‘Weapons ‘a Wrath’ (God)

November 5, 2023: ‘Weapons ‘a Wrath’ (God)…’…when disaster comes to a city has not the Lord caused it? Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants the prophets….’―Amos 3:1-10

Weapons 'a Wrath (God)

it has come to My† attention
I†, the Lord God†
how it shames so many
who perish by the hand of man

joseph, the patriarch of slavery
the endowment of mercy
watches over his flocks
with endearment and love

be wise then to take heed to his calling
for he calls to his flock
weeping and sighing
with great mercy

'have mercy on them,' he sighs

and I† back away
then reapproach
for even when you kneel in prayer
your thoughts plague you
and instead of sheathing them
in prayer
you gossip and become enraged

'o sigh great mercy
I† have come
I†, the Lord Almighty†
have shown Myself† through man
many times over
and they still forego Me†
for the material world

save strength 'o beautiful mercy
for endurement is here
granting as I† please
giving grace where grace is sought

the misconstrued take heed
wealth is not grace
wealth is a given mercy
to give mercy

the core of wealth
is not a benefactor of plenty
but a benefactor of death
for to engage in 'more'
desires 'more'
and the more 'more' taken
the 'more' is taken
bringing wrath upon oneself

take heed in the knowing 
of what true grace is

I†, the Lord Almighty†, have given word
grace is of deed
give and give more
keep not with desire
but give with desire
release want and need
and settle in humbleness
release pride of self
and settle in humility of life
‒a light so bright
that no one can put out

grace is given
then grace must be given

the clean up is coming
as joseph cleansed his heart
of desirable lust
forbidding it to enter him
so you must do
of all things

not only of the body
but also of things

come now, listen to Me†, the Father†
I† have created you
each being
for purposes far bigger than yourself
humble yourself before Me†
so that I† may protect you
in ways man cannot

'…when disaster comes to a city has not the Lord caused it? Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants the prophets….'―Amos 3:1-10

does it matter in what way
I†, the Lord†, speak
who can tell who is a holy temple
for Me† to give praise
and acknowledge?
who can conceive how I† choose
a servant to call prophet?
how do you know
out of all the false declared prophets
who heard My† voice
whom did I† call by name?
who are you to declare
who shall be sainted?
and whom shall be called holy?

I† demand an answer!

I†, the Almighty Lord†, shall declare
you have no place
to demand anything in sainthood!

for I† deemed holy
what I† deem holy
and what I† deem holy
the hands of man destroys

in the ending of age
My† left hand protects
that which I† deem holy

stand up 'o watchman
give them these words
for I† am
at your most vulnerable
in your ear
praise My† name 'o holy watchman
I† am with you day and night

they will not hear you
unless the Son† releases you
but He† holds tight to you
for the future of israel
will sigh through you

tell them 'o prophet of the pen
the patriarch of mercy
will shine through you
they will see joseph's might
live through you

'o come 'o mercy
shine bright
for a new age will be born
the birth pains are higher
and stronger than ever
the wedding will soon commence
a combining of the old and the new
to an awakened new earth
and new Heaven

shine 'o bright new
for the Lord Almighty God† has spoken

'…that you long to see us, just as we long to see you….'―1 Thessalians 3:6-10

'…that no one would be unsettled by these trials. You know quite well that we were destined for them…'―1 Thessalians 3: 1-5

(November 5, 2023)—Shocking of Stupid’s Genius’,Devil’s Seeker’, ‘The Paradigm of Israel’ (God), ‘The Sin of Reuben’ (Yeshuah),‘Lustful Content’ (Yeshuah),‘Brave In Its Wings’ (God),‘Abomination of Priesthood Among Men’ (Yeshuah/God), Sactionarism of Judah (Yeshuah),‘Single-Minded Waywardness’ (Yeshuah), ‘A Patriarch of Mercy’ (God), The Look of Despair’  (God),‘Be Ware of the Forsook’ (God), ‘Synchronism (Yeshuah),The Patriarch of Empathy’ (God),‘Weapon’s ‘a Wrath’ (God), ‘The Rites of Benjamin’ (God), ‘Remnant To be Saved (God), andLoved By The Father’.

