† driven stream‒
the maiden awakens
in believe‒
like loving in a dream
the age of sweet sixteen
revelation...esther brings‒
as strife
came to her king
like waves of a hurricane
mixed with sways of cane
days to months‒
built in time
adding up
across the line‒
in whispers
of a spiritual nine
‒a constant set in design
to be the soul keeper
in remind
then time came‒
to shift the scene
like the brave age
of seventeen
building up
to that of nineteen‒
that ending of teen
‒steps in the makings
of a great king
a maiden looking back‒
the makings of a queen
twelve months‒
in a beauty's regime
‒six in the oils of myrrh
‒six in cosmetics and perfumes
living in the palace of a king
‒within months
counting twenty-four‒
she lived in the dream
of a true queen‒
fighting behind screens
for the better
of her king
in the spirit of nine‒
the mince of a hurricane
combining twenty-four
lights replacing rain
all adds up
to God's willing beam:
the spirit of three
along side the strength of three
moving carefully‒
a well-driven destiny
oh, gentle morning dove‒
look, look, look
the tone of esther in see‒
in that first month
in that twelfth year
‒the awakenings
of one and three
as two lived, two died
‒the takings of four
in the give
‒the getting and giving‒
for hearts to survive
as in the building
of an awakening‒
that of one and three
as a written record
of beautifying the heal‒
that of one and three
‒the beautiful sway
of thirteen
as came the twelve plus the one
‒Jesus...the one and three
of thirteen†
the father of love in stream
awakens a rose in need
–fulfilling truth's chosen destiny
all in the makings
of a king
ten thousand talents
‒given then resented
then worked for
in a manifested dream
‒without thought
of the connected ream
as...seven years
in begin
as in the twelve
plus the One
‒Jesus...the one and three
of thirteen
oh, the pages
of esther's revelation!
a broken-down‒
spiritual enlightenment
leaving a mystery‒
in driven
an ending and a beginning
‒a moving to a second
in time
where there's no drawn lines
for God's right on time
as brought...again and again‒
one plus two plus seven plus eight
one and eight
‒the grace of nine
the breathing
of God's pure light
as one plus two plus seven plus nine
one and nine...the single
of one
God's number in sign
‒the highest in Divine!
bringing together
all this rhyme‒
esther's beauty‒
by a king...seen
but not just her beauty‒
captured his gleam
‒the beauty
of her hearing
really made her
his queen
in all awakenings–
there's forgiving
for all comes to an end
bringing in a new begin
–a carefully woven token
revealing God's†
enlightened scene
the sum...that of nineteen
where alls...not what it seems
–for in the sum
comes the means–
where the one and the nine
builds in ten
simplifying to the One†
who...above all else‒
is the infinity
of the sum!

(September 22, 2019)―Enjoy.

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‘Taken Accountability’

(September 20, 2019)―Oh, my sweet, sweet Job! This second writing I received today was revealed through the following passages from the Book of Job. In this set of passages, Job is making a case for himself on his righteousness. For you, God is telling you what to do. He’s giving you so many chances. Of course, byway of Jesus. He’s the one appealing for you. You should appreciate that because God’s already revealed through the visions He sent to me that the button’s been pushed.

In ‘Taken Accountability’, He is telling you it is too late, it has all begun. Of course, He has said that in verbal context to me and I’ve written it up in the visions that He directly said, It has begun. Of course, not many people are reading it because I don’t pay to run traffic to my website. But that’s okay because He has assured me over and over that they will pay attention when I show them the truth. So, I don’t doubt what He says.

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‘Distinction Made’

A warning to America. A call for change.

(September 20, 2019)—‘Distinction Made’…is one of two writings that came through this morning. I’ve taken a break from meditating because I am told to build God’s Mercy…the page here about what God, Jesus and David are showing me. I can tell you this: I’m being guiding on how to do these pages just like I was guided on how to put together my books. I’m to display all the pictures I was told to take, to reveal a part of God that few get to see. No, I don’t feel special. Actually, I’m nervous and a bit afraid. But God knows this. So, I’m being helped.

The writings…for 10 years now…have always come with ease. Before I received the message that I had to deliver, it was about healing…all of it. Not on a massive scale. It was about healing one heart at a time. In fact, those books are tools for healing. (They are on hold I’m told. There’s something that has to happen before people will understand their purpose. I’ll let you know when that happens.) The writings coming in for the past 2 months are more on a grander scale, which makes me a little apprehensive but I’m doing it anyway because God asked me to.

