‘Weapons ‘a Wrath’ (God)

November 5, 2023: ‘Weapons ‘a Wrath’ (God)…’…when disaster comes to a city has not the Lord caused it? Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants the prophets….’―Amos 3:1-10

Weapons 'a Wrath (God)

it has come to My† attention
I†, the Lord God†
how it shames so many
who perish by the hand of man

joseph, the patriarch of slavery
the endowment of mercy
watches over his flocks
with endearment and love

be wise then to take heed to his calling
for he calls to his flock
weeping and sighing
with great mercy

'have mercy on them,' he sighs

and I† back away
then reapproach
for even when you kneel in prayer
your thoughts plague you
and instead of sheathing them
in prayer
you gossip and become enraged

'o sigh great mercy
I† have come
I†, the Lord Almighty†
have shown Myself† through man
many times over
and they still forego Me†
for the material world

save strength 'o beautiful mercy
for endurement is here
granting as I† please
giving grace where grace is sought

the misconstrued take heed
wealth is not grace
wealth is a given mercy
to give mercy

the core of wealth
is not a benefactor of plenty
but a benefactor of death
for to engage in 'more'
desires 'more'
and the more 'more' taken
the 'more' is taken
bringing wrath upon oneself

take heed in the knowing 
of what true grace is

I†, the Lord Almighty†, have given word
grace is of deed
give and give more
keep not with desire
but give with desire
release want and need
and settle in humbleness
release pride of self
and settle in humility of life
‒a light so bright
that no one can put out

grace is given
then grace must be given

the clean up is coming
as joseph cleansed his heart
of desirable lust
forbidding it to enter him
so you must do
of all things

not only of the body
but also of things

come now, listen to Me†, the Father†
I† have created you
each being
for purposes far bigger than yourself
humble yourself before Me†
so that I† may protect you
in ways man cannot

'…when disaster comes to a city has not the Lord caused it? Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants the prophets….'―Amos 3:1-10

does it matter in what way
I†, the Lord†, speak
who can tell who is a holy temple
for Me† to give praise
and acknowledge?
who can conceive how I† choose
a servant to call prophet?
how do you know
out of all the false declared prophets
who heard My† voice
whom did I† call by name?
who are you to declare
who shall be sainted?
and whom shall be called holy?

I† demand an answer!

I†, the Almighty Lord†, shall declare
you have no place
to demand anything in sainthood!

for I† deemed holy
what I† deem holy
and what I† deem holy
the hands of man destroys

in the ending of age
My† left hand protects
that which I† deem holy

stand up 'o watchman
give them these words
for I† am
at your most vulnerable
in your ear
praise My† name 'o holy watchman
I† am with you day and night

they will not hear you
unless the Son† releases you
but He† holds tight to you
for the future of israel
will sigh through you

tell them 'o prophet of the pen
the patriarch of mercy
will shine through you
they will see joseph's might
live through you

'o come 'o mercy
shine bright
for a new age will be born
the birth pains are higher
and stronger than ever
the wedding will soon commence
a combining of the old and the new
to an awakened new earth
and new Heaven

shine 'o bright new
for the Lord Almighty God† has spoken

'…that you long to see us, just as we long to see you….'―1 Thessalians 3:6-10

'…that no one would be unsettled by these trials. You know quite well that we were destined for them…'―1 Thessalians 3: 1-5

(November 5, 2023)—Shocking of Stupid’s Genius’,Devil’s Seeker’, ‘The Paradigm of Israel’ (God), ‘The Sin of Reuben’ (Yeshuah),‘Lustful Content’ (Yeshuah),‘Brave In Its Wings’ (God),‘Abomination of Priesthood Among Men’ (Yeshuah/God), Sactionarism of Judah (Yeshuah),‘Single-Minded Waywardness’ (Yeshuah), ‘A Patriarch of Mercy’ (God), The Look of Despair’  (God),‘Be Ware of the Forsook’ (God), ‘Synchronism (Yeshuah),The Patriarch of Empathy’ (God),‘Weapon’s ‘a Wrath’ (God), ‘The Rites of Benjamin’ (God), ‘Remnant To be Saved (God), andLoved By The Father’.

The photograph David led me to is from November 9, 2019:  Certainty of Visions.

You can read all of the visions, dreams and words, as well as see all the images and see the time frame in which they were given by clicking on Message Index.