The photograph David led me to is from November 9, 2019:  Certainty of Visions.

You can read all of the visions, dreams and words, as well as see all the images and see the time frame in which they were given by clicking on Message Index.

‘What Happened To Enoch?’ (God)

‘What Happened To Enoch’? (God)….Hear this, you priests! Pay attention, you Israelites! Listen, O royal house! This judgment is against you:…Then I will go back to My place until they admit their guilt. And they will seek My face; in their misery they will earnestly seek Me.’—Hosea 5:1-15

What Happened To Enoch? (God)

do  you have a clue
how bold of you
to even think you do

are you wondering the truth?
do you think
I† am going to tell you?

watch closely
and you may see the truth
for if I† tell you
you'll be lost
in heavenly glue

I†, the Lord Almighty†
have all the clues
I†  give them once
sometimes twice, too

I† have a way
that's beyond
the thought of you
it's to train you
on what to do
when I† am upon you

a vast realm
lives beyond you
you're just a tip
of the glue
but here comes a clue

the Riddle Maker† is at hand
enoch took a visit
and I† sent him back
for a time
to teach
unlike elijah
who never returned
but like My† Son†
who did

enoch returned in body
My† Son† returned
in body 'and' Spirit†

enoch had to show
and then he was done

do you need a body
to examine?
are you tired of searching?

I† am here
giving you answers
I† am here

the messengers I† sent
were all born to mothers
who reared them
they all had teachers
they all had to go through
trials of a young life
before it was time
for Me† to call them
for the details
they were born for

why is this so hard for you?
says the Lord Almighty†

pockets of freedoms
exist throughout earth
but these freedoms
comes at a price
for those not free

do you understand
the nature of this?

you choose to know Me† or not
you choose to believe, to accept
in truth

it is your choice
to go about the ways
of the world
and bypass
what is holy to Me†!

I† offered a way
to live in righteousness
without hurting others
you, the peoples, made the choice
to make your own rules
from My† rules!

My† laws you have used
which is good
but to use them to pillage
for greed and lust
not so good for you

I† have given Wisdom
I† have let Her roam freely
I† have given knowledge
of My† kingdom
and then I† watched the choices

you chose to help others
at first
then you saw a way
to escalate your wealth
your control, your place in society

so you took the knowledge
I† gave
and plundered it
so that those who truly need
do not have

and those who do not need
have an abundance

do you see My† hand in this?
do you see what you have done?

the world has separated you
from Me†
in ways of babylon
but worse

I† have named the wealthy
of this world

they take and take
and do not give back
what has been given to them

oh, there are some who return
they put a societal strap on it
to build their status

if so much is given in return
then why are people suffering?
why do they turn to sin
over and over?

I† know why!
you have placed a burden on them
that they cannot carry

do you not think I† am modern?
do you think I† am ancient?

I† have designed
each one of you
I† know each
I† know what 
each will do

a choice is made
from whom I† send to you
will the whom win
or you?

there's the choice

enoch made the right choice
it was easy for him
he lived in a time
when the unseen
was a clear wonder
and no righteous law
existed for man

he lived at a time
not unlike your time
when sin prevailed
and righteousness was odd

do you know what happened
to them?
I had to unplant them
a great harvest took place

and enoch was exceptional
he was not afraid
he was a wonder
a pure joy
I† did not leave him
to suffer
his belief was uncanny
matched by elijah
and then My† Son†

can you have this
type of belief?


it is only required
at certain times
which I† deem
to give what I† need to give
unmatched to any other time
on earth

are you willing to do that?

I† am trying to get My† servant
to do that
she is reluctant
she is like all the prophets
I† have called

enoch and elijah
were not reluctant

[He led me to Hosea 5:1-15 
through Hosea 6:4-11]

do you think I† have changed?
do I† need to be specific?
do you not know
why I† sent a Son†?
do you not understand
His† position?
Or do you still think
Him† and I† are the same?