A little bit about these new, more grander scale, writings: The visions…came after the message was delivered. I had dreams and impressions of sort before that, but not straight-up visions. That was new. I’m told that this is a graduation in my gifts. A grace. Of course, I did have to accept the gift first, I also had to state that I would use it for honorable purposes, and I had to understand the rules. Yes, there are rules. I will discuss this more on a sub-page of God’s Mercy, when I talk about the third eye, which I will have an entire sub-page. It will, I guess, be more clear.

After I was graduated, my hearing seems to be getting clearer. Today’s pieces are more in-debt than the ones I’ve been getting…a lot more. When you read through my work on this website, you’ll see the change.

Point: How do I know that these writings are from God? They always come through David, my spirit guide. (I will explain him more on the sub-page I’m building for him.) They are out-of-the-blue. Totally. Read the piece below. Trust me, this is something that is NOT on my mind. So, that’s how I know.

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‘Write It!’

Be exceptional! Trust in your journey. You are being led in a specific direction for a reason.

(September 19, 2019)—Things are not always what they seem. Trust…the key word. There’s more here than meets the eyes. You are guided. Believe in that and you have everything!

 Write It!
don't be afraid of it
be bold in admit
don't smother it
‒force it
pen to paper...fingers to keys
write it!
be brave in commit
‒you're chosen for it
save those...dying from it
you got this!
you're surrounded by angelic
trust in it
don't fear it
‒bring the Boss†‒
to the front of it
rock it...own it
heart and mind‒
combine all of it
you're the way of it
don't deny it
be the just of it
obstacles...jump over it
hell...plow right through it
that evil whore‒
crush that bitch
to the world...say fuck it
God's† the way of it
‒be the hot of it
to all His† askings...submit
then you'll have‒
the glory of it!

‘The Way―Still in Dispute!’

Choices to follow is exactly that…a CHOICE! We don’t have to. That’s unconditional love. [Thou shall not kill? The Torah anyone? Hello! They killed Jesus, too! THOU SHALL NOT KILL! And NO ONE Questioned/Questions this!].

(September 11)―I’m been paying attention to the hypothesis of my writings…as in the people’s reaction. There’s next to nothing or deletion of it all together. Quite the opposite of Paul’s journey. ‘The Way―Still in Dispute!’ was the answer I got this morning…byway of Acts 25:23-27 through Acts 26:30-32. Isn’t that something!

This answer is a serious one because of the last vision I was sent. Horrifying! Disgusting! It left me in a state of sadness for the rest of the evening. And there was a question on the table. Not a outspoken one…it was put into my heart: Will you continue? I have a choice to go back into meditation or not. A choice. Just as the vision of Jesus walking ahead of me after He put me on the cross with Him. I had a choice to follow Him. He was not going to force me. I chose to follow. Did I choose right away…at that very second? No. I stood there as He kept walking. He had His hand out slightly by His side and He looked back at me once. He beckoned me to follow Him, but I stood there in hesitation. It was left as my freewill to think about it. And I did. I was not condemned for that…for taking that moment to think about it. Then I decided that I would follow. And I did. Because I did, He allowed me  to see the pregnant woman. He allowed me to feel His sadness. He allowed me to feel the fact that He suffered, too. He allowed me to see that He didn’t let pride and ego stand in the way of His emotions. That’s pretty special to me.

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‘The Divine’s Chase’ and ‘Chastisement…Useless’

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Oh, how true that is!

(September 9)—My fuck-you church awakens again! I sit day after day waiting for people to change, waiting for them to actually mean what they say. It’s been over 10 years now and I watch them fail their tests over and over again. It’s really sad because to say that you love then to crucify someone that you called friend, to ignore your parent when they’ve done nothing to you but say the truth, to ignore your family because they are doing what they are supposed to do is not following the way of love.

I’ve been writing a lot and reading and watching. I’ve been totally spending all my time alone…in prayer, in meditation. I’m not going to lie to you, it’s hard. Not the being alone part, the crucifixion part. Why? The solid questioning or challenging of what I’m saying. I haven’t said anything that isn’t in the Bible, and the thoughts are mine, the visions are not, but you won’t believe that because of….? Oh, man, that’s why. Yes, I’m sarcastic. I’ve always been this way from time to time. Hard Love. I’ve written about this a lot. Do you get it yet?

