‘Massive Proportions’ (Yeshuah)

‘Massive Proportions’ (Yeshuah)…’Get up,’ the Lord said, ‘and go into Damascus. There you will be told all that you have been assigned to do.’—Acts 21:40-22:21

Massive Proportions (Yeshuah)

it is time to reconcile
with nature
to heal the unfathomable
to walk straight, upright
instead of slumming‒
bent over backs

its time to join
be together
in the perils of life
to have a togetherness
against those who hate God†
to stand firm in conviction
unwavering in truth

it is a time to walk
to not bend over
for the sake of the collection

it is a time to stand firm
be strong
but be true

it is a time to decide
what is truth
and what is fathoms
of man

go forth, you warrior
of fortune

but what is fortune

I†, Yeshuah†, have much to say
when it comes to fortune

do you know fortune

I† do
let Me† explain

on the street
there sits an old man
he is a bit shabby
his clothes are worn
his nails are dirty
his teeth aged
his eye sight fading

he gets a piece of bread
breaks it in two
keeps one piece for his 
gives the second piece
to another like himself

he is full of fortune
wealth beyond wealth

this is how God† sees wealth

there is this woman
her household's full of chaos
angry youths
some addictions
some remnants of abuse

she gets up every morning
prepares the house
for the day
ensuring all have plenty to eat
ensuring all have clothes to wear
but that is not all

to the crying youth
she offers comforting words
to the addict
she offers encouragement
to make it through
one more clean day
to the remnant of abuse
she offers safety, peace

each day she calms fires
she's a welcoming smile

and each day
her heart burns
for she does not think
of herself
nor what others think
of her

she offers what she can
and forgets about herself

each day she prays
not for herself
except for strength
but for the peace of others

in God's† eyes
she is full of fortune
she has more wealth
than someone with a mansion
or a crown of jewels

take the lessons
ponder them
consider them
move with them
it is a breath of life
from the one true living bread
the flow of water
from the ever flowing stream
that never runs dry

if you seek it
it will find you

if you wander from it
it will lose you

seek salvation
and you will be restored
go slow
but with eyes open

go in peace
then peace I† will give you

Notes: The frame David chose is from October 23: The Dragon and the All-Seeing Eye.

(May 11, 2022)—Acts 21:27-30 – Acts 21:40-22:21. That’s the Scripture I was led to right after I finished writing down ‘Massive Proportions‘. I’m constantly told that you won’t believe me that the Lord is dictating writings to me. Even the most gifted person I know has doubts. I can’t help that. Paul. I got led to Paul. I’m not Paul. I’m not an apostle or disciple. But I’m still called. And for all those who were called to do something for the Lord, keep doing it, but be sure that you are honest with who God is. His book is as important to Him as you are. Be sure you have a copy that is for you and that you understand all the scripture, not just some of it.

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‘Consurgent’ (God)

‘Consurgent’ (God)…I would be worried if I were you. He says to fear HIM! You don’t. But you will! Babylon is no more!

Consurgent (God)

it is the briefest of times
that faith remains
when the skies are blue
the waters flow
and money prevails

this happens on agenda
but hear Me†
all you peoples of the nations
the Lord Almighty's† hand
has not lifted
you are bound to Me†
weakness prevails

all things are possible
with Me†
do you not think
I† can do
what I† said I† will do?

are you blind
to My† hand?

My† ways are deep
sunk into life itself
things are going to change
I† change slow
but I† am precise
in My† change of things

then I'm† not precise
I† am abrupt
fast and quick

in all lives
I† move

listen! now you peas!
the same
in every lane
curious, you are not!
‒following the collection

My† will is coming to complete
in this immediate matter
but not yet

your fauci is not sure
he's wavering on political
and not human matters
the being that lives

'o sweet, sweet servant
stop reading the world
the world does not serve you
nor I†
you serve Me†

My† time is My† time
I† am the alpha
and the omega
and all in between

'o islands of Mine†
sink low
and see truth

'o cold iron of steel
illusion has been set

'o calm delusional desert
how weak you've become
the foolishness placed
on sand
the sunken need to
is all but delusion
for greed's hand

'o strung out mountains
My† pillaged heart
nothing stays
it all waits
for My† command

the words come
the words go
as I† deem them
but you won't believe them
veils…blinded eyes
are still in place

ask My† servant
what is it like to hear
what is directly in front of you
but cannot see

I† gave her this
so she will know
it is I† who speaks

no need for others
to believe
she writes for ones
who have not arrived

these words
will not carry weight
with you
but with those who
have not arrived 
they will know by
your deeds today
in this mindless generation
that you were told
but didn't listen
that the Lord Almighty God†
but you didn't recognize
that He† sent His† Son†
and again
you did not hear

proving history is
it's own story
repeating the same lessons
without learning

the jews' destruction
what makes you think
your destruction
won't happen, too?

(March 20, 2022)―I did my thing as I always do every morning: Drink coffee and write. This morning I was on my own in my writing. I went lay down after this and then I heard, ‘Write.’ I got up and got my pen and pad and ‘Consurgent‘ was given to me. I heard clearly ‘consurgent‘. The following is the result of my research. The other word the computer kept giving me is convergent, which I defined for you as well. I clearly heard the ‘s’.

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