‘Party Line’

When you say you’re true to your word and in your heart, you are lying. God knows that B.S.!

Party Line
I openly say
all that I hear
I don't hold back
for He's† scolded me‒
for appeasing His† words
‒it's Him† that I fear
He† says I'm to deliver
for the glory of God†
I have seen‒
as well as felt
a small portion
of His† wrath
‒I don't need another
if I don't speak
if I don't write
your sins fall upon me
I rather God's† glory
than your scrutiny
so here goes another try:
in my head
I see many more to die
deception on a rise
the holy three‒
slowly move into hide
a wake in divide
prophesy of false gods
after a quaking ride
four shifts‒
an equally timed slide
left to right
oh my! how they'll lie
all will feel
not daylight but night
a darkened weight
of uncontrollable cries
it's not governments
but God†
be careful what you say
He's† listening‒
on every side
‒guard your hearts
His† test...on high
it all began in the eighth
a two and a five
'the button's been pushed'
enjoy the ride
since you refuse to abide
'heal...come out alive'
this isn't a jive
God's† time...not ours
His† plans set to motion
‒He† does not lie
you are receiving
what the Boss† says
‒an open party line
it's up to you
read the words
I had to write
He's† consumed
all of my time
telling you what to do
‒His† unconditional love
right on time
all you can do:
ignore...say I lie
it's just a matter of time
watch, watch, watch
shake, shake, shake
He† closed you in
He† drew all the lines
for your time
forced...times nine
heal, heal, heal
seek His† Son†
close your eyes
your life is on the line
in all the words
He† had me write
telling you the time
now open your eyes
welcome to the party line!

(March 26)―I delivered a message last night, yet another direct message. I was told in September to contact this person, I didn’t want to. Then I was sent a dream. Forcing the issue. This time I have no idea what is in the heart, just Jesus thought of this person enough to intervene. Yeah, right! Today, pretty much called a liar again. All because people think going to the Catholic church and saying the rosary will save their lives. How misled you are!

So I sit down to write. Jesus knowing how I felt…the following Scripture. Jeremiah called a liar! Of course he was. If you don’t know God, why go to church…what are you seeking? You clearly believe man-made religion! When the spiritual world intervenes byway of another person, that person putting everything on the line to get the message to you, you don’t call them a liar, you don’t call up their kids and tell them lies, you don’t call them a witch, you don’t crucify them because you can’t admit your own heart!

Note: The photograph was taken November 9, Certainty of Visions.

Word to the wise: God does not lie. He sees all. What? Do you think it’s me who can see inside your darkness all by myself!? Really? No. God is speaking to me! What will He have to do to show you truth? Jesus healed people, so did God’s prophets, so did Jesus’ disciples. And you didn’t believe. How you going to believe a French/Indian girl from the Louisiana bayous living in Vegas? I told God this. I laughed and joked and cussed and screamed. He blew up my son’s truck! My son and his wife, they don’t believe this for a minute. They were suppose to die that night. It was written in the Book of Truth. God showed me His power by saving them, not blowing up the truck! He changed my son and his wife’s destiny. And my son and his wife…don’t talk to me!

My daughter and my other son don’t talk to me because they believe a narcissist and my screwed up sisters. Yes, I called them that because of what they did to their own kids. And they know what they did! So does Jesus! I’m so sad because of the blindness and ignorance…all because they don’t know Jesus or God. Yet some go sit their butts in a Catholic church and say, ‘Since I go to church every Sunday, I am saved!’ No, you are not. You need to examine your heart. Those who received direct messages from me…failed! They are examples to you as a whole…your direct messages are in all this writing since June! Go back and read! His wrath has just begun!

I received a direct message myself long before I was awakened. I didn’t call the person who gave it to me a liar or crazy or a witch. I listened! I was honest. I knew what she told me was true because the message was about my heart…the truth about it! I couldn’t lie to myself nor to her. I couldn’t blame her for seeing something no one else did! God saw it! And told me directly that He knew by sending me a message through her. I value this person until this very day! She is sacred to me no matter what she does with her life! She listened. She loved me enough to hear! And loved me enough to tell me!

