‘Hidden Treasure’

Discovering the hidden treasure in yourself!

 Hidden Treasure
I found it
in the mince of broken
it was afraid and hidden
an abundantly harvested token
‒over used and forsaken
I took it in
without fear's notion
‒not even feeling a demotion
I bathed
in its scented potion
rolled around
in its storied creation
I overlooked‒
its wicked formation
for I saw‒
a different translation
‒one that needed
a believer's gratification
one with a heart-filled formulation
I listened
to its every beckon
sometimes, in stages of drunken
all around...deemed it poison
something to be shackled‒
in a far-away prison
I threw out‒
traditionalized opinions
nothing stuck‒
rotten or forbidden
its scent just heightened
‒nothing could be wrong
or mistaken
I moved like lightening
intentional burns‒
‒days passing slow, steadfast‒
good ridden!
I drove it‒
to an endless vacation
‒whatever conviction
out...came my eviction
I smiled as I saw its rising
all my stops...fully opened
pulling it out of hopeless‒
with my inner-most motivation
‒a darkened star had risen!
I fought everything
in grand petition
every inside concentration‒
I put aside
rose to the occasion
‒with the fierceness of driven
this hidden treasure
overcoming every treason
to become the lamination
of a new generation!
came its different ideas written
all avenues taken‒
off records...stricken
–beating all those defeating‒
a losing validation!
I lost to its mention
‒there...in its private station
came to life‒
its own treasure hidden
in all its careful motions‒
belts and strings
forcefully tightened
I craved to be enlightened
–nothing valued...given
anything to elevate my vision
halted in moments of frighten
I fought constant bent roads‒
tried to straighten
tried to remember each lesson
through all that glistened‒
it had its own secrets woven
‒knowledge in listen
mixing up pointless decisions
taking all the forgivens
icing them‒
in the forever of frozen
yes, I found it
in the mince of broken
it was afraid and hidden
an abundantly harvested token
‒over used and forsaken
but all the good of will‒
off...steadily shakened
living a horrid token
in anger's hidden conviction
‒all that's been stolen‒
on others
its constant reliving
it found its way‒
in rebuilding
using knowledge given
all help's salutations
keeping to itself‒
a stolen formulation
‒to avoid sharing‒
treasures hidden
as I sit
in lost wanderings–
I took it
out of forsaken
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The Case of the Buried Treasure

by Ray Stedman, Authentic Christianity

[k. e. leger Note: This article was written June 27, 1971. Please take note how this article, written 48 years ago, still holds true today. This really helps us to understand the struggle with Israel, and why the governments are acting the way they are. This goes with my article titled ‘Discovering the Hidden Treasure in Yourself.’]

In the great series of parables in Matthew 13 our Lord gave us, as He said, ‘The secrets of the kingdom of heaven.’ The kingdom of heaven is God’s work among men, God’s rule and authority in the midst of human affairs. In this series, Jesus is revealing the work of the kingdom as it is going on throughout the centuries of this present age since His first coming and before His return. We come to the fifth parable this morning, the parable of the buried treasure.

I don’t know what that may evoke in your mind. It always reminds me immediately of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, of Long John Silver, and doubloons and pieces-of-eight, peg-leg pirates, and all the exciting things usually associated with the idea of buried treasure. It is intriguing to realize that Scripture deals with this subject as well. It recognizes the allure and the mystery, which always gathers around the notion of hidden treasure. God has His buried treasures and He is speaking of them in this parable.

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‘Anger’s Infest’

Anger wants you steadfast! God wants you moving forward!

 Anger's Infest
feel it beneath your skin
evil's way of getting within
actions in horror's den
‒ways of evil's perfect sin
it'll trap you in cussing
it'll condemn you in swearing
pulling at you...probing
wanting your reaction
for it's only satisfaction
it'll take all
of your triggering notions
as it smiles
in sadistic laughing
craving your giving in
your fight...it's welcoming
your mind's condemn
anger...evil's infested gem
words, actions
its consistency in playing
wanting you
self to defend
so it can celebrate
in its win
feel it beneath your skin
evil's way of getting within
actions in horror's den
‒ways of evil's perfect sin
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Are you willing to ignore?

A sample from Book 10

watch, watch
in the tv
read, read
on the net
listen, listen
through the radio
what's for real
what's to forgo
developed homeland security
believe, believe
fema helping me‒
I see a dirty deed
lessons of barnum baily
mock, mock
‒jokes on me
newly built facilities
doubled barbed wires facing in‒
secured quite heavily
scary, scary
what's so deadly
we'd cage for free
maybe zombies‒
viruses to the contrary
flue vaccines‒
no chance of escaping
just experimenting
words keep saying
ants from forestry‒
bodies empty
nerves projecting
continuously moving
‒spices added to injury
a little rabies
making what's empty
pretty damn angry
covered in sores‒
completing the ugly
total brilliancy‒
adhering to constitutionality
a domestic enemy
white lab coats‒
in the making
‒no using military
on lands of this country
take their money
build a new security
‒heavy artillery
a country's tactical facility
under noses
a people so trusting
no real need
‒taking guns owned privately
the enemy
it's win biologically
science fiction reality
is it just theory‒
executive order's bravery
‒the gracious heart
of tom clancy
creative thinking
‒even in the movies
always predicting
an undercover warning
without actually saying
what's really coming
watch, watch
in the tv
read, read
on the net
listen, listen
through the radio
what's for real
what's to forgo
history repeats history
different means of delivery
woolen eyes
sunken deep
‒in all entertaining
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‘A Beacon’

You MUST take action instead of trolling!