‘Sunny’s Day’ (God)

‘Sunny’s Day’ (God)…Casting the lot settles disputes and keeps strong opponents apart.—Proverbs 18:18

Sunny's Day (God)

it is a vast amount
of joy
to see life bloom
in nature
the newness of it all
makes you forget
human nature's deafness
its blindness
to the ugliness of the world

but I† see all this ugliness
I†, the Lord Almighty†
the God† of all things
the God† of many names
all through the earth

you don't want to hear
of this peril of ugliness
and I† have to ask 
why not?
you are responsible for it
you, peoples of the earth

you can easily change
the ways of this ugliness
but you chose not to

this is when I† have to choose
for you

how do I† do this?

discipline of My† hand

do you think you are through
with My† discipline?
do you think My† discipline
is done?

you are asleep in your wonder
you are asleep
though the tides
keep rolling in

a mass venue
of the times of nine
has just begun

why are you so surprised
at the happenings
of the world?

have you not wondered yet
who's guiding the scepter?

do you think you can out run
'o governments of the world

your use of My† energy
is appalling to Me†
your dinning out
and your waste
is appalling to Me†

the confusion is set loose
can you not feel its wrath?
you will
for I† set it loose

you have wasted
'o kings, 'o sheiks
you brand My† people
and step on them
as if they were weeds

I† pluck the weeds
'o sorrowful hearts
and throw them away
squash the uncertainty
of their time
with more uncertainty

in this time of nines
a rod of value
will raise
a scepter of greatness
will guide
a chosen seed
to come forth

a vast newness
has to come
to outwit the maliciousness
of the world

it is coming
for I† will guide
the hand that guides

you will look
but you will not find
he will not preach
all the words to be preached
have already been preached
preached until they were sold
at a cost for your very soul

he will be a will
a pillar of strength
one that cannot be knocked
for a stronger pillar
will guide his hand

he is not a savior
for you 'o peoples of the world
he is a savior of the word
that you peoples will try
and destroy

but you will not be able 
to destroy it
because the word is eternal
and he will be its master
its protector

go forth 'o peoples of the world
'o nations and countries
'o masters of dance
'o singers of songs
'o mouth breathers of words
you will try to smother
My† words
all of them
and I† will allow
for a time
only for a time

but they will return
with a strength
beyond comprehension
for strength is concealing them
for strength is empowering them

a time of nines
is a time of Mine†
the Lord Almighty God†
the beginning and the end
the alpha and the omega

enjoy your time
with your newly found
for the friendship
is only for a time

then the vengeance of My† wrath
will spew from My† fingertips
and you will mourn
as in ancient days
and learn
'ancient' is a new way
to describe 'your' age

(March 20, 2023)―After ‘Sunny’s Day’, God led me to Proverbs. The specifics follow this commentary.

Thursday it rained and it was put into my heart to make a Spelt cake. Spelt is a type of wheat flour that is actually better for your health than regular flour and it’s not cheap, so it sat in my refrigerator for some time now. A Spelt cake is my term. It is basically bread without yeast and it turns out rather flat. I made it then cut it into squares and put it in a bag.

Friday morning, I was awakened with doing the most popular trail here, Sunset. I’ve been building myself up to it because it incorporates a number of different mountains and terrains and is 13 miles long. I’ve been putting this hike off because I was afraid of it. Fear…yes, I feared it. So, while I’m packing for this hike, David who is my instrument of salvation, my guide, reminded me to take the Spelt cake. I also packed some turkey slices and radishes.

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Time’s Accordance’ (Yeshuah)

‘Time’s Accordance’ (Yeshuah)…Jesus replied, ‘You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God. At the resurrection people neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in Heaven. But about the resurrection of the dead―have you not read what God said to you, ‘I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob’ [Exodus 3:6]? He is not the God of the dead but of the living.’ When the crowds heard this, they were astonished at His teaching.—Matthew 22:23-33; Mark 12:18-27; Luke 20:27-28

