‘The Divine’s Chase’ and ‘Chastisement…Useless’

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Oh, how true that is!

 The Divine's Chase
simon peter drew his sword
a high priest's servant‒
stood before the Lord†
down came peter's arm
a broken ear
sounded the alarm
before His† disciples
before armed men‒
Jesus† healed that ear‒
without needing a friend
still...eyes were crippled
in shackles, He† was taken
‒His† disciples had forsaken
all around today's world
worshiping of many gods
still a bended swirl
‒so long ago
what was written
twisted and twirled
miracles shown to all who seen
a resurrection on bended knees
illusions behind smoke screens
as common as movie screens
why are you trying to see God†
when you couldn't...can't
even see His† Son†
you can't even feel His† Spirit†
you can't even be that clever
you question the unseen
but clearly
you've felt its beam
you don't question the seen
but clearly
allow its soul-spirit stealing ream
you follow all these mega-churches
with their millions in fame
their fancy sermons
with lights that gleam
‒ages of expensive suits
and seats so clean
but you don't see
the poor on the street
living in dirt
everyday...with evil...flirt
you don't see
these millions
helping them
finding a way
to shoulder them
no...too much a burden
reputations in forbidden
on goes their money...overseas
where eyes don't really see
‒truth of the unseen
stories, stories, stories
history, history, history
how 'bout present day
all it takes...is faith
instead of mri'ing the brain
searching, searching, searching
for God's† remains‒
try looking inside
maybe with Him†
you'll actually collide!
it's been happening for years
the truth spills from my pen
as all disappears
bringing me to tears
trying to instill...in me
all kinds of wicked sins
instead of standing behind
that handsome word of friend
accusing me of witchery
evil's unkind blend
breaking my heart
as I'm witness
to how far a part
from Jesus†
they have been
being crucified
I guess
is part of why
these eyes cry
not changing my journey's line
just listening, doing
words from God†
I'm ensured I'll fall‒
from time to time
by a heart that breaks‒
from those in deny
because of an aged-old lie
so go on‒
say what you have to say
I know
it isn't the way
I'm not broken, lost or possessed
I'm only...here...a guest
my way...by Him†...blessed
I'll suffer your curses
then I'll ride off in a hearse
but...only this shell
‒the truth of me
isn't for sale
the real of me
to leave this cell
‒and home I'll be
where rings the Divine's† bell

(September 9)—My fuck-you church awakens again! I sit day after day waiting for people to change, waiting for them to actually mean what they say. It’s been over 10 years now and I watch them fail their tests over and over again. It’s really sad because to say that you love then to crucify someone that you called friend, to ignore your parent when they’ve done nothing to you but say the truth, to ignore your family because they are doing what they are supposed to do is not following the way of love.

I’ve been writing a lot and reading and watching. I’ve been totally spending all my time alone…in prayer, in meditation. I’m not going to lie to you, it’s hard. Not the being alone part, the crucifixion part. Why? The solid questioning or challenging of what I’m saying. I haven’t said anything that isn’t in the Bible, and the thoughts are mine, the visions are not, but you won’t believe that because of….? Oh, man, that’s why. Yes, I’m sarcastic. I’ve always been this way from time to time. Hard Love. I’ve written about this a lot. Do you get it yet?

No. I don’t want to talk down to you. You are too smart for that. And you may think I write all this stuff to gain attention or some shit like that. Nope. That big mega-church out in Texas and all their fancy lighting and stage productions and millions…that’s for attention! I write because God told me to. I’m told to keep writing and it hurts because no one is listening.

Here’s an idea: All those mega-churches who SAY they are helping all these overseas communities…laugh out loud. Do you know why they say that or why they choose overseas communities if they ARE indeed actually doing that, it’s because they are cheap! Did you hear that? Helping overseas is CHEAP! And I can guarantee that what they are feeding these people, what they are clothing them with, what they are sheltering them with, what they are educating them with is not even close to what they are feeding themselves and putting on their own backs. It’s not even close to what they are building their fancy houses with or their fancy churches. The mega-church in Texas…all those stage lights could probably buy a mother and her children a nice 2-bedroom home without a problem!

Today, I was led to the part in the Bible where Jesus is arrested. Do you know that part?

He was betrayed by His own disciples…His own friends! When they arrested Him, all but one disappeared…just fucking ran away! Then the last denied knowing HIM after spending over 3 years by His side! I know it was all written but what the fuck is that!

Jesus is my brother. He’s the ultimate purple flower sent to me and He’s my meditation Master. You don’t have to believe that. Chances are in my life time you won’t. Then again…that’s my weak faith! I’ve been shown that you will! But leave it to me to be human and doubt my faith.