A sample from Book 10

  A Beacon
do you hear it–
ring, ring, ring
liberty does sing
through the tiniest notion
–every vocation
each unique imagination
one nation
stands for liberation
she's not a simulation
she's reality's verification–
there's ramifications
if tied by dictation
do you hear it–
ring, ring, ring
liberty does sing
no unification of nations
can match her situation
no militant formulation
can undermined her creation
she has limitations
push her motivation–
her wrath's determination
unveils against aggression
do you hear it–
ring, ring, ring
liberty does sing
all look upon her manifestation
for freedom's not suppression
it's an awakening sensation
unmatched by any's validation
she is liberation
the beacon of hope rendition
to all oppression
she is the united states of america–
under God†
she is one nation
to the world's population
she is their mandation–
being free is
God's† given human condition
not under bureaucracy regulation
not under controlled restriction
but through
the self's desire for liberation
do you hear it–
ring, ring, ring
liberty does sing
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‘Six Realms of Faith’

God Needs To Be Involved!

A sample from Book 4

 Six Realms of Faith
having an idea
‒one that's clear
strips the fear
‒a free-thinker's agenda
a place your life
to steer
adding content
‒liberating a commitment
instead of settlement
replacing resentment
‒being legitimate
instead of being stuck
in a clique's common placement
having an individual voice
it's a choice
instead of being a toy
for others to enjoy
‒standing out
on your own paved soil
saying what you mean
with fluency
‒not living
in hypocrisy
strips away life's crazy
stops the path of lazy
in the middle
of its lunacy
perfecting convections
improving slang's grammafications
turning into a professional
leads to graduation
adds promotions
in this world of intoleration
putting it all together
a profession's
perfect presentation
ready for any situation
walking away
from damnation
without hesitation
for I am
in life
a worthy publication
my world
a learning reflection
of mistakes made
every word heard
I can turn around
all situations
with these six realms of faith
I can change
my fate
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‘Leave It All Be’

Just Let the Children Learn!

A sample from Book 4

 Leave It All Be
ma' lord...be gone
your grace here...so wrong
―stayed on track
non-constant watching back
since I's young
no steady song sung
I's get use to a way
then thes' be's the day
some different mold of clay
readin' I's be laughin'
yes―there in the secon' grade
we's laugh...giggle
what fun we made
I can tell a book mighty fine
it had all stuck in my mind
then came the time
got me all out of line
yes...fourth grade it was
cuz books were a fuss
no longer my lust
I's a bit slow
but stories...they do go
I's 'member the row-boat
―that train that could go
readin' fast and all
―grades began to fall
if they'd just let it be
I'd have straigh b's
now...it's only f's
behind...my skills was left
I's didn't make through the res'
all those long tes'
too much of a reading mess
this way...that way
wish someone had just say
leave it all be
she's fine you see

I know...I know
beings here on the street
isn't good fa' me
but the truth be
I's still there
enjoying reading
in second grade
with a b
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‘The New Student’

The First Day of Class: They Sure Do Test Those Waters!

A sample from Book 4

 The New Student
as a teacher
I see life
in a different way
it’s not about me
and someone else
it’s about me
and the whole world
and how much
I can give
in a single day
I teach a different age—
an entirely different race
email, modems and chat rooms—
they don’t want me to lecture
just an enduring classroom
they’re welling to face
 but it’s all in my head
standing there
in a statue of voices
listening to the brains
that need to be fed
they are loud, uncaring, rude
the result of our government
and weak family link
the lack of paddles, rulers
disciplines rules to boot
they are given a choice—
I have to settle
they have summer school and g.e.d.—
I’m the school board’s fiddle
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Teachers Need More Money, Less Work!

A sample from Book 4…Exert From Chapter 7

Chapter Seven…More Money, Less Work

In 2005, hurricanes hit our region and we were forced to move back home. Weeks after the storms, parents of the New Orleans’ area were scrounging to get their kids back into school; at this point, any school, it didn’t matter where. Before we left in October of ’05, schools as far as Shreveport were overflowing with students from the Orleans’ area.

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‘Positive Notion’

Returning To the Classroom Over and Over!

A sample from Book 4

 Positive Notion
inside this head
things once bled
words said
things went dead
turning back a page
—a rethinking face
slow down the pace
a closed space
reenter a once chosen race
wondering why I dread
—young minds fed
why I ran, fled
opportunities shed
for someone else's
weak thread
what I left to stagnate
it's not too late
—turning around this fate
see my place
young minds to lace
talent not to waste
not really safe
inside this head
I thee wed
untangle this cobbed web
—shake a leg
words left to be said
I'm not dead
there's still story
yet to be read
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