Time's Accordance (Yeshuah)

time wastes away
then time doesn't waste away
it depends how you see it
from what aspect
from what prospective

having regrets
is wasted time
nothing is a regret
not doing things
or feeling not doing enough
was meant
it was part of your journey
either to help you
or help someone else
even if you don't see
the why
it isn't meant
for you to see

it's how you feel
that matters
and regrets
shouldn't be a part of it

when you feel this regret
you should examine it
to learn what was being
living your life fully
is a matter of circumstance

it is I†, Yeshuah†
telling you
through the writer of words
it is My† mouth
that speaks

don't feel so alone
don't sit there in wander
especially because of others
your journey is your own

not getting to do something
was a lesson
either for you or someone else
don't wonder about it
that 'is' a waste of time

learn the lesson
then move on
to the next lesson

if you are alone
learn not to feel alone
you are safe in alone
a protection given
don't sit in alone
your life is as it is
enjoy the day

learn that others
may bring misery
to your door
unnecessary misery
so the Father†
keeps them at bay

be patient with self
the load of society
is plenty and overbearing
you do not need the load

release the load
giving of time
is far more valuable
then giving of materialness

the age of wisdom
comes with time spent
learn whatever you can
enjoy the gifts given
appreciate them
honor them
hold on to them

life is gentle
when it is simple
but beware of life
when truth is absent
it will rob your peace
it will steal gentle
and confiscate simple

I† am peace within
the world is at war
with peace
materialness has it
in captivity
more will come

separate yourself
from it
then help others

the way that I† brought
to earth
is simple, meaningful
with abundance in peace

those against this
deem the world
in complex
because of materialism

it is hard separating
from this

those in control
make it this way
pushing what I† brought
further and further away

I† am not materialism
to make a profit
from My† life
I† did not come for this

I† came to show
a different way
a way of caring
sharing, loving
living the way
the Father† deemed

man has turned
what I† came for
in mockery of the Father†
an enslavement
of purpose
for control on earth

My† way is free
a 'free' that stands
apart from the world

concentrate on this
these words
instead of suffering
instead of focusing
on what you wish for
or what you don't have
focus on time
focus on what is free


to celebrate My† birth
is admirable
to make a mockery of it
is blasphemy
is materialism

why are you so blind?

I† lived and died
in body
but I† live forever
in Spirit†

celebrate My† Spirit†
understand My† Spirit†
then you will understand
My† Father†

Notes: The photograph David chose is the second one. The first one was of the street, I didn’t get it, so this one was chosen. He said, ‘Darkness’. I now get the first. It is from November 9, 2019: Certainty of Visions. And this makes sense, since God keeps warning us of the darkness coming and I’m led to the set of photographs that say that all that He showed me in the visions of 2019 will come to pass.

(November 20, 2022)—‘Time’s Accordance’ was given on November 19. After, He led me to His final week on Earth, Tuesday morning.

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‘Aggressive Nature’ (Yeshuah)

‘Aggressive Nature’ (Yeshuah)…if one of you should wander from the truth and someone should bring him back, remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of his way will save him from death and cover over a multitude of sins.—James 5:19,20

Aggressive Nature (Yeshuah)

you peddle around
what lies ahead
as if I† never told you

why are you not listening

do you think I† don't know
that I'm† guessing
that the prophet
is just writing
to write

let Me† school you
Yeshuah†, the Son†
the one in God†, the Father†
as the Father† is in Me†

the instruction is vast
and on going
it will serve its purpose
in the time God† deems

listen close to all these words
they will serve
their purpose

a time approaches
the time of need
not want

a time to save
all that you throw away
without thought

a time of sacrifice
a sacrifice of time
is coming
where you'll be forced
in the sacrifice

are these warnings
they are as such
as well as instruction
to live through
what the warnings contain

you wager wars
on thoughts
on ill-considerations
the horrors of war
release the true nature
of men's hearts
what lies in them
it puts out their worldly desires
evil lives in those desires

evil is beginning
its march
it will spread
and yet you go on
living fully
in your materialness
because it doesn't affect you

it will

the Father's† words
are direct
all the languages
can understand them
the interpretations are vast
the vine is at work

don't hold them
to yourselves
spread their message
each person relies on the vine
of certainty
you are charged with telling
informing each other
of the nature
of the Father's† warnings