You run from me. You don’t like that I’m not all fuzzy, wuzzy! God isn’t either. His unconditional love…I was questioned about this…is telling you to heal. He had me tell a friend of mine to clean her house out. He had me buy her cleaning stuff and deliver the message personally, because with a clean house a person tends to feel better and healthier. She didn’t listen. I taught this woman about Jesus and now she questions me! I’m tired of people not seeing that when Jesus sends you a personal message, there’s so much love there that it’s beyond comprehension. So far I had to deliver 7 messages…all of them told me I was a liar! At least I go down with the best of them!…delivering God’s messages, Jesus’ messages and being called a liar!

In this Scripture, they asked the prophet to ask God what to do. Of course, they didn’t listen to the prophet. What the prophet had to say didn’t fit their idea of how life should be. They thought they knew more than God. God warned them! But…apparently, God doesn’t know everything! They went to Egypt, called Jeremiah a liar. And God’s wrath fell upon them and still does today! What’s new today! Same BS….

Note: The rest of the Scripture is with a piece titled ‘Free Falling’. Maybe I’ll get to putting it up. So far there’s no rush.

Gedaliah Welcomes OfficersWhen all the army officers and their men who were still in the open country heard that the king of Babylon had appointed Gedaliah son of Ahikam as governor over the land and had put him in charge of the men, women and children who were the poorest in the land and who had not been carried into exile to Babylon, they came to Gedaliah at Mizpah―Ishmael son of Nethaniah, Johanan and Jonathan the sons of Kareah, Seraiah son of Tanhumeth, the sons of Ephai the Netophathite, and Jaazaniah the son of the Maacathite, and their men. Gedaliah son of Ahikam, the son of Shaphan, took an oath to reassure them and their men. ‘Do not be afraid to serve the Babylonians,’ he said. ‘Settle down in the land and serve the king of Babylon, and it will go well with you. I myself will stay at Mizpah to represent you before the Babylonians who come to us, but you are to harvest the wine, summer fruit and oil, and put them in your storage jars, and live in the towns you have taken over.’—2 Kings 25:23,24; Jeremiah 40:7-10 (Mizpah 586 B.C.)

Remnant Harvests FruitsWhen all the Jews in Moab, Ammon, Edom and all the other countries heard that the king of Babylon had left a remnant in Judah and had appointed Gedaliah son of Ahikam, the son of Shaphan, as governor over them, they came back to the land of Judah, to Gedaliah at Mizpah, from all the countries where they had been scattered. And they harvested an abundance of wine and summer fruit.—Jeremiah 40:11,12

Warning About IshmaelJohanan son of Kareah and all the army officers still in the open country came to Gedaliah at Mizpah and said to him, ‘Don’t you know that Baalis king of the Ammonites has sent Ishmael son of Nethaniah to take your life?’ But Gedaliah son of Ahikam did not believe them. Then Johanan son of Kareah said privately to Gedaliah in Mizpah, ‘Let me go and kill Ishmael son of Nethaniah, and no one will know it. Why should he take your life and cause all the Jews who are gathered around you to be scattered and the remnant of Judah to perish?’ But Gedaliah son of Ahikam said to Johanan son of Kareah, ‘Don’t do such a thing! What you are saying about Ishmael is not true.’—Jeremiah 40:13-16

Gedaliah AssassinatedIn the seventh month Ishmael son of Nethaniah, the son of Elishama, who was of royal blood and had been one of the king’s officers, came with ten men to Gedaliah son of Ahikam at Mizpah. While they were eating together there, Ishmael son of Nethaniah and the ten men who were with him got up and struck down Gedaliah son of Ahikam, the son of Shaphan, with the sword, killing the one whom the king of Babylon had appointed as governor over the land. Ishmael also killed all the Jews who were with Gedaliah at Mizpah, as well as the Babylonian soldiers who were there.—2 Kings 25:25; Jeremiah 41:1-3

Seventy MurderedThe day after Gedaliah’s assassination, before anyone knew about it, eighty men who had shaved off their beards, torn their clothes and cut themselves came from Shechem, Shiloh and Samaria, bringing grain offerings and incense with them to the house of the Lord. Ishmael son of Nethaniah went out from Mizpah to meet them, weeping as he went. When he met them, he said, ‘Come to Gedaliah son of Ahikam.’ When they went into the city, Ishmael son of Nethaniah and the men who were with him slaughtered them and threw them into a cistern. But ten of them said to Ishmael, ‘Don’t kill us! We have wheat and barley; oil and honey, hidden in a field.’ So he let them alone and did not kill them with the others. Now the cistern where he threw all the bodies of the men he had killed along with Gedaliah was the one King Asa had made as part of his defense against Baasha king of Israel. Ishmael son of Nethaniah filled it with the dead.—Jeremiah 41:4-9