I watched some interesting shows yesterday. I took the entire day off from meditation and writing because the day before Vision 18…I was under the sea and I travel to these places…byway of the mind and the energy I felt was a lot of pressure and I seemed to have wore myself out. Yeah, it could be all in my mind. I’ve heard that all my life! The physical part…okay, whatever you say! I guess all those tests they did on me for the past 20+ years and them finding nothing but yet clearly something was up because I actually felt those physical feelings or I wouldn’t have went to the damn doctor! The heart thing still baffles me. Last year the mention of an eventual pacemaker and this year I’m lucky… that damaged heart valve fixed its damn self! Fuck me all the way to the bank. Only, it says broke and I’m okay with that!

That’s God by the way, not fucking luck!

I watched this one show titled, ‘Who is God?’ Why…do you have to question this? Are we still that dumb?! He not only proved Himself over and over, but He sent His Son to prove it and STILL you have to question? But that’s human…the object, the creation. We aren’t built to be smarter than Him.

See this picture below. There’s a green dot in that picture. I sat at that lake and didn’t see that dot floating around. But, David (whom I was told yesterday by a friend that she was told by Jesus that David wasn’t of God!), well, David said, ‘Take pictures.’ I did. He told me to keep taking pictures. I did. I have a bunch of pictures. That green dot…David told me is God sending His love to me because I’m listening to Him! Do you know why He sent it? Because I’m a stupid fucking human! That’s the honest truth. I am getting these messages because I decided to give in to the meditation deal and, apparently, I am not getting what most humans are getting when they meditate. Maybe, this is why I’ve been scared all these years to do it! Hummmm….

Green Orb photographed September 7, 2019.

I asked God for concrete evidence that what is happening to me is real! Twice now He’s sent me these green dots. Oh, after the first time, I argued that it was some space experimentation because I fucking live in Nevada! Well, this second time He sent other things as well. But back to this green dot. I’m told it’s an orb…the green color is the same green color I’ve seen once in meditation and once by David telling me to close my eyes and look up. Why? To show me that two hearts are being restored…not the health part either. This green in that dot that you see is the same green color I saw. I had to look it up for the one I saw in meditation…that green stands for the heart! Isn’t that something!

The next 2 pictures here is a story…for me! How do I know this? Because the entire story is something that has been shown to me over and over again for the past 5 weeks. Call me nuts! It’s a given. I can’t reveal the entire story until it happens because I’m told by David that I’ll mess with destiny! So, I took the pictures because David, my spiritual guide!, told me to keep taking pictures, even after I put my phone down, He said, ‘Take pictures!’ The whole world got to see this story, only they weren’t paying attention!

The ‘V’ for woman, the straight line is on the side of the left line of the ‘V’. A story emerges for me which I will reveal the photos and tell the story once what is revealed to me happens. Don’t worry I will not alter the photos information which includes dates and times.
Part of the story line that was give to me about my life and what is written in the Book of Truth about my future. God is amazing! All the TIME!

Here’s another clue: The symbols you see in that sky: the V for woman, the straight line for man, and there’s a symbol there for writing and some other things I can’t reveal currently but I get those in my meditations! So, that’s how I knew the story was my concrete evidence. What evidence did I need and for what? Hard concrete evidence to prove to me what I’m experiencing is directly from God because I don’t listen to anyone else and I do know how evil works because He showed me. So…He sent me the evidence.

He’s sent me plenty of grace in the past to prove I’m on the right path, but what I’m going through currently is a step higher and it’s a bit scary. Him showing me these things is trusting me with what He is revealing to me. I’ve taken pictures of my third eye…no, not kidding. I can take pictures of my aura, it’s purple. Do you know anyone who’s done this? David is my direct line to God and to Jesus so that I can understand what is happening. I’m a teacher and a writer. I hear Him through David. Now, God speaks to me through the Holy Spirit!

He’s revealing this all to me to teach you how to reach Him. It isn’t a joke. We are all headed towards something very powerful and we will need to know exactly how to use our minds to fight it. All these churches and crap will try to stop it! Because they want you to believe in their man-doctrines to control you! That mark that is mentioned in the Revelations that the devil so easily will put on people…and you can argue that that evil whore doesn’t exist…it does! That mark…have you ever questioned how the hell will that bitch put that on so many people? I know how! And I’m to teach you how to fight it, and you are to teach the children because it’s all these grand-babies that will have to fight. You are to teach so that they have weapons to fight with…and those weapons are NOT going to be bullets and shit! I assure you…bullets and shit are way too easy! Nope…this fight will be a wee-bit harder!