His† love is unconditional
seek Me†
and I† will lead you
to Him†

salvation is upon you
inquire of it
redemption is looking
for you, each of you
you must welcome it

you asked for the Lord's† day
you eagerly wait for it
but you do not recognize it
when it's upon you

dila ray bay
se forg ná

understand the words given
understand all that God†
has given
through the prophet of words

a slow yoke
is being wrapped around
for the goodness of you
for the Father† loves you
He† must save you
those who belong to Him†

it is vast in the making
what's coming into the world
it cannot be changed
the decisions will be made
they were shown
to the prophet

heed to what was shown
it is slow and precise
the preparation
should be almost complete

a time and place
it has been written
it is sealed
it is dawned in time

I† deemed it possible
says the Lord Almighty God†

a left in change
a coming range
of time
will replace time
already spent

don't waste time given
a purpose is soon
to be known
a combination of man's arrogance
will fall upon him

it will be

the Son† speaking for the Father†
for His† sheep must listen
know My† voice
hear it clearly
do not be like the hypocrites
who denied My† voice
and sealed their fate

I† am now the unseen
your faith must endure
you must pass it down
to future generations
by words said
for words written
will fall away
for a time deemed

you must teach them
by words of mouth
the truth
leaving out the lies
passed by unadament shepherds

the Spirit of Truth† is
and He† lies heavily
on the prophet of words
I† tell you this
I†, Yeshuah†, the first Son†
whom you should know
the truth is coming
from My† mouth
into the ears of a prophet
hear them loud
remember them
they will breathe
as the prophet now breathes

open your ears
what is coming
is coming into the world
you must prepare
for the combination
of wrath from the Father's† hand
disciplining an unruly lot
for trespasses
against earth itself

it is I†
stay in peace of heart
love one another
love God† more
with all your soul
and with all your heart
seek refuge in Me†
and I† will give you
peace of soul
peace of heart
to sin no more

Notes: The photograph David chose is from December 25, 2019. I did not post this set of pictures because it was a gloomy time for me. David pointed out the face on top of the water.

(October 1, 2022)―‘Aggressive Nature’ was given September 27, 2022. Right after, He led me to the Letter by James. The entire letter is below.

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 ‘Point’s Return’ (Yeshuah)

‘Point’s Return’ (Yeshuah)…’You live like Tyre, with no remorse of what you destroy and leave behind. From those in your own country, ‘o sweet America, to those around the Earth. I see who rules you and it is not your government. You have prostituted yourself out to the highest bidder. You have raised your skirt and let anyone in if they carried the right amount of gold. Silence! You are beneath My wrath. Slowly and precisely I will tear you apart. You will become many from one. It has already begun. You have prostituted yourself to sinful men. Men of esteem and generosity for only one thing: To have you and be done. I will correct your misfortune by dividing you into many lands, says the Lord Almighty God.’

Point's Return (Yeshuah)

there's a time in the distance
a time of confusion and chaos
a time when confusion
sets the pace
more than it does today

it's a time of wanting to be
but can't
a time of captivity
because arrogance didn't learn
from lessons sent

the warning sent
was crowded over
by simple confusion
not yet massive confusion

awaken 'o wonder
you are deviating from the course

it was expected

war is never directly
on the course
war comes through
when arrogance overshadows
the corrected course

are things back to normal
'your' normal

it is an illusion
or 'smoke screen'
those seemingly in control
have blanketed you with

the party goes on 'o arrogance
you haven't taken the Father†
out of the way
to serve your own purpose

it is I†, Yeshuah†
telling you
what you are doing
what you are bringing to you

you can't blame your parents
or your grandparents
you, this young, foolish
you are bringing a yoke
so tight
that no matter what you do
you will not pry it
from your neck

a division is set
one you rally against
but with your arrogance
you are setting it
in place

your desire for sin
is setting it in place
your demotion of God†
is setting it in place

long after your parents
long after your blame's age
what your young hearts
will bring on an atrocity
you will accept it
you will nurture it
you will abide by it
it will become 'normal'
it will be a far-cry
to what you complain
about now

I† see it
it is already done
you are mapping out the road
a desirous road
where sin is the multitude
you do as you are told
with no mind
of your own

you will become
like all the other nations
a king's family
then yours

look at yourselves
mourning for a kingdom's lost
who's history ravaged
your own land
yet you have forgotten

look around the prophet's land

you are mourning a kingdom's lost
the one kingdom that ravaged
her land
your land
'o ignorant eagle
'o solemn arrogance

you tore from this kingdom
yet agree with the 
rape and pillage
it has done

wrongful deeds are punished

but another mourning
is coming up on you
one of even greater significance

you will celebrate
and mourn greatly
for another charged
with atrocity
gravely yelling

'in the name of God†
we kill'