People of Mizpah TakenIshmael made captives of all the rest of the people who were in Mizpah―the king’s daughters along with all the others who were left there, over who Nebuzaradan commander of the imperial guard had appointed Gedaliah son of Ahikam. Ishmael son of Nethaniah took them captive and set out to cross over to the Ammonites.—Jeremiah 41:10

Johanan RescuesWhen Johanan son of Kareah and all the army officers who were with him heard about all the crimes Ishmael son of Nethaniah had committed, they took all their men and went to fight Ishmael son of Nethaniah. They caught up with him near the great pool in Gibeon. When all the people Ishmael had with him saw Johanan son of Kareah and the army officers who were with him, they were glad. All the people Ishmael had taken captive at Mizpah turned and went over to Johanan son of Kareah. But Ishmael son of Nethaniah and eight of his men escaped from Johanan and fled to the Ammonites.—Jeremiah 41:11-15

Fear of BabyloniansThen Johanan son of Kareah and all the army officers who were with him led away all the survivors from Mizpah whom he had recovered from Ishmael son of Nethaniah after he had assassinated Gedaliah son of Ahikam: the soldiers, women, children and court officials he had brought from Gibeon. And they went on, stopping at Geruth Kimham near Bethlehem on their way to Egypt to escape the Babylonians. They were afraid of them because Ishmael son of Nethaniah had killed Gedaliah son of Ahikam, whom the king of Babylon had appointed as governor over the land.—2 Kings 25:26; Jeremiah 41:16-18 (Near Bethlehem)

Jeremiah Asks For DirectionThen all the army officers, including Johanan son of Kareah and Jezaniah son of Hoshaiah, and all the people from the least to the greatest approached Jeremiah the prophet and said to him, ‘Please hear our petition and pray to the Lord your God for this entire remnant. For as you now see, though we were once many, now only a few are left. Pray that the Lord your God will tell us where we should go and what we should do.’ ‘I have heard you,’ replied Jeremiah the prophet. ‘I will certainly pray to the Lord your God as you have requested; I will tell you everything the Lord says and will keep nothing back from you.’—Jeremiah 42:1-4

Promise of Compliance
Then they said to Jeremiah, ‘May the Lord be a true and faithful witness against us if we do not act in accordance with everything the Lord your God sends you to tell us. Whether it is favorable or unfavorable, we will obey the Lord our God, to whom we are sending you, so that it will go well with us, for we will obey the Lord our God.’—Jeremiah 42:5,6

Remnant to StayTen days later the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah. So he called together Johanan son of Kareah and all the army officers who were with him and all the people from the least to the greatest. He said to them, ‘This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, to whom you sent me to present your petition, says: ‘If you stay in this land, I will build you up and not tear you down; I will plant you and not uproot you, for I am grieved over the disaster I have inflicted on you. Do not be afraid of the king of Babylon, whom you now fear. Do not be afraid of him, declares the Lord, for I am with you and will save you and deliver you from his hands. I will show you compassion so that he will have compassion on you and restore you to your land. However, if you say, ‘We will not stay in this land,’ and so disobey the Lord your God, and if you say, ‘No, we will go and live in Egypt, where we will not see war or hear the trumpet or be hungry for bread,’ then hear the word of the Lord, O remnant of Judah. This is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says: ‘If you are determined to go to Egypt and you do go to settle there, then the sword you fear will overtake you there, and the famine you dread will follow you into Egypt, and there you will die. Indeed, all who are determined to go to Egypt to settle there will die by the sword, famine and plague; not one of them will survive or escape the disaster I will bring on them.’ This is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says: ‘As My anger and wrath have been poured out on those who lived in Jerusalem, so will My wrath be poured out on you when you go to Egypt. You will be an object of cursing and horror, of condemnation and reproach; you will never see this place again.’—Jeremiah 42:7-18

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