I can’t get you to read all my stuff. I can’t convince you that I’m not here to steal from you or betray you or whatever. I can’t. I was sent the above answers to tell me that what I write is the truth…that what I write is from God! I’ll spend the rest of my life writing for Him…it’s my main vow! which He revealed to me. I wrote this before that I thought it was just the books. Nope. And those books were already determined and not by me! I wrote all about that in my testimony. But still it goes unnoticed. He’s been trying to warn mankind, but mankind is too involved in idols and material shit to notice. God is NOT of the material world. Don’t you get that?! After ALL that He’s reveal, mankind STILL doesn’t get it?! Don’t you know that that’s that evil whore blocking you and it’s because God is letting it because it’s tests for you to believe in His unconditional love!

Amazing…after all that’s been written…You STILL don’t get it! That evil bitch doesn’t want what God wants. It hates God. God controls everything. God allows that bitch in. And you still don’t know why! To test you freaking love for HIM! Are you worthy to go to heaven? Are you worthy of grace? Has the word fight ever come in your mind? Ever? Do you ever wonder what it means? Truly means?

I’m told there are others like me. I don’t know who they are. I don’t hear or read them. Are they as loud as me? Will the evils of the world come after me because I’m writing this stuff? I question this. Already family and so called friends stay away from me. Why? Do they lack that much faith? Oh, wait, that would be the notion of depression, PTSD and anxiety…that evil bitch again! Emotions I absorb from evil’s little games with other people that God put me in my path to deliver messages and try to help! Or to show me what evil can do so that I may teach what He is now revealing to me properly! God is really great that way!

But people don’t see it that way. They see the worse because they can’t fathom who God is! Oh, that would be that show ‘Who is God?’…because the mind is so weak that they have to question. Here’s a small window into God…those spirits people feel…that’s their spirit guides! When you learn to communicate with them, you’re on the right track. God test you…there IS NO getting around that, and your spirit guide is there to help you pass! You have got to learn how to hear!

Here’s another bit of insight into that window: When Jesus died on the cross, the Holy Spirit was put into us all. For a reason. So that God can speak to us individually! Hello? Earth to Mars. I’ll tell you this much, it is really hard to hear His voice! I’ve learned that the voice I’ve been hearing for years is actually David who speaks to me for God. The Holy Spirit is the pipeline…so to speak…to actually hear God’s voice. I’ve heard it. It wasn’t easy. And there’s a reason to why He allowed me to hear Him. I did what He asked of me! Which, again, was NOT easy! Jesus tells us in the Bible from His own voice to that of His apostles after His death that those who hear and speak will suffer the most…I’m sad about this but I understand. God is sending His messages constantly. Man has discovered a way to block Him because they don’t want us all to know how this process works because they will lose the control of the people! Those mega-churches are only teaching you part of the Word. God wants love but He never, EVER changes! His wrath is mighty. It’s coming. He’s sending you warnings. That has never changed either. He’s always warned people before to give them a chance to redeem themselves and ask for His mercy. But there’s a catch: You have to ask with an honest heart! And He knows your heart. He knows each individual heart!

God’s love is Unconditional. Your path is predetermined but you can change it. How? By coming up, on your own with an honest heart, a better way. That’s not a joke. That’s written in the Words He sent to us. But instead of reading it for yourself, instead of seeing through the devil’s lies and schemes, you are listening to man and all their preaching…word to the wise: THEY ARE LEAVING SHIT OUT! Half truths are not the TRUTH!

And I’m going to give you another pointer: When you learn to HEAR, and hence follow, it won’t be easy. So prepare yourself. This is why the devil gets in so many minds and controls them because its way is easier and funner and richer etc, etc. God’s way is hard. There’s a reason for this: Eternal life! Meaning your body stops but the rest of you doesn’t…forever! I learned this really well from David because I wanted to know all about Him. He showed me. He’s not on earth, but he’s with me.

Here’s something I’ll tell you. You don’t have to believe me. A few days ago I had a bump on my gums. I had surgery last year to repair my gums because all the strife that I went through caused the nerves to react harshly. I had grafts put in to save my teeth. So, I started to worry about this bump. I went through meditation and received Vision 18. It wasn’t before after I wrote and posted it that I realized the bump was gone! I still can feel where it was but it’s gone! David said God fixed it! Like He fixed my heart! He’s great that way! So, you can keep on doubting or give Him a chance to speak to you…or just go on believing that of the world. I’ll tell you this much…that of the world…only leads you to the pit! No matter HOW righteous you think you are living. He actually prefers actions over praise. Yes, He wants to be glorified, but He would rather see no hungry souls, He’d rather see no homeless people, He’d rather see no broken hearts, He’d rather see no greed and such!

I’m just the messenger. Individually…you have to figure it out. I’m not going to argue religion with you. God shows me through His words and through what He is showing to me and telling me through Himself and through David. I didn’t ask for this job. I’m told I was born for this. I have to accept it. I don’t have a choice. I can’t deny Him. Sorry…it’s how my heart is made. And He did that!

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