God† didn't give them
this command
they took it upon themselves

you will know
when white glistens
in the sun
a gold lead sits atop
shining in a sun's light
an unexpected lot
a death march
a final death march

an age coming to an end
walls to fall
ancient walls
walls that hold in
grave sins

you will see
then you will know

war is coming
from this death
then the Father†
will slowly go from you
He† will let darkness fall
a move so precise
you will miss it
because you allowed
to blend with the collection
you gave in to confusion
and your eyes
have become blind
to the hand of your creator

be well 'o sleepy souls
these words will live
they will breathe
as you look around
see them already breathing

Notes: The photograph or screenshot David chose is from November 11, 2019: Avenging Angel.

(September 9, 2022)—After reading the Scripture He led me to, after writing down ‘Point’s Return’, God started speaking:

‘You live like Tyre, with no remorse of what you destroy and leave behind. From those in your own country, ‘o sweet America, to those around the Earth. I see who rules you and it is not your government. You have prostituted yourself out to the highest bidder. You have raised your skirt and let anyone in if they carried the right amount of gold. Silence! You are beneath My wrath. Slowly and precisely I will tear you apart. You will become many from one. It has already begun. You have prostituted yourself to sinful men. Men of esteem and generosity for only one thing: To have you and be done. I will correct your misfortune by dividing you into many lands, says the Lord Almighty God.’

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‘Life’ (Yeshuah)

‘Life’ (Yeshuah)…But after the three and half days a breath of life from God entered them, and they stood on their feet, and terror struck those who saw them. Then they heard a loud voice from Heaven saying to them, ‘Come up here.’ And they went up to Heaven in a cloud, while their enemies looked on. At that very hour there was a severe earthquake and a tenth of the city collapsed. Seven thousand people were killed in the earthquake, and the survivors were terrified and gave glory to the God of Heaven. The second woe has passed; the third woe is coming soon.—Revelations 11:11-14

Life (Yeshuah)

what is life
have you ever sat down
wondered its true meaning
not for some kind of materialness
or natureness
or religionness
but for life itself

I† was always
then I† became man
then I† am, is

you are the same

you are given life
then the task
is to keep life
to be given eternal life

it is long enduringness
it is many lives into one
given you the opportunity
to increase or decrease

I† am going to teach you
a simple lesson

a lily is beautiful
she comes in many forms
different colors and shapes
but she is still
a lily

she blossoms, lives briefly
then withers and dies
then a season passes
and she again blossoms
returning again and again
for as long as
she is nourished properly

she'll continue to return
until she has completed
her entire cycle

what causes a lily
not to return
is dependant of man
the soil he uses
the nourishment he gives
or he just uproots her
and throws her into the fire

her living
depends on the world
around her

she is planted by God†
uprooted and seeded by man
and her demise
depends on man

each human is just like the lily
this generation
is coming to an end
it is critical for you
to understand
the life of a lily

Notes: The photograph David led me was taken September 27, 2019: Love from Heaven. The photograph was taken at 5:55:39.

(August 26, 2022)—After ‘Life’, He led me to Revelations 11: 1, 2 through Revelations 11:11-14. I leave this to you to figure out.

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‘Implosion’ (God)

‘Implosion’ (God)….if you hold firmly to the word I preached to you. Otherwise, you have believed in vain.—1 Corinthians 15:1-11

Implosion (God)

you read the words
you people of nations
still your idols are vast
still your false prophets
hold you in still

awaken to your vastness
the prostitution of My† word
hold firm to retribution
it is coming upon you

says the Lord Almighty God†

awaken 'o wondrous deeds
of Mine†
out of love
I† bring forth discipline
on your vastness of lands
'o your spiritual endowment
has brought upon you
feegoreness of venture
implorement of truth

I† shall awaken truth
truth of a Father's† love
an awakened discipline
as man has never known

so self-directed
in your idol makers
so self-centered
in your waywardness

move mountain
move to the left
employ My† discipline
take it under your wing
and soar

black stone
orange stone
red stone
all just stone
that cannot save you

'o wondrous water
running life through veins
the fountain
has become the foundation
it is set
through the one I† sent

awaken, awaken
open your heart to deeds
deeds untaken
by My† hand
through the prophet of words

words breathe power
the punishment
upon the lands
of mass confusion

see 'o wondrous wonder
see what the Lord†
will accomplish
in the days of thunder
in the days of lightning
in movements of My† hand

laugh 'o great sea
laugh 'o pillaged land
a redemption
is awakening
is coming upon you