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‘I Work For You’

Keep pushing through. The gifts a waiting are far more than you ever dreamed. Cry, scream, slam your fist into walls…know it will be okay. Your life is just beginning.—kel

(September 8, 2019)–Breathe. It’s okay.

Then Jesus said to His host, ‘When you give a luncheon or dinner, do not invite friends, your brothers or relatives, or your rich neighbors; if you do, they may invite you back and so you will be repaid, but when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed, although they cannot repay you, you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous.—Luke 14:12-14

 I Work For You
I'm here
struggling, too
run, jump...come through
my energy
I pass to you
in flight
I visit you
my love
I give to you
helping you get through
I work for you
say prayers in twos
we said our adieus
not in words of true
but in faces of blue
as pride and ego
forced the cue
–what's already written
in the book of truth
I know you see it, too
you feel my energy–
in heart, get through
leaving you
in tads of confuse
run, jump...come through
–it's the spirit of soothe
passing it all to you
look to the morning doves‒
as on the ground...lies the dew
no need to kneel in a pew
just look up‒
they are watching you
even hearing
what you're thinking, too
I work for you
in a manifestation clue
run, jump...come through
it'll be okay
whatever you're going through
keep going‒
the time line is right on cue
I'll be waiting for you
through all your doubt‒
through all the emotions
that swarm you‒
give it to the words do
God's† waiting on you
urgency in time's review
as I lay...working for you
knowing you'll get through
‒forgiven...will be
all your past dues

‘Show Them, Lord†’

‘Del Soriptoren’…’God’s Scribe’. I write what is sent. You can persecute me. It doesn’t matter. His word is written. To all those doing the same…keep writing!

(September 3)—In one of the writings yesterday, I mentioned a second article that I didn’t give a link to. The article was Who are the 12 tribes of Israel Today? by David Treybig. Yes, there are many things written about this. With some…it’s all bogus. With others, they have Scripture and historical proof…these are the articles I read. In the article 12 Tribes of Israel Today by Israel Unite, it’s the same thing. People try to read stuff into the Scripture that I have no idea where they get their ideas from except for one idea: to control. The truth is the truth. You can’t change it.

The 12 Tribes: Do you get it? Those tribes are all Jewish people in inheritance. The division…that’s when God scattered His people…happened 500+ years before…BEFORE…Jesus came! Do you get that?

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‘Esau’s Children’

You can’t take back what you’ve done. It’s already written on your heart. But He’s given you a chance to redeem. I’d make a choose before He takes it off the table!

 Esau's Children
you pillaged us
you raped us
you sold Jesus'† blood
for a soft bed
–a crown of jewels
for your head
edom, edom, edom–
you did as God† instructed
your chances to redeem
you never seen
you turned further away
as each of His† tribes
you added to slave
He† has returned us
to lands given to us
He's† watched us...all along
each move was His† own
All those who willingly
followed your false thrown
will wear evil's mark–
never sound the bong
will sink in deception, manipulation–
your minds will turn
into cesspools
–an endless vaporization
of truth–
without a variation
He's† bringing us home
to lands of our own
confusion is already
in the known
–not knowing us from
your own
for hundreds of years
your careless
has put us in His†
safety zone
our bodies may sleep
but our souls are
going home
to where He† sits on the
one and only throne
You…dear edom
lost His† kingdom
your choice–
He's† giving to you alone
then happily
He† will be gone!

‘Nation Under Siege’

He’s telling you. You are not listening. I can’t even pray for you. It’s up to you to choose!

(September 2)—The words being pointed out to me! Fire! The opening of the wrath!

If you don’t know about the 12 Tribes…you need to start doing research. Don’t believe what the white man says. You will be lost in their seduction of lies. The article ’12 Tribes of Israel Today’ may interest you (if you are of color, this’ll be particularly interesting). Another article ’12 Tribes of Israel’…just Google it. I’ve been writing about this since Book 1 and didn’t know there was actual research that proves it. God was telling me this. Now…it’s more important than anything.

All that BS and all those nice art pictures depicting Jesus as white, blond hair, blue eyes! The Catholic churche’s doctrine to freaking control you. Just like their doctrine about women! They killed so many women in the name of God! And they raped as many young boys while preaching their word of God! You keep supporting them! Go on! To the pit you go!

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