He† is in Me†
as I† in you
as He† is in you
as I† am in you

do you not comprehend this yet?

man needed a path
of redemption
a path for salvation
without being overly consumed
I† gave one!

and it didn't take long
for man to take what I† gave
and turn it to fit their own needs
just like the laws
I† handed down to moses

this discipline I† gave
was relentless
but so was My† love

a path was set
for those chosen
and I† had to keep them
on the path

that path has completed itself
with the resurrection
of My† Son†

do you still not see?

He† set a path
that every soul can take
they choose not to take it

but for many
the ignorance is forgiven
for false shepherds
have blocked the way

there is a way around them
still…it is a choice

words are still given
not enough exist
that are holy enough
there will be

you peoples of the earth
have forsaken My† Word!
you utter them
but do not 'DO' them!

you shame those who do

'those who are last will be first'

do you not understand yet!

I† am the Lord Almighty†
I† speak

(July 21, 2023)—You should read the Scripture given in the piece first. Then a very special commentary follows.

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A Riddle Maker’s Stance’ (God/High Water Dream)

‘A Riddle Maker’s Stance’ (God/High Water Dream)…O Lord, You deceived me, and I was deceived; You overpowered me and prevailed. I am ridiculed all day long; everyone mocks me. Whenever I speak, I cry out proclaiming violence and destruction. So the word of the Lord has brought me insult and reproach all day long. But if I say, ‘I will not mention Him or speak any more in His name,’ His word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in; indeed, I cannot….—Jeremiah 20:7-10

A Riddle Maker's Stance (God/High Water Dream)

it is of grave consequence
not to heed to warnings sent
to go about your day
without thought
to what, I†, the Lord Almighty†
has to say

I† say it well
I† say it plain
clear and precise

warning two is sent
it will spread
slow and precise
it will consume
a vastness of property
what I† destroy

awaken to your folly
seek comfort in Me†
the one that can build
the one that can destroy
in one breath of time

seek out Me†
in all the confusion
of a perfect day

rise up from the steel
and concrete
of your material society
things will not remain
the same
a change is upon you
a great change
of structure

hear the warnings 'o pacific
'o atlantic
your destinations will change
a change is upon you

the sound of the cracks
can be heard
from miles all around
a move so slow and precise
is moving
for My† hand moves it

seek comfort in Me†
a forced seek is coming
upon you

don't fear the world
it cannot save you
but comfort you
with things that fall away

I† do not fall away
I† remain
in Me† and in the one I† sent
reminds you
if you seek
what is not gone tomorrow

be well in your seeking
for things of the world
mimic what is truth
to the point of being
in it's very nature

I† am what is true
the one I† sent
is what is true

anything else
falls away
over a course of time

the nines will last
until I† say it doesn't last

be well in the course
of the nines

it is a push towards
you will soon grasp
the truth

I† am truth
seek and you shall find

the course is placed
it is charged
a slow and preciseness
man cannot fathom

it is told to you
the words are given to you

I† set the course in place
the nines are in place
seek comfort in Me†
the one to fear
for I† bring wrath
in the time of nines

says the Lord Almighty God†
the one who gives
and the one who takes

do you think job knew this?
how about abraham
and issac and israel?

do you know why
they acted upon what I† asked
of them?

how about Yeshuah†?

do you think He† moved
on His† own accord?

NO! I† moved them
as I† moved the prophets
as I† move the prophet

it is My† hand
it is My† mouth speaking
for My† love
is unconditional
though you bring Me†
to anger and to jealousy
I† plan a course
to save every spec
of you 'o peoples of nations
for you all
hold My† people
inside of your grasp
but I† will save them
from your grasp
I† will awaken them
from their restless sleep

'o peas of nations
hold true to My† words
seek comfort
in the one I† sent
before the move
comes upon you
then you will know
I† am the Lord†
and My† words are being
written down

brē may sīn

open your heart and mind
'o My† people
seek the Spirit†
that moves you
as Justice makes her way
across all the lands
she is precise in her move
for I† gave her the charge
of precisement

Notes: The photograph David chose is from October 15, 2019: The Phoenix.