I set down the hand
on this great prostitution
on this great deception

heal the multitudes
hear the raging hooves
pound the earth

your mechanics
just pieces of earth
slamming into pieces of earth

be well My† good shoulder
steady My† shakable thigh
the hand is swift
but precise

be gone jealousy
be gone hate

I† am above all
the master of the plan
a birth of the new
a rebirth of the old
a combining of structure
a redeveloped yearn
a center mass of attention

'o pillaged wonder
what have you done

answer Me†
I† shall speak
question Me†
I† shall answer

the Almighty Lord†
the God† of the living
My† prophet writes
hear 'o vastness
hear 'o silence
you are folding too soon

awaken 'o protection
see the hand
the hand that rocks you

implosion inside
inside then out
rebirth minus the old
I† will do away
with the old
since you cannot

says the Lord Almighty God†
the alpha
and the omega

it's already begun

Notes: The photograph is from September 27, 2019: Love from Heaven. The promise which is still not complete and I can’t see how it is possible, but an in the infinity of God: All things are possible with God.

(May 21, 2022)―’Implosion‘ came about an hour after ‘Self Involvement’. The works are coming every day. Yesterday, I had a discussion with the Master Teacher and we talked about the perishable and the imperishable self. The shell and the being/soul. And today, God brings me to the Scripture of when the Master Teacher taught Paul about the same subject. He was charged with teaching the people about this in a way that only he knew. The same as me.

I’ve written about this many times…the resurrection of self. Yeshuah has been teaching about self. The self is very important because once the shell dies, the self…the being within…emerges from the shell and it is up to what you do here on Earth that determines where this being goes. What you feel, hear, see, experience carries with you in a different way once the shell is done.

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‘Mistakened Weakness’

‘Mistakened Weakness’…To look at the big picture is so very hard. But if you are going to get through the hard, you have to force yourself into seeing this big picture.

Mistakened Weakness

tragedy struck my inner self
no blood or guts
no...it was worse
‒betrayal by those
in trust

I was weak
‒for a moment
I pivoted
stripped all love's endowment

but your strip of me
came way before‒
when I left home
got out
on my own

we always bickered
you and I
you never told me‒
giving me reason to stay
so I left
‒I went away

then…you canceled me out
just like that
I became replaceable

it all made me strong
living on my own
crying 'til dawn
a little lost sheep

I grew and soared
‒through all of it
even war

by myself

I returned to you
I busted trains and plans
all for you
to watch you
say 'I do'

you never knew
the hoops I went through
for you

then it wired down
like normal
me and sis doing our thing
‒it was like
when we were kids
hanging and singing
just being us

a third wheel returned
then another and another

I never knew
what changed the view
who can throw such a curve
between sisters
‒who has such nerve

I never asked
I never will

I grew weak
a spell or two
‒but just a few

through it all
I stood alone
all own my own

by myself
in stealth

with no one to comfort me
but the one who created me

I learned through misery
love left my family
‒all that I felt inside
was all just for my eye
making me see
how much
none of them knew me

not at all

strength built
through what others' misery
tried to kill

I forgive you
I made it through
all that happened to me
because I let you
get to me

thank you
for hating me
for betraying me

for if you hadn't
me and Jesus†
wouldn't have met
so intimately

Notes: The photograph David chose is from October 7, 2022: Faces. Interesting that David picked this particular day to go with this writing. God’s eyes are every where and this is what this day shows. No matter what you try to hide, it won’t work. At all. So why hide? Why think you can outsmart God? That’s just dumb!

(March 29, 2022)―Today, I was directed to write from the heart. Lately, my little sister has been on my mind. I called her for the holidays. She didn’t answer. So, I left her a message. She never called back.

Again, after the work, I was led to Acts 5:17-6:1-7. After writing ‘To Wait Amongst Men’, I was led to these same pages.

It’s a strange thing when you get older and realize all the things that happened to you, happened for a reason. It is really sad to see people who were taught as you were, who were raised as you were, don’t grow as you did.

The Scripture shows how jealousy works in us and how faith prevails. There is no stopping God’s plans. No matter how smart you are. No matter how much money you have. No matter who you marry or who your friends are. God prevails.

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‘Faithfulness’ (God)

‘Faithfulness’ (God)Another thing pointed out to me is that the story of Ruth shows that God is for ALL people, that Yeshuah is from ALL people. This means that God is talking to ALL people.

Faithfulness (God)

I† am
it is
you are

it is I†, the Lord Almighty†
I'm† coming until I† don't come
until I† seep deep
hidden away

you fail to seek the true light
you fail to acknowledge truth
you call truth 'a karen'
it is

you judge and criticize
torment and blame
you accept lies and deceit
you think it's fun to play
to do your manipulation
hide in the dark

you are unfaithful
not just to man
to ME†!

time is moving
getting closer
to what's deemed 'change'

I'm† settling a score
hardening hearts
pushing an envelope
using a punisher
to open unwelcomed doors

you, 'o arrogant peoples
wrestling amongst the feathers
worried the stuff will stop coming
worried the entertainment
will cease

tridant sora com

all these notions of time
breeding confusion
as My† hand moves
picking this nation
and that nation
watching each play its part
as deception smoothers truth

'o police nation
dawn your wedding gown
for the groom has groomed
and prepared the banquet hall
the master of plans
has moved His† hand
and the waiting period
is soon to be over

hold tight, hold tight
'o pitiful notions
straps of time
smart, uninterrupted moments
of time
broken one, two, three, four, five
five bones
five motions of My† hand
it is incomplete
it must be complete

drowning in breath
four and five
around your formula makers
around your currency
around your worldly missions
I†, the Lord Almighty God†
the beginning
the middle
the end
will skirt

I† have put a halt
and then a move
on placements of breath
in the cold and in the heat
you will know
it is I†
you will come out of your sleep
watch My† hand sweep

you will know
I'm† in charge of the rhyme
I've† sent you all these signs
to save your simple soul
from the corrode of time

the shipmate's call
has been sounded

it is I†, the Lord Almighty
I† have spoken

Notes: David chose a screenshot from November 9, 2019: Certainty of Visions The full picture and the rest of the screen shots pulled are below. The time stamp on the picture is 11:.09.2019.13.45.58.

The above is the original. The art of God is to the left of me on the water. Below there’s a woman leaning again a tree with her legs curled up to her chest with her arms wrapped around her legs. There are other parts of this painting as below.

This is the entrance screen shot. There’s a face on top of the white-grayish body.

The bottom screen shot is a blow up of the sun’s ray.

(March 7, 2022)―After ‘Faithfulness’ was given, He led me to the story of Ruth, the great-grandmother of King David. Interesting, for me anyway.

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‘Mercy’s Grace’

‘Mercy’s Grace’…I get angry because of the person lost in the sinfulness of telling lies. I know what course they are on. It’s not judgment. It’s love. It makes me understand God’s love for all of us and why His wrath is upon us. He loves us enough to discipline us, to help force us to do right.

Mercy's Grace

mercy's the hammer of life
it keeps you right
while others fight

mercy gives insight
when others fall out of sight
wanting to sink into blight
mercy comes with the light

when things seem contrite
and winning seems‒
too great a height
mixed up in misdirection
concealed in lies
‒mercy raises its kite
a 'way' sent in by God†
making things welcoming
and bright

be careful in the delight
don't get caught up in the night
using the 'feel good'‒
to cover up the plight
mercy may take flight
leave you to fall
with a hammer in might
let more years pass

mercy's granted for reasons on high
where angels fly
and no one cries
be sensible to the why
to mercy's guiding light

Notes: The photographs is from October 2, 2019: Wave Warning.

(November 25, 2021)—“Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me.” Jesus and the Beatitudes below. If you are persecuted, called names like I am because you came out of sin and now walk the Way, you are blessed more than you know.

‘Holier than Thou’, ‘crazy’, ‘insane’, ‘liar’…the list goes on and on…all because I went the distance and now God’s hand is upon me and I have to post all the writings I’m sent. But not just that…lies make me angry. Not because I’m jealous of anyone or anything remotely close to concerning myself. I get angry because of the person lost in the sinfulness of telling lies, or too filled with shame to admit their sins. I know what course they are on. It’s not judgment. It’s love. To want someone to pull themselves out of the darkness is love. And, of course, those of us who do our best to raise this awareness are always shot down.

This all makes me understand God’s love for all of us and why His wrath is upon us. He loves us enough to discipline us, to help force us to do right.

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