(November 29, 2022)―He work me up around two this morning, then a little after three these words came, then He led me to Jeremiah 20:14-18 through Jeremiah 20:11-13: The sureties of the feelings of a prophet. No matter what happens to us or how lonely we feel, we still do because He shows us things that He doesn’t show the world. We understand the truth. We know the truth. Please understand that He sent me these Scriptures AFTER I wrote the words He sent!

I was told to include the following dream with this writing.

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‘Joint Ambition’ (Yeshuah)

‘Joint Ambition’ (Yeshuah)…Woe to the shepherds who are destroying and scattering the sheep of My pasture!’ declares the Lord.—Jeremiah 23:1-4

Joint Ambition (Yeshuah)

it is careless to say
you can't do something
when you can easily
go the way
each and every day

let Me† say
what I† need to say
keeping wolves at bay
if you have time
in your day

it helps to listen
what Yeshuah†
has to say

time is of the essence
time is slipping
but time is also awakening

you don't have to penalize
for what others
have to say

truth mocks no one
see brighter days
in the looks
on a poor man's face
who walks at a slow pace
one he cannot win
keeping up with greed's pace

the poor man accepts
what's gentle and easy
but hard and simple
his hands at work
singing a slow tune
beneath his breath
as he guides mules 
across a field
or sands along the edge
of a long board
or carefully places thread
in the eye of a needle
or slowly and carefully
cooks a meal
seasoning it just so
as the taste is divine

a poor man or woman
doesn't wrestle with time
each day is each day
resting and working
singing and enjoying
all God's† great creations

unlike the rich man
who runs carelessly
after material possessions
thinking about
what others are thinking
worrying, considering
how much money is needed
how much more
can be made

this unsettling way
leads to all sorts of sin
causing darkness
to fall
as light tries to come in

it is simple to live
but living has to be governed
trusting in a king
far, far away
justifies nothing
to the human race

it's not in their face
but it's ever so present
to slow down
a greedy man's pace
then speed it up again
for pure pleasure
of control

it's always been
God†, the Father†, calls for faith
in an unseen king
to have faith in self
to discipline self
to guide self

but man has a hard time
with self
facing self is hard, tiring
shameful, embarrassing
…all to self

so man focuses on
what he can get
instead of what he can give

a tiring world
always collapses over time
of man's need to 'get'

man works extremely hard
satisfying the ego
instead of the self

pride begins to consume him
until he can't admit
his faults, his injury

it's the way of man

only in his destruction
does he return to faith
and this time
only lasts a little while

history doesn't mend
blame doesn't weaken
but gets strong
because man needs proof
proof of his very existence
he cannot accept self
as the self lives now
not then, not will be
but now

since he cannot leave ego out
he's constantly searching
for this proof

in the ancient world
in the present world
in the world that is not yet

from outside the body
to inside the body

he stumbles on his own self
passing it by
as he rushes to find this proof
when 'existence' is standing
right in his shoes

in careful observation
while looking inside the body
man cannot accept
...he must look deeper
constantly searching

technology is making man
a fool
placing his strength
and his weakness
in a machine of wires

man will fail
for he's reaching 
too far in

Notes: The photograph chosen is from November 9, 2019: Certainty of Visions.

(August 12, 2022)—He led me after to Jeremiah and the Discourses: Jeremiah 23:1-4 through Jeremiah 23:7,8; Jeremiah 33:14-16 through Jeremiah 33:23-26; Jeremiah 31:27,28 through Jeremiah 31:38-40.

An example of the years in between the Prophet’s lives and that of Jesus: Abraham: approximately 2042 years (42 generations); Samuel: over 2,000 years; Elijah, Elisha, Debra, Amos, Hosea: over 1,000 years; King David: approximately 1,000 years (41 generations); Isaiah: 700 years; Jeremiah: 500 years. Just to tell you of a few….

Knowing the above numbers, below is a list of the Prophets and you can see how God sends His